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Fill your holiday table with a feast free of grains, dairy, and refined sugar.

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  1. I just made these and they were delicious! I used the half butter and half coconut oil option and also added 2 T. unsweetened cocoa powder. I have recently taken out all refined sugar out of my diet and so these are great to give me a little something sweet and satisfying. Thank you!

      • Dear Lauren,
        I cannot thank you enough for your generosity to share your genius with us. I am a big sweet tooth suffered terribly from hypoglecimia and eating disorder due to life set backs that almost caused me my life…I found it admirable you are bringing and sharing your enlightments with those who needs it . Thank you deeply and blessings to you . I wish you the best success in your future genius endeavors😊👍
        Best Regards,

  2. LOVE your blog! I’ve learned so much, especially about support for the thyroid. You finally gave me a concrete example why my thyroid gave me trouble after I went too low carb. I’ve also been eating for heat, just as you suggested, and it’s working. THANK YOU! –Jenny

    I’m going to try making these with ghee and coconut oil. I also may try some lemon oil instead of mint.
    How many little butter mints does each recipe make?

  3. Hi Lauren, i’m doing the Whole30 plan atm and can’t have any natural sugar at all or butter. Do you think I could make them out of ghee and coconut oil and leave out the honey completely and have no sweetness at all? Would peppermint and ghee just be too weird? I think it would still be satiating and fill me up and would get my fat intake in. Once i’m done in 30 days I am so making these with real Kerry Gold butter mmm!

  4. Thank you SO much for this recipe. I am DEFINATELY going to have to try it. I have been off refined sugar for 9 days and although I’m doing “ok”, I think about it all day. I almost broke down yesterday, and then I turned to the bible. Thankfully I got through it. When I can go grocery shopping again, this Friday, I am absolutely going to make these. I need “something”. You are so right about NOT feeling full after certain foods. When I do need some sort of fix and reach for fruit, I cannot eat enough to fill me up.

  5. Coconut oil and raw honey, both waaaay too hard to find and too expensive…I’ll see if they work just with butter, a little normal honey, and coco powder I guess (I’m allergic to mint, so that’s out too, lol).

    • I usually get my coconut oil and raw honey from the vitamin shoppe. We used to get the coconut oil at Costco (they sell an organic cold pressed xtra virgin) for 16 bucks for 64 ounces.
      I think I am going to make these tonight but instead of peppermint (I have heartburn) I am going to try using some organic maple flavoring.

  6. These sound awesome! I was wondering if you have any recommendations for me though…I went on an elimination diet at the recommendation of a doctor, so I essentially started eating a Paleo diet, but after a couple months of eating this way I believe I have developed some sort of fructose intolerance. I’m still trying it out but I know dried fruits and coconut products are big culprits. I was also eating a lot of honey at he time. I’ve eliminated most of those things, and am doing much better, but not great. I still have a few small flare ups every week despite trying to avoid high FODMAP foods. Is there anything I can do to heal whatever happened so I can eat normally again. I want to use honey, but I’m terrified of it! Everytime I start to get the stomach pains I freak out that it is starting again. I went about two months of barely being able to stand up straight with a horrible acidy stomach feeling. Is there anything I can do to heal so that I can use honey in a recipe like this? Is there another sugar substitute I can use that is healthy like honey? I’ve been using coconut sugar and maple syrup with no stomach problems. Any thoughts on them? I definitely need something to curb my sugar cravings as I crave sugar like a crazy person (I suspect I have some sort of sugar intolerances as well). Oh, I’m sorry for the ramble, but HELP!

    • I’m no doc, but I follow a lot of these blogs and always read the comments. Without knowing your entire diet, it almost sounds like you went too clean. Part of whole nutrition isn’t just elimination, but inclusion of ancestral foods, namely fermented foods.

      You said you had an acidic stomach, how do you know? If you’re having acid reflux, that’s actually caused by low stomach acid. You likely need Apple Cider Vinegar shots or Kombucha as a supplement until your stomach acid is where it should be. (If that’s the symptom you’re having.)

      Also, if your stomach acid is low, you’ll have trouble digesting ANY food. Often people will see certain food bits in their stool, but that could also just mean you’re sensitive to a food and can’t digest that food.

      It’s also quite possible that you’re overridden with bad bacteria from a lack of good bacteria. Raw honey is full of probiotics and *maybe* could cause some die-off symptoms and it heals your gut.

      All of this is knowledge I’m gleaned from other blogs and books. I hope something resonates with you and that you feel better soon.

    • I like coconut sugar. I have horrible stomach pains that hospitalize( put me in the ER) me every couple days but coconut sugar is not the culprit. I would stick to coconut sugar, but that’s from my personal experience

      • I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Yet, despite being very compliant with the diet, still had frequent gas and stomach pain. I went to NY’s Pres Hospital, and got tested for fructose intolerance by their Celiac Center. It’s a 3 hour test that requires fasting of most foods, and then injesting a fructose solution, and blowing into a bag every 30 minutes. For me, I discovered that fructose, including honey, was the culprit behind my gas and pain. Coconut sugar and maple syrup is fine. Small amounts of regular sugar is fine too…it is 50% glucose, which enables digestion of the other 50% fructose. Stick to what works, but have it confirmed by the doctor if you can.

    • I feel your pain literally! Look into SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth). I’ve had a horrid trying to balance this with gluten intolerance and hypothyroid. Carbs! So menacing 😉 I can’t WAIT to try these mints though!

