This STEM CELL ACTIVATION technology changed my life!

These patches use LIGHTWAVE FREQUENCIES to activate your own body's stem cells.

The patches are non-invasive, safe and cost-effective.

For the last 12 years, I've been on a mission to share the best resources I've found on my healing journey.

At age 14, I was diagnosed with an "incurable" and life-threatening autoimmune disease. At age 18, I healed this disease using nutrition and holistic therapies.

I created EmpoweredSustenance.com to share my healing journey and research. I’ve explored countless wellness modalities, techniques, and technologies, to save you time and money on your healing journey.

I’m excited to share my newest discovery that will support your journey: stem cell activation patches.

These patches do not infuse any substance into your body. Instead, they generate specific lightwaves, stimulating crucial cellular processes in your body.


1. Order a 30-day supply of x39 patches

These stem cell activation patches work for everyone, no matter age or health condition.

2. Wear a patch 12 hours each day, and remove at night

During the daytime, wear a patch for 12 hours, then remove for 12 hours at night. (Dispose the patch after one use.)

3. Feel the difference!
You'll likely notice both immediate and cumulative results. It may seem too good to be true... that's the power of stem cells!

The more stem cell activity you have, the faster your body heals and regenerates.

Stem cells are the "master healing cells" in your body.

But by age 35, stem cell activity decreases by 50%. By age 60, most stem cell activity is gone.

LifeWave x39 STEM CELL PATCHES use specific light wavelengths to stimulate stem cell activity.

The result? People have reported improved hormone balance, athletic performance, and better skin/hair. They also reported relief from chronic and acute illness, and pain relief.

“Albert Einstein showed that everything in the world around us is made of light. […]

Instead of using a drug, instead of using a vitamin, we can use information to improve the function of our bodies. We are putting specific frequencies of light into the body, causing beneficial chemical changes.

- Stem cell patch inventor David Schmidt 


Certain wavelengths of light, such as sunlight or infrared light, stimulate beneficial cellular processes in the body.

Stem cell patches capture the infrared light naturally emitted by your body. Then, it reflects specific light wavelengths back into your body.

The patches contain no substances absorbed by your skin. They work only with light (biophoton) technology.

The light wavelengths generated by the patch are clinically shown to stimulate your body's production of copper peptide. Not to be confused with the element of copper, copper peptide is a chain of amino acids your body naturally produces.

In turn, copper peptide stimulates the activation of your body's dormant stem cells. You experience all the benefits of heightened stem cell activity, at an affordable price!

My experience with stem cell patches


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I apply the x39 patch?

For general wellness support, put one patch below the belly button or on the lower back of the neck. These placements are on primary meridians of the body — these meridians efficiently conduct light throughout the body.

However, you can place the patch wherever you want symptom relief or targeted support. If you have shoulder pain, for example, you’d put the patch on the shoulder. If you want to support your thyroid specifically, you’d put the patch on the neck, over the thyroid region.

It will have a concentrated effect at that location, while also stimulating stem cell activity throughout the whole body.

How long does it take to see results?

People often report pain relief in under an hour of applying a patch. For wound healing and injury repair, people often report difference within a day.

People often report tremendous changes within a month of consistent use, and even more profound shifts with a year of use. I have to be very careful in how I share the results people experience to not make "medical claims." See the section below for what kind of changes people report experiencing.

I have heard from people who have been on the patches for two years, and report such improvements in lab reports and health markers (like blood pressure) they quit their medications. From the testimonials I've read, this happened even if they didn't make improvements in their nutrition or lifestyle. Imagine the combined effect of using nutritional improvements AND the patches!

Are there side effects?

No side effects, but some detoxification effects may occur. Improved cellular function often leads to detoxification. If you've ever been on an elimination diet or used a detoxifying supplement, you may have experienced these.

Temporary tiredness or skin breakouts may occur, but not everyone experiences this. Personally, my detox symptoms were significant fatigue for the first 3 days of use, then my energy levels soared.

Can children use the patches?

The controlled studies on the patches used adult participants, so there isn't literature on using the patches with children or pregnant/nursing moms.

However, from the testimonials I've read, people have had success using the patches for children as young as 4. Specifically, parents of autistic children report great results. For young children, it's recommended to start the patch use at just 1 hour a day and gradually increase.

Can pets use the patches?

Yes, people report drastic improvements in their pets' condition (including cancer) and their pets' moods. From the testimonials I've read, they've shaved a little fur off and put the patch there.

What about other the other LifeWave patches?

The x39 is the universally-helpful, bestselling patch. It is believed to support everyone. Start with this one!

However, if you want to invest more money, you can combine the x39 with the additional patches AFTER using the x39 exclusively for 1 month. This allows a gradual (not overwhelming) detox process.

Personally, I now use the x49 along with the x39 patch (it has a synergistic effect). I also like the Alavida patch for skin/hair support. You wear multiple patches at the same time (12 hours on) and take them all off at night (12 hours off).

Click below to download my cheat sheet for choosing other patches.


  • Double-blind, placebo-controlled studies show increased copper peptide production
  • 13 patents for the technology
  • No transdermal ingredients (only light)
  • Works for people and pets
  • Thousands of lives transformed


These are some of the personal experiences people have shared on discussion group calls:

Sharon (on patches for 30 days) 

Had a bad fall: broke her wrist and broke her arm in 2 places.

After using patches, she reported: her wrist healed in 9 days, her whole arm healed in 2 1/2 weeks, and she didn't have to take pain meds for the whole time!

Paulette (on patches for 3 years)

Previously on medication for osteoporosis arthritis migraines, depression, and ADD.

After using patches, she reported: she is medication free, without pain and migraines. Her hair stopped shedding and is growing thicker, she's sleeping better, and she has mental clarity.

