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Reveal radiant skin without harsh, toxic, and expensive products with the recipes that cleared my acne naturally.

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  1. Hi Lauren, thanks for another great and informing post! I recently stumbled upon your blog while looking for info on almond flour. My daughter and I are slowly trying to lean in to a grain free diet for health reasons. The switch in diet also meant that I am eating some meat and fish again after 4.5 years of being a vegetarian. Your vision on diet and health really made me see things in another perspective. I don’t think that I will incorporate everything you eat into my diet, after all we are all unique beings, but I’m so happy to have found your blog. Thanks for sharing your story, tips and info! Love, Daphne

      • Hi Lauren,

        I recently discovered your website via Pinterest and I am so thankful I did. I have made several of your skin care recommendations and love them so far! I do have a few questions, though. I like the idea of the ACV toner, but the smell is less than pleasant. Any ideas on what oils, etc I could add to alleviate the smell some? Also, I use the oil cleansing method with grape seed, almond and tea tree oils with mostly almond oil and also your 2 step cleanser, but my face is still dry after. It’s 10 degrees where I live and my skin does not do well with dry cold. What can I use as a natural moisturizer for anti-aging (and slightly acne proned skin) after I cleanse and tone? Lastly, I currently use Eucerin spf during the day, but was wondering if there was a more natural spf that could do the trick after washing with honey.

        Again, I really enjoy your website and changing my skincare and food regimen to be more natural. I look forward to seeing what you have in store next!

        Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

        • For the toner, try using coconut water instead of plain water. This mixture will need to be refrigerated. I mix mine once a week in one of those travel spray bottles. Just spritz on and follow with your moisturizer (I use organic Argan oil – I am 35 so I have to keep my acne and wrinkles at bay). 🙂

      • Hey lauren

        Thank you for the very useful information. I was just wondering if using honey as a cleanser and of course the jojoba oil and vitamin E oil makeup remover is enough for the face. Meaning I wouldn’t need to moisturize anymore? If not, what would be a good natural moisturizer to use, maybe jojoba oil aswell? Please let me know. Thank you.

      • Hi Lauren I’m just starting to use honey for my face to smooth and in hope scar removes or fades a bit like told online but I have a question please answer I just bougth o organic honey from ssfeway on the bottle it says no gaps no artificial preservatives or additives usada organic and in the back for ingredients it says 100%honey that is all please help me as I’m bummed out after reading your blog this honey was cheap 6 dollars you say raw honey better but I didn’t think of that so I got that bottle

  2. I use the oil cleansing method myself, but hadn’t thought about trying honey! I wonder if it would help my little guy with his eczema? Diet and supplements alone don’t seem to be cutting it, unfortunately, and he often scratches himself raw.
    And I REALLY have to look at your honey shampoo info! That sounds intriguing!

      • I just read today that a mixture of Honey & Cinnamon applied to affected eczema will aid in clearing it up. I’ll be sharing this info with my daughter as she and both of her children suffer from it.

        • Eczema is often a problem with nutritional absorption and the intestines or gut needs repair. Prebiotics and probiotics can help. So can bone broth made with apple cider vinegar. It can also be caused by a candida yeast infection gone systemic. Coconut oil externally and 2 tablespoons a day internally kills yeast. If you crave carbs and other sweets, candida is generally a problem. Eczema can also be iodine deficiency, which current medical tests rarely pinpoint, except for the 24 hr. urine test. This website, which I am NOT connected with, has some good info.

    • Yes, yes and yes! Honey is a great treatment option for eczema! But I have another… Eczema Parent to Eczema Parent. Make a lotion bar. Equal parts coconut oil, Shea butter and beeswax. Wash/exfoliate your little one with water and a washcloth, then apply lotion bar. Kills itch, works as well as harsh steroid cream. Apply twice a day and in two days you’ll be astounded. I know this post is older, but I hope you give it a try!

    • You might want to try one part ACV to two parts H20 no soap on the area and wash the little guy down every day twice a day and in a week or so depending how severe the eczema will clear up. Rub down in coconut oil.

  3. Great post, but where on earth are people getting the idea that honey is a probiotic food? It has prebiotic qualities, studied in mice (but not humans). So it is hypothesised to be beneficial to your gut flora, but contains no live bacteria itself.

    Anyway, I’ll have to try this! If they prescribe antibiotics for acne, honey makes sense because of its anti microbial properties.

    I have to ask though, is it sticky or hard to rinse off?

  4. Thanks, Lauren!! I’m going to start doing this. I’m thrilled because I just got a great deal on the honey you recommended @ vitacost. No, I’m not advertising for them, just wanted to let y’all know. I’m looking forward to seeing if this cleansing method will work for my sensitive skin. I also wanted to say that I love your blog – you always speak to me where I am and give me reinforcement on “out there” health things (like EMFs) – we’ve been on wired phones and internet for a couple of years now, and I definitely feel the difference! Thanks, again!

    • Hah! That’s what my friends always say to me. When they ask about some sort of skin ailment, I usually reply for them to put honey on it and we end up having anise round of movie quotes in our pretend greek accents. So…there you go.

      I love honey and have been washing for a long time in the mornings. During my last pregnancy, my doctor even told me to use honey to get rid of my haemorrhoids! Talk about magic elixir.

