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  1. Thank you for posting this. It sounds like exactly what I need. I have back and shoulder issues and the exercise I do is physical therapy and group exercise in the pool. I want to start rebounding too. Do you think all of this will be ok with T Tapp?

    • Yes, I think rebounding is a good compliment to T-Tapp – great question! I think gentle rebounding (your feet don’t need to leave the trampoline) is very effective without stressing the body. You can apply the posture tips you’ll learn in the workout to keep good posture on while rebounding, too 🙂

  2. Hi Lauren! I’m very interested in this! I’ve never heard of it before! With all the confusing workout advice out there, I thought doing HITT’s and weights would help with my PCOS and hypothyroidism! I’m glad you wrote about this. Which working DVD have you been working with? I was thinking the Healthy Hormones one… hope to hear from you, -Heather

  3. Thanks for sharing. I am Personal Trainer so it’s great to learn new workout styles. I hadn’t heard of this and think it would be perfect for older women and also people who are having health issues.

  4. I wanted to love T-Tapp. I think it was something you posted about it before that made me try it. I tried it for a few days but just felt weird doing it. It definitely is invigorating though! I might have to give it another chance 🙂

  5. I have done T-tapp off and on for the last six years and I LOVE it! It has been off and on, as I have struggled with several different health issues. I own MANY of the T-tapp DVDs, but my current favorite is MORE. It is a slower, more gentle approach, that I am able to accomplish with my adrenal & chronic fatigue. It also has three, 10 minute or less workouts for the days when I am not even able to do the full MORE workout. For people who are dealing with a lot of health issues or are very overweight, MORE is a great place to start! 🙂

    Currently my loss is slow but sure, because I am physically unable to workout as much as I would like. In the past, I have had fast and AMAZING results while doing Basic Workout Plus and/or the Total Workout. Even while only doing shorter MORE workouts many days, I am still definitely losing inches and toning though! T-tapp is the best workout out there! I have tried MANY different ones!

    Thanks for sharing with everyone about it, Lauren!

  6. I also think that T-Tapp is fantastic! I purchased the DVD’s a few years ago and only did the workouts occasionally. Until this year that is. I started doing the Basic Workout Plus just every other day or sometimes three times a week, but every week. In just three weeks I noticed a significant reduction of fat on my stomach (I’m very obese so this is fantastic) and also how much better my posture is. I have very large breasts and have always had hunched shoulders ever since I can remember. I was noticing in the mirror how much straighter my back is with my shoulder blades not poking out. I was actually a bit shocked. I’m 53 and this is the best workout, producing the best results (and easiest) I have ever found! I would certainly encourage anyone to try it consistently for a week or more, no matter how bad of shape you are in. Also read the testimonials on the T-Tapp website and you will be encouraged even more.

  7. I first read about T tapp on Wellness Mama and started doing the total workout last October..aside from feeling more balanced and energetic, my acne also cleared up! I’ve been off and on birth control and antibiotics for 13 years for acne and stopped all of it to try a more natural healing approach. This could be unrelated, but with the claims of pumping your lymphatic system and clearing toxins, it might be the reason!

  8. Just wanted to write and say that I have been reading your blog for a few months and love it, especially the buttermint recipe! I also read that you are hoping to come to Bastyr University soon, I go to university in Seattle as well. We should get coffee when you come up 🙂

  9. I wanted to like T Tap, too! I think the moves are really confusing! I stopped the instructional part 3/4 of the way through almost in tears because I thought she moved too fast and it was really hard to get the hang of the moves. 🙁 I def want to try again, though.

  10. Hi Lauren,
    Thank you so much for all of this great information that you share with use every week! I am a 51 year old full-time working single mom/grandmother…I wanted to ask if this is okay for me considering I have a few herniated discs in my lumbar spine. (lower back) I am trying to strengthen my core. I purchased a couple of yoga dvds for people with injuries such as mine.. but I also deal with other health issues (hashimotos… untreated, as I can not tolerate meds, or most supplements).. and this program sounds perfect for me, but I’m just not sure if its appropriate with my back. I know with any exercise program to seek the advice of my physician ;)… but i believe I read somewhere that this is ok… for back problems?…

  11. I drive truck with my husband and have been looking for something that can be done in my extremely limited space. I have the bed and about 3 ft X 4 ft of floor space. Would that be adequate for enough of the exercises to be worth it?

