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  1. Hehe…you know what? I was in the cosmetics department of the store I work for and thought about looking for something to use as a new cleanser, something that wouldn’t strip my face, but work for acne as well. Then I read this post and had an “AHA!” moment. Honey happened to be on sale, so guess who now has a big jar of non-pasteurized honey in the bathroom! This gal!

  2. Um, I just found your blog and I love it! While I don’t have dietary restrictions, I’m all about eating healthy, organic, and just the best for your body. Thanks for this list and your posts. I’m super excited to follow your blog now! 🙂

  3. I’m curious about the use of honey/sugar + salt for wake-ups. I’m menopausal, and the falling asleep and waking up in the night are killing me. Is there a recipe? How much salt to how much raw honey?

  4. My daughter had slipped on the ice last winter and ended up with a nasty gash on her ankle. We cleaned it and treated it with peroxide and all natural salve. Despite all our efforts it developed a nasty pus. We slathered some honey across it and bandaged it. Took a few honey & bandage changes but it cleared up all the pus and angry red from the wound and healed it with hardly a scar. So don’t forget to mention honey’s amazing antibiotic properties.

      • Thanks for sharing your experience! Yes, honey is an amazing healing and antibacterial agent. As a side note, in high school, I did a science fair experiment where I tested the antibacterial properties of raw honey against hand sanitizer. Raw honey was just as effective in inhibiting bacterial growth. That was just a fun little experiment but controlled studies have found the same thing… how exciting!

    • Hi I just had Two back molars extracted on my mouth. I think I am starting togetaninfection in this area where the teeth were extracted. Can and should I apply organic & raw honey on my gums? If so, how much honey and how long do I leave the honey in my mouth? Also, how many days do I put this on my gums? Debra:Florida

  5. I discovered you a few days ago with your post about face care. I have twice now cleansed with honey in the morning and love it. I have been an oil cleansing gal for sometime but honey will now be my morning cleanse.

  6. I have oily and very very dry skin. I use a matching moisturizer with my face wash. If i switch to honey what should I use to moisturize face? My face dries out within seconds of getting out of the shower and sometimes throughout the day i may need to apply some.

  7. Hi. I’m a natural skincare fan and love the use of honey on my skin. But lately, I’ve been having concerns of recurring acne and dark spots which results to my face being darker than the rest odf my skin. I make my own soaps (bar and liquid), all natural and I do the OCM technique, I drink green tea, warm lemon water, loads of water, eat veggies and fruits as I can, yet this doesn’t seem to do any work for me. I will never go back to the chemical system way of life, but I really do need remedies that are sure to work this time. What do you suggest???

  8. Hey! Thanks for the post. I’m excited to try the cough drops this winter.

    At the store I see tons of different kinds of honey. Some say they’re raw and they’re see through and liquid, and some say they’re raw and look solid and opaque. Which do you recommend? And what is the difference between the two?

    Thanks girl!

    • The most important thing is to purchase “raw” (also called unpasteurized) honey. Often, raw honey is thicker and more cloudy. But you can still find raw honey that is clear and more liquidy…. it doesn’t matter, just find which type you prefer! In general, the cloudy and thicker varieties contain more pollen, which is actually beneficial and can reduce seasonal allergies. But it may also have a stronger flavor, which may not be preferable.

  9. Great post! I just want to mention that for the caramel recipe– using honey and ghee together is not advised, as the two, when combined, are toxic to the body. Also, cooking honey is not advised. These are Ayurvedic tips if anyone would like to learn more. 🙂 Otherwise, honey alone– nice and raw is one of the best foods we can ingest!

  10. I just read the other day that honey is great for insect bites. Well, lo and behold, later that night I was bit. Then next day I was scratching and realized it was from a bite. I then remembered what I had read about honey and thought I’d give it a try. As soon as a applied the honey the itch went away, and a few hours later I checked out my honey-covered bite and it was flat. All you could see was the honey I had spread on it with my finger. The bite was completely gone.

  11. I have a couple of questions about honey. First, is organic honey a good choice if you can’t afford raw. Second, I asked another blogger about this, but they chose to delete my post, as I questioned their stance. How is honey helpful? They are telling people that your body can’t tell the difference between honey and other sugars, and so it is bad? I’m so confused…Please help?

  12. I’m a Beautician & massage Therapist. I have used so many products on my skin over the years & spent £100s!
    I started buying local organic honey from a Bee farmer nearby to try on my skin & hair.
    I’ve been using using it on my skin as a cleanser, or a face mask with mashed banana & squeeze lemon-lovely. Tastes good too. And I also add some in my bath water.
    I then thought I’ll try on my hair so got an old clean jar with screw lid & put 2 Teaspoons in with warm water and shake it up. After washing & conditioning my hair I pour the honey over my hair, clip up & cover with a shower cap. Leave on for 20 mins. Rinse off well with warm water. Style or dry however. But I love the stuff & the difference in my skin is really amazing but give it time.
    I swear, but this is a beautiful. ,natural product.-protect our Bee’s please
    Sara x

  13. Here is another awesome use for honey!

    These French beekeepers have launched this relaxation method, it is well known that bees emit waves beneficial to health. There method consists in connecting with the nature and the bees and when they are fully relaxed they take the meditation to a complete different stage by applying honey on their skin and relaxing around hives so the bees will come to collect the honey off their body.
    Check out the pictures on the blog :

  14. Hi I just had Two back molars extracted on my mouth. I think I am starting togetaninfection in this area where the teeth were extracted. Can and should I apply organic & raw honey on my gums? If so, how much honey and how long do I leave the honey in my mouth? Also, how many days do I put this on my gums? Debra/Florida

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