    • Kristen! And everyone else who doesn’t know about this! It sounds like you have some sort of fungal overgrowth (possibly Candida). Maybe that’s why you can tolerate the coconut sugar (coconut is antifungal, as well as antibacterial and antiviral) but I don’t know about maple syrup. Fungi feed off of sugar (and metals too). So if you starve them of sugar, they will die off. I think this is what Carolina meant by being overridden with a “bad bacteria” and not enough good bacteria. It’s actually a fungus (totally different than bacteria!). And it is very common for people today to not have enough bacteria in our guts due to being prescribed antibiotics and not being told to take a probiotic while on it and to continue to take the probiotic for another 3 months after being don with the antibiotic. No, antibiotics do not destroy all the bacteria in our guts, but fungi reproduce much faster than bacteria, and because of so much sugar and yeast products being in our diets (yeast is a type of fungus) it is so easy for fungus to overgrow in our bodies. You don’t need to do all sugar free for the rest of your life, but probably for at least 3 wks. AFter that time, try a piece of a granny smith apple and see how your body does. You can look up Candida online to research the different phases of how to get rid of this fungus in your body and wean yourself back on to whole grain carbohydrates and eventually sugar (including ALL natural sources of sugar and high sugar fruits like bananas and melons and apples and pineapple).

  7. Question regarding salt – Did you use salted or unsalted butter? I see that you added a pinch of salt to the only butter recipe, but I’m curious what you started with so I don’t over salt.

    I see so many flavor options with this, thank you! Cinnamon anyone?

  8. Hi Lauren,
    I’m very new to Gaps diet and have found your page very helpful and interesting. My boyfriends sister gave your page to me to look up about 2 months ago when my colitis flare ups got incredibly bad since I was diagnosed with colitis ( ulcerative, lymphocytic, ibs, ibd, the drs can’t decide what they want to call what I have) Oct of 2012 and decided to try the gaps diet to see if it would help as I have been in and out of the hospital for the past two months every couple of days ( either ER or admitted, I be admitted for like a week and get discharged and have to be re admitted or in the ER like two days later) it has been horrible. The pain is unimaginable that I get in my stomach and I am constantly passing out since I can’t keep any food In my system (I average a bowel movement every hour of the day) there are more symptoms but this post is getting pretty long. I’m at the point that I’m feeling pretty hopeless as everything I have tried hasn’t helped yet. But I keep reading you blog and others from your leads or ones I’ve found on my own hoping it will turn around soon. These butter mints sound wonderful and when I get out of the hospital I will definitely give them a shot. Thanks so much for all your help! You’ve really opened my eyes to a whole world I didn’t know about!

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your pain! I’ve used these elemental shakes to recover from a flare and it is a good transition between a flare and the GAPS diet. I recommend them to people with colitis/Crohn’s who are currently flaring: I think – and hope – these shakes will help you! I would wait to eat these buttermints until well after you are out of the hospital and have no more pain. The concentrated fat can be hard to digest after a flare.

      • My naturopath put me on ultra Inflamx which I find irritating at times, so I’m not liking it very much. I will look up absordplus for sure! Thanks for the heads up about the concentrated fat being hard to digest after a flare. This flare up has been going on so long it’s feeling like daily life at the moment. Probably best to hold off for a little while. Thanks so much for the recommendation! I greatly appreciate it!

    • Lizzie, you may want to contact a certified GAPS practitioner for additional guidance in trouble-shooting your problems. They have training that goes well beyond what is in the GAPS book. Look for the list of practitioners here:

      (Keep in mind many do remote consultations via phone or Skype.)
      I’ve heard that Biodynamic Wellness/Kim Schuette is excellent, and I’m sure there are many others.

  9. I just made these and they are truly delicious! I also added a teaspoon of vanilla extract and it gave an extra oomph to the second batch. Thanks for almost of your hard work and wonderful ideas.

    • My co-worker made your recipe and she added even more peppermint than called for in recipe. She followed directions and ended up with what tasted like “pure butter” only! Why did this happen?

  10. Hi!
    I made these treats with the coconut oil because I’m dairy intolerant, but unfortunately they didn’t take away my cravings. 🙁 Somehow when I had some of them I felt like eating something salty after that. I got munchies…. I wonder if I can’t tolerate honey. I am histamine-sensitive & have a leaky gut issue.

  11. I made these earlier with just the butter and they were too buttery for me so I mixed them up again and added 1/3 cup coconut butter and they turned out Devine! I put them in the freezer to set and that’s where I will keep them. It’s just enough sweet for me and love the raw honey. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  12. These are amazing! I did the half and half (and doubled it right away.) The raw honey, coconut oil and butter are so good for me as is the essential oil – peppermint -. Thanks for the recipe!

  13. Hi, I had gastric bypass surgery about 5 months ago and we are instructed to eat only meat, cheese and eggs. Sugar has always been my thing, but I have been doing quite well. I will have a few m +m’s or a bite of a cookie daily, but that is it, and compared to before, that is excellent. I have lost over 70 lbs and feel great, but I still want sugar. Well, I saw this recipe and just made them, of course doubled, we Palmers never make a single batch of anything. I used straight unsalted butter, added kosher salt, honey, cocoa and peppermint extract. I just placed them in the fridge and when I licked the bowl I was very much enjoying it. Thank you for this recipe, I do believe it will help me out.

      • Good point, Lauren! Even though Earth Balance is non-GMO, it’s still got too much of the omega-6 fat that we all seem to have too much of! I tried eating just Earth Balance for a week — and it wasn’t just self-fulfilling prophecy, because I expected it to be fine! — and felt awful by the end of the week.