  12. Lauren, this is too funny! I started T-Tapp at about the same time you did. And I picked the same workouts, Total and Healthy Hormones. I am in love with it. I had been lifting weights for years and was looking for a change to my routine. With T-Tapp less is more but I find that I am enjoying it so much that I have hard time taking the recommended days off. I love the transformation in my arms. Just like you I am looking for some inch loss in my thighs and they are being stubborn, but I am committed to this workout system and one day it will happen. I know I am not going back.

  13. Hi Lauren, I really do love your website and have followed a lot of your recommendations before. I was wondering if T-Tapp works/is the best for normal weight teen girls, I haven’t really found any reviews from younger people so I’m not really sure. I was interested in T-tapp since I have this event coming up at the end of the month and I wanted to tone a few areas quickly, and the health benefits sound awesome! Also, is there any way for me to get T-tapp online? I don’t have anything that can play CD’s. Thanks for posting about this!

  14. It’s important to understand that we have been spoon fed very specific exercise terminology. Cardiovascular and heart rate and strength training are among them.

    As someone with a husband who suffers from vertigo, I have come to appreciate anything that uses movements that appeal to both the right and left brain. He has hypothyroidism and altered vision (not related to typical eye problems), and he’s often off balance. My husband works full-time and is very active, but not without a lot of effort and stress.

    We are going to spend 30 days practicing T-Tapp as a couple. I have a feeling that once he learns the exercises (from muscle memory) and develops a sense of routine and comfort, despite being off balance a lot, he will start to experience noticeable improvements. We are also removing caffeine and processed sugars from our diet (which we consume only moderately) and are taking some steps to eat more in the tradition of Paleo.

    I do have to say that when I watched the hoe down YouTube video above, it seemed kind of cheesy and her voice rather grating. But there is something different about these movements. They are very deliberate and brain engaging, and so I can appreciate her need to carefully guide us through the steps. My husband especially will find this frustrating at first, just trying to keep up while also struggling with his balance. But I know him, and I have a strong feeling that T-Tapp is going to make a difference in a short amount of time.

    So in that sense exercise is NOT at all basic. There’s a great video I wish I could find of an older man in his 70s demonstrating a fun obstacle course he created on his land. He has worked with brain trauma patients for years, helping them rebuild and strengthen their brains and muscle coordination through what seem to be very silly and playful games. He’s pretty amazing, and I think T-Tapp has a similar approach.

    Thanks for introducing this to me, Lauren!

  15. I’m would be interested to know your thoughts regarding the CRT body brushing/skin tightening system. Is it a necessary part of doing T-Tapp? Part of my motivation for doing T-Tapp is weight loss but I don’t want to lose a lot of weight and end up with excess skin. So, just curious what you think about that part of the system. Thanks!

  16. I am curious how if this will cause my back to go into spasms. I have been having back spasms ever since I had my last child almost 5 years ago. The Drs don’t know why and the physical therapist thinks maybe due to the lack of muscle strength in my core. But every time I try to do the exercises that will help my core my back goes into spasms and I can’t do them for days. I have gained weight become so weak from the lack of exercise and now that I have been diagnosed with lyme disease its has been even slower going.

  17. At what point can you branch out from T-Tapp into more intense strength building? I do very much want to reap the myriad benefits from T-Tapp, but I’d also like to build up a fair amount of functional bodyweight strength in the long run. Also, is T-Tapp something you have to keep doing all the time in order to “keep” the results? Perhaps I’m approaching this all wrong and will be more open to adjusting my goals after trying it. But as someone who was never athletic until recently, I am hesitant to sacrifice much of the progress I’ve made.

      • UPDATE: Nearly two years later, and I’m back to follow up!

        I began T-Tapp last week after finally accepting that “normal” exercise burns me out. On and off, I would get into a routine, I’d get stronger, and then my stressed body would poop out. It couldn’t sustain the effort. Pretty sure it’s stress because it’s a tough phase of life right now. My hormones are shot too.

