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  1. I am curious about this, what about juicing the carrot? I am not a fan of raw in general! Very interesting about the baby carrots though, I think I will be switching back to the whole thing and peel them to go in everything.

  2. Hi.

    I love all of your posts, but have a TWO important questions…

    For many (most) women, excess estrogen is a problem. Women are suffering from estrogen-dominant hormone problems for the most part due to poor diet, etc. However, I am amenorrheic and NEED more estrogen in my system. It’s recently come to my attention that I have had a 10% bone mass reduction in the last 3 years due, primarily, to the lack of estrogen in my body.
    I don’t want to take bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, nor do I want to be on birth control. I understand that there are foods that can give me estrogen…like soy and flax. However, you write only negatively about them…
    I’m not sure how to boost estrogen through food and supplementation…Any ideas?

    ALSO…is there a similar vegetable to carrots that can help with hormone balance? (I am allergic to carrots.)

    Your response to these two things would be SO MUCH appreciated.
    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Monika 🙂 According to this discussion, bamboo shoots contain the same beneficial fiber as carrots:

      As for a lack of estrogen, that’s definitely too complex to discuss in a comment and it’s something I’ve not researched as in-depth as estrogen dominance. However, my belief is that the steps to reduce estrogen dominance work by balancing hormones in general, and so the many of the same steps would be applicable to a lack of estrogen (if it really is a lack of estrogen, and not other hormone imbalances). I’d recommend these steps (even though you’re not on the pill, it is still applicable):

      • What about lowering testosterone in women? Do you know anything about foods which could do that? I have read about spearmint tea being able to have some effect on testosterone, but there is a rat study which suggests detrimental changes to uterine tissue, so now I’m back to square one. Over the past 6-7 years, I have developed some chin hairs, cystic acne and a larger jaw, but my periods are still like clockwork!

        (Oh, and I eat tons of carrots, so should I stop?)

      • How would you know if it’s a estrogen dominance?? And would the carrot help balance hormones in general?? Not sure whats going on with my hormones but I know it’s from post weaning.

  3. Interesting, I’m gonna give this a try. I’ve changed from a vegetarian diet to a more omnivore diet over the last 5 months. Although it has brought benefits: a little weight gain I needed, feeling warmer, feeling more grounded and overall happier it’s not perfect yet. Adding more animal foods (organic) seems to cayse more PMS stuff for me, like retaining fluid and big, painfull breasts. I’m working on cutting down on sugar, hopefully that is gonna help too, but the increase in animal foods defenitily had an effect on my hormonal balance, both good and bad. Any tips?

  4. I read about this in Quit PMS. I’ve been doing everything I can in that book and it’s working wonders! Sadly, I can’t eat anything raw or cold in nature due to spleen meridian damage. So I’ve had to pass on the raw carrot. I did try the raw dairy for a while and LOVED it but had to eventually pass on that, too, due to spleen meridian damage.

  5. I’d love to try this, but I’m on the SCDiet and raw veggies I know aggravate my IBS. However, I know my hormones are totally out of whack and I’ve tried the pregnenolone and DHEA with very little success.

  6. interesting. i had read this on a paleo site a few years back but it was never really explained. i don’t eat any veggies raw due to my ulcerative colitis but i might attempt a single raw carrot and see what happens.

  7. Hi Lauren- do you by chance know what the ideal ratio for estrogen:progesterone is? I have been researching hormones lately and recently had mine checked, so I would like to know what you think. I have seen 200-300:1 as the most frequently cited range. Do you agree? Thanks!

  8. I read this on another site a few weeks ago. I had been having the most horrid cramps and PMS symptoms every month and they were becoming more and more intense. I ate a carrot a day for about 2 and a half weeks. This time around… ZERO CRAMPS. I was so happy. I’m definitely going to continue this.

  9. Thank you for all your awesome posts. I’m 45 and I need all the hormone balancing help I can get! I love jumping on the JumpSport mini tramp, by the way. I have been doing it 20 min. a day for a few weeks now. 🙂

  10. I need to make you a question. I am taking spiruline (very low dose a day) and my hair is a lot better same as my bacne, and my scalp. It is incredible, five days after start (2 pills a day instead of 5 as recommended) and I am better. But I think that it makes me pimples on my chin … is it possible that something that works really good on bacne makes acne on other place?? Maybe the pimples on my chin are due to shea butter at night ,,, but it doesn’t make sense as shea butter is non comedogenic. I am greasy when I wake up but then it helps a lot with oil during the day.
    And, can I find any other supplement as good as spirulina to my hair but without the chin pimples?? Don’t know what to do! If I could find out what is in spirulina that improves my hair a lot and get it from other supplement …
    Thank you so much for your help.

