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    • Just remember that if you’re going away for any length of time and it’s humid in your place PUT YOUR LAMP IN A SINK. It does attract moisture from the air, as you mentioned, as part of its function. But if you’re not turning on the lamp it keeps on taking in the moisture and begins to weep all over your furniture (as I discovered to my dismay) and it becomes smaller and seals itself in the process.
      Mine had wept so much that there was a crusty stain on the carpet under the table as well. And I had to use a hack saw to cut the lamp and it’s salt base apart to replace the lamp when it burned out. The lamp fixture inside needed to be replaced because it had corroded from the salt bath.
      But it’s working fine now. And I love not only the beneficial effects but the lovely soft glow it gives.

  1. Hi there! I have the votive candle salt lamp but rarely put a candle in it bc it’s within my kids reach and bc I can’t find beeswax votives any where at the moment – seems contradictory to put a crappy candle in it…. Anyways nonetheless I have it on my husbands desk – do you think it still produces the neg ions without the warmth from the candle ? Is the presence of the salt pillar enough or does it need a lamp/candle to make it effective?
    Thanks ! You’re the first person I’ve found with anything on this matter

  2. My Mom bought one of these for me a couple years ago, for my bedroom. I have really bad allergies, so she thought it would help. I really never have never noticed a difference. It took me a long time to get used to how bright it lit up my room, but once I got used to it, now I can’t stand to be without it. It’s like a really good nightlight. I’ve had to change the bulb in it several times since I got it. It turned out it had a very dark coated bulb in it when I got it, so it didn’t light the room up as bright. But when I looked for a replacement bulb at the store they don’t sell any with that coating, so I had to get used to a extra bright room. Maybe they sell the bulbs online. I never checked.

    • I found that some sinus infections are actually mold issues. Health store has oregano nasal spray which kills mold. Oregano drops internally there too. If your sinus issues subsides. It was mold, not pollen.

  3. I love the look of these and I have one with no light/bulb/plug-in.

    Would a candle work just as well? Or does it need the power of electricity to activate the healing properties?

  4. Hey Lauren. It’s Natalie from high school. I’ve been trying to find a way to contact you about possibly featuring you on my own blog! Michaela Michael and I started a blog for young wives and are looking for someone with a knack for nutrition. How perfect that it would be from someone from our own High School days! I am so happy that this has been such a success for you! I love reading what you have on here. If you are interested in being featured on my blog:, would you send me an email? I’d love to catch up with you, Lauren!

  5. Hi,
    I love my candle version of electicety! My dad bought it for me years and years ago when they were the “hottest” thing in Europe! I burn a candle in it every day! I like the idea of using it over nite thou, but first, I guess, I have to get the proper candles. I just have a bunch of cheapies from Ikea.

  6. We have had a salt lamp for years. It has an electric bulb in it, but I love the light. It is in the hall and stays on 24/7 – at night it is a nightlight. I can’t tell that it has helped with allergies at all. Mine are terrible this year and we have the house closed up, plus an air purifier. I reallly like the lamp, though, and really believe it is doing some good even though I can’t tell!

  7. I have one and it attracts water when it’s not even on. I often find puddles of water underneath it. This worries me since it’s electric, so I only plug it in when I’m in the room. My house has a lot of moisture, so I guess it’s a good thing.

  8. Hey Lauren!
    my question is about the salt lamp’s life span. How long can you use a salt lamp before it needs to be replaced? Or is there a way to re-ionize it?
    Thanks for your time,

  9. And a follow up 🙂 :
    can you use votive sized candles in the non-electric salt pieces? They all seem to be made to fit tea-light sizes, and I’m not sure if the votives would sit low enough in the crystal to warm it effiectively.

    Thanks again!

  10. Yes I love (d) my salt lamp until the lamp fixture corroded and now I may have to use a hack saw to separate it. But I’m planning to put a votive in and see how it works. i love beeswax candles and have a few so we’ll see. I think it is a funny and precious picture of Lauren’s dad hearing about her new Himalayan Salt Lamp. I like that one of my favorite bloggers still lives at home. It’s so true for many young people now days, but Lauren is clearly a contributing member of her household. Lauren, please take this is the spirit I intend, which is to say, it’s refreshing and all good.

  11. Purely subjective and anecdotal: obtaining and regularly using a salt lamp coincided with a 99% reduction in the incapacitating headaches to which I had been subject for nearly fifty years.
    Thank goodness!

  12. I bought a salt lamp that it will reduce my seasonal allergies and sinus problems. All it has done so far has created an unbearable environment in my room. I feel salt all over my skin and lips and i cannot stop coughing. I’ve unplugged it ans it still is going on. Anyone can give me some insight into this please? It is so gorgeous and the lamp has the most calming glow but this coughing is bringing out all negativity 🙁

  13. Our baby is due in a few days, and we’re planning a home birth. I thought a salt lamp would be a good thing to have, since it will create a nice, ambient glow during the birth, and then can act as a nightlight during nighttime feedings. Having cleaner air will be a nice benefit! I was wondering one thing: I’ve heard that dimmer switches emit more EMFs than regular switches. Do you think the dimmer switch that this lamp has is enough to be a big issue, especially in a bedroom? Thanks so much! I love your blog.

  14. I know I am a weee bit late in adding a comment but am hoping that someone has an answer even though I’m late. I purchased a Himalayan salt lamp from a reputable dealer who specializes in them. With the lamp came a light dimmer for use with the lamp to obviously choose what level of brightness one wants the light to emit.

