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  1. Hello! Just wanted to comment on your Vital Farms Eggs that you purchased (the black top egg carton) also known as the Pasture-raised Conventionally Fed Eggs – ‘Alfresco Eggs’ & ‘Texas Chicken Ranch’ and let you know that the reason it’s about $1.50 cheaper than the other green and yellow egg carton “Pasture Verde” is because it’s not non-GMO fed chickens. So, they are conventionally fed. I don’t think this aligns with your passion.

    I asked PCC about it and they specified the differences between the three. So, organic vegetable non-gmo pasture raised chickens is the green and yellow egg carton. Also, known as: Pasture-raised USDA Certified Organic eggs – ‘Vital Farms’ & ‘Pasture Verde’

    Thanks for sharing your kitchen! 🙂

    For more information about their eggs, you should check out their website. It’s definitely worth spending more money for the better eggs… to get all those nutrients you’ve raved about in previous posts. One NTP to the other! 🙂

    • What’s unfortunate is that the “Pasture Verde” eggs are not nearly as tasty and their yokes are so much paler than the “Alfresco Eggs.” Orange yokes indicate high levels of all those desirable fat-soluble nutrients so it’s a tough call choosing the ones that are supposed to be better when they don’t look or taste as good. I have not understood why there’s such a difference between the two.

      Thanks, Lauren, for the wonderful tour of your kitchen!

  2. Yes! I would love to see other real food/paleo kitchens! I loved reading about your spices/seasonings. It gave me some ideas for ‘spicing’ things up in my own kitchen! Plus, I love creeping on other people’s homes 😛 And I’m SO excited you posted a link to your spice jars!!!! Thank you!

  3. Yes please! I think this is where we can all find something new just by viewing every day normal in a different kitchen.’ cause let’s face it ; all the best conversations at friends’ houses are around the kitchen table and food!
    Looking forward to the next kitchen, Lauren.
    PS very thankful for you & your blog!

  4. We make ghee in abundance in our home but we barely use due to doctors telling us to stay away from it due to it raising our cholesterol levels. would love to know your thoughts on this. if it were safe, i would have it every day!!!

    • Hi,
      As we age we definitely need our cholesterol levels to be not too low, conventional medicine does not understand this concept. I see a DOM and she is wonderful – I suffered from many things and since I have pursued all natural holistic measures for my health and well being I am flourishing. The process is gradual but it is so rewarding – it takes patience 🙂

      I would look for a health practitioner that cares about your health and well being – and I would do my own research because it is your life !! 🙂 Knowledge is power 🙂
      Take care, Amee

    • Hi again,
      Something that I forgot to mention is that conventional doctors also do not understand that healthy fats are necessary for our overall health – thereby helping our immune systems, our cardiovascular systems, and our hormonal health, as well – I could go on and on 🙂 The bottom line is that healthy fats, eg., organic cold pressed coconut oil, grass fed butter, or ghee are great for your health – it should be a main staple in our diet and lifestyle choices. I use coconut oil to cook, on my face, for sun protection, in my coffee, it has so many uses, the same with ghee and grass fed butter:) I also take flax oil every day in a liquid form 🙂 The best thing that you can do is to find the right health practitioner for you and your family!! 🙂
      Take care, Amee

  5. I would love to see other’s kitchens and hear their logic on why and how they work in their kitchen with their healthy essentials.
    Mine sure needs the help and inspiration. I tend to clutter. Plus my husband doesn’t just go with everything I choose to do in my kitchen. He has to have his food, which is the stuff I no longer choose to eat, and he has a territorial attitude about any transformations I decide to make in the kitchen. That’s another topic, though.
    But it sure is inspirational to see how easy it would be to function in your kitchen without all the nicknacks and extra distractions.
    I’m always looking for cheaper but healthier alternatives to anything I’m already using. My kitchen will not be in one of your blogs unfortunately, but it will benefit from this series. Thank you, Lauren!

  6. I’m a little late to the party, but YES! I would love to see inside other real food kitchens! Not only would it be great to pick up tips and tricks, but I also find it very inspirational to see other people cooking and eating the Real Food way 🙂

    Thanks for everything you do, Lauren. For a lot of us, you are quite literally a life saver.

  7. Thank you, Lauren, for all your wonderful information! You are helping my family in our GAPS/Paleo diet journey. I never thought I would be making ALL our food from scratch! I too can’t live without my Nutri Ninja duo. Great kitchen tour. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge with us!

      • Hi Lauren,

        Thank you for providing this wonderful tour of your kitchen and this website of yours 🙂 Your personal story is very moving and inspiring and I thank you for sharing it with all of us 🙂 My diet is paleo, with the guidance of my health practitioner, she is a DOM, I am no longer on blood pressure medication, and I have removed wheat, gluten, all dairy, eggs, and sugar from my diet at this time – it is amazing how I do not have cravings any more for all the wrong stuff when I am stressed out. When I first went to see my integrative holistic doctor (DOM) I had weak adrenals and thyroid hormonal health – I have only been seeing her for roughly four months and I am so amazed at my body’s ability to heal 🙂 Healing is definitely a gradual process and the inner work is needed as well – progress not perfection 🙂 I appreciate what you are doing for all of us – you are truly an inspiration !! 🙂

        Thank you and take care, Amee

  8. This is great! Thanks for sharing a look into your kitchen. I guess it’s an old post based off the comments, but still was very interesting!! I was wondering how you feel about microwave ovens? I notice you have one, but have heard they are not good for us? I have one also and use it sometimes, but I do try to use the stove or toaster oven as much as possible. I was just wondering your thoughts? Thanks!

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