  11. Really great post with such a real and simple, practical tip. Thanks for creating such quality material in the blog world. Your blog has become one of my favorites in the last couple of months. It’s funny because I used to follow a lot of vegan and raw blogs for health information…not anymore! Keep up the good work Lauren!!

  12. I have a story to share.When I was about 16,I had some exams I was totally stressed about and my periods got very very late.My tummy was extremely bloated,I had all the PMS,but periods wouldn’t come.I felt miserable.Then my grandma suggested I drink raw carrot juice.Within an hour my periods came!Now I know why.
    I have been low carbing for two years on a ketogenic diet,and all my PMS have gone.My periods are regular,inflammation way down.My moods have stabilized too.I have severe insulin resistance.Before I had to take couple advils every month,now I don’t even realize my periods are there.I love your blog and esp your articles on Tulsi,gelatin and moon cycles.We practice that in our culture(back in India).I would love you to take a second look at ketogenic diets since they are used for curing epilepsy,treating cancer,diabetes and Alzhemiers,and there is so much science to back it now.
    I had a 15 year old fungal infection on my foot,that completely disappeared after starting the ketogenic diet.
    I also share the same concerns you shared about almond flour.Good Blogging thank you so much!

    • Although a carrot-a-day will help support balanced hormones, it requires more dietary changes and lifestyle changes. I explain these in my book Quit PMS. It truly depends on the person to reach balanced hormones – 3 months for some people or a couple of years for others. It also depends on how comprehensively you implement healthy diet/lifestyle changes.

      • I just saw in a post that you’re concerned about almond oil. What are your concerns? Also is the daily carrot going to help someone with next to no hormones? I’m 72 yrs of age. I did buy a bag of organic carrots today!

  13. Very informative! I unfortunately have ovarian cysts and possibly endometriosis and my chiropractor suggested eating a raw carrot a day, as well as unrefined coconut oil. This article explains the benefits very well.

    I eat a mostly raw diet and I usually eat my carrots whole but I was wondering if dehydrating them (at 105 degrees) would have the same benefits or should I stick to strictly eating them as is?



  14. I have a question – whenever I eat raw carrots, I always find undigested bits for days afterwards. I also find that they make my bowels feel irritated. This doesn’t happen when I eat them cooked. Does the fiber content really diminish if you soften the carrots in butter?

  15. I’ve recently been on a raw carrot kick. My mom always peeled them, but I’ve realized that unpeeled carrots are more crunchy and carroty. My favorite way to eat ’em is with some peanut butter… best combination!

  16. Oh my, it makes so much sense! I tried drinking fresh carrot juice for a month in january(I know it’s a juice, but my juicer is not that fancy, it leaves some fiber in) and my skin around that time of the month was so much better than usual. I credited that to the beta carotene which converts to vitamin A, but this makes a lot more sense, because I’ve taken a multivitamin in the past and it did nothing, however with carrot juice I noticed a difference in acne. Will try to incorporate more carrots in my diet again from now on. Thank you!

  17. Carrots are great, and peeling makes them taste better. Unpeeled carrots have no benefit over peeled carrots!
    Morely, I wouldn’t take Ray Peat with anything but a grain of Celtic salt (a bit more valuable than refined table salt). He’s a kook and his prescriptions for health are idiosyncratic quirks–that is, therz stuff he “likes”, and then finds “the science” to support it. The anti-estrogen value of carrot fiber is only valid if “estrogen” is already in the gut, and “meets up” with the carrot fiber. Carrot fiber in the stomach will not likely effect “estrogenic” compounds in the colon. The carrot fiber has no effect on hormones in blood. Thanks for the article.

  18. I wonder if this would have any affect on somebody on the contraceptive pill? Would changing your oestrogen levels affect its effectiveness? Or would it make no difference as you are taking hormones in pill form.

