Quit PMS: End Your Menstrual Misery!

Do your periods suck?

  • Does your period mean hormonal acne, headaches and insatiable cravings?
  • Are severe cramps impeding your ability to function?
  • Do you face cyclical bloating and weight gain?
  • Are mood swings straining your relationships (and making you question your own sanity)?
  • Have you lost your energy and libido?
  •  Are you ready to end your menstrual misery? pms cover 2

Here’s a newsflash: periods aren’t supposed to suck. Our wise, wonderful bodies know that. That’s why, when given the correct tools and building blocks, our hormones fall into equilibrium and PMS disappears. And that is a wonderful thing.

Quit PMS explains the keys to balancing hormones. You’ll learn the hormones involved in your PMS and how to correct the hormonal imbalance. You’ll also understand how to create a balanced, hormone-healing diet (hint: it’s not what you think it is!). We’ll also explore the foundational roles of detox and elimination, supplements, and stress. Finally, get your questions answered about The Pill, hormone therapy, skin care for hormonal acne and more!

 Here’s what we cover in Quit PMS:

  • Estrogen DominancePerhaps you’ve heard of estrogen dominance before and perhaps you have not. Interestingly, this common hormonal issue underlies your PMS symptoms like cramps, bloating, acne, weight gain and moodiness. Learn the what, why and how of estrogen dominance.q
  • Macronutrients 101: Fats, carbs and proteins… these three simple foundations of life cause so much confusion and angst! Quit PMS demystifies macronutrients and explains how you should utilize them to bring hormonal balance.
  • Dietary Principles for Happy Hormones: These seven dietary principles will drastically change your hormones – and your life – for good. Some of the topics we cover in detail include food sensitivities, fiber, hydration, and digestion.
  • Good Period Foods (Foods to Emphasize): Food is medicine, and certain foods boast a bigger bang for their buck when it comes to hormone balancing. Get the scoop on the healing ingredients and learn how to incorporate them into your daily diet.
  • Bad Period Foods (Foods to Minimize): Want sucky, miserable periods? Then chow down on these foods. Quit PMS isn’t about a super strict and restrictive diet, but it does encourage you to minimize foods that work at a cellular level to make a hot mess of hormones.
  • Detox and Elimination: Detox and elimination are key to healthy hormones, so that’s why there is a whole chapter dedicated to safe, gentle and effective (albeit unusual) steps for healthy detox.
  • Stress and Stress Reduction: Stress isn’t just the tension you feel while sitting in a traffic jam. We’ll address both physical stressors (like exercise) and emotional stress in this chapter, as well as proven techniques to reduce stress and heal hormones.
  • Light Manipulation: Did you know that our hormones are partly goverened by light? Learn how to use simple lighting techniques while you sleep to support balanced hormones.
  • Supplements: Popping a pill won’t magically correct your hormones, but these specific herbs and supplements can be a powerful tool in hormone balancing when used in conjunction with the lifestyle and dietary changes outline in Quit PMS.
  • The Pill and Hormone Therapy: Do you have questions about bioidentical hormone therapy, progesterone creams and oral contraceptives? Find your answers in this chapter.
  • Skin Solutions: This chapter is dedicated to a natural, homemade skincare regimen that offers acne-busting, glowing results. Forget what you knew about cleansing, toning, moisturizing and exfoliating and read this chapter.
  • Better Period Products: Learn why tampons aren’t the best option and get the low-down on healthier, safer methods for catching the flow. Plus get all-natural alternatives for cramp pain relief!

And, because food is medicine, Quit PMS includes 35 tantilizing, hormone-balancing recipes! Enjoy nourishing savory dishes like Chicken Liver and Onion Paté, Buttery Herb Biscuits, and Curry Sweet potato Mash. Satisfy your sweet tooth with treats like Salted Cinnamon Ice Cream, Rooibos Latte and Vanilla Coconut Cream.

Hormone healing has never tasted this good.

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As someone who has battled with severe PMS, this book really hit home for me. I love the simple recipes and remedies you can use to relieve PMS symptoms right away, but even more importantly, the book also takes the holistic approach that promotes long-term hormonal balance to fight PMS at the source. I’ve already used the Daily Vinegar Tonic and felt the difference right away! I’ll be recommending this book to every woman I know!

Elizabeth Walling from LivingtheNourishedLife.com and author of The Nourished Metabolism 

Quit PMS is the best book I’ve ever read on dealing with PMS naturally! There is so much information and practical advice. I find myself talking about  this book to all my girlfriends and female family members and have used much of the wisdom to help balance my hormones. It’s a must-read for anyone looking to quit PMS!

Allison from The Sprouting Seed

I read [Lauren's] Quit PMS book last month and for the first time in 16 years, I am menstruating without pain! I have always had horrendous pain where I would be literally doubled over. Thought it was my genetics because my mother had the same issue and horribly jealous of all my friends who didn’t have any pain with their periods. I thought that they were lucky with their genetics. Her book tells you what the problem is, what is causing that problem, and how to get your body back on track. Let me just say, birth control pills make it worse! I am so glad to have read her book and grateful to her for writing it.

Emily, a Quit PMS reader

Lauren, the clarity of my skin has improved so much since I started honey cleansing every morning [explained in the skincare chapter and in a blog post]! I owe you major thanks as I read about it on your blog. The other trick that’s helped a lot is your honey and acv morning cocktail followed by a carrot…haha Obviously picked up a lot from ‘Quit PMS’. You rock!!

Heather, a  Quit PMS reader

Quit PMS has literally changed my life! I was diagnosed with PMDD 10 years ago and went on Yaz birth control. All of my symptoms went away. Then three years ago we went Paleo and I got seriously cruchy, lol.  I’d been having side effects from the Yaz and decided to go off after I read your post on birth control pills and saw your book. I had hope that things wouldn’t be like they were in the past. So far, two cycles without the pill, and I have minimal cramping, minimal bloating, and best of all, no mood swings. I’m still fine tuning things, like hot flashes, and trimming out the bloating and cramping, but overall it’s nothing like I used to experience. Thank you so much for all of your dedicated research.

Tiffany, a Quit PMS Reader

Loved your book on PMS!! It’s the best book on hormone balancing I have read. Will be implementing your ideas as I go along my journey on the GAPS diet :)  Thanks for this awesome wealth of information.

Danielle, a Quit PMS Reader

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If you are ready to end your menstrual misery, you need to learn how to quit PMS! When you purchase Quit PMS, you’ll get all the tools you need to balance your hormones naturally. You get instant access to the downloadable digital book (Superfoods to Avoid is included) so you can read it from your computer, laptop or tablet. Quit PMS and Superfoods to Avoid are not available as a paperback book, they are digital books in a PDF format. 

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