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Vibrant health means you can live life to the fullest. Empower yourself with the steps I used to free my life of chronic disease and medications.

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  1. I’ve suspected it for a while, but now I’m sure of it: I convinced you don’t sleep. You’re making the rest of us look bad. 🙂 Amazing work though. Maybe you can write a post about the conflict between wanting to accomplish and choosing a stress-free life. I’ve chosen the stress-free life, but I feel a lot of pressure to do more. In the meantime, I’m off to spend the first half of the day hiking. All the best to you!

    • I admittedly am a Recovering Productivity Addict 🙂 It’s a rampant 21st Century disease, unfortunately. I’ve slowed down quite a bit to protect my soul and health (just those two minor aspects of my wellbeing, LOL!). I talked about it in this post: I think I needed to read your comment at this moment. The sun is out, I’m putting away my laptop, and I’m going to take a hike too!

  2. Hello
    I am new to all this.
    I’ve stopped eating wheat and all grains 5 days ago.
    I’ve ditched all processed foods etc..
    My problem is I have no idea what to cook for my lunches to take to work with me.
    I work long hours and do not want to eat the food offered at work . Also I refuse to use the microwave provided to heat my food . So I need some ideas please.
    I am following a no grain no wheat more fat low carb kind of diet .
    Thank you

  3. These are great ideas.
    I’d like to find something to substitute sandwich bread, too; that is, something you can fill and then eat holding it with your hands, without having to wash them afterwards 😉 Any ideas?

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