    I bought for the purpose of EMF protection since salt lamps are meant to be EMF reducers as I understand it. If dimmers indeed produce EMFs, wouldn’t the light dimmer be counterproductive to the EMF protective benefits that a salt lamp provides? I have googled this over and over and cannot find anything that addresses this issue. I am hoping someone can provide some answers or direct me to the place that can. Thank you.

  15. So in the market for a few of these lamps but I have two questions… any idea on what sizes I would need for different size rooms? Trying not to break the bank, but I have a large master bedroom and open concept living/dinning/kitchen/formal dining area! Lol… also how do you weed out the fakes when ordering online????

  16. I’m always interested in alternative ideas on wellness especially since my wife has asthma and we have dogs, live on a busy street, etc. so I’m very interested in air purification.

    That said, I can’t seem to find this ‘research’ that shows that this salt does what it claims. Do you happen to have links to the research or know who conducted it?

    Without more information, I think I’m going the UV light route.

  17. I have one in my daughter’s room because she gets a lot of migraines and is having problems with her ears at the moment. My question is, does it matter where in the room I place the lamp? She has a table about 1-2 feet from her door. Is that ok or should I place it further in her room?
    Thank you,

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  19. You mentioned leaving your lamp on 24/7! What strategy do you use to keep this light from impacting the menstrual cycle? I was just reading your blog about aligning menstration with the moon and am trying to figure out how to have my light on without impacting the cycle….suggestions?

  20. Hi Lauren, great post! I was just gifted a beautiful Himalayan salt lamp but the lamp is an extremely pale orange color when lit- very very pale whitish orange. I’ve never seen one this light in color. Does it still have all of the positive qualities of a Himalayan salt lamp? It’s interesting because my mom bought two- one is orange as seen in most pictures, and this one is so drastically light in color!! Thanks in advance!!

  21. I am wondering if you can help me. I recently bought a Himalayan salt lamp. I turned it on and within 10mins my head, jaw and ears started to ache. I didn’t think it to be the salt lamp and left it on. Another 10mins and I had a pounding headache, nausea and heart palpitations. At this point I was a bit panicked and thought It possibly could be the salt lamp so I turned it off and the symptoms slowly diminished. I am truely stunned that my salt lamp could do this and wondering why? I have tested it several times since with the same reaction. I have heard so many good things about them and am still hoping there is something I can do so I can still use it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Does your model turn on with a dimmer switch (circular knob that you spin around to adjust brightness)? If so, you are exposing yourself to dirty electricity, a form of electromagnetic pollution (EMF’s). Therefore, you may be sensitive to EMF’s. If you still want to use it, then position yourself at least 3 feet away; even so, though, you will be creating dirty electricity in your home. A simple test to see if you’re far enough away is to take any battery-powered radio, tune it to static in AM mode, and listen to when the static noise diminishes or increases in relation to how close you are to the lamp. In the end, though, I’ve gotten rid of my plug-in salt lamps and use ones that are carved out so you can put a candle in it. If I can find one that turns on and off without the dimmer knob, I’ll be getting that for sure. I was disappointed to find this out, but I’m glad I made the discovery. Hope this helps 🙂

  22. The description of how salt lamps purify the air is physically impossible. I think we all need a refresher on high school chemistry; First off, what exactly are these “negative ions” ? The only source would be the chloride (from sodium chloride, aka “salt”) and it’s physically impossible to separate positive sodium ions and negative chloride ions in air. Even ignoring that, how could the lamp continuously send out negative ions without ever getting replenished? The entire lamp would become net positive and attract the negative ions floating away. More likely and physically possible hypothesis: Salt has a high affinity for water so it attracts the water in air and it pools up on the lamp. The water in the air contains bacteria and allergens dissolved in it, which are also deposited on the salt lamp. Salt solutions are antibacterial and naturally kill any bacteria present. When the lamp heats up, it then evaporates the water (and only the water), leaving behind killed bacterial and other pollutants (such as dust) which require higher temperatures to evaporate. I’m not saying salt lamps aren’t neat, and they might even purify the air (no evidence that they don’t, but no evidence that they do); but I am saying that the explanation given (which I’ve heard by many others too) is literally physically impossible on every detail. Please don’t spread false chemistry “facts”.

  23. Just purchased 2 salt lamps today and put both in my living room because I spent the most time there. I noticed after a little while I had mucous coming up from my throat so hopefully that is good. I have allergies and hoping this is going to help the warmth and peace I feel from the low orange glo.

  24. Lauren,
    you mentioned a number of studies that prove the effects of negative ions…. (“Numerous studies show that negative ions boost mood, relieve seasonal affective disorder, and improve breathing problems such as asthma. These studies use large, expensive negative ion producers, however, not something which is practical or affordable for everyday use.”)
    i am interested in writing a research paper about this but can’t seem to find any academic or reputable sources of info! could you direct me to the studies you mentioned?

  25. i occasionally use Himalayan pink rock salt in my bathwater but have never actually noticed any result.
    Just the other day, i purchased an (8″) Himalayan pink rock salt lamp (one very red in appearance), which is now glowing in my home.
    with so much gimmickery in this world, i truthfully wasn’t expecting any effects, BUT in less than 48hours, i have to say that my skin has already acquired an unbelievably salty taste.
    I washed clean last night and this morning the extreme saltiness had returned.

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