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  1. I finally went off Betaine after being on a hefty dose for two years! And I’m almost positive it’s because I started pituitary/hypothalamus support about a month ago. I have also been using the Vagal Tone from the pilot study. You bet I’m ordering another bottle of that when mine runs out! I know it works topically, but I’m equally addicted to the smell. I’m so excited for you and John!

      • Dear Lauren, I am hypothyroid and have many gut issues. I would like to try vagus nerve support but do you recommend any supplements in addition. I am a breast cancer survivor as well. I am exhausted and have a hard time focusing and feel overwhelmed on a regular basis. I also receive posts from others such as the truth about cancer and Dr. Axe. I started bone broth powder and an omega product. I know I need more to really feel better especially since I am on a hormone modulator Aromasin. Thanks for all you do ?

    • Hi Hannah. The oils are used topically and we have instructions plus a video tutorial on each product page of Meo Energetics 🙂 We don’t recommend ingesting, applying or diffusing the oil because they aren’t effective that way, and it uses too much of the oil.

    • Yes, these oils should be used long-term, but I don’t consider it expensive in the long run… especially when I consider the supplements I no longer need. In terms of the use of our oil, we’ve formulated our bottles to last for many, many applications (our formulas are used in tiny amounts four times per day). Other essential oil companies encourage quick consumption of their oils, whereas we value sustainability. We use rare oils such as blue lotus, rose, and roman chamomile. Our artisanal-sourced essential oils are arguably the best in the world, and we use superior bottles made from Miron glass to ensure the integrity of the oils without added preservatives.

      As I’ve experienced in my own healing journey, these formulas are so worth the expense. Lastly, there is nothing more valuable than brain health – I’ve learned this in my personal experience and John has seen it in his practice. We would be very surprised if anyone purchases the oil and does not think it is a good deal.

    • Belinda, I’m so sorry to hear about your son’s diagnosis. Our blends are not suitable for children under 6. This blend contains peppermint, and although in a base of jojoba oil, that particular essential oil is contraindicated for infants.

  2. Hello, I left a comment on your previous post, asking about how long your bottles, but wanted to clarify my question a bit. I live in Europe, so I would have to deal with the price of the oil along with the $20 shipping (ouch). My husband has some pancreas and gallbladder issues that have improved with dietary changes, but are still persistent. I am interested in trying this out on him – how much oil do the bottles contain? Is it the standard 5oz? Google says that 1 fluid oz contains around 450 drops or so… if you are using less than a drop per application, and applying 4 times a day..and have a bottle with 2000 drops…would it be safe to assume that the average bottle lasts 6 months to a year?
    Sorry, hate to ask the same question twice…just wanted to flex my math muscles a bit. =)

      • Hi Lynn! Yes, we’re getting about 7 to 8 weeks of use per bottle. Less than a drop of oil is required per use, but it is used four times per day. I apologize for not clarifying the size of the bottle. I appreciate you mentioning that, so I can go make it clear on Meo Energetics.

  3. Oh, I hope this helps me. In February I had an endoscopy because of pain in esophagus and referred upper back pain (never feels like heartburn). It showed I had some esophagitis and gastritis. I did take PPIs for 3 months in a deal with the doc. After that, I could treat it naturally. I was rescoped 4 months after the first one and I was healed, but I still had sensations in my esophagus. Even before all this happened, I ate fermented foods, almost always paleo, and took digestive enzymes. So frustrating. Well, finally all sensations went away for about 2 months until the middle of November. I feel like it’s all coming back now even though I started digestive bitters months ago and continued with enzymes. I have started a product that is adding more Hcl, but I’m sure hoping this oil will do the trick for me. Did people in the pilot get rid of their GERD?
    Thanks 🙂

  4. Hi Lauren! This sounds like it could be just what I’ve been looking for to help with my digestive problems. My only question is, what exactly do the oils do to stimulate the brain/support brain pathways, since they can’t actually be absorbed into the brain? I am not familiar with energy medicine and was just wondering about the science behind it. Thanks!

  5. Hello, Lauren.

    I’ve been reading your blog for many years (quite possibly since the beginning!). Just ordered a bottle of Vagal Tone. Happy to support a wonderful blogger! Eager to start using the product, and even more eager to see results! 😉 Good luck with your new path!


  6. One proven way to improve vagal tone is deep, diaphragmatic breathing. Another great ways is abdominal massage (I use an inexpensive inflated, rubber ball called the Coregeous® ball from Yoga Tune Up®). Both methods work by mobilizing the diaphragm, which the vagus nerve passes through, and abdominal may even help to gently massage the nerve itself, which enervates most of our organs (adrenals are the exception). Both have immediate down-regulating effects on the nervous system, that is, stimulating the parasympathetic response. I also think massaging the shoulders and neck are important too, as is movement in general.

    • That’s a question I asked John and here’s what he says: the parasympathetic pathway is critical for so many of our functions like regeneration, digestion, detoxication, improving communication from the body to the brain that all efforts to strengthen the tone of the Vagal nerve will be a move in the right direction.

      While A Fib does usually cause Tachycardia and the vagal nerve sends a signal to lower the heart rate, we have no experience with our Vagal Tone being helpful.

    • Hi Sheila! We clarify that our oils do not cure disease, and we do not make medical claims about the products. This oil does support the production of hydrochloric acid, and inadequate HCL is an underlying cause of acid reflux. That’s why we recommend it to individuals acid reflux, and many have found relief.

  7. Went to order this. Put it in my cart. Went to check out – with one each of the bottles – and all of a sudden (during check out) the Vagal Tone went out of stock. 🙁

    I don’t want to order it by itself and have to pay shipping on it.

    Will you send out an email when it’s back in stock?

  8. I have had intestinal problems for so long. I am willing to try. I hope this will help and be something that will continue to work and not work until my body gets use to it and then stops. Thanks for your continuous efforts in helping people. May you be Blessed.

  9. My husband had Colo-rectal cancer which we cured (yes I used that word) with nutrition. He is cancer free now – but still has intestinal issues which could be SIBO related or other as his intestines continue to heal. Would this be beneficial for him?

  10. I received my bottle of Vagal Tone while on holiday and couldn’t wait to get home to use it. Well, I love it. I am not sure if it is working but I love the feeling I get. I apply and eat slowly. I feel, well, calmer. It feels as if I am more in control of my eating and eating is not controlling me. I enjoy the smell that lingers on my fingertips after applying.
    I wish I’d ordered the other two oils as well but I will do so in the future.

    • That’s wonderful to hear, Joslyn! It certainly sounds like Vagal Tone is working for you… that feeling of being calmer, and more present and aware of your eating, means you have shifted into a parasympathetic state where your body can regenerate and digest your food.

  11. The product sounds great and I’m looking forward to trying it as I have to take a digestive enzyme with food to stop bloating.
    Could you please tell me, can you eventually get to a point when you don’t need to use Vagal Tone to help with digestion?

  12. Hi there,
    I’ve heard that air travel messes with the potency / energetics of essential oils. Have you heard about this? And do you have any comments considering the oils are flown to their destinations?

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