        I finally hit a real dead end last fall where I wasn’t even motivated to walk or do 10-minute easy yoga videos. Unusual knee pain and random hip pain cropped up. For the first time in my life, simply climbing stairs was uncomfortable. I was tired. My body was definitely telling me to stop and change something.

        I’ve been wanting to T-Tapp since reading this post, and I should have shelled out the cash a long time ago! It’s exactly what my body needs. I’m just now getting comfortable with the Instructional #1 video and will try out the regular Basic Workout maybe next week, eventually moving on to Instructional #2 and the full Total Workout. Eventually I will buy the Healthy Hormones DVD.

        I feel GREAT afterwards. It gets more challenging the more I do it. My muscles get tired, but my mind feels awake. It might just be my imagination, but I feel a tad slimmer in some areas. I can’t wait to see where I’m at after a month and beyond.

        • Christine, I stumbled onto Lauren’s blog twice today accidentally when googling unrelated subjects. I am hooked and will subscribe.

          With that said, T-Tapp Total Workout, body brush and alfalfa are in order, and I’ve been doing the try-before-you-buy videos on the T-Tapp website while I wait. I resonate with your issues. After decades of chronic cardio and heavy weight training, and a few months of cross-fit, my body simply rebelled. I actually had a melt-down in the last cross-fit class that I attended. The instructor did not understand that my body was breaking down. . I have hypothyroid and experienced adrenal fatigue, but thankfully, got past the worst of the adrenal fatigue about 2 years ago. I’m just getting past a round of shingles. I’m exhausted, partially from a stressful job, but partially from exercise burnout. But I’m hopeful that T-Tapp Is for me, and based on my experience with the trial videos, it already appears to be.

  18. In doing some searching about T-Tapp, it looked really hokey to me….but your post(and the coupon code) convinced me to give it a shot. I’m interested to see if it actually delivers in terms of toning and inch loss….I’m not overweight by any means, but I have some stomach fat I’ve been trying to shed for a long time! I had thyroid cancer 2 years ago; it’s really hard for me to lose weight because I’m 100% dependent on thyroid hormones, and they are so hard to regulate. Even though I eat Paleo, do kettlebells, and am in decent shape, I’ve been depositing fat on my stomach/hips and my pants from 2 years ago don’t fit right. Grr!!

    So….I bought T-Tapp. I am taking a break from kettlebells (thinking maybe I was overworking my body), walk a ton (now that the weather is finally not sub-zero in WI), and have added T-Tapp to my routine. I did my first workout yesterday (the intro on the Basic Workout Plus DVD)….holy cow. For only being 15 minutes, I was sweating and feeling the burn for sure. We’ll see how the next couple of weeks go…and if it doesn’t work for me, well, I can sell it on Ebay and get most of my money back :P.

    Thanks again for the post and coupon code!

  19. Hi, I just did an eight-day boot camp of the basic workout plus after reading this post, and so far I’m really happy with how it’s going. I’m considering trying the healthy hormones workout also, but I don’t want to lose the fitness results I’m getting so far. How would you compare the BWO+ and the healthy hormones workout in terms of difficulty and strength-building? Thanks for the recommendation, by the way, I am loving it!

  20. I want to send you a big THANK YOU, for recommending this! I have tried every exercise under the sun, the more intense, the more I loved it! Bodyrock,running,crossfit,weight lifting… you name it. After every baby my way of losing weight was always over exercising, sometimes 4-5 hrs a day! I sure was skinny… healthy? Nope! My adrenals were shot! By my third pregnancy my body was so exhausted I couldn’t get off the couch for the first many months. My body was so desparate for some rest. Then, since I wasn’t putting in my hours of exercise the guilt set in..
    My baby is now 6 months old, and after exhausting myself with crossfit while only getting 5 hrs of very interrupted sleep since he’s been born, I knew I needed to find something else. I had heard about this a long time ago on wellness mama, but it sounded too good to be true, and pretty far out there compared to my idea at the time of exercise. So low and behold as I was desperately searching for an exercise that would be gentle on my sleep deprived body, you posted this. I went ahead and ordered the set you had recommend, with the total body workout, barefoot basics etc. I have only been one week into it (still on the one with instructions) only doing the 15 minute workout, and I absolutely LOVE IT! I am sweating, refreshed and energized in that short amount of time. I told my husband I will quit all other exercise besides yoga and walking for at least a month, before I decide what I think… one week in, and I am so in love I don’t see myself going back to anything I used to do. I just wanted to take the time to say if anyone is on the fence, I totally recommend giving it a try. I also love her tips for turning on the muscles as you walk, simple and effective. Also, thanks for your amazing blog Lauren! I really appreciate all your effort, and am constantly learning something new from you.