  5. Thanks for this post, Lauren! I have been using the oil cleansing method for 6 months now and have been thinking about adding raw honey in to my routine as well. Your post just convinced me to try it! I’m just wondering what do you recommend to moisturize with after you use the honey and toner? I normally cleanse with the oil then use witch hazel in the morning and then I use a little jojoba and coconut oil for moisturizer. At night I use apple cider vinegar and then more oil for moisturizing. Do you just use oil after the honey or do you not add anything after the toner? Thanks for this great post!

    • Hi, I just stumbled upon your site today. I excitedly went out to buy all the ingredients for the honey wash, toner and makeup remover. I have the same question as the above poster — what do you use for moisturizer after the acv-based toner, if anything? I have bad cystic acne but feel that prescriptions/chemicals are horrible and that I’m “cheating”…even though some have worked, it took 5 different topical products every day to keep my skin clear. I am altering diet a bit in conjunction with trying your methods. Thanks for your site and please post if you have moisturizer tips for those with cystic acne!

  6. Hi Everyone! I’m excited to try everything out (I too am one that has struggled and have tried everything under the sun and I’m never happy with the state my skin is in) but I’m wondering where to get a good deal on essential oils and if there are any brands that tend to be better than others or really what I should look for when searching for essential oils to purchase. I’ve already found good deals on the manuka, raw honey too, and the thayers w/h (acv is always in my fridge) but I’m a little clueless in the e/o department! I appreciate any information you can share with a newbie diving into this more natural world of trying to heal myself 🙂 Thanks so much!!

    • Hi, Lacy! I’m pretty new to the “healing world” too but have been very pleased with Mountain Rose Herbs essential oils. I started with Skintervention (an e-Book…check it out!) as well as Mommypotamus’ beauty e-book (which I think Lauren references for the oil cleansing method). I have found some good deals too but have mostly purchased my essential oil from Mountain Rose. Good luck! 🙂

  7. This is a wonderful face treatment. I tried it out this morning and my face feels wonderful I can see some small differences but I’m sure the longer I use it the better I’ll be able to tell. Thanks for sharing this!

  8. I have tried this honey facial for two days now…what a wonderful experience! My face feels amazing…I usually only use coconut oil on my face…but now, I will use honey and then coconut oil to finish!!! Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

  9. Hi Lauren. I love this idea of washing your hair and face with honey. DO you have any good ideas for homemade conditioner? I have tried everything, and I mean everything. I have done just olive oil and coconut oil to condition; I have tried the ACV and water technique which made my hair more coarse and tangled and despite what everyone says, I reeked of vinegar! 🙂 My husband and kids couldn’t stand the smell, and that was before they knew what it was 🙂 the oil technique left my hair too oily even when a tiny amount was used, and I have long thick hair that holds up pretty well to oil-I used to deep condition my hair with olive oil, but I washed and conditioned after, so the oil was gone. I have searched and looked and can’t find a homemade option that works for my hair- any suggestions.

    • I’ve been receiving this question frequently and I FINALLY came across a conditioner that I can recommend. I’ve literally gone a year without purchasing hair care products because I couldn’t find any that met my ingredient standards. So I’m still experimenting with this new brand but so far I love it and I am going to do a review post the first week of December. I hope you’ll stay tuned for it!

      • Hi Lauren,
        I came upon this blog by chance. Is there anything you can recommend for bags under my eyes. My skin tone is like caramel. I’ve tried the Green tea bags, cucumber, Chamomile, frozen towel, things from Macy.
        Great info on the honey. Anxious to hear your response.

  10. Hi Lauren, I just tested out your honey cleansing method this morning and my face feels and looks so good! I have such dry, red, flaky, and sensitive skin that I would never clean it in the morning, just at night so I am very pleased with the results. I was wondering though, is it okay to skip the toner? What does it do for your face? I am just worried about drying my skin out. Or do you recommend the ACV toner plus a certain moisturizer to help with my dry skin?

    I also lather coconut oil on in the evenings which has made a big difference but am looking into your oil cleansing method to test out tonight. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Woot! I started my face washing with raw honey a year ago and the results are amazing. Love how simple and inexpensive this is. I also make my own version of toner: ACV, 1/2 tsp dissolved honey, rosewater, a bit of witch hazel, and I crack open a couple of green tea extract capsules and mix those in too. Some raw coconut oil on my face to follow, and it’s a done deal. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi Lauren and everyone,

    I started to use this method last night, when i applied honey to my face and neck, it gets so itchy even after i use toner after. Is that normal? Please help me.

    For the honey i used, as i am in france right now, i purchased honey from traditional bio market from france agriculture bio, it says on the label that the honeys has never been pasteurized, heated or put on pot. The pollen is dried under 38 degree. I have no idea what the latter means though.

    Has anyone experiencing itchy or know where to buy raw honey in Paris? Thank you.

  13. Hi Lauren,

    I came across your site while researching almond and coconut flour. I read this about the honey and washing your face with it. Does this help for rosacea? I have mild, sometimes moderate, rosacea on my nose and cheeks. My doctor put me on mild antibiotics for it, which works, but I don’ t think it’s a good idea to take antibiotics long term.

