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  1. I am interested in trying tigernuts because I do not tolerant nuts very well and do not care for coconut flour. Thank you for your research and for telling us about your experience with these vegetables!

  2. Wow! Tigernuts sound awesome! I’ve been transitioning onto starches from the GAPs diet and these would be perfect and so easy to add in just a little bit at a time! Thanks for the post, Lauren!! 🙂

  3. Wow! Tigernuts sound awesome! I’ve been transitioning onto starches from the GAPs diet and these would be perfect and so easy to add in just a little bit at a time! Nuts don’t sit very well for me and I have miss crunching so much! Thanks for the post, Lauren!! 🙂

  4. So interesting – we sell tigernuts at my work, but I have been avoiding them because I was told they were legumes!
    I did try one dried though, when someone told me that they were the original horchata ingredient…in Mexico they make horchata out of a mix of all kinds of things including rice, almonds, milk, vanilla, canteloupe seeds, cinnamon and nutmeg…I was shocked to find that that one little ‘nut’ tasted like a mix of all those flavours!

  5. I LOVE tigernuts! As soon as I get a package, I open it & put them in a bowl & top them off with water. I leave the bowl in the refrigerator, and if I get hungry between meals I will eat 4 or 5, and this is all I have between meals. At the end of the day, if I haven’t been hungry between meals, then I will finish off dinner with 7 or 8 tigernuts. They are delicious & satisfying, and my gut is working & feeling better than ever. I Highly recommend them!

    I haven’t tried the flour, and since you said they are a 1 to 1 substitute for wheat flour I will definitely try it.

  6. I’ve never tried/heard of tiger nuts before. This could be a great alternative to nut flours. I just found out my child is sensitive to nuts through my breast milk, so I’ve had to cut out all nuts out of my diet to make sure he is healthy.

  7. Could this be true? Music to my hears (eyes)! These sound so perfect for a morning/studying snack. Finding non-nut portable fat foods are fairly slim. These sound like they’d be a nice addition to my take-alongs.

    • I don’t believe they are SCD legal since they are a tuber and contain resistant starch. Resistant starch is made up of pre-biotics that feed bacteria and this is what we need to avoid on the SCDiet. So this would make them ‘illegal’ on SCD.

  8. Thanks for sharing this great information about Tiger Nuts! Can you let us know if it’s GAPS compliant? They sound like they are but wanted to check. My son and I are going through GAPS intro now and it would be nice to eat these for a little variety. :0)

  9. I love tiger nuts; I use them to make tiger nut milk! Just soak your tiger nuts in water for 24+ hours, then strain out the water. Add some fresh water, a touch of vanilla, 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt, and (optionally) a few dates or a touch of honey. Blend well and strain through a nut milk bag. Delicious!

  10. I would love to win! I find the tigernut flour very interesting if it can be used for a direct replacement for white flour. My little nursling can’t tolerate any coconut products and I am allergic to legumes and nuts.

  11. I am unable to tolerate nuts/seeds or coconut. Tiger nuts could literally revolutionize my diet – I’m so excited. What do you think the substitution ratio for it would be for coconut flour. Thanks! 🙂

  12. Sorry, part of my comment disappeared: I’d love to try them–I haven’t heard of them until now. You mention a “possible change in gut flora when using these”. Does it fight against the good bacteria or enhance the good bacteria’s actions in the gut?

  13. I have never heard of tigernuts before today; neither have I heard of the other names given them, so I don’t think I’ve ever tasted them. I’m wondering if they are beneficial for someone who struggles with candida issues.

  14. Oh! What is funny to me is that I didn’t want to say that Our True Roots was the best brand (and coolest – those folks were hot!) I tried because Organic Gemini sponsored the giveaway, but HA! They are the same company! Yesssss. Whoever wins will be super stoked!

  15. as a GAPS follower yet coconut intolerant and seriously missing baked goods i am pleased over the moon to hear abour Tigernuts!! Will definitely try them out as well as the flour. thanks for talking about them!

  16. I read Jenny’s post on making Horchata when she first posted it, but I have never tried it nor have I tried Tigernuts. I’m also Interested in learning how the tigernut flour works in your baking Lauren. The pre-biotic benefit is alluring.
    Have you noticed that the Tigernuts have helped your gut?

  17. I discovered Tiger Nuts on Instagram from a Paleo Autoimmune blogger. They are a favorite with those who can’t eat nuts. I have a bag in my cupboard and was going to make some tigernut mollasses cookies today. When I saw your post I was so happy to learn more about this flour. Helpful to know you can substitute it for equal amounts of white flour. Enjoy your experiments, I know I will!

  18. I haven’t tried them before but I’ve heard of them. I think I read somewhere that they were what horchata was originally made from. Well, even if I don’t win this, I am looking forward to trying them sometime.