        Back to butter for me! (I won’t eat honey, though, and of course no chemical or refined sweeteners, so I’ll try no sugar or some of the other great suggestions here.)

    • The typical honey found in any grocery store is pasteurized (heated to 145* for about 30 min or higher temps for shorter times). Raw honey has been found in sealed canopic jars in Egyptian tombs after thousands of years and is still edible. Raw honey contains healthy enzymes that are destroyed when heated to 118* or higher. Most grocery stores carry at least some raw honey brands. It will say “Raw” on the label. If it doesn’t, it’s pasteurized. It can be found in health food stores, farm stores, etc, as well.

      • Two comments. While I agree that honey is remarkable in many ways, is an excellent food/sweetener. and is extremely long lived, the story of the honey in the Egyptian tombs is a myth. Small pottery flasks were found in Tutankamun’s tomb which had originally held honey, (long gone) and an archaeologist named Theodore M. Davis (in 1907) once found a ceramic jar that he thought held honey. which later turned out to be something else. but these seem to be the source of the rumor which has been widely accepted and frequently quoted as fact, even by normally reliable sources. Second comment: even if it had been found, it would not have been in canopic jars. Canopic jars were specifically used to hold the mummified remains of internal organs which had been removed from bodies in the mummy making process. It is interesting, how rumors grow, and become embellished over time.

  14. Hey there!

    I actually just found you through Wellness Mama and her Facebook page and I’m so excited that I did! I jut made these buttermints and I can’t wait to try them. I was just wondering how long they will keep in the fridge. I’m not sure I saw that in your original post. Thanks so much!


  15. I’m going to make these tonight! Very excited about them :). I’m thinking I’ll half the recipe in two separate bowls and try the regular one and the chocolate one then decide which I like best!

  16. Another comment from me, sorry lol. Has anyone tried this without the mint added in? I absolutely hate anything mint (I don’t even use mint toothpaste!), but I also have never eaten butter not cooked *in* something so I don’t know how this is going to taste haha.

  17. I just made these and am in love! I melted the coconut oil on the stove a bit and mixed an organic cacao powder until it was dark and smooth. Then I whisked in the butter, honey, and peppermint oil. It was pourable, so I poured small portions into muffin cups (about 1/2″ thick) and stuck them in the freezer. AH-MAZING. Thank you!

  18. I made these a couple of days ago and ate four. I had a few more later in the evening. I was so sick the next day…vomitting, nausea. I have barely eaten anything since. I am fairly sure I ate too many and I think they were just too rich for my body. I couldn’t handle six small butter mints in one day. Consume in moderation unless you know you can handle them! They didn’t lessen my sugar cravings until the nausea and vomiting set in…and then I had no interest in food period!

    • Oh no, I’m sorry to hear of your experience! Yes, if your body is not used to the fat then it will definitely be too much to handle 6 at once. It sounds like your reaction is due to gallbladder issues. In those cases, I recommend a very gradual increase of dietary fat until the gallbladder can take the load.

  19. This recipe looks delicious! I only have one concern – I’ve been hospitalized with pancreatitis twice now, and my Dr. says that I should stay away from fat. I’ve always believed that certain fats were healthy for you, but he says to limit ALL of them. Any advice? I really wanna try these, and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to limit myself to one every couple days! (I grew up eating about a stick of butter a day, too 😉 )

    • pastured butter is made from dairy cattle raised on pasture vs. dairy cattle feed corn, silage, etc….& thank you so much, lauren g. , for this decadent-looking & healthy treat! i can’t wait to make it! =)

  20. I can not have dairy, so, no butter for me, right now. Can I substitute palm shortening for the butter? It’s 30% saturated fat, so a good high sat. fat source, but it’s solidified unlike coconut oil (which I love and will use, if needed), so will provide better consistency. Would you say this would work well for a butter sub or not? I have made frosting from it and it has a great texture as well as baking. Thank you!

    • *UPDATE

      I made these with palm shortening instead of butter and added the cacao, I also forgot to add the salt, but they turned out amazing! I think they are a little soft, even hardened, because of the shortening, I’m sure they would be more solid if I had used butter and the flavor would obviously be much better using butter, but these hit the spot for me and my children! They will do until I can use butter. Thank you so much for these delicious, satisfying, little gems!

  21. Just made these half half and popped them in the fridge. I licked the spoon to see if I would like it. At first lick I just thought it was okay but I didn’t stop licking and scraped the whole bowl. The whole time trying to decide if I enjoyed the taste of what I was already addicted to lapping up. Very strange experience! Can’t wait to see what they are like chilled. And thanks everyone for the other ideas. Like adding vanilla. I’m doing that next!
    My sugar craving is indeed curbed just from the bowl licking. I think it’s the peppermint factor

  22. I just made a batch using half butter & half coconut oil and the suggestion of a bit of cocoa and vanilla. I was measuring everything into a bowl and realized I was standing in front of my Ninja smoothie/juicer. I threw it all in there and ended up with a fluffy, smooth concoction I spread in a buttery pan. If it tastes as good cold as it did when I licked the spatula, this is definitely going to be my favorite! I did have to slightly warm the coconut to get it out of the bottom of the jar so everything is still raw and healthy..well there is that cocoa…

  23. As a diabetic, I don’t tolerate honey or any “real” sweetener very well. Even a small amount of raw honey in my tea starts sugar cravings. I stick mostly to real, whole food. But if I want to make something sweet, without turning on cravings, I use xylitol.