    Thank You

  14. I have been doing a honey mask daily in the morning for anywhere between 5 mins to 2 hours, just rub a tiny bit on when I put honey in my coffee. When it’s ready to come off I put about a half a teaspoon of baking soda in my palm with a little water and lightly scrub my face. The results are incredible! I wish I had known about this years ago.

  15. Hi Lauren,
    I’ve just hit 22 and have been dealing with acne forever! It was clearing up, but now it’s come back in full force. I’m not sure if you can help, but do you recommend someone on Retin-A, Aczone, and an oral anti-biotic to use this method? Also, would you recommend, as someone who wears make-up, using honey in the morning and oil before bed? Sorry if these are silly questions!

    • Hi,

      Please try this.

      1> Apply the juice of Onion (Half juiced) on your face after cleaning with warm water and dried, for about 20 minutes. This must be carried 4 times if you have severe acne problem. Onion have high sulfur content. so it will also improve your skin tone magically.

      2> Eat ginger pieces in early morning and during night times.

      3> Just use turmeric paste while bathing. That will help to prevent formation of new pimples and just distroy new current ones.

      4> And drink lemon juice in warm water daily twice (morning and night)

      5> Ones in a day apply honey over your face before sleeping,

      These all will help you to get your face tone within a month.

      And never squeeze any pimple. It will just dry and fall automatically.

  16. I have been using Mary Kay facial cleanser for years. I decided that when it ran out, that I would go to a more natural face cleanser. Last night, with humorous encouragement from my husband, WE tried the honey to wash our faces with. Not bad.

    I used honey again this morning. My observations were that my skin was a bit oily by mid morning.

    I was using ACV straight up as a “toner” on my face. After rereading your post, I diluted the ACV to half strength starting last night.

    Gotta say, keep posting. I am trying to get away from all things I cannot pronounce. 🙂 I love the MK facial cleanser, but I can’t pronounce some of the ingredients. As we run out of personal hygiene store bought items, we have switched over to making our own.

    Appreciate the posts. The learning. The dialog.

    Thank you!!

  17. Hi Lauren!
    First of all.. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Your blog has helped me so much! You have helped me change my life from over processed to all natural 🙂 and I’m so very grateful for everything you put into this site!

    I was wondering if this honey cleansing method will clear black heads? I have been doing oil cleansing (using coconut oil) since last summer and have had wonderful results. My combo skin has evened out, my skin tone has evened and I no longer need to use foundation! (Yay! No more red blotchies! And no more dark circles under my eyes!) and less breakouts too…not that I had a huge problem with that before, but I have noticed less.

    Unfortunately, I have noticed recently that I’m developing blackheads on my nose! I’ve never struggled with blackheads before…I wouldn’t say it’s in the “severe” category yet, but it’s definitely not getting better and becoming more noticeable. I do not want to go back to chemical laden products to try to resolve this issue, but I’m freaking out a little…especially since I’ve had such good results with everything else. HELP! 🙂

  18. Hi Lauren!
    I was wondering what kind of honey you use? I have always used raw organic honey from Y.S organic bee farms but just recently purchased Super Enriched Honey with bee pollen bee, propolis and royal jelly which seems to be truly Raw. I just want to make sure I’m using the best one for the honey cleansing method.

    Thank you in advance =)

  19. Hi Lauren,
    I u6st came across your blog and oh my God I am so greatfull!!!!
    I started transitioning towards natural and organic skin care and make-up not too long ago(and I actually started using honey cleansing method today, right before I came across your site! 😉 )
    I’m glad I found YOU!I need some ideas and someone I can talk to about it! 😉

    PS. Just want to share that tea tree oil is GREAT for spot treatment!!!Most effective thing I’ve ever used!!
    Just don’t go too crazy, it can be a little drying!

  20. I am addicted to this blog. When I first stumbled upon it, I spent at least 15 hours reading it that weekend. . . anyways, I LOVE honey cleansing and noticed a difference in my oil slick face the first day. I’m also obsessed with raw honey. . . I use it for anything I can think of now. I had a concern though, my raw honey looks nothing like the pictures above! It is opaque, and almost somewhat grainy. I bought it from a local beekeeper who told me it may contain wax and propolis, but I didnt really care. It that still okay to use on my face? I remember another one of your posts mentioning how exfoliating can be bad

  21. I will definitely add raw honey to my skin regime. I use a sugar scrub which already has raw honey for my body scrub. I tried birth control which I got off of b/c I hated the idea of putting unknown chemicals in my body. The biggest thing that has worked for me as far as break outs go is chasteberry supplements. I knew I had hormonal acne and that made a huge difference for me. I went from having quite severe break outs to 3-4 pimples per cycle now. I also drink rooibos tea for my skin. The oil cleansing method is great for me as well. I had really bad breakouts for over a decade so I have tons of scars that I am just now treating. Good luck all!

  22. Will honey clogged my pores? I used it (raw honey) a few times, and had wonderful results the next day! But then my skin started breaking out, and I was wondering if the honey did that…or if it was some other unknown circumstance. Any help?