  19. Wow, thanks for introducing this new wonder food to me! I was intrigued by your comments about ancient Egypt, so I did a bit of google searching and found out about Tiger Nut Sweets…they look amazing! Apparently they were the most popular sweet in ancient Egypt consisting of tiger nuts, dates, honey and spices. The recipe was actually discovered on a broken piece of ancient Egyptian pottery dating to around 1600 BCE! Very cool. Your blog is always an inspiration 🙂

  20. Perfect timing Lauren, our local bulk food store had ground tigernuts on for 50% off last week, so I bought some. No idea what I was going to do with it. Tried a tablespoon in a smoothy, but it was gritty. Can’t wait for a baking recipe or 2, thanks.

  21. I have only just recently heard of tiger nuts. There are so many foods that I cannot eat, I am always interested in something new that I can tolerate to add some variety to my diet. Would love a chance to try these. They sound delicious.

  22. Is haven’t used tigernuts before nor heard of then but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them at my local health store (I’m in SF so so we get a lot of goodies here). Do you know if you can use the water after soaking for a tisane?

  23. I have not tried Tigernuts but would really like to! I’m looking for new sources of carbohydrates & fiber so this sounds ideal! I like the name too – who could say no to Tigernuts?!

  24. I am so excited to try these Tiger nuts! I am equally excited that they can be made into horchata! I’ve been missing this drink since I moved from Los Angeles to an small city in upstate NY.

  25. I enjoy tiger nuts as a snack! They remind me of a mix between raisins and macadamia nuts. I have never rehydrated mine since the brand i got said you can eat them as is. I like grinding them up and mixing it with coconut oil and butter as a good fat bomb.

  26. I’ve never tried them and hadn’t heard of them before today. I’m always looking for something nut-like for a crunchy snack. I eat raw almonds or walnuts, but I tend to eat too many of them at once.

  27. Would love to try these! Thanks for the chance to win! I’ve recently been advised to try the blood type diet to get rid of some inflammation with Lyme Disease, and was shocked to find out all the “healthy” paleo foods that were on my avoid list (type 0) such as coconut, avocado, bacon, cabbage, cinnamon, etc. so now I need to find viable alternatives to a lot of my old stand – by foods:/

  28. Hi, I’m intrigued. As a T2 diabetic, I’m always in search of new things I can add to my eating plan that’s not going to spike my BS. Do you know if tigernuts and tigernuts flour will spike blood glucose? I’ll order some and see how I do. Thanks for the info.

    • There is a wonderful African meal that can greatly help your BS. I dont know if you have heard of it before but i think its already on export on a very large scale. check for Fonnion or Hungry rice. Its the best! For tiger nuts, It is VERY common here… its available everywhere

  29. Wondering what the texture is after soaking? Are they crunchy when you take them out of the soaking water or could you roast them to make them more crunchy? We definitely need to replace the chips around here but my children don’t “love” the other veggie trips we’ve tried. I’d be excited to try these!

  30. I’ve been learning about resistant starch and also researching the different types of horchata. Tried one from El Salvador this week using morro seeds, from a fruit that grows there. Interested to try the tiger nut version or other forms of the nut. Thanks!

  31. I first heard of Tigernuts from Nourished Kitchen but I’ve yet to try them. I am glad I ran across this today, as I’m giving a gluten free class today and now I can recommend tigernut flour!

  32. I am currently breastfeeding my 10 month old son who has so many allergies it seems! Wheat, dairy, eggs, peanuts, potatoes, and who knows what else. I would love to try this as I am pretty limited in my diet. I’ve had to completely relearn my way around my kitchen. Thanks!

  33. I have not yet tried Tigernuts but they sound facinating. I have been thinking lately of trying to go grain free so this is another option to add to my repertoire. My family will have to be convinced so I want lots of ideas before I try and fail and can’t go back to try again for far too long. Better to be prepared with lots of options.

  34. Can’t wait to try these. I need a snack food that is an alternative to nuts. Also excited to try a new flour, since I am avoiding nuts and coconut and I don’t always get along. Thanks for a wonderful blog and great info.

  35. I heard about Tiger Nuts from Tom Naughton (FatHead Movie), and decided to buy some. I like them, although I admit I didn’t know I was supposed to soak them. And while I haven’t researched it, if it is what I think it is, I have been pulling it as a weed for the past few years…nutsedge loves coming up as a weed in my flower garden!

  36. I’ve tried tigernuts before but don’t recall the package saying anything about soaking, so I just ate them straight out of the bag. they tasted like a cross between coconut and almond. I’d love to try the flour, but the Amazon reviews are pretty negative, so I can’t wait to see what you think!