  24. These look so good! I really want to try them but I’m a little hesitant about using peppermint essential oil in food. I know I could just use peppermint extract but I won’t have a chance to get to the grocery store until this weekend. 🙂

    Is peppermint essential oil safe for a two year old to ingest? Is it safe to ingest while pregnant (7 months)? Do you have any suggestions about where I could look to find out about the safety?


    • When using essential oils in food, I recommend using the best one you can find. I work with Vibrant Blue Oils, which are very high quality, and I use their peppermint oil. (I recently talked about these oils and shared a coupon for them:

      As for using oils for toddlers and pregnant/breastfeeding mothers, this is what Jodi, the founder of Vibrant Blue Oils, says when I asked her: “Oils that are safe for pregnancy/breastfeeding is tricky because there are so many conflicting opinions. Some sources say all oils are safe, others say none are. Some list specific oils, others list other/different specific oils. I have not found enough consistent information to feel comfortable giving a specific list, so what I traditionally say is to always check with a doctor if you are pregnant or nursing.”

  25. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart! I have had an issue with candida in the past, so watching my sugar intake is vitally important. I was eating sweets every day! I made 2 batches of butter mints and finished them in 4 days. I don’t feel the need to eat sweets! I did have a chocolate chip cookie my husband gave me yesterday, but could stop at one instead of eating 4 like I usually do. These are amazing!!

  26. These are amazing. They taste like a candy cane. I made a half a batch with pure coconut oil and it mixed easily with a fork. It made 64 little mints with only 0.5 grams of sugar in each one. Thank you so much for this recipe!

  27. LOVE. THESE! Made my first batch right after your initial post, and just made my second batch this evening. I think that’s pretty darn good that the first batch lasted me almost a whole month. 😀 Thank you so much for your recipes, advice, and your desire to help others.

  28. These sound delicious. I just wanted to suggest that another alternative sweetener to use would be vegetable glycerine, which is made from coconuts. It is sweet and has the consistency of a thin honey. It has less carbs, so those of us with Candida or blood sugar (low) issues can tolerate it easier. I have used it in many recipes with great success. I can’t wait to try these, have a daughter with sweet teeth (haha, not just one but every single tooth in her mouth is sweet) and I have to constantly find new things for her to try 🙂 Thanks for the recipe! Welove butter and saturated fat. I’m 5’10 and 138 pounds, so it’s not making us fat!

  29. These sound fabulous and I can’t wait to make them and try them. I recently discovered cacao butter, do you think it would work well for these little yummies?
    Thanks for your insights ~ yes healthy fat is very healthy for us….and decades have missed the boat on this one with all the low fat fads…depriving our bodies of vital nutrition. In order to lose fat you must eat fat…BUT HEALTHY fat…not the fat that lines our grocery store shelves and fast food drive in’s.
    I will share your blog with my peeps!

  30. Mine turned out like little chunks of butter with peppermint flavor. They didn’t harden much… Just a little more firm than room temp butter. Is this how they are supposed to turn out? I like the flavor (minty butter) but wouldn’t call it a butter mint. Any suggestions that I may have done wrong?

  31. I just made these with 1/2 butter 1/2 coconut oil recipe. I split it in 1/2 and added peppermint to one batch and then add cocoa poweder to the other batch. I love the chocolate sticks and chocolate oranges so I added a fee drops of wild orange oil to the cocoa ones. Yumm! Of course it doesn’t taste exactly like a chocolate orange but it will do!
    Thanks for the recipe.

  32. Just made some of these to try! I’m giving up sugar for Lent:) I must have made mine small because I have 128 instead of 64! I saw a similar recipe that used peanut butter as well to add in protein. What has been your experience–do you feel that fat works just as well as protein+fat to beat sugar cravings?

  33. LOVE the cocoa ones! They taste very similar to the Andes chocolates.

    At first I had some issues with the salt/sugar/peppermint separating out, but then I realized that you really do need the butter at room temperature, not melted. So I will have to be patient from now on!

  34. Hey fellow readers! I’m hoping someone can help me! I work in a medical office where there is candy aplenty and would love to have these on hand for cravings! My question though, is how long do these last out of the fridge before they melt? Is there anything that might help harden them up? Thanks! 🙂

  35. These are real food sweets. These could be given in a little gift or presented at a party and not be construed as “health food she’s trying to get us to try”. lol

    Thanks. And I am so glad to find your site!

      • I had this exact problem! I thought it was because my honey had crystalized a bit. I put the jar in a cup of hot water for a little bit, which softened it a lot, but it still had crystals. I think leaving it longer and maybe beating it with the butter before adding the coconut oil will help it mix in better. Right now my pan has swirls of honey on the bottom. Lol between that and the fact that i didnt add enough mint it definitely makes them kind of oily and not very mint-like. But I will still eat them 🙂

  36. I am starting these now! I’ve switched my food to a high fat, low carb/primal/intermittent fasting lifestyle. Not diet!! And i also wanted to share a sweetener i found online from a company called Wax Orchards which is Fruitsweet. It’s a natural sweetener made from concentrated fruit juices of pear and pineapple. It’s liquid like honey. I don’t work for them or get paid by them, i just love the product. 🙂

  37. I make health chocolates with coconut oil, honey, coconut sugar, cacao butter and essential oils. They are so satisfying and delish with all the health stuff! The recipe is on my blog (I am not a bloger, I am in serious awe of your blog but I just share my experiences.) I had candida bad and have changed my diet to real whole foods and incorporated doTERRA essential oils to help eliminate the candida over growth. It has changed my life! I absolutely love coconut oil and would do your recipe with just coconut oil, honey, coconut sugar, and a drop of peppermint in my vitamin of course. I would love to see an article on coconut sugar! Honey and coconut sugar are my go to sugars.