  23. hi Lauren. i have black spots on my chicks and on my nose but it was not there. it started with small ones but now its spreading. i saw a doctor and
    told me it cannot be cleared because its hormones issue. kindly help me is that true

    • For blackheads and exfoliation….I wash with baking soda & coconut oil every 3-4 days & use the honey on the days in between. Just take a nickel-sized blob of coconut oil and mix in the palm of your hand with about 1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda. Then rub all over your face…concentrating on the areas with blackheads. Too much baking soda can be very harsh and drying…so use just that small amount.

  24. Hi Lauren,
    I just tried Honey facewash,My skin felt WOW,I am in my late 30’s,All of a sudden I see break outs of Acne,And they left few black spots on my faceii never had acne after my 18th year.I have dry skin too,I try to massage my face with Olive oil,but it did not hep me much, felt it was causing lil bit tanish skin on my cheeks.I tried using Aveeno as I am regular user of Aveeno since couple of years now,My ace break outs became more severe with Aveeno use.Any home remedies for my dry skin without exacerbating my acne break outs,I have like 5 to 6 acne break outs every month since 2 to 3 months.Any remedy for my dark spots.What you suggest putting on my skin at night other than Aveeno or any store brand products.
    I love your blog and wonderful information you put on for us here.
    Thank you Lauren.
    God Bless!

  25. Hi Lauren! So your blog has convinced me to try using honey as a facial cleanser! I just had a few questions, would you recommend doing it twice a day? and what would you recommend to moisturize with? Thank you for your help!

  26. I tried honey a little while ago–I don’t even remember where I got the idea from. But for a long time I’ve started to have a red, itchy face from just being in the shower! No matter if I don’t touch it with soap or shampoo or anything, just water, it gets awful; red, dry, itchy and even spotty. And it hurts! So I one day tried some honey–I think it was just semi-organic–and I just melted it in my hands and rubbed it on. I think I left it for maybe an hour while I watched a movie. Then when I went to the bathroom to get ready for bed and wash of the honey, my skin had calmed down entirely, didn’t hurt and was it’s normal colour! I was so happy, that I got my mum to splurge on raw honey and from now on, every time I have a shower, I use it (and it can only take 15 minutes before my face is back to normal!). Plus, now my skin is less spotty and eczema-ish as it was. I haven’t done it on my whole body because wow, that would be expensive! But I do use coconut oil on the rest of my body and it has helped a lot with my eczema (plus I cut out gluten and other stuff). But I just want to say how much your blog/website helps me! I used to have ridiculous eczema, the most painful periods where I would be vomiting because of the pain, acne/spots, rashes, allergies; you name it!

    But now I don’t eat gluten, have much less chocolate, don’t eat anything with artificial flavours/colourings and am very careful with the make-up I wear, the soaps and shampoos I use and everything I put in my mouth. I’m 15 and it has been a struggle, but it is paying off. I am about to home-educate next year, so I will be able to eat more carefully and work on my diet a lot more, figuring out the food I eat and all the other stuff 🙂 Thank you again.

  27. I started washing my face with honey and its been great overall, but it has become granulated and is hard to melt between my fingers or even in hot water. My face ends up all red after because of all the hard granules, it seems like its acting as a heavy duty scrub- do you think this might be too harsh for my skin? Or could it just be the type of honey I’m using (it was definitely raw/unfiltered but I forget the brand)?


    • ** Almost** Boil some water and put the jar of honey in the water. Roll the jar of honey around in the hot water. Take out and very carefully shake the jar a bit. Put back into the water and repeat process a few times. This takes about 10-15 minutes.

  28. Good Morning,

    I’m writing to ask about when to do which cleaning and treatment methods for my 17-year old son’s acne. A little background: He is currently taking minocycline and using Proactive products. He is willing to try anything but I won’t let him try Accutane because of the severe side effects. So, here I am, researching all natural ways to fight his acne (diet, new strategies, etc.).

    My questions are:

    1. Do we choose between the honey wash and the oil wash – or do both off and on (and if so how frequently each day)?

    2. What steps do we try and in what order: (i.e. step 1: – honey wash, step 2: apple cider vinegar, step 3 ______? etc. I’m just not sure how to identify a regimen to start or how often to do each process. Would he use the Dial antibacterial soap too? If so, at what point in the regimen and how often?

    I hope you can help. I see you haven’t replied to others since March 21st. Thank you so much.


    • Just throwing in my two cents here, but I really recommend you read a book called “Clear for Life” by Seppo Puusa. It explains acne pretty comprehensively and what you can do to combat it. Proactiv is not a good treatment because it strips the skin of the acid mantle and of vital nutrients that skin needs to protect itself. The skin also eventually develops a resistance to benzoyl peroxide, and the body will develop a resistance to the antibiotic minocyline. So even if those treatments work temporarily, they will eventually stop working. The book explains how to balance hormones, reduce inflammation, and what supplements and topical treatments are effective in protecting acne-prone skin without damaging it in the process. It also talks about insulin resistance and how it contributes to acne.

