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  1. My husband and I recently purchased a Big Berkey filter. We love it! It takes a little time and thought to get everything assembled (each component has its own instructions — BE SURE TO READ ALL OF THEM and follow step by step), but it is well worth the effort and the money spent. I only wish we had gotten a bigger size — I find myself filling it 2 or 3 times a day some days, as we use it to fill dog/cat water dishes, to make iced tea and coffee, and for cooking, as well as drinking. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting clean water!

  2. We love our Berkey water filter. There are just two of us, and we bought the travel size. It’s sufficient for us. We also have the Berkey water bottles. The kids (grown and with families of their own) will be getting these for Christmas this year. 🙂

    • Good question. Here’s my two cents: I prefer not to drink alkaline water because I don’t subscribe to the acid-alkaline myth ( has a great discussion on the lack of acestral and scientific evidence for this myth.) Carbon filtration is one of the most ancient and trusted forms of water filtration. Additionally, the systems are very pricey.

      • I have had a popular Ionizer to get the higher 9.5 alkalinized water. I felt I was duped big time. I find now its nothing more than GMO water and we should get alkaline from our foods. A friend of mine had one and all the research shows and he is very certain that it caused his strokes and heart attack. One big research showed it could cause strokes and heart attacks!!!!!!!! I’ve been using it for 8 years and getting rid of it and replacing it with Berkey Filter systems in about 3 weeks. I’m hoping I’ll win the one they are giving away!!!!! Thank you Berkey Filters!!!!!

  3. We also love our Berkey! Although it is just the two of us, we have the largest size, and we have said so many times how glad we are to have the biggest one. We refill it about every two days, and it is so nice not to have to be filling it all the time!

  4. This post came at a perfect time! I’ve been trying to get away from buying bottled spring water. I always felt the widely available pitchers probably weren’t that thorough. This sounds perfect. Had read about Berkey a few years ago but wasn’t quite ready to take the plunge. Thanks Lauren!

  5. Hi! Where can I find independent verification of how much fluoride is removed using a Berkey (with the additional fluoride filters)? The lack of this information has been the one thing holding me back from making a purchase.

  6. water companies generally switch between chlorine and chloramine. You need to use a filter which handles both. Pelican has them or you can use a whole house filter. has reverse osmosis filtration systems that can also be put on top of the counter and they have an ultraviolet light which kills bacteria prior to entering the filtration system.

  7. Hi Lauren 🙂 We bought a Big Berkey and like someone said it takes some time to set up! But we love it so far. Just a question-since it filters just about everything, are you at all concerned about not getting enough minerals? I know some people remineralize their reverse osmosis filtered water-is that necessary in this case?

    Thanks for all you do!

  8. Hi Lauren,

    Do you have any test showing that Berkey indeed reduces fluoride in the water? In the test you provided they list elements like: Aluminum, Copper, Arsenic, Strontium, Cadmium:, Cesium, Mercury, Lead, Uranium, but there is no info regarding reduction of fluoride. How effective is Berkey in reducing fluoride? Do you know?


    • I’ve been trying to find this out, too, because I’ve been using the Berkey with fluoride filters for a number of years, and I often recommend it to others. There is some information at the New Millenium Concepts (that’s the manufacturer) website. It’s a little hard to decipher exactly what it means, though.

      Here’s the link:

      Maybe there’s some kind of home test we can buy to test it ourselves. Does anyone know?

      I’m going to follow this conversation because I would like some definitive answers. There are very detailed test results for the black Berkey filters at the website, but the fluoride filters – not so much.

  9. Hi Lauren,
    How does the Berkey system work with well water? I have a high TDS count as well as iron bacteria and maganese. I currently don’t use my well for potable water source but would like to.

  10. I have read first about the Berkey Water Filter System on the Wellness Mama blog.
    I was planning to buy it, but many people wrote about it. They said it is not really good.
    No certification
    They said the original one from England is a better version.
    I do not know. What to think?

  11. Considering the vitamin C filter is the best one, why did you decide to also put in the Sprite filter? And do you recommend this for me? I suffer from chronic eczema, vitiligio and keratosis pilaris (yes, I know). Do you recommend me using both of showeres (considering I’m on a budget, but if there will be a true benefit i dont mind spending on it. Or any other suggestions?

  12. I have a Berkey and I love it! When purchasing, it’s worth checking with your municipality to see whether they even use fluoride in the water. When I purchased mine, the owner of the shop asked if I lived within town limits, because if so I wouldn’t need to purchase the fluoride filter, since there isn’t actually fluoride in the city water. I also found that it’s worth it to go up a size higher, and I generally keep a couple bottles of the filtered water in the fridge so it’s cold and also so I have extra water on hand in case I need large quantities for something like stock, etc.. Overall I’m incredibly happy with it.

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