  38. It’s day two of eating these and strangely enough, I’ve had zero cravings for sugar. In fact, I found myself eating a lot less even on the first day. I usually snack a lot in the evening, but last night I was perfectly content with just my knitting. I hope this continues long enough to switch off the processed junk food. Thanks!

  39. Thank you for sharing this recipe!! I used maple syrup in lieu of honey and mixed it all in a blender. The blending resulted in a nice creamy texture, which would be perfect as an icing/frosting!

  40. I had read in the GAPS protocol that a mixture of butter, coconut oil, and honey would help with sugar cravings and binge eating. So I mixed some up and ate a spoonful of it every time I had a sugar craving. At the time it really helped me. Unfortunately I “fell off the wagon” and need to get back on….I think the mint might help with that! Going to try soon!

  41. Hey these are great! just made ’em and added a tablespoon of gelatin (collagen hydrosalate….yeah, the kind i cant spell, lol) and they turned out nice 🙂 My kids seem to enjoy them too. going to have to hide them somewhere now 😀

  42. These are delicious! I added cocoa to them and it reminds me of Andes Mints, thankfully healthy though!
    Great recipe! I made two batches and have them after dinner almost every night. 😀

  43. I made these last week with organic butter, A little coconut oil, cocoa powder, almond extract, a smidge of vanilla, a smidge of salt. Oh my…talk about addicting! Totally gets rid of my sweet tooth, no guilt, and I can’t wait to try other flavors!
    Thanks for a great idea!

  44. I just took my first dose of Green Pasture X-Factor Gold and found it difficult to eat straight butter off of a spoon. Do you think the vitamin butter will mix with honey? Or is it an oil like ghee? This is a great idea! Thank you for sharing and I’m looking forward to trying it.

  45. I’ll give this recipe a shot Lauren. My only concern is the sugar. What evidence do you have that the fats in the recipe cancel out the the spikes in blood glucose that would normally be caused by the sugar? And what turned you off stevia…was it the taste? Cheers.

  46. I just made these with coconut butter and coconut oil….wow, these are amazingly good. I love the peppermint, buttery flavor and the coconut butter was a perfect substitute since I can’t have dairy. Thank you for the recipe!

  47. Your posts and recipes are such a great resource, Lauren. These were a fun and delicious treat and a good way for me to get more coconut oil in. Unfortunately I can’t get pastured butter where I am in Canada however I do have access to purely amazing pastured lard and tallow so I subbed tallow for the butter and added cinnamon for the mint. Absolutely delicious! Thank you.

  48. These are incredible. Even though they’re tiny, I can’t eat more than two. I’ve had a tupperware full of them in the freezer for a month, and I’ve barely made a dent (and I’m the girl who would polish off an entire pie in one sitting to satisfy a late night dessert craving). I’ve managed to completely avoid grains, starches, and most sugars for the past month, and one or two of these is a huge help to keep the late night cravings at bay.

  49. The nutritionists I’ve been working with would freak!!.I was working toward a gastric bypass..until I discovered”real foods.” I realized that I started gaining serous weight about the same time I was being bullied into eating/drinking low fat/nofat “foods” and drinking skim milk & diet everything when I was pregnant with my first child 30 yrs ago. I’ve reintroduced whole milk & butter into my diet and try to avoid processed foods which for me is anything with more than one or two ingredients. I have always baked from scratch & continue to do so when I need a sugar/chocolate fix.I haven’t lost any weight, but I FEEL better & have more energy. I still use some fake sugars in certain drinks. I am diabetic & insulin resistant, but have found that sticking to foods that have natural sugars, fruits and away from heavily sweetened snacks works for me. I’ve made a buttermint in the past that used cream cheese, but I will be trying this one soon..

  50. I’ve been doing something similar for dessert toppings, with the coconut boil. Mix together coconut oil, honey, and cocoa powder (or no cocoa powder, but I’m a bit of a chocoholic), and pour it on top of a yogurt (or ice cream) dessert. Refridgerate (or freeze for faster results), and voila! You have a hard shell topping! So many yums…

  51. Thanks so much for this. I just made these and they are great…even without ANY sweetener. I didn’t use honey because even small amounts make me want to eat everything I see, and well, Stevia and I broke up as well. It was a bad break up. Stevia said “It’s me, not you,” and I said “No, it’s YOU.” I’m still getting over it, and these help so much. Funny enough, even though there is no sweetener, it’s kicking my candy craving, so thank you!

  52. I made these following the recipe and they mixed fine but never firmed up. Just stayed soft and sticky. I eventually popped them in the freezer. They taste good and do the trick, but I really wish they were firm and not sticky. I’d like to try the lemon variation eventually.

  53. I’m curious if cocoa butter would substitute okay for the butter? I have life-threatening dairy allergies in my family, no ghee for us. Perhaps would have to change the ratio from 1/2 & 1/2 to a higher content of coconut oil since cocoa butter is so hard… (Just thinking out loud, here!) any thoughts? Thanks so much for the blog and recipe!