      In my own case, I am 29 now and have had acne since I was 12 or so. I used Proactiv for about 10 years with varying levels of success, though it never completely prevented blemishes. It finally stopped working about 6 months ago and my skin has been a mess since. Luckily my brother decided to buy that book for me about 2 months ago. Based on everything I understood after reading it, I started eating appropritately to reduce inflammation and addressed my hormonal imbalance. Not eating dairy has helped my hormones enormously, and I am careful with balancing the carb load in my meals. My skin improved significantly very quickly, but was not completely clear. I was still washing my face with the standard foaming cleansers. Then I started doing oil cleansing in the evening and honey cleansing in the morning (I also use a toner that has witch hazel and green tea that is alcohol-free), and my skin looks better than it ever has. Repairing the acid mantle was definitely the final piece of the puzzle.

      Anyway, read the book – it is VITAL information to anybody who is trying to address acne-prone skin. The most important thing is that the reason your son has acne is different than the reason I had acne, and it will take a different approach to solve the problem. This book will outline how to cover your bases to figure out what the problem is. You HAVE to address the imbalance inside the body or you’ll end up fighting a losing battle.

      Good luck!

  29. I washed my face with honey a few hours ago and my skin feels amazing! At 23 years old my teen acne has come back again but the store bought cleansers weren’t helping at all. In addition to the breakouts my skin is also very oily. I’m looking forward to continuing to wash my face with honey and I hope to see results soon!

    Thanks for posting this great idea.

  30. Help! I have been doing this for about two weeks, and my usually dark eyelashes have gone blonde on the tips! Also, I know it sounds crazy, but I swear my beautiful green eyes are almost going grey! I am FREAKING OUT! Has anyone else had this, and is there any way to undo the damage? I can’t seem to find anything online. I am REALLY freaking out, so please let me know!!

  31. Since you have sensitive / oily skin like me, go with the Somaluxe Face Wash. The scent actually wakes me up and makes my skin feel so smooth when I’m done. It doesn’t dry my skin out either it gives it a nice clean glow which I love. The best thing for me is the Somaluxe Face Wash helps with my acne and blackheads it doesn’t completely git rid of it but it does keep my skin under control so I won’t have more breakouts. I tend to use this in the morning

  32. Hi Lauren!

    I recently stumbled upon your blog and the idea of using raw honey combined with the apple cider toner as an acne treatment. I’ve been on the two for about a week and a half now and have notice no difference in my acne at all. I realise a week an a bit really isn’t a long enough period of time to decide whether it’s working or not but, can you point me in the right direction? I’ve had fairly active and inflamed/red acne since the age of 13 and am dying to have clear skin. I’ve been following the steps you’ve listed. Is there anything I could be doing wrong?

  33. Hey, Lauren! Just a couple of questions:

    Instead of raw honey, is it okay to use pure honey?

    Also, should I do this on a daily basis or…?

    Please reply! I desperately need help!

  34. I just stopped by to say that I have been using honey to cleanse my face for the past three months, after stumbling upon this article. So far, my skin has cleared up significantly and is very smooth to the touch. I haven’t noticed any lightening of my eyebrows or hairline and for the first time in a long time have not had any new breakouts since using this method of cleansing. I am so happy I found out about this and don’t have to waste any more money at the dermatologist for chemical creams and gels that just make matters worse. I’ve been using a regular locally made pure honey I purchase from my local farmers market, nothing special that I have to worry about ordering. Thank you!

  35. So I’ve been doing this for the past three days – my skin feels gloriously smooth, my pores seem to have shrunk slightly, my skin seems brighter, more even, etc.
    The only thing is, for the last two days it feels very slightly itchy, and I’m getting some red spots that don’t seem to be acne, they’re just some quite large red raised patches. I think it’s maybe because I’ve been scratching because its itchy but I really can’t decide whether or not to continue using honey! Do you think I should push through and give it a chance, or that I should stop in case it gets worse? I really do like how unbelievably smooth my skin feels though 🙁

  36. Hi Lauren,
    So I’ve been using the honey cleansing method for a couple of weeks now, and yes my skin does feel very smooth, but it has caused increased breakouts at the moment. They are quite big and sore, and under the skin. Is it because this method isn’t appropriate my skin, or is my skin just trying to get rid of all the dirt, bacteria etc.?
    Thank you so much for your help 🙂

  37. I started the OCM early this week (Castor and Jojoba). I use it at night, but am unsure if I should use a toner (tea tree oil) and a moisturizer lotion/oil (I also bought Rosehip oil). I want to start washing in the morning with raw honey. Do you think that all this is too much? I am trying to clear up some hormonal acne and make my skin glow and look fresh. Thanks!

  38. Hello!! I LOVE this blog – keep it up!!

    I also had severe cystic acne and took all the epic medications for 15 years, then (..super scheptically..), I tried giving up dairy (100% and check all ingredients). Three week later…I saw better improvements than i did on the medication I had to go to hospital outpatients clinic to get.
    If you have acne – try giving up ALL dairy for three weeks…really…it’s worth a shot…I haven’t had acne for three years now…try it, try it, try it!!!!!

    Plus, I also now only use natural skin care as I also have ME/CFS (…largely caused by inflamed gut issues…caused by many prescribed medications and food intolerances, which lowered my immune system), but I am slowly healing (..Paleo plus supplements works!).

    Ps….I also would love to read about honey shampoo as its the one ‘product’ I just can’t get right!

