The Ballerina Secret to Glowing Skin Naturally


glowing skin naturally ballerina

Today is a non-food post about my favorite natural skincare secret! Ballerinas require glowing skin year round. They rarely have the luxury of gaining a few ballet cropped for The ballerina secret to smooth skin! winter pounds or skipping the hassle of armpit shaving in favor of a body-hair-concealing sweater . For dancers, it is always bathing suit season. Rather, it is always bathing suit shopping season, since they are constantly surrounded by walls of mirrors and unflattering lighting. And yes, that is me! It’s my high school senior picture from 2011!

The Chemical Free Solution to Ballerina Skin

When I started ballet classes at 14, I quickly learned that the skimpy leotard plus tights attire demanded polished skin from head down to bruised toes. Unfortunately, ever since puberty, I’ve been plagued with the bane of swimsuit and leotard wearers: body acne.

Since the acne outbreaks began before my holistic lifestyle conversion, I attacked the blemishes with chemical laden, skin-stripping products. The toxins in these potions and lotions broke me out in hives and exacerbated the acne.  Years later, when I discovered the healing power of real food, I found the chemical free solution to eliminate my body acne.

salux glowing skin naturally

First, the Salux Cloth. The unique weave of the patented Salux cloth provides gentle but effective exfoliation for glowing skin. Find the Salux Cloth here.

You are probably well versed in the typical skin regime touted by every beauty magazine: exfoliate and moisturize. Unfortunately, most of the products marketed for this simple routine contain toxic chemicals, take forever to apply, or cost a fortune.

Thankfully, the skin care savvy Japanese created a cheap miracle product called the Salux Cloth. This nylon/polyester cloth provides the perfect balance of gentle yet effective exfoliation for glowing skin. I use it from my neck down, working in circles to remove dead skin and blackheads. I apply firmer pressure to soften my heels, knees, and elbows. The  35″ length allows me to easily exfoliate my back, too.

One more tip: use this to exfoliate the underarms to prevent ingrown hairs–another dancer faux pas!

This cloth is a “green” choice, too. I am not telling you how long I’ve used this one cloth because you would probably be grossed out (hint: the length of time is measured in years). They last forever!

coconut oil for glowing skin naturally

I adore my coconut oil for baking and cooking. But this multi-tasking lipid also makes a skin-softening moisturizer! After using my Salux Cloth in the bath or shower, I pat myself dry and apply coconut oil all over my slightly damp skin. I even work a tiny drop into wet hair for a natural leave-in conditioner.

Voila! Glowing skin for only a few minutes and a couple of dollars. That is a perfect reason to do a couple of spins and twirls… even if you don’t take dance classes!

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  1. Hope says

    Can you use other oils or moisturizer besides the coconut oil? And thanks I love looking through your posts! :)

  2. says

    Hey Lauren,

    Is this cloth effective in lightening post acne marks as well? Wouldn’t it be a tad difficult to move in circles on the back since it’s quite hard to reach? I think this may be the solution for those who are trying to speed up the healing of post acne marks on the back.

  3. Aggy says

    Hi! I’m finding lots of interesting stuff on your blog and i’m glad you are finding these natural alternatives (without the usual terrifying side effects such as accutane) to be working for you.

    However, I feel I should contribute my own experience in the matter, coconut oil is a great moisturizer on my body, but it wrecked such havoc on my face that it’s been a year since I used it and the cysts have only stopped not too long ago. Always do a patch test first. The same goes for the Salux cloth, only in my case I used a konyaku sponge but the concept is the same. I’m not sure if it was too rough but it irritated the acne I had and made it worse.

    I use these two on my body now and I don’t have any problems, but just be careful what you use on your face as it’s always more sensitive.

  4. Andreea says

    Wow, I just stumbled upon your website, and it’s crazy because I discovered these Salux cloths after visiting a Korean women’s only spa that sold them about 10 years ago. I swear by these cloths. In ten years I have only purchased three of them and they never get dirty! They are amazing. I honestly don’t understand all these scrubs with granuals in them, this cloth works so much better and makes it simple to scrub your back. Additionally I have been using coconut oil all over my body for a couple years now. Never have I seen anyone else use the same regiment as I. So funny. But yeah I still struggle with back acne occasionally (mostly before my period), so I’m visiting a naturopath to see if that kind of medicine will balance out my hormones and give me clear skin once and for all.

  5. Holly says

    Hi! I’ve struggled with back acne for about the past three years, its terribly embarrassing, and the prescriptions are SO HARD to keep up with! “Take these pills twice a day, apply this in the morning and at night to the whole area, dab this on each individual bump, take THESE pills once a day, only in the morning after eating food….” it goes on and on and I’m SICK of it! Plus, whenever they tried to lower my dosage, the acne came back IMMEDIATELY. I have been looking for other cures for the longest time and i haven’t been able to find any that aren’t laden with chemicals and SUUUPER expensive, until I found this.
    I have a few questions: First, I have back acne down most of my back, and its hard to reach all of it. I have a long-handled back brush that might be helpful, should I put the Salux overtop/around the head of that in order to get to the hard to reach places?
    Second, when applying the coconut oil, same thing, how would you suggest i get to the hard to reach places?
    And lastly, did this method entirely cure your body acne? I would love for it to be gone, and this method is very simple and seems easy enough to achieve if it works well.

    -A desperate acne-ridden woman named Holly-

  6. Terri says

    I just discovered your blog (and I am loving it!). I have a question about these cloths. How does this integrate with the dry brushing which you talk about in a later post? Do you do both because they serve different purposes? Or do you only do one or the other?

  7. Maria says

    Thank you! But the article is not clear to me. Is it just for the body or also for the face??


  8. Laurie says

    I’ve really enjoyed your posts, just purchased some of the MM shampoo. In an effort to go completely au naturale I wanted to get your thoughts on using the synthetic fabric Nylon to cleanse with. It looks like the Salux company makes cotton and silk versions but I haven’t been able to find them anywhere online for sale.

  9. says

    Lauren, I had actually read great reviews of this product. It works great to exfoliate the body but I didn’t know it helped with acne. One thing I love about the salux towel is that it is easy to scrub the back with it since it is long.

  10. says

    Hi Lauren.

    I my self find hair removal as a necessity for a smoother skin. And your tips and ideas empowered me with some knowledge. However do we have to use a special dedicated exfoliate glove when exfoliating? I use epilators to remove my unwanted hair but it is quite painful without exfoliating. As well as are there any side effects which comes with exfoliating? Such as cell abnormal or such?

    Thank you for your time

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