    • Yes, I think that you could make the recipe work with cocoa butter, especially by tweaking the coconut oil content like you mentioned. However, you’ll have to use the emulsification step with an immersion blender (as described when using pure coconut oil) because you’re taking out the butter, which is the emulsifier.

  54. I just made these (the all butter ones), and added cocoa powder. They are so yummy!! Such a perfect thing to have on hand when those sweet tooth cravings start! They definitely have to be kept in the fridge though. It’s been in the 90s here in Oregon, so no taking these in your purse!! Thanks for the recipe. Delish.

  55. Made them yesterday night with the added cocoa powder. They are so so yummy! Kept them in the fridge over night and they still are too soft to scoop them off the tray. But that is no problem. I will put it all in a container and simply scoop it out by the spoon. 🙂 Also very nice as a spread on the coconut subs (recipe from Maria Emmerich). Just love the mints and the subs. Thank you for the recipe

  56. These are so good! Thanks for sharing. I am making the chocolate version right now. I left out the peppermint oil and added a dash of pumpkin spice, and so far they’re really good. Love your site!

  57. I was kind of confused about your addendum about ingesting essential oils… it’s okay? Or not okay? I was going to make some of these and I have organic peppermint essential oil but now I’m hesitant. I thought peppermint was one of the few that you could ingest. I’ve been known to put a drop on my tongue!

  58. For all those interested in the nutrition information. I made a second batch of these using Kerrygold salted butter, cacao maca powder, and local raw honey. Using 1c butter, 2Tbsp cacao, and 3Tbsp honey and making them using candy molds from Michaels (specifically stars and hearts) this recipe made 55 pieces. These pieces are 2-2.5 times s large as when I piped them like in the original recipe. Doing it this way one piece equals 34 calories. My tablet isn’t letting me upload right now to any sites like tinypic so I can’t post a screen shot from when I plugged things in to, but it looks like each piece is…
    3.2g fat, 1.2g carbs, .1g protein and .9g of sugar

  59. I wonder what other flavours would be good with these? My 7 year old, HATES mint. (If I brush my teeth before bed and go to give him a kiss while he is sleeping, he mumbles in his sleep: “What is that awful smell?” That’s a pretty strong dislike! hehehe). I bet orange or coconut would work well.

  60. So, I totally have to giggle at myself a little bit on this…. I made Shae’s butter buttons the day she put the recipe up on her blog (I had a one month old, was nursing like crazy, and just wanted fatty food I could pop in my mouth one handed, lol). I HATED them. Could not stomach them. I gagged trying to swallow down what tasted like just plain, old, slightly sweet butter to me…. my husband didn’t like them either and was a little annoyed at me for wasting so much Kerrygold.

    Anyway…. fast forward a year and half later to me searching the internet tonight for a real food treat similar to white chocolate peppermint bark (a holiday craving that upsets my happy, refined sugar free existence like clockwork as soon as cool weather hits). I made a teeny tiny batch of your buttermints, remembering the failure of my butter buttons so long ago, and OMG. I can’t stop eating them. I was eating the batter with a spoon because I couldn’t wait for it to set. I’m not sure if it’s the mint flavor, or the inclusion of half coconut oil/half butter instead of just butter, but whatever it was… I LOVE these mints! Thanks so much for the idea. The mint/fat combo is especially great for nausea, so this pregnant mama is going to be making them in bulk for the next few months! 🙂

  61. I just love these…like frozen frosting!

    Just got my copy of The Heal Your Gut Cookbook (OMG where was this gem when I started Intro?!?!) and she has recipes for something similar. One of them uses honey, butter, salt, and vanilla. I made it using 1/2 butter, 1/2 coconut oil and 1/4 honey with salt and vanilla….Oh My Gosh these are like she says, salted caramels. So many possibilities!

    We froze in silicone molds which are about 1 ounce each and they make the perfect snack in that size and are faster than making pastry dots (which I’ve done and is fun also!).

  62. This recipe sounds delicious. My only concern is that the fact that it uses honey and how this may affect people with diabetes. I read through most of the comments and replies, but there were too many to read, so I don’t know if this got mentioned or not.

  63. YUM, I made these this morning – the all-butter version. I think I used way more extract, maybe a tablespoon, and I think I went up to 4T. honey. Not sure – I wasn’t really measuring. lol Either way, they were fun to make, and super easy! I can see doing some different little designs with different tips. I (ironically) am a cake designer on the side, so I have various choices.

    BUT, they are yummy! Nice & minty. They turned out less white than your photos; I suppose that was because of the honey. I also wasn’t sure how big “bite size pieces” were – mine are the diameter of a dime, maybe? I ate 5 and they cured that mid-morning pang.


  64. Thank you so much for this recipe. It’s a simple but awesome way to increase my intake of these fantastic fats,and simultaneously stabilize my hunger!
    i wish the internet were more dominated by people like you.
    Your sharing of information has become one of my major nutritional resources. And is honest, brave, and well written to top it all off.
    Thank you.

  65. I have made these delicious buttermints several times now and I just love them. Today I decided to change the flavor. I used Cinnamon Bark essential oil instead of peppermint or cocoa powder. YUM!!!

  66. Hello,
    I’m about 18 months post heart attack due to plaque in the arteries (70% in one and 80% in another). I hear both positive and negative about full fat versus no fat diets, no sugar versus natural and on and on. Everyone agrees though, that the 40-50 excess pounds I am carrying are bad news which is how i found this recipe. What are your thoughts and/or research on the use of butter to dissuade over-eating. I know when i made these, just the taste testing of tiny amounts made me full so as a stress, boredom, procrastination eating buster, i think they will be effective.