    Many thanks! 😀

  39. I was wondering if the links to the essential oils are the actual brands that you use. I’ve been told that some oils are better quality than others and some should not be applied directly to your skin because of the way they are extracted.

  40. Ive been using the Somaluxe Face Wash (with organic ingredients) everyday. Works amazing, makes skin clear after the first use. It smells so fresh and makes your skin feel like it just left the spa. The ingredients are not harsh nor do they test on animals. Which is a big plus. It keeps pores perfect and makes my skin even.

  41. Wow! Just Wow! I’m turning 39 in a few weeks and since I’ve started honey cleansing after reading this my skin has never, NEVER EVER looked or felt as good as it does now. I’ve been using honey for a little over a week and it’s been magical. I’ve always had combination skin with a severely oily t-zone. My pores were huge, seriously that was like the first thing I’d see any time I looked in the mirror and I know other people could see them easily as well. My new routine consists of exfoliating with a baking soda/water paste, rinsing, taking a wet (but wrung out) face cloth and gently wiping/patting my face so that it’s still wet-ish but not dripping. Then I take about 2 tablespoons worth of raw honey and gently massage it all over my face (even my eyelids & lips). If I’m in the tub i’ll do all over my neck/shoulders etc because honey also helps lighten darker skin and I have freckly tanned areas I’m trying to get ride of. I find if your face is too wet the honey just kind of melts and runs down your face. It definitely helps to leave it on longer. I just keep slowly massaging it all over. If you’re into facial massage for lymphatic drainage (helps slim the face) this is a great time to perform that massage. When I’m done I rinse with tepid water, just warm enough to rinse the honey but cool enough to not dry the skin. Afterwards I use AVC & water toner and then the crowning glory to it all…. I apply coconut oil ALL OVER! My skin is so lush & hydrated now and as for my oily t-zone…. it’s pretty much gone. My pores? Well I actually had to lean right up into the mirror this morning and actually look for them. Yes they’re still there but they are so tiny. Thank you so much for sharing this magical method!! If I can have my skin improve this much at my age & in such a short amount of time I can only imagine what it will do for younger woman/men.

  42. Wonderful skin care ideas! You have put huge information in a single post. You have shared very effective ideas for skin care that surely going to help everyone. Use honey everyday for glowing skin. You can also use a mix of honey and jojoba oil as a skin cleanser. Nice blog!!!

  43. Just ordered some raw honey today and I’m excited to try it! I became an oil cleansing junkie about 2 years ago after trying umpteen commercial products to tame my acne and moisturize my skin.

    I know you’ve said you can’t do coconut oil, but it’s my new addiction! (Though it sounds like you found some awesome oils that work for you too!) since I started putting coconut oil on my hair, skin (face too!) and nails, I’ve noticed a big difference. Everything is softer, younger-looking, and more balanced. I’m not dry, nor do i have acne (even during my menstrual cycle)

  44. Thank you for your great information, for the past four days i am using this secret of honey, I am feeling a great difference but one thing continously disturbing me, I heard honey used to change our hair colour is it true kindly confirm me i am little bit scared. Please reply me

  45. Hey I just tried your honey method to cleanse my face and I’ve never seen my face look or feel this good since before I got rosacea…..I’ve Brennan miserable trying to find the right cleanser and have ruined my skin even more in doing so. You are a god send, I am truly thankful for your insight.. I hope that you can email me back with some tips on how to take the best care of my rosacea, a problem that I can’t seem to find any help for besides yours. God bless you,

  46. I have only been using the Citrus Clear Face Wash product for 10 days, but have had remarkable results. I actually noticed a difference after the first 3 days. My skin is smoother and clearer. I am so happy. Something that works and doesn’t cost a fortune.

  47. I’ve never had clear, healthy skin. I never had ridiculous acne, only random pimples here and there. But then a few months ago I started breaking out like a teenager. I tried benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, but it didn’t help the acne and made my skin so dry and flaky. I had read that apple cider vinegar helps when used as a toner, so I bought some good stuff with the mother (BIG difference) and tried it. Digging deeper I ran across your post about oil cleansing and honey washing.

    Life changer.

    I use a mix of sunflower and castor oil to wash my face at night, and rinse my face off with water in the shower the next morning, When I get out of the shower I rub some honey in, let it sit while I’m doing other things, rinse off, and follow with my acv toner. Winter always drys my face out, so lately I’ve been mixing a few drops of sunflower oil into the honey for a moisture and vitamin e boost.


    My skin has never looked better. When it comes to makeup I’ve always been a full face, paint in on type of girl. I’ll never forget the morning that I realized my makeup was making my skin look worse. I don’t need even a quarter of what I was slathering on my face before I started using your cleansing tips. At home I just put on a little mascara and I look amazing. My skin glows. My blackheads are gone. When I do get a random pimple it’s small and fades quickly.

    And best of all… SOOO CHEAP! I buy my honey local and it’s more expensive than store bought, but you only need a teaspoon. I found a huge bottle of sunflower oil at Walmart for $4 in the cooking oil section and it’s unrefined and cold pressed. I can find the castor oil for about $3-4 and I’ve been using it in my hair too. Two tablespoons with an egg… don’t get me started… 🙂

  48. My son has a problem of black spots near both sides of the lips..But if we apply honey as remedie do the growth of mustache will be lost..we are at a great confusion of this..
    Please get me a solution..