Robert (on patches for 3 months)

Previously struggled with neuropathy, extremely obese, diabetes, zero testosterone, urinary issues, poor sleep. He took pain meds 3x a day for three years.

After using patches, he reported: he's off all pain meds, sleeping well, lost 40 pounds, and his testosterone showed an increase of 300 points on recent lab work.

Erik (on patches for 2 1/2 years)

Previously, he had a heart attack at age 47, was put on statins.

After using patches he reported: he is off all his drugs and lab work shows his biological age is 38, but he is 66 years old.

He also cut his finger to the bone after being on patches, and it healed within 4 days.

Mary (on patches for 4 months)

Age 71, previously had severe knee pain and doctors recommended a knee replacement. She also struggled with sleep and regularly took a sleep medication for 20 years.

Within minutes of using the patch, she reported her knee pain was gone. Within weeks, she reported her sleep improved and now she's off the sleep meds.

Luke (on patches for a year)

16 years old, previously was nonverbal autistic. Struggled OCD, violent outbursts, and cystic acne.

Within a week of the patches, his father reported: Luke's skin cleared up by 75%. His demeanor became gentler with more eye contact. His behavior in school dramatically improved, no more violent outbursts. Now he only needs to use the 2 or 3 days a week.

Lisa (on patches for 5 months)

Previously struggled with sleep, knee pain from injury, and brain fog.

After using patches, she reported: her sleep issues are gone, she experiences vivid dreams, her knee pain is gone, and she has more mental clarity.

Joe (not reported how long he's been on the patches)

Age 29, Joe was on the autistic spectrum and was vaccine injured at 4 years old.

After using the patches, his mom reported: he's more engaged in conversations, no more explosive outbursts, gut/digestion issues improved, and much less picky about his foods.

Anne (on patches for 3 months)

Previously struggled with TMJ pain, memory problems, painful/inflamed knees.

After using the patches, she reported: no more inflammation/pain in jaw and neck. No headaches or ibuprofen. Increased energy and focus. Lost 15 pounds.

Darcell (on patches for 1 year)

Previously struggled with diabetes due to surgical removal of part of her pancreas.

After using the patches, she reported: going from 5 insulin shots per day to 1. Her surgery scar disappeared. She lost 50 pounds, and her hair is growing thickly.

Keri (on patches for 3 months)

Previously struggled with chronic back pain and anxiety.

After using the patches, she reported: her back pain was gone within a month. Her skin improved, and she dropped a few pounds without doing anything else different. She feels a sustained sense of wellbeing instead of anxiety.

Onyx (on patches for 3 years)

Previously, struggled with sleep and gum issues.

After using patches, she reported: sleeping deeply with vivid dreams. Her facial age spot has almost disappeared. Her hair “grows like crazy.” After 2 years of the patches, all the pockets in her gums disappeared, she now has completely healthy gums.

"The patches came into my life and me being a self sabotag-er, I didn't believe this would help. We had them a good two months until my mom started using them for her torn meniscus pain. Her pain subsided. She was walking without her 6 month long limp.

My stepfather was next. Chronic illness. The x39 literally shrunk his enlarged lymph nodes in his neck. Then my father. Chronic pain and illness for 40 years. Pain lessened. Heart no longer enlarged. Then my sister and I. Every week are new miracles. My best so far, the overactive bladder I struggled with. Having to pee every 20 minutes, literally. Gone." - Krystal


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stem cell activation patches testimonial

Your health is not an expense; it is your best INVESTMENT.

1 30-day supply of x39 STEM CELL PATCHES is $150 (and cheaper with a larger purchase). This is equivalent to one 90-minute massage/bodywork session, or one naturopathic consultation.

It's an investment (not an expense) that pays dividends in your quality of life and energy levels.

Investing in your health NOW is the best way to save on healthcare costs in the future.

Plus, there's never been a better time to have at-home solutions for your family's health and emergency preparedness!


Most people opt for creating a DISTRIBUTOR ACCOUNT to get the best prices on the patches.

The process to sign up as a Distributor can be a bit confusing to navigate on your own. Please watch my quick video here and follow the simple steps.

Do not order distributor pricing without watching it first! The video will save you SO much time and effort.

I promise, if you follow my instructions in the video, the process will be EASY and take under 5 minutes. And you will save much money in the long-term. (Trust me, you will be re-ordering these patches after you try them!)


- Simply order x39 patches and start feeling better

- Smallest upfront cost ($150 for 1 30-day supply)

International shipping is available, but due to Canadian government restrictions, shipping to Canada is currently not available. It is expected to be available in May.

If you would like to purchase any additional patches (such as the glutathione or sleep patches) at retail pricing, shop all the patches here.

(What I recommend!)

- Pay only $99 per sleeve of x39 (save $50)

- Minimum purchase of $500 to get started (enough sleeves to use yourself, share with family, and keep in your emergency kit)

- Get 1 pack free!

- Requires a monthly purchase (1 pack of patches per month)

- You'll get your own referral link and can earn commissions, if you want

International shipping is available, but due to Canadian government restrictions, shipping to Canada is currently not available. It is expected to be available in May.

I have been absolutely astonished by how these patches have improved my life.

The results other people reported are so incredible, I had to try them myself to realize: these patches DO work that well!

I believe that these patches are the future of healthcare. I think the discovery of this light-based therapy like this is part of The Great Awakening, and a return to humanity's original healing wisdom.

I truly feel I have spiritual purpose to share these patches with you. They were truly a miracle in my life.

I can't wait to hear the results you have... I expect these light-therapy patches to change your life, as they have changed mine!

With love,

Lauren Geertsen

Founder of EmpoweredSustenance.com