Quit PMS: End Your Menstrual Misery!

Quit PMS Digital Cover

Does your period mean severe cramps, hormonal acne, headaches, insatiable cravings, volatile mood swings or uncomfortable bloating?

Here’s a newsflash: periods aren’t supposed to suck. Our wise, wonderful bodies know that. That’s why, when given the necessary building blocks, our hormones fall into equilibrium and PMS disappears.

In Quit PMS, you’ll read an accessible explanation of the underlying hormonal imbalances that lead to PMS. Then, you’ll learn the necessary diet, supplements and lifestyle changes to address the root causes of PMS. You’ll also get 25 delicious recipes to start your hormone-balancing journey. By following the Quit PMS protocol, you’ll end your menstrual misery naturally.

Quit PMS covers key topics including:

  • Estrogen dominance: what it is and how it is causing your PMS
  • 5 simple dietary principles that will support balanced hormones
  • How open detox pathways are the key for eliminating PMS
  • Why the balance of fat, carbs and protein is vital for healthy hormones
  • Food-based superfood supplements that address the root causes of PMS
  • How the light in your environment governs hormone balance
  • Non-toxic alternatives to conventional period products that may introduce chemicals into your body
  • 25 simple and tasty hormone-balancing recipes, because food is medicine

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Praise for Quit PMS

As someone who has battled with severe PMS, this book really hit home for me. I love the simple recipes and remedies you can use to relieve PMS symptoms right away, but even more importantly, the book also takes the holistic approach that promotes long-term hormonal balance to fight PMS at the source. I’ve already used the Daily Vinegar Tonic and felt the difference right away! I’ll be recommending this book to every woman I know!

Elizabeth Walling from LivingtheNourishedLife.com and author of The Nourished Metabolism 

I read [Lauren’s] Quit PMS book last month and for the first time in 16 years, I am menstruating without pain! I have always had horrendous pain where I would be literally doubled over. Thought it was my genetics because my mother had the same issue and horribly jealous of all my friends who didn’t have any pain with their periods. I thought that they were lucky with their genetics. Her book tells you what the problem is, what is causing that problem, and how to get your body back on track. Let me just say, birth control pills make it worse! I am so glad to have read her book and grateful to her for writing it.

Emily, a Quit PMS reader

Quit PMS has literally changed my life! I was diagnosed with PMDD 10 years ago and went on Yaz birth control. All of my symptoms went away. Then three years ago we went Paleo and I got seriously cruchy, lol.  I’d been having side effects from the Yaz and decided to go off after I read your post on birth control pills and saw your book. I had hope that things wouldn’t be like they were in the past. So far, two cycles without the pill, and I have minimal cramping, minimal bloating, and best of all, no mood swings. I’m still fine tuning things, like hot flashes, and trimming out the bloating and cramping, but overall it’s nothing like I used to experience. Thank you so much for all of your dedicated research.

Tiffany, a Quit PMS Reader

Loved your book on PMS!! It’s the best book on hormone balancing I have read. Will be implementing your ideas as I go along my journey on the GAPS diet :) Thanks for this awesome wealth of information.

Danielle, a Quit PMS Reader

About the Author: Lauren Geertsen, NTP

Lauren's headshotI live by the motto, My life didn’t turn out as I planned, and that’s what makes it so wonderful.

I never planned to write three books on health and nutrition before I graduated college. I never planned to start Empowered Sustenance, an alternative health website that would be read by over 7 million people in its two years of existence. I never planned to become a nutritional therapist (NTP) and wake up each day with the mission to change the way the world thinks about food.

But I also never planned to be diagnosed with an autoimmune disease when I was 14. Or be told at age 18 that, to continue my life, I would need invasive surgery and a lifetime of potent medications. And, although my period woes took second priority after my autoimmune issues, I also never planned to face extreme symptoms of PMS. A week out of each month brought debilitating cramps, painful cystic acne, extreme fatigue and a hormonal roller coaster of mood swings.

I refused to believe the doctors who told me that surgery and medications were my only options for my chronic health conditions. Instead, I threw myself into researching nutrition and mind-body medicine. By renovating my diet and lifestyle, I began a new chapter in my life without the threat of surgery or medications. By no coincidence, after making the significant dietary and lifestyle changes, my periods became regular and PMS free!

Are you ready to end your menstrual misery, too? Then check out Quit PMS here on Amazon!

 FAQs about Quit PMS

Is Quit PMS suitable for restricted diets or vegan diets? 

Quit PMS takes a research-backed and ancestral approach to nutrition and is not compatible with a vegan diet, although it can be modified for a vegetarian diet. It is compatible with restricted diets and food allergies.

Do I need a Kindle to read Quit PMS

Quit PMS is available as a Kindle Edition on Amazon, but you do not need a Kindle device to read Kindle books. You can download the Kindle Reader App here to your phone, tablet or computer to read the book.

Is Quit PMS available as a paperback?

Currently, Quit PMS is only available as a Kindle digital book.

Disclaimer: All information provided within this ebook is for informational purposes only, and is not to be construed as medical advice or instruction.  I will not accept any responsibility for the actions or consequential results of any action taken by any reader. Since every person is unique, I cannot guarantee any specific result with this book. Everybody reacts differently to nutritional and supplemental changes in their life because of health history, dietary history, genetic predispositions, and emotional factors. The goal of this book is to encourage you to become knowledgeable about your well-being and bring your health to the optimum level that is unique to you.