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  1. I used to make zucchini noodles a lot when we were on GAPS and I used a julienne peeler, too. It works really well. I’ve always salted the noodles, then squeezed out extra water and then sauteed them, but I like the look of your method better. The salting and squeezing out water parts were always a pain. I will have to try boiling sometime!

  2. Great post! I love making veggie noodles. This is random but had a question for you. Can I get some feedback on drinking Kombucha after a workout to “rehydrate.” Kombucha seems to be what’s in right now at my pilaltes studio. Guilty as I may be, I would bring these drinks to my classes. I do Nutrition Consulting at the studio so I think everyone was trying to be like me and drink it too. I may be at fault myself for choosing to drink this as I know nothing can replace pure water. I did my own research and came across everything but this question. I came across things like “it is ok, but you should drink double the amount of water as you do Kombucha,” and even with that I got confused as to why. Besides the rehydrating part, does drinkning Kombucha have any cons to all the pros?

    • Not everyone thinks that “pure” water is best for rehydrating. I prefer salt water, usually with a touch of lemon or lime juice and maybe some raw honey. I don’t know about kombucha, I don’t like it so much when I’m thirsty because mine is tad too sour for doing anything more than sipping.

  3. Thank you so much for this idea! I had been thinking of getting one of those spiralizers, but not sure I wanted to pay the big bucks for one and then not really use it- as well as it taking up valuable room in my small kitchen. I am definitely going to try this!

  4. This is a great idea! Thanks so much for the tip! However I had a question. I get a lot of zucchini and summer squash in the summer and am always trying to use it up before it goes bad. Would this work: For me to go ahead and julienne them and put them in freezer bags and freeze them until I’m ready to use them and then boil them when I’m ready to eat them? Would I need to blanch them before I freeze them as well? Would this method work also if I were to dehydrate the zucchini instead? If I can do this method I’d rather do it, easier storage space! 😉

  5. I had been looking for a spiral slicer or some other julienne tool before your post. After the post I looked specifically for the OXO julienne tool. I found it today at my local restaurant supply (Ace Mart in Fort Worth) at $9.99 regular price. Thanks for the recommendation. Cannot wait to try it!

  6. the veggetti is a new product you can find in the as seen on tv aisle at walmart. just bought one and really like it. works great. makes very long noodles though. could cut in half to make easier to eat.

    • I also am happy with the Vegetti except I need to find a way to use it that will NOT ‘spiral’ the middle with all the seeds. They tend to turn mushy when sauteed.

  7. After reading this article I went to Tuesday Morning looking for a julienne peeler. They were out, so I had to go to the nice kitchen store next door. I asked the woman for a recommendation for a julienne peeler for zucchini noodles and she showed me one that she was recommending to everyone. It was about $10 or so.

    I used it one night and really liked it. Took some time to do and the noodles weren’t particularly long, but it did the job.

    My girlfriend came over who had the GEFU spiralizer. With the 20% coupon you can get it for around $25 at Bed bath and beyond or find on Amazon. After using this I had wished I bought this from the beginning. SO quick, amazing long noodles, and resembles pasta much more than using the julienne.

    I literally ordered this the next day and also ordered one for my sister. If I was doing it again I would invest in the spiralizer.. .so much better for zucchini noodles. If you plan to eat them a lot (like I do), it’s worth it!

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