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Vibrant health means you can live life to the fullest. Empower yourself with the steps I used to free my life of chronic disease and medications.

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    • That’s whyI like working with the “small guys” when it comes to oils. For example, Vibrant Blue shows me all of their test results and I know exactly how they source their oils. I didn’t know Mike Adams has his own testing lab… jealous! 🙂

  1. Great case, thanks for the tip. Mine are kept in adjunctive to bathroom “dressing area” in two sturdy Lucite shelves, double tiered, about 8 x12 and shelves smaller height on top, larger on bottom (I like your mixed height feature as have carrier oils, mild boric acid for eyewipes, etc). I too like minis and even have a separate dinky wooden cabinet for Frequently Used. Example of Frequently Used: when flu season coming on, or in crowds that will include schoolbus kids, I “never leave home: without dabbing straight Four Thieves at thymus, under nostrils, and at wrist point). My dinky cabinet saves me riffing through my usual assortment. One thing about the taller sector: you can put crystals or pure glass minipyramids between treasures like frankincense. It helps preserve and keep ’em potent. I also believe in putting small crystals touching best crème and oil cosmetics for sort of a double your rejuvenation dollar. Vials of Himalayan salt work too, plus adds to girly décor effect. I scored my Lucite shelves when a health food store was going out of business, but they’re findable elsewhere. Bon Voyage and make it joyful and fun.

  2. So excited for you Lauren as you head back to school- wishing you much success and don’t forget to have Fun along the journey 🙂

    Nice case idea, but isn’t there concern about the oils contact w/ the plastic cap as they are lying on their side? Pure, undiluted ess. oils will dissolve plastic- thats why their only stored in glass. Maybe a ? for a rep at Vibrant Blue. I have seen where little sticky dots are placed on top of cap and then labeled.

  3. Are you going to Bastyr? I’m close to Seattle, so I know the local colleges, and, knowing all the good you are doing with your blog, it sounds like Bastyr is right up your alley! I wish you the best, and thank you for all you do!

  4. Hey Lauren, the only reason I have started my organic beauty kick is because of your blog! Whenever someone asks me where I get my facts I send them here, to your blog! Thank you so much for all your help and knowledge!

    The essential oils case is really helpful and I will be purchasing this case ASAP! I am curious what you think about other brands though, do you think Vibrant Blue is the purest brand?

  5. Hi ! Very interesting and informative website.

    One question — is it safe to store UNdiluted essential oils in PET1 plastic bottles?

    I buy essential oils in glass bottles, but an eBay seller has told me that PET1 plastic bottles are safe; your comments would be very welcome. Thanks so much.

    Jan 19 2015.

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