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  1. Great post, Lauren! I have used and liked Earthpaste. Oil pulling really makes my teeth feel great. Like you I almost gagged the first time but now it’s part of my morning routine. I do it Monday through Friday and give myself a little break over the weekend. I’ve avoided fluoride for year because it makes me breakout.

  2. Hi, Lauren! I was wondering if you could comment on the effectiveness of fermented cod liver oil versus cold-pressed cod liver oil? Do you recommend one over the other, and if so, why? Thank you so much!

  3. i have to agree with the oil pulling and tongue scraping. i do these a few times a week. i wasn’t a fan of earthpaste at all. my teeth didn’t feel clean after using it and the tube didn’t last very long at all.

  4. Thank you for the information! I actually purchased Earth Paste after coming across it on your blog.. The only thing I read is a disclaimer saying there is trace amounts of lead in it…

  5. I used Earthpaste for a short time but I didn’t feel well. I read about the lead content and ditched it. I switched to Squigle Toothbuilder and Squigle Enamel Saver which suited me better. I can’t vouch for the xylitol i.e. GMO non GMO in the tootpaste. I also use Baby Brush sold in the UK for my 4 year old which has xylitol and fluoride. I use a tongue scraper but not fried the oil pull due to a tmj in my jaw.

  6. Would you please explain why you recommend the Rosita Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil over the Green Pastures Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend? I’ve been trying to research the pros and cons of both but have just gotten confused. I really value your opinion and would appreciate your feedback.

    • Have you read Dr. Kaayla Daniel’s website about the FCLO debate? I am playing it safe and I switched to Roslita and I actually like it better. (Two A’s in her name)

  7. You have really put together some brilliant information here, Thank you for the coupon code for the Earthpaste, I will try it.. Also I really love your comment
    “We are not what we eat. We are the nutrients our body absorbs”.

  8. Lauren,

    Your talent for synthesizing information for your readers is what makes you a leading online educator for health. It is very impressive. I will use this post in my practice with your permission. The reality of Remineralization outperfoming the demineralization of the teeth as the foundation for oral health is clearly communicated. Everyone send this to your dentist.

    • Thanks John! Your words made my day, especially since they come from the Nutritional Therapy instructor you are :-). I’m grateful you want to share with your clients, feel free to pass on the link to this article with them.

  9. Very baffled that you are recommending a product that contains lead! This gradually accumulates in the body and is toxic.
    Tea tree oil should never be consumed and neither should wintergreen oil. Look them up.. even small amounts ingested are unhealthy.
    Generally your website is full of good honest advice but please don’t affiliate yourself to something until you have researched each ingredient as people may follow your advice assuming you know the risks when am guessing, in this case, you don’t.
    Open to hearing your views on this.

  10. Great information. The last time I had my teeth cleaned at the dentist’s office the hygienist asked me how I kept my teeth so clean. For over 10 years now I have made Thistle Hill Botanicals- Tooth Fairy Dental Cleaning Powder It WORKS! Easy to travel with, NO sugar, Fluoride, chemicals, colors….A little goes a very long way.
    ps..My hygienist bought a bottle for herself that day 🙂

  11. After 4 years of a Real Food Diet (with absolutely no cavities), my 4 year old and 9 year old each had a couple cavities at our last dental visit this past December. The Dentist thinks I’m NUTS for not filling the cavities, but I’m determined to try this naturally first. I have gotten even stricter with our diet and have removed all refined sugars and grains with the exception of sourdough bread (homemade), sourdough cookies made with some maple syrup once/twice a week for a treat, and white rice. I make sure they eat plenty of raw milk, raw cheese, pastured butter, fish, bone broth etc. and I have them on some specific supplements from our naturopath (they were both low on Vitamin D, magnesium – and my daughter was low on iodine). Our insurance covers x-rays every 6 months, so we’ll see the results in May. Thankfully my kids are pretty cooperative, and between the sourdough cookies and the occasional Lily’s chocolate (made with Stevia), as well as homemade hot cocoa with raw milk, cacao powder and raw honey – they don’t really feel deprived 🙂

  12. So wait – you say Glycerine coats teeth, preventing remineralization, but what about Vegetable Glycerine? I’ve been using an Organic Mouthwash that has Veg. Glycerine in it, because it’s hard to find a mouthwash without either Alcohol or some type of Glycerine/Veg. Glycerine in it.

  13. I don’t think it matters that it’s vegetable glycerine. Here’s a link for an easy make-your-own.

    Really great information. I think I have to read it a couple more times, just to make it all stick.

    I make my own toothpaste with only 5 ingredients. It has a very small amount of zanthan gum powder to make it thick, but it’s not required, and I use organic peppermint oil to flavor, and xylitol to sweeten, with no glycerine or any other nonsense. After reading the mouthwash recipe above, I think I’ll add lemon e.o. to my next batch, as it claims to act as a whitener.

  14. Hi I have looked everywhere, other people have asked, but still no answer. I have metal fillings and the clay pulls out metal should I be worried about the toothpaste pulling out my fillings or worse yet poisoning us?

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