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  1. Seriously, there is a total lack of integrity in the scientific/medical community when it comes to these studies about food being taken so far out of context. I’m a student right now and we learn about correlation not equaling causation because there could be third variables driving both the independent and dependent variables. Why these ‘red meat and cancer’ studies lead to sensational headlines instead of ‘french fry and cancer’ or ‘white bread hamburger bun and cancer’ studies being explored is a total shame. There are so many potential 3rd variables driving the health problems they’re finding with red meat consumption it’s ridiculously lazy that they want to just stop researching and just sloppily declare correlation must equal causation. We’re demanding better of our food; let’s demand better of our science, too.

  2. Random person makes a very good point about research. I showed your blog to an online discussion about veganism, and someone got so angry, and vitriolic at me. I trust your research and I see that you’ve listed plenty of sources in your article here, yet they claimed there was no research in your writing. Why are they so angry? I don’t think they are as qualified as you are to speak about nutrition. I will never challenge a vegan again lest I want my head bitten off. I would like to see our farming system go from factory farming and grain feed, antibiotics, hormones, to all pasture raised and grassfed, no hormones or antibiotics. I appreciate your work and your blog has helped me so much.

  3. You need to take this a bit further and advocate for wild-life friendly sustainable ranching. Where I live grizzly bears, wolves, coyotes and other predators are killed for killing cattle on public lands ranching. Ranchers who use public lands receive very low rates that are subsidized, and the federal government will kill predators. Please advocate for either 1. Beef that has a predator friendly seal and/or 2. Bison instead of beef. Bison is better for you anyways. Here is a link for reference.

  4. I really found your “synchronizing your cycles with the moon” article amazing! But this is just not true at all. First of all watch the documentary “Cowspiracy” and “Forks over Knives”.There is a lot of bias and misinformation but as long as we’re open to learning and never close our minds then we will discover the truth 🙂
    Best wishes,

  5. My main restraint to using more beef (and also dairy produce) in my daily life is that cows cause big part of methane emissions which are harmful to the climate. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, with much higher efficiency in warming the world’s climate than carbon dioxide. Many vegans not only have health related reasons to avoid animal based products, but also have ecological concerns.

  6. I highly recommend watching a film called Cowspiracy, doing some more research of your own, and then rethinking some of the things written here. The demand on beef in the United States alone cannot be met in a sustainable manner with grass-fed cows, even if the whole country was plowed and made into fields. According to a UN report, cows are responsible for producing more green house gasses (in the form of methane) than all transportation systems combined: that’s all cars, trains, buses, boats, and planes. Check out these websites:

    Thank you for reading this comment and considering the things stated.

    • Julie, although I haven’t seen Cowspiracy, a lot of this article makes sense. I totally agree with the statement that the $1 hamburger should not exist which is contributing to the methane issue tenfold. Methane won’t go away but let’s try get some control. People need to stop questioning why good quality food is so expensive but rather question why other foods are so cheap. Do you believe that eating a high quality diet will lighten your carbon footprint?? My husband watched Cowspiracy which i plan to as well so I can better speak on this but all the points in this article makes total sense in my opinion. With Love!

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