  49. does this method bring impurities to the surface and cause breakouts initially? I have been using for a few weeks now and I have had a steady stream of breakouts (and I normally hardly ever get breakouts).

  50. Hey
    It does not seem to work for me…My face gets a little bit dry and I feel like I have to put on some moisture. I have been using this method for about a week…

    Please help

  51. I tried this a few times a week for 2 weeks now and my rosacea has really improved. I do put a hot damp towel on my face before rinsing like recommended in the oil cleanse method. I have not had any breakouts. The redness on my cheeks has really improved it is still visible but very lightly. I used regular honey (bear bottle) because that is what I had but I am going to try the unfiltered raw honey. I do not like the oil cleanse method that has not worked for me. I am still looking for a natual daily cleanser I use sensitive skin dove for now I work in a kitchen and my face gets dirty so for now I stick with moisturizing soap.

  52. Am having this serious problem with my fingers gettin all black am fair but because of that people thinks am bleaching, i don’t have confidence in public because of that….. plz i need help and remedy.

  53. An interesting discussion is worth comment. There’s no doubt that
    that you should write more on this topic, it might not be a taboo matter but generally people do not
    speak about these issues. To the next! Kind regards!!

  54. Hey there! Quick question that’s entirely off topic. Do you
    know how to make your site mobile friendly? My weblog looks weird when viewing from my iphone4.
    I’m trying to find a theme or plugin that might be able to fix this issue.
    If you have any suggestions, please share. With thanks!

  55. I’ve started washing my face with honey too. I couldn’t find raw honey in my local food store, so I bought one that says ‘Organic Honey 100% pure natural’, and it was expensive too.I’ll order Manuka Honey soon, and I’ll leave it on my face overnight. I wonder if honey is good for those with oily skin and whiteheads.

  56. Can I wash my face with mild soap and then use honey? One more question is it similar between organic honey and raw honey? Because I couldn’t find any raw honey in our local.

  57. I recently switched from using your average face wash to cleansing with honey. I have sensitive, acne prone skin. I’m curious, will the honey method make my skin breakout before it starts getting clear?

    • Alli! I just switched over to honey and my face is breaking out in little whiteheads. I think it is because the honey is deep cleaning everything and getting the gunk out. While I’m not happy with the whiteheads the overall health and “brightness” my skin has suddenly taken on is making me stick to it. I’m hoping in a week things will clear up!

  58. I want to try the honey face wash. Do I wash my eyes and lips with it too? I am 57 years old and hopefully finishing menopause. I still break out some! Will it lighten my eyelashes? I do not wear any makeup due to sensitivities to all brands. I have lovely eyelashes and I don’t want to change that. If honey is a moisturizer, why do I need to use a moisturizer afterwards?

    As I understand it, I wash with honey, use ACV toner, and then apply moisturizer. Right?


  59. So, does it matter if I use organic honey versus straight up raw honey? I know there must be a difference between the two, because they look different, but I looked at my ingredients in the organic honey I’ve bought (which appears like normal, non-organic, aka processed honey) and it just says “honey”. Thoughts?

  60. I having been using honey on face since i was a kid, but these days when i wash honey off my face, i end up having red patches all over the face. please help! what can i do about it?

  61. hi Lauren,
    I just found your site when I typed in honey masks. I use dr hauska for my face – all natural and expensive but it works better than anything I’ve made on my own or frankly bought prior to my finding it.

    I’m chiming in because I saw a lot of people discussing honey and it’s antibiotic properties – and if this was true or not.

    I currently have a tube of medhoney on my face, I have it because my father had a horrendous burn that would not heal. it was 3rd degree, caused by those heat packs physical therapists put on you prior to therapy. anyhow, they used everything possible on my dad – silver cream, like, you name it and in the end it was what tricky burn wound nurses use – straight up pure makiuka (sp) honey. my tube says it contains active “leptosperum” honey in it. the burn nurse left a whole huge tube of this and honey dressings here at the house so I figured since my father doesn’t need them (his wound healed) I may as well have fun with them.

    so to answer questions – yes ! honey is a miracle worker!

  62. Hi

    It is really helpful tips. I want to know that the honey which you recommended , is it edible ? I will definitely try on face. I have dry skin and I apply Nivea Cream on face and body.
    I want to know , what would be the solution you suggest as I have wrinkles and dark circles around my eyes and even around lips?

    Thanks in advance.

