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  1. My question is: can’t grass-fed or pasture-raised beef be cows laced with antibiotics or hormones? But then I would think organic cows don’t have that, do they?
    I want to avoid hormones as much as possible.

    • Organic agriculture prohibits the use or hormones or antibiotics in meat. If you purchase local grass-fed or pasture-raised beef, it could likely be from a smaller family farm that isn’t certified organic (as the certification is quite pricey for small farms). However, these farms are not going to be using hormones/antibiotics.

      • I ask because I I bought “free range pasture raised grass-fed” beef bones from a large health food store chain but it didn’t say organic, so that got me thinking.
        I guess it may be from a local farm just as you said.
        Thank you!

  2. Just found out I am not absorbing all the omega and calcium supplements I take. This seems like a probable MOST ABSORBABLE source of those, do you think? Any other tips on how to absorb those input reins? I enclose d3 and k2 SUPPS but think food sources would be best. The texture Might be gross, 😝😥but I am committed to developing a palate worthy of perfect vibrant health! The custard sounds good but eggs are to histamine producing for me. Perhaps I could blend it with some chia??

  3. hi in my country (north africa) we use bones in a special clay dish with garbanzo beans and herbs and onions and garlic we cook them all night on low heat and in the morning they are ready its so delicious and nutritious glad to see a different version .

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