Understand Metabolism and Thrive!

Metabolism governs much more than weight. Learn how to heal your metabolism and thrive!


What does that mean to you? My current understanding of the word is quite different than my interpretation of it last year (actually, only 8 months ago).

I used to think metabolism was a luck-of-the-draw concept that held only one role in life: making people fat or skinny. Growing up, my dad would humble-boast about his fiery metabolism that allowed him to eat anything and everything and still maintain a fit physique. On the other hand, my mom and her girlfriends would gripe about their slow metabolisms and the necessity to “watch the fat and carbs.”

Influenced by the media, health magazines and my parents comments, even as a preteen I knew a slow metabolism was something to be deeply feared. I didn’t know how metabolism worked, I just obeyed the “Boost Your Metabolism” headlines that directed me to drink my 8+ glasses of water per day and eat copious amounts of raw lettuce.

During this past “chapter” of my healing journey, I’ve found that one a huge piece in my wellness puzzle is healing my metabolism. That meant completely throwing out my previous concept of metabolism and opening myself up to an empowering new philosophy about metabolism.

“Lauren, what do I do?”

I’ve mentioned the unorthodox concepts of metabolic healing in my posts Sugar: Why Your Body Needs It and Busted: Candida Myths. I received a boatload of comments and emails that looked like this:

“Lauren, I need some more details about this metabolism stuff. You’re telling me to eat salt and sugar but drink less water? I’m scared to try this because it is the opposite of everything I’ve been told to do! Also, exactly HOW do I start with these principles?”

Well, guess what? I can now point you to a resource which will provide you those details and the answers to your metabolism questions! It’s an ebook called The Nourished Metabolism and it will Rock. Your. World.

Why should I nourish my metabolism?

“Why is metabolism so important?” you may be asking. I asked this same question when I jumped into metabolic research. As it turns out, metabolism governs much more than just weight.

Why nourish your metabolism? Here are just some of the benefits of a healthy metabolism:

  • Level moods and an ability to handle stress

  • Healthy thyroid function

  • Healthy hair and scalp

  • Glowing skin and strong nails

  • Regular bowel movements

  • Balanced hormones (no PMS!)

  • Healthy sex drive

  • Consistent energy

  • Good sleep patterns

  • Reaching the healthy weight for YOUR body

I love Nourished Metabolism because it provides the starting point for “metabolism beginners”… those who are completely confuddled about where and how to begin with metabolism healing! This book will give you a deep sense of empowerment over your health.

The Nourished Metabolism explains:

  • The-Nourished-Metabolism-Hardcover-SingleHow and why stress undermines a healthy metabolism

  • How to avoid metabolism stressors

  • Salt, sugar and water myths

  • Superfoods for metabolism

  • How to boost your metabolism with sleep

  • How to exercise without harming your metabolism

  • How to utilize biofeedback to heal metabolism

  • How metabolism ties into your ideal weight

For the month of May, The Nourished Metabolism is 35% off. That means it’s $19.50… a valuable deal for over 120 pages of instruction on how to heal metabolism. (P.S. You already have the book if you bought the recent VGN Spring EBook Bundle)

There is also a free bonus with the purchase: you’ll get Elizabeth’s Emotional Eating Myths and Solutions.  It will walk you through the steps to nourish your body, so the craving to binge disappears. You’ll get steps to take to eliminate the need to overeat on a physical and emotional level.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants to experience metabolism empowerment! Click HERE to visit the sales page and purchase Nourished Metabolism.


Metabolism-healing takes some time and knowledge, but it is well worth it. I am grateful for metabolic principles because they are playing such a huge role in my healing journey. Happy metabolism healing! 

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  1. says

    I’d be really interested to see what you eat/drink on this protocol while doing gaps. My family did gaps for about a year, and I feel like it really messed up our metabolisms. I’ve been reading more and more about raising metabolism, but I at the same time it’s clear that we have gut issues. It would be awesome to find a way to deal with both issues at the same time!

    • says

      If you have read Eat for Heat, then you may not find this book a necessary read. But I think this is the best introduction to metabolic concepts and I think it covers more info.

  2. Autumn says

    Is this book and your other ebooks available in print? I’d like to get them for my Grandmother who doesn’t know how to use computers and doesn’t have internet access. I know she would love this stuff!!!

  3. Janet Belcher says

    I suffer from Hashimoto’s disease, PCOS, and going through Menopause. So wish I could afford to purchase this book. Unfortunately with hubbies recent medical issues it will have to wait.

  4. says

    I am very excited to start healing my metabolism! Despite doing everything “right” (Going to a naturopath and chiropractor, NAET treatments, strict Paleo plus grass-fed butter, low oxalates, etc.) my health has been crazy to the point that I haven’t been able to tolerate almost any food without getting very sick. I realized I was stressing to the point of my body constantly being in a sympathetic state and I can’t heal that way! So I started eating more normally again today and feel so free and just restored to trusting God with bringing health into my life. Trust and freedom are powerful! I read some of Matt Stone’s work but he’s a little out-there for me, I am hoping to buy this Nourished Metabolism book.

  5. Joy says

    Hey Lauren! I am wondering if you could help me with a quick question. Matt recommends taking a spoonful of sugar and salt under the tongue if you’re having a rough metabolism dip. I haven’t had white sugar in the house in a long time. Did you find something that worked for you?

  6. says

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