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After medications failed to treat my autoimmune disease, I turned to nutrition to address my symptoms naturally. I want to empower your health with the same steps I used to heal with food.

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    • Your tax ad is cover the bottom part of #8 and top of #9. I can’t read what is in that section even though I reduced & shrunk my page. Could you please fix this. It is very irritating.

  1. I love your article on 10 Ways to Support the Lymphatic System.

    Each morning I try to do a lymph cleanse, all you need is a soft bristle brush.

    Dr Mao gives you information on this, also Dr Oz I believe mentioned this on one of his shows.

    I know ‘rebounding’ is s a great exercise to get the lymph running too, This is such an easy thing to do to improve your health. Thanks for posting these helpful tips!

  2. Hi Lauren,
    I purchased the standing desk recently as a result of your previous article on it and I love it! It’s taking my body some time to adapt to using different muscles with standing, but I’m alternating sitting and standing, which is working out great. I put my laptop on the highest level and a portable keyboard on the lower level. When I want to sit I quickly move my keyboard back on to my desk and move the laptop to the lower level. Another tip I read online was to use a stool to squat at when your legs get tired, but that wasn’t working for me as my knees hit the desk. Thanks for bringing this product to my attention. Infrared lamps are the next thing on my wish list!

    I have a challenge for you – I need to get a mouth guard to prevent bruxism, which is teeth clenching and grinding. I searched your website and didn’t see any articles on this topic. I’m hesitant about the idea of putting plastic (even if it is BPA free) or acrylic in my mouth for several hours a day. I’d love to read an article by you on this topic, if you get a chance to break from your studies to research it. What are my healthy options for dealing with bruxism?

    Wishing you awesome midterm results!

  3. Do you have any information on Diabetics using Stevie plant sweetener and any problems that can occur from using it. Also how does the body see this type of sugar compared to refine white sugar or coconut sugar.
    And the other question, what if your fighting a bacterial infection and you have diabetes and you want to not give the bacteria any more to eat while using antiboctics, what would be a good game plan. I had some of your thoughts on this at one time but lost them due to my Mac computer crashed, so I was asked by my wife what she should do about her mom’s problem, and I did not have the info from you because I lose it. So I was wondering if you still have that piece on Stevia and the pros and con to it. Also do you have info on using essential oils to fight back the diabetes problems. Thank you, love your web site.

  4. This post came just at the right time! Currently been experiencing swollen lymph nodes in neck, groin and arm pit area that just won’t go away. The neck one has been bugging me for over a year! I just never thought it’d be lymph node related. So many helpful tips, thanks so much.

    Just bought a mini trampoline and have been rebounding the last few days. It’s actually a lot of fun and I definitely feel a workout.

    • I had my blood work done after experiencing the same thing, for a much shorter time. I felt happy, energetic life was great ….. But, every few months i would get a lymphnoid flair up. It didn’t make sense …. It was clear I was fighting something, but what …it turns out I have Cll Leukemia. I’m an otherwise very healthy, conscious, active 37 year old,

      Just some food for thought.

  5. What is your opinion on colon hydrotherapy/colonics? I heard they can be a good aid if one is suffering from candida and also experiencing constipation while trying to fight it.

  6. I just finished reading the book Your Key to Good Health by Elaine Hruska based on the Edgar Cayce readings about the lymph system and this vid helped me understand the lymph system better by feeling the fluid draining while doing the massage. Thank you!

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