  67. I’m kind of confused; I just read your article about how we shouldn’t be ingesting essential oils, but then you recommend the usage of peppermint essential oil in this recipe. Am I missing something?

    Thanks, and this recipe looks awesome!

    • I too was confused after reading your post about ingesting essential oils. Many people seem to have substituted Peppermint with something else, but isn’t there health benefits to using Peppermint oil? I’d love to know if it’s safe to use (it must be, since it’s in the list of ingredients you wrote, but would love a clarification so I can understand).. Also, if I went to Whole Foods and asked for the best kind of Peppermint oil, would that suffice rather than ordering online? Thank you so much.

  68. I just tried these, and being a chocolate lover-I HAD to add cocoa powder! Since I drink bulletproof coffee, I decided to add some to my coffee instead of plain butter. Talk about supper delicious peppermint mocha! My new addiction-thanks for the great recipes!

  69. I just made these for the first time but didn’t want mint so used Ziggy Marley’s Orange/Almond Coconut Oil plus the butter plus 1 tsp. of vanilla extract (plus the raw honey). So delicious! I will try with mint in the future, too. Thanks for the posting!!!

  70. Hi! Thanks for this recipe! I made the butter version with peppermint essential oil. It tastes fabulous but I wouldn’t recommend using a zip lock bag to pipe the filling out. The essential oils are through the zip lock bag almost immediately! I ended up having to make another batch then just scoop out tiny balls into parchment paper!

  71. I don’t know why anyone is having all these problems with the application of the recipe. I made the dairy free version, exactly as directed and was able to pipe out of a baggie onto a wax paper lined cookie sheet. The consistancy was that of frosting. They hardened up perfectly in the freezer. I love these and make them frequently with peppermint essential oil. I add 15 drops of ESO.
    ** ALSO I ALWAYS whip my softened coconut oil into a fluffy consistancy before I use it for anything, whether cooking or for body products.

  72. I made the coconut oil/coconut butter version. I added a fat pinch of salt and a tsp. of evoo. I melted the coconut butter and then melted the coconut oil and then combined them in the coconut butter jar (I had exactly 1/2 cup in there to start), added the peppermint and honey and shook it vigorously. I then dumped it into a baggie and stuck it in the fridge for 30 minutes. It easily squeezed out into little ‘kisses’ from the clipped corner of the baggie and the honey incorporated just fine. The salt and evoo gave it a buttery taste and color. 🙂

  73. Sugar can be controlled using various Tablets in this Season – As far Some Doctor’s View…
    But this clearly says the sugar can also be controlled using some sugar-free foods…
    but preparing this is really tough isnt’t…?

  74. I was about to make something similar to this, using stevia instead of honey, and you’ve convinced me to go with the honey instead. I don’t have peppermint extract, so I’m using vanilla and cinnamon. And I didn’t know that about the butter being needed for emulsification. Thanks for this whole post! I’m adding peppermint to my grocery list for next time.

  75. Thanks for the recipe to satisfy lifelong sugar addicts. I just spooned the mix into rubber ice cube trays(heart-shaped) and after chilling, they pop right out individually.
    Just a little shortcut!
    All the best to you!

  76. We’re a group of volunteers and starting a new
    scheme iin our community. Your site provided uss with
    valuable info too work on. You’ve dome a formidable job and
    our whole community will be thankful to you.

  77. Not sure what I’m doing wrong- I made these twice now and the butter and honey aren’t mixing, so when I try to squeeze them out of the bag, the honey squirts out separately. It makes a big mess. Can you be more specific as to how you are mixing the ingredients- by hand or with an electric mixer? I followed the recipe exactly using room temp unsalted pasture butter with the mint and raw honey.

    • I made these last night and they came out great. I used an electric hand mixer, and started on the lowest setting. The mixer throws butter So use a big bowl. Then I scraped all sides of thr boel down and off the mixer, then blended again on lowest, gradually increasing speed after each scrape doen. Eventually it all comes together and it’s not as complicated as I made it sound… main ingredient is patience lol
      I also added the cacao to another batch, my husband was scooping it out if the bowl as I was spooning into the icing bag hahaha
      I hope this helps!! And Lauren, I LOVE THIS BLOG, no only tasty, but by far the best recipes for my symptom control of hypothyroidism!!

  78. I’ll have to try it with cinnamon… peppermint is supposed to reduce cravings, but with me it’s the opposite… I just get hungrier. I’d easily eat the lot. Whereas cinnamon kills the cravings dead!

    Thanks, ‘cus I was looking for a way to increase both my butter and coconut oil intake.

  79. I have made these twice now and I am making them again today. I made both the original and the chocolate and love them both! They are super tasty and I do think they really help with the sugar cravings and I have a huge sweet tooth! These are fabulous! Thank you for sharing!

  80. Another replacement. I used the all coconut oil recipe, but it lacked the buttery flavor. So I added Organic Red Palm Oil to taste. If you’ve never used Red Palm Oil, it’s very buttery in flavor, but warning, it’s bright orange in color and stains.
    It will turn your mints a yellow mustard color, but once frozen it does not stain your fingers.
    I dropped teaspoons full into mini parchment cupcake holders for easy eating! YUM
    Thank you

  81. Hello!

    I have been going through a lot lately with hormones and diet change. I am on a FODMAP diet, which excludes honey. Can I use real maple syrup instead? Since changing my diet my hormones have gone crazy! Any little thing can help. Thanks!

