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 I’m Crazy For Real Salt!

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I love Real Salt and I’m excited to share it with you!

I’ve told you before that my family thinks I’m crazy. I received stares of slightly disconcerted curiosity when I started mixing up my own shampoo, toothpaste, and deodorant in the kitchen. But the other day my dad saw me very liberally salting my dinner plate before I brought it to the table.

I turned around and saw mortified alarm in his widening eyes. “It’s sea salt!” I quickly reassured him, before realizing that I had yet to educate my family members on the benefits of this mineral-rich ingredient. “It’s good for you!” I said, trying to ameliorate his concern.

With one last effort, I said, “I think of it as a supplement!”

Unfortunately, that phrase required even more explanation, so I spent the rest of dinner extolling the following virtues of sea salt to my family members.

Yes, Salt is Good For You!

As a matter of fact, numerous studies support the growing belief that old-fashioned doses of sea salt actually contribues to vitality and longevity.

A 2006 study published in The American Journal of Medicine tells us that “sodium intake of less than 2300 mg (the daily recommended allowance) was associated with a 37%  increase in cardiovascular disease mortality and a 28% increase of all-cause mortality.


Trace Mineral Profile

Additionally, sea salts like Real Salt contains over 60 trace minerals. This complete, whole form of salt fulfills your body’s craving for these essential nutrients. These minerals also lend a characteristic pink color to the salt.

Choose Your Salt Carefully

Regular table salt–that bleached white powder ground into suspiciously uniform granules–has been stripped of any nutritional value. It is a chemically-manipulated imitation of the real thing! That salt spikes blood pressure–not sea salt. Additionally, those processed salts often contain additives like the sugar dextrose.

 Source: Real Salt

Want to Experience Real Salt?

The kind folks at Real Salt are offering a 26 oz bag of their healing salt to two lucky winners!

The entry is simple, just follow the directions below. There are just two simple steps: like Empowered Sustenance on Facebook and leave a comment. Good luck!

Here is one of my favorite recipe featuring Real Salt: Roasted Carrot Whip!

GAPS mashed carrots

Good luck! And remember, eat well and heal!

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  1. Caroline Lunger says

    Hi Lauren! Haha I love how you explain your dad’s look! Been there too :) now my family just goes along with me and LOVEs the salt on all food. My favorite way…prepare yourself its going to be strange..plain! After I do my sauna I NEEd salt, so I just pour a little into my hand and eat it :) other then that, I like salmon roe brined in sea salt..and fermented veggies!

  2. Angela @ Canned Time says

    Hey I love this giveaway, so great and I love the stuff here on your blog.
    I’m a regular salt user and I love mixing up my own varieties too with spices and flavorings. This would make a great base for some new salt mixtures for me! Thanks!
    BTW, I have a recipe contest going on this month if you’re interested in entering. I think your stuff would look great! :)

  3. Courtney Polivka says

    We use sea salt to salt all of our dishes right at the end. I don’t cook with it, but I usually add a pinch afterwards. We also use sea salt in our netipot!

  4. Stefanie says

    I think I got similar looks from co-workers when not only talking about the importance of eating egg yolks for health, but also then to salt them with sea salt on top of that…oh boy! Lol! Would be ever so happy to win a bag of the stuff!

  5. Lauren R says

    We also use RealSalt and I love it. We use it in everything we cook and bake. I love it on our fresh backyard eggs or a pinch in homemade icecream.

  6. Beverly says

    I almost flipped when I saw the price of a 16 ounce bag of Real Salt at my local HFS……bought it anyway….over $8.00, but well worth it. Am interested in finding a more economical way to purchase, but I am concerned that it may “lose its savor” if I get too much and do not use it fast enough. Other than that, Real Salt and Celtic Sea Salt are all that we use. Real Salt pours the best….

  7. Nance says

    Real Salt is all I’ve used for at least the last 10 years. It’s wonderful for any recipe, but I especially like it for soaking then dehydrating the nuts I use.

  8. Joellen says

    We’ve just been introduced to Real Salt, so I’m still experimenting. The crunchiness was a bit off-putting the first time I tried it, so I’ve been a bit hesitant to introduce it to my very picky husband. We need to make healthy changes, so I’m looking for ideas.

  9. Maria @ Little Miss Cornucopia says

    Sea salt is my salt of choice when it comes to eating. I use it in everything: salad dressing, smoothies, desserts, main entrees, and so much more. My 7 year old recently discovered how good it tastes on a fresh cucumber and he likes to bring them to school as a snack..finally! He wanted nothing to do with cucumbers before LOL :)

  10. Kathy Fields says

    I use sea salt exclusively. But my favorite is putting a little on raw veggies for a snack. I also put a little in my drinking water for electrolytes.

  11. Shari W says

    I’m just learning about Sea Salt – so I’m not sure what my favorite way is! I’m re-educating about the healing powers of food & trying to erase all the traditional SAD (Standard American Diet) rules that aren’t working. I’d love to try it.

  12. Andrea Pires says

    I love salt on everything so I’m not sure what my favorite way to eat it is, but I just had whole milk yogurt with my sauteed broccoli last night and I drizzled EVOO and real salt on it. Delicious!

  13. Tracee says

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter and sharing your recipes! They have been a godsend to me. : ) I could really use the sea salt in my homemade chicken soup. It always needs more salt!

  14. Shawnie says

    HI – I love your website! I am going to try the carrot whip recipe soon, looks wonderful! We just found out how much cauliflower tastes like potato – and the family doesn’t miss them. We’re learning a lot about changing our diet for the better. I agree with you, using sea salt – is very healthy, and in most recipes too – so I am glad you are having this giveaway because we will be out soon! Thanks! [SMILE]…

  15. Juliane says

    I like to make a glaze with raw honey and ghee. Add sea salt, and spread it on anything that needs a sweet and salty accent. I spread some on bacon-wrapped green bundles last night. Yum! I want to try it on some walnuts…

  16. Tammy says

    I mix it with coconut oil and peppermint oil and brush my teeth. I mix it with purified water and honey and put on my face for 5-10 minutes before I get in the shower. And obviously use it on my food!

  17. Tammy Bybee says

    My favorite way to use Real Salt is on just abut everything. And I don’t have to worry about it being bad for me. Thanks for the give away

  18. says

    Ah! Salt. Love it! Was so relieved when I found out that sea salt and other real salts were actually good for me ’cause I am one of those people who craves salt. As I’m doing GAPS Intro right now, being able to liberally salt my food is keeping me sane!

  19. Lori F. says

    I have never gone back after switching to Real Salt. The taste is delicious and I love knowing I’m getting all the trace minerals. I put it on everything liberally!

  20. Deitra Brunner says

    I would love to win one of these, but then I would love to win most of the real food and natural product items that I find of interest on the sites that I have chosen to read posts on! LOL! I want to incorporate sea salt into my diet for all of the trace mineral benefits that I have read about to promote natural health.

  21. says

    i’ve been preaching the benefits of salt since high school (15 years) and people always look at me like i’m crazy! thank you so much for publicizing this great healing food – and the medical research that backs it up :) you rock!

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