    Clearly I am very uneducated in this topic haha

  19. Hi Lauren, enjoy reading your posts! I wanted to add that all bacteria including beneficial probiotic strains produce LPS. Actually 24 hour yogurt prescribed by healing diets like SCD will contain a lot of LPS. So I am not sure how much worse the minuscule amount on carrots would be.

  20. Very interesting info. I can’t stand raw carrots, but will give it a try. I just recently had a hysterectomy because of cyst and endometriosis. My Dr then prescribed me estrogen to take for the next year for menopausal symptoms. I really wanted to wait and see if I have symptoms I couldn’t handle first, but she said take them. I did take for about 3 months, but reading up on this it seems that the estrogen could cause the endometriosis to come back. Also saw that phytoestrogen could cause the same problem. i quit taking either of these. What do you know about this?

  21. You mention not being able to track sources for some info, so to take it w/ grain of would be great to see the sources you do have! Would you include footnotes? Thanks!

  22. Your information is GREAT! How did you decide “which” nutritional program (school) to study with? I am in the process of looking at Nutritional Education. Any of your thoughts will be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you ,

  23. Yeah, this is great. I’ve started doing this by whenever I’m getting veg out of the fridge to cut and chop for a meal, I also grab a carrot and chop it into sticks to munch on while I’m prepping the meal.

  24. I am enjoying your blog tremendously. I actually wash, peel and cut up carrots and store in fridge for a few days. Is that not Ok to do? I buy a big bag of organic carrots (not baby carrots). Thank you for reply in advance.

  25. I have been putting a carrot in my whole fruit smoothies (berries, apple, carrot, water and chia) Because I feel like my skin could use a boost in carotenoids. I use a vitamix to blend everything to a smooth mixture. Its good to know that the fiber helps with my hormones also.

  26. Eating one raw carrot per day, raised my estrogen and probably also my endotoxin, serotonin and nitric oxide levels. I had estradiol measured, and it was about twice as higher, and it also made me swell up and become bloated, irritable, and fatigued, along with joint pain. I suspect it was too irritating for my intestine, and for some people it may have this opposite effect.

    Thyroid, progesterone and pregnenolone also all seem to greatly elevate my estrogen level and symptoms, and I actually got gyno experimenting with them.

    Not all people respond in the sense that Peat has it described.

    • Hi!!! The same for me!! Bloated, sweating and with breast pain.
      The worst para is my hair it is falling a lot. I’ve tried to stop but pimples and headache come out.
      What can I do to avoid pimples??
      If it is supossed to detox estrogen why you are having more?
      And why i reduce my acne but my hair is falling??? I need help

  27. I’ve heard about “the carrot diet” since i was a kid, and i used to regulary eat them. Then i fell “off track”, and now i’am on my way back 🙂 . So, when i go to the grocery store today i will buy carrots!
    Thanks for a great blog, i LOVE to check in here 🙂
    /Therese in Sweden

  28. Hi! I found this article pretty interesting, and thanks for the help by the way, I just want to ask you some questions about my actual situation, I’m 18 and I have SOPQ so I have acne which embarrasses me all the time I have already used Roacuttanne for the acne but it did not disappear so I want to find a natural and holistic cure for that and Irregular menstruations that I also have, I would like to know if with this treatment am I be able to treat this Illness?

  29. I can’t believe how young you are. Jealous now.
    Kidding I need all the help I can get. Picture round shriveled anything in grey hair tada that’s me. I know I have issues but I’m working on them I have been researching this stuff for years but was too lazy to follow through. I am now that it’s too large too really matter. I want to thank you for your info. I don’t know what you mean by website sorry.

  30. I started 4 weeks ago with the carrot (with olive oil, himalayan salt and apple vinegar) and I feel better, less water retention and my skin is doing great but now, my hair started falling out and it was very strong before. Maybe I’m eliminating too much estrogen?? Maybe is better to take the carrot only from ovulation to menstruation?

  31. Ive been eating raw carrots for many years, everyday, still do. No wonder why i barely had a hot flash or night sweats. Thought i was the luckiest woman ,not suffering like my friends. Looks like its cause ive been the smartest being a health nut snd eating lots of raw veggies and fruits.
    Knew it was good for my health, thanks for letting me know the bonuses it gave me.

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