    • It has a coarser texture than regular flour, and it is “grittier” than other grain free flours such as coconut flour. But I do not find it at all unpleasant or off-putting, and I certainly wouldn’t describe it as sandy. I think it adds texture and weight to recipes. I bought the flour from Amazon.

  37. Gardeners and wild foodies: these are probably in your yard! I’m not sure it would be worth the time to dig them up and harvest but I’ll put it out there. It’s not too hard to distinguish, especially if you’ve left it to go to seed before. 🙂 I’m going to dig some up and compare to the store bought variety.

  38. I am just learning about tigernuts and flour. Bought some today and will make pancakes. Question: My friend is on Atkins and I am wondering about the carbs in the tigernuts flour. I would like for her to try this. Any idea about carbs in there?

  39. Hi Lauren –

    Thank you for all of the info! Just curious what your thoughts are on the possibility of tiger nuts suppressing the thyroid. I know sweet potatoes are goitrogenic, especially when raw, so I’m just wondering if tiger nuts might possibly lean that way, as well.

    Thank you!

  40. Tiger nuts is available in my country. And due to high in fibre, tiger nuts is an excellent remedy for constipation. Just take less than handful and follow with a cup of water. Repeat for three consecutive days and how you will be passing stool smoothly.

  41. My office recently moved locations from the secluded Osbourne road Ikoyi to the vibrant Marina (UBA house close to Balogun market) and there you would find everything especially after close of work in the evening. So for for almost a week my friend and I fell in love again with tiger nuts because it had been a while since I ate I last. I agree with the bloating experience but by the following morning I had a wonderful experience on the toilet bowl; it felt like everything in me came out and I felt so Light and happy. I wasn’t really sure what caused that until I got to work and my friend narrated the same thing and I thought it had to be the tiger nuts. Just yesterday Friday I decided tiger nuts would be the only thing I will eat and just this morning my bowels were completely emptied and then I decided to Google it and stumbled upon this article. I will definitely keep eating I as long as I find it. It is so cheap for only 100naira (.35cent), I get the quantity that will last me the whole day.

  42. Just bought a bag to try and you post was great to help me start! I really enjoy them, but I have noticed that the nuts develop dark spots on them after soaking in filtered water in the fridge for 24-48 hours. Is that mold? Am I doing something wrong?


    Tiger nuts are high in fibre, however….

    Tiger nuts should be eaten in only moderate amounts at any one time. Ingestion of 300 gms of the fibrous dehydrated nuts, chewed without being rehydrated, has been known to cause rectal impaction.
    I was trying to figure out how I was getting constipated at the same time as eating plenty of vegetables. The answer was the tiger nuts and they hardly soften when soaked for a day or even boiled

  44. These Tigernuts are amazing!! I have had the fortune of selling these wonderful tubers to people with various ailments from skin issues to diabetes to digestive/tummy troubles. They have taken these nuts after sampling and report later miraculous results. One woman purchased a 900 gram ($40 dollar bag) and lost 15 pounds after 2 weeks! Simply because she ate and ate and ate and ate just Tigernuts all the time, especially when cravings attacked her at all hours of the day. Because the fibre content is so high, she found that the nuts were curbing her appetite so she ate less of those fat-causing foods and more Tigernuts!!! I am truly so happy to be able to share this incredible food with all those who need it. Cheers! Tigernuts!! Brings down the belly and brings up the pecker!!

  45. I have come upon the tiger nut flour in Germany where it’s being used extensively. Here is my own recipe for muffins made with tiger nut flour:
    Mix quarter or third of bag of the tiger nut flour with two ripe mangoes cut into tiny pieces, a handful of blueberries, a handful of pumpkin seeds, a handful of raisins, 10 drops of agave syrup or three table spoons of honey and two eggs. Fill into muffin liners and bake at 370 F for 20 minutes.
    Quite unique! My friends, of whom none of them are particularly healthy eaters, are all in awe after trying these. I eat two of these in the morning. Never liked other muffins more than these.

  46. I am eating tigernuts at the moment. Here in Nigeria, you get fresh raw tigernuts direct from the farmers not the shelf dried version so no need to soak them. It is juicy, milky has an earthy vanilla/coconuty taste and the fibers are totally chewable and swallowable ( okay lots of new words here!). Also, it is a well known traditional recipe that tigernut blended with dates (smoothie) is guaranteed to increase women’s libido! Enjoy, you wont regret it!

  47. I am now retired, but many years ago in the 1960’s you could buy these tiger nuts at
    sweet shops and greengrocers. Don’t know why they stopped selling them, but now
    have found a supplier on the internet (there are several) Amazon, Yumbles and
    well as others…I live in the UK just waiting for them to arrive.

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