  63. I am a big proponent of the benefits of honey, but a recent experience has made me think twice before putting it on my skin or ingesting it again:
    After suffering from a stubborn bacterial skin infection for several months, I stumbled upon several websites hailing the healing properties of raw/unfiltered/unpasteurized (manuka) honey as a treatment/remedy. Because I have autoimmune and GI issues, I was very wary of blasting my system with potent pharmaceutical antibiotics that I knew would wreak havoc on my health (and boy, was I right; I ultimately did have to go this route to clear up the infection, and the course of treatment was pretty unbearable), so I decided to try to heal the infection with raw honey. After two days, the infection got worse — now, I figured this might appear to be the case because the honey was simply accelerating the healing process and a bacterial die-off or something was making things temporarily really bad before they got much better. But along with this, about a day after also ingesting no more than a level tsp of the raw stuff, my WHOLE body began to itch uncontrollably, from scalp to toes — I literally wanted to rip my skin off with my nails — and I aggressively broke out into hives and rashes that have left me with hyper-pigmentation resembling chicken pox scars. I am a really allergic person who has had my share of eczema, but this was on a whole other level I had never experienced before. I figured that although the ultra-filtered, store-bought Sue Bee honey I often purchased had never given me any woes, the raw honey might have had pollen content I personally could not handle.
    The only thing I could attribute my situation to was the honey. It was a good brand, to my knowledge. But my body at the time just didn’t want to befriend it. Believe me, I really, really, really wanted this to work for me.
    I’m just sharing my experience as a cautionary tale. I don’t mean to knock the benefits of raw honey usage, but it may not be so kind to ALL people with sensitive skin, eczema, rosacea, etc.
    Lovely blog. Thanks for the opportunity to post.

  64. Honey benefits lots for face. I have too used honey and come up with good results. Used many cosmetics for my acne porn skin but was disappointed. My skin specialist recommended to use honey and honey products as skin care creams, lotions now my pimples disappears literally.

  65. I too love honey and using it for washing the face. I have read about it on quite a lot of sites and still haven’t found a negative review. I also use your method which isn’t really a method due to its simplicity, but it works wonders.

    Raw honey, bit of water, slap it on and leave it for a while. I also read that Humblebeeandme use argon oil on their face afterwards. I seen that at I have read a lot about Humblebee and me with many positive reviews. E.Craze also mentions a recipe from Dr Axe that uses a slightly more complicated recipe, but incorporates coconut oil. I wouldn’t mind trying that too, but just haven’t got round to it yet.

  66. I’ve used both the face washes from Citrus Clear (the Control & Sensitive), but for me the Citrus Clear Sensitive works better because its a bit richer in feel and moisturizing capability. The fragrance is also AMAZING. After 1 day of using it, I have no more face shine !

    • I can’t comment on honey for acne use however, New Zealand Manuka Honey is used medically in UK Hospitals. I was admitted with cellulitis in October 2012, also I had Lymphoedema from the waist down. The left calf was minus 3/4 of the skin exposing raw flesh which leaked cell fluids which continually damaged any skin it came into contact with.

      After a visit from a tissue viability nurse who positively jumped with glee asking if she could take photographs “because its the biggest area of damage” she had ever seen. I was pleased I had made somebodies day because I was hooked up to an antibiotic drip and feeling ill. Once on a ward rather than ER assessment. The gleeful nurse and her senior visited me recommending the use of manuka honey, only it may be painful!!! But it was used in WW1 that’s years 1914 – 1918 very successfully.

      It felt like burning jam, fortunately they were kind people or didn’t want me to bite through my lip and gave me morphine.

      The result was worth every bit of pain and suffering, in a few weeks my leg was healed, the only scar tissue is from the worst part in the middle which was like a crater. That was 4 years ago, and I have been ok since and totaly sold on Manuka Honey and other raw honies. Medically, the honey comes already on pads, or on fold out tulle.

      I hope this helps anyone considering honey. BTW, I was also patch tested for allergies, instant reaction for sodium metabisulphite a common preservative in foods, soft drinks, cosmetics, medicines and the brewing process. Which explained why I was so ill and why I really appreciate Lauren’s Blog, its helped as a guide for real food recipes that don’t cause issues.

  67. Hello!! I would love to try honey on my face for acne, and I’m wondering your thoughts on using honey for body acne as well. I have bad acne on my chest and back. Thank you!

  68. I love organic products and any antioxidant items and have tried all of them – but the Somaluxe Face Wash is the best. I used the Somaluxe Wash in the morning, and can still feel my skin zinging right into the evening. It is really important to me to find superior quality natural products and i enjoy the texture.

    It is so wonderfully refreshing to look at the ingredients list and not squirm! I have not found other brands have achieved this – even products over $50 each! Save yourself from overspending on items that will not do the best for your skin, and stop battling with age.

  69. My dad used to be a beekeeper and I’ve inherited all his leftover honey …. all 36 big tubs of it. Aside from cooking, I wasn’t sure what I could do with it all. Now I know! I think this is amazing!

  70. Fantastic site, thanks Lauren! Unfortunately, the honey cleansing method did not work well for my oily, acne-prone, young adult skin. I cleansed with honey and moisturized with jojoba oil twice daily for two and half months, and I broke out the whole time (my skin had been clear before I started). For a while I thought my skin was just going through a “purge” process, but I realized that purges usually only happen with medicated acne treatments, as the chemicals speed up the regeneration of the skin and bring pimples to the surface. Also, purges don’t usually last two and a half months. I love natural, holistic healing, but unfortunately my skin needs something with more active ingredients. 🙁

  71. I’ve been trying the honey wash and now my skin is dry . I can’t use ac vinegar or coconut . What do u suggest and when ? How often should you wash at the beginning ? What does oatmeal do ? A lot of the oils irritate my skin I’m super reactive and sensitive

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