  82. Oh my great Ceasar’s ghost! These are AWESOME!!!! So glad I stumbled upon this. My only thing next time will be less honey otherwise thank you. Kicking sugar and wanting bread has been the hardest. Now at least I have some relief.

  83. Thanks for this! A further tweak on the chocolate version could be carob powder instead of cocoa. I substitute carob for chocolate more and more since I got a kidney stone a few years ago and the dietitian said to cross chocolate off my list because of its oxalate content. I know that drinking more water and taking in more calcium help to offset the danger, so I can allow myself the occasional chocolatey treat, but the carob is also quite tasty, sweeter than chocolate, caffeine-free, and has more fiber and more calcium!

  84. How do you not eat the whole pan in one sitting?. These are seriously to die for. I admit when I found the recipe I was so anxious to try them but was out of honey so I did.substitute real locally made maple syrup. I figured that was better than other alternatives. I promise my next batch will be raw honey. Now if I can just convince my brother that coconut oil isn’t evil and doesn’t make you fat. I mean hello, I have been using it for the past 8 years have have lost 50 pounds. . .

  85. Oh can’t wait to try this with my pastured organic butter & coconut oil… sounds amazing & I appreciate your comments about using honey instead of the subs….I would never recommend agave either as I saw it mentioned in comments….nothing natural or healthy about it (you can find lots of research on it). I am surprised by the link to peppermint oil…it’s not the best & very expensive for only 5 ml. I use the ones endorsed by Dr. Pappas ….& only a couple $ more for 3 times as much! I also am a student of EO chemistry. Love using them daily!

  86. These are fantastic! I used the butter/coconut oil recipe, put it in a pastry bag, and then put it in the fridge for about 10 minutes until it firmed up just a bit. I was then able to pipe out nice little stars. Also, I’m on a very low carb diet, so I just used 1 T of honey and a sprinkle of Swerve sweetener. So glad I found this recipe, and can’t wait to try different flavor combinations. Maybe an orange one with some orange oil and a bit of zest?

  87. Hi!
    Thanks for the recipe. I’ve been making a similar one with just coconut oil, cocoa powder and peppermint EO for a while and would love to add ghee or butter. I read your post on investing EOs and a, wondering if you still use peppermint EO in these? I have only been using 1-3 drops but curious on your thoughts.

    Also as a tip, I blend then pour in chocolate molds and freeze them. Then store them in the freezer.


  88. It really does not make any sense to me to add honey if you want to cut out sugar craving. Your body does not distinguish honey from sugar. Otherwise , the recipe sounds good.

  89. I’ve been making something similar (without the honey, as I have honey at other times in the day, but no reason honey can’t go in them), and put other spices in like cinnamon/pumpkin pie spices, or curry powder and salt, or dried fruit powder (very refreshing with cranberry). I also add collagen powder for a bit of protein. But I don’t use coconut butter, because I can’t digest it. So, it’s just coconut oil bites. Since it’s liquid when mixed, I pour it into Wilton 24 cavity silicone baking molds, but chocolate molds will do (unless you’re concerned about the heat and plastic, which you should be). Then store them in the fridge. So….. good for strict diets/digestive problems, but bad for transporting. Use a watertight container and an icepack if it will be over 76 degrees. These are great for hunger coming on–not so much when really hungry–but first thing in the AM, especially after a morning workout, they make me feel sick.

  90. HI! I know some people like soft creamy P.B. fudge, while others actually prefer more of a grainy/gritty texture. How would you describe the textures of your 2 ingredient P.B. fudge and your double decker P.B. fudge? Thank You, Deb W.

  91. Finally got around to making these, worth the wait! I made two batches of the butter and coconut oil version, one with cocoa powder and one without. I have to say I liked the chocolate ones better, but what can I say? I’m a chocolate fiend! 🙂 I did feel like the recipe was missing something. I added a splash of vanilla extract and it made a big difference to me. I can’t wait to try these out when I actually have a sugar craving and see how they work! Thanks for the great recipe Lauren!

  92. Hi Lauren, I’m just getting ready to make these again and I wanted to tell you that I’ve used a chocolate mold for the coconut oil version and it works perfectly. Both recipes are delicious and effective! Many thanks!

  93. I want to make these for Halloween (mints are my daughter’s fave and it is her bday). Do I have to refridgerate them? We do not eat refined sugar (except a mint after sushi) so this sounds awesome


  95. I have been staring at this recipe for a year. At first, I thought dairy was giving me problems (a blood test revealed I am not sensitive to casein). So after reading your blog post on why butter is good for you, I decided to finally try these. I tried the full butter recipe. I don’t even LIKE honey (never have), but I can honestly say that these things are amazing. I cannot wait till they firm up in the fridge so I can stop licking the spoon. Thank you for your creative genius!!

    Also, can I just say that I really appreciate your blog? Not only are you resourceful straightforward, but you UPDATE your posts AND you link to other articles on your site. And you site where you get your info. I find that so helpful as I try to right my past wrongs on my way to healing my SIBO & Candida overgrowth and my leaky gut. Thanks for your dedication Lauren 🙂

  96. My 19 month old son helped me make this today. My 4 year old came in. I call them”my butter freaks”. I can’t let them have enough plain buyer. Needless to say, I had lots of little fingers in this as I was making it! They are almost firm. I made some according to the recipe, but added a scoop of grass fed collagen (made it a tad gritty). Half I made chocolate. Sometimes chocolate hurts my stomach so I didn’t want them all that way. Everyone liked them!

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