  21. Hi Lauren, I realize this post is a little old but hopefully you won’t miss this comment. I am 21 and sick with late stage Lyme Disease. I’ve been basically bed-bound for almost two years with lots of severe symptoms. I am finally starting to see some progress and can walk for about 15 minutes to exercise. I can also do some gentle exercises in the pool. Do you think T-Tapp would be appropriate and manageable for me? I used to be a ballerina and would really like to start getting my strength back so I can at least walk when I go out (I usually use a wheelchair). Do you think this kind of exercise would be too strenuous on someone with chronic infection and serious widespread pain?

  22. Hi I have a problem with low thayrod and I have bad knees I am 5″2 Inches and I am 195 my weight goes up and down and my age 5 1 I like to know wish program will be best for me thank you.

  23. Lauren, wow…I love your article about T-Tapp! You were so thorough and covered everything. I only wish I had written it myself! 🙂

    I’m a T-Tapp Trainer and spend a lot of my time trying to sell people on the benefits and explain what T-Tapp is and you have done so perfectly! When I try to do it, I always sound “salesly” to myself and I don’t want to sound “salesly” I just know what a fantastic workout this is.

  24. I was really excited about trying this method, but then I watched some of the videos on youtube, and it seems as though she really advocates for tucking during the exercises…I then read some other reviews that said this tucking was believed to cause peoples’ back/knee problems. What are your thoughts on this? All of the positive reviews seem really great, and I love that it’s not crazy intense, and seems really well-balanced. It seems like it could be really beneficial, but I’m worried about the tucking bit now. Any thoughts/advice are appreciated. 🙂

  25. I would love to be able to do this l had a Vertigo of my brain happened to me the 3/4/2015
    and my balance is off, and the therapy l need didn’t help. So hopefully l will be able to o this
    Thank you

  26. It sounds like the hoe down is great for lowering blood sugar, but if you’re blood sugar is ok, will it still lower it? I’ve had problems with hypoglycemia (rare, but occasional), but my fasting blood sugar is 105.

  27. Glad you mentioned the exercises that compliment T-tapp. When I didn’t see any results for over a month, I got discouraged and started using exercising on the trampoline. I keep seeing other people get results and I don’t see anything. My body felt the strain and I was fine w/ that. Since I forgot if I had extra energy, I’m going to start over w/ it. You mentioned the various programs to get an overall advantage. The Total workout will get me results and to tone and lose weight you say? When I saw the different programs/dvd’s I noticed they were the same, is that true? Do the programs have the same exercises but in different order to help the different areas of the body? They all seemed the same. I hope you can guide me through this. I think Theresa is genius, and I want to see some results or feel them. thanks for your time.

  28. Hi – I just ordered the $59.95 set with bonus materials & gave my credit card info, but after I did that, a page came up that said this page does not exist. I did not get anything in an email showing I ordered the set. Can you advise?

  29. Hubbie and I have been doing T-Tapp for years. It has been known to add height to women who di it. I was surprised to learn from a thermography that my lifelong scoliosis was gone!

  30. Hi Lauren,
    Would love to try t-tapp but the fear of losing weight makes me hesitant. I have reached stage 3 adrenal fatigue and IBS over the past 3 years which caused me to become underweight as I was already a thin person. Is it a reasonable concern? I checked their website and forum but couldn’t find any info about it. Thank you!

  31. With regards to ballet, I noticed dancers hyper extending their feet out, is this ok with Terresa Tapp’s program?

    As a man, I feel I have to do some kind of weightlifting. I love doing Kettlebell workouts with proper form, will this be complimentary to her program?

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