10 Reasons Why I Wear My Q-Link Every Day

Q-Link review, discussion and coupon code

What is Q-Link?

I first discussed my love for the Q-Link in a Q-Link review and discussion November. Q-Link products each contain a proprietary piece of technology, resembling a computer chip, called Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT).  Through this technology, the Q-Link works synergistically with your body to amplify and support your vibration. With an amplified vibration, your body is more capable of wellbeing and can better handle life’s physical and emotional stressors. 

The concept of supporting the body’s vibration has been around for thousands of years in Eastern medicine, although it is newer in the Western world. Some people misinterpret this concept of vibrational medicine as woo-woo or a religious concept. It is neither – this is purely biology, and a really awe-inspiring biology at that.

I am passionate about sharing my experience with the Q-Link because I have such a strong connection – literally! – with my pendant. To use my Lord of The Rings analogy again, it’s literally like I’m Frodo and my Q-Link is the ring.

1. I can’t bear not to wear my Q-Link

As I explained in my first Q-Link review, the most startling reaction to my Q-Link (which is this SRT-3 Pendant in white) was an undeniable and powerful urge to wear it constantly. For the 240 days (give or take) that I’ve had my Q-Link, I have not gone a single day or night without wearing it. I take it off only to bathe and during ballet class (I can’t dance with a necklace).

When I remove my Q-Link, I notice it laying around – even if it is an unusual place. I have never lost my Q-Link, which I think testifies that my body is thoroughly drawn to it.

 2. The Q-Link is backed by REAL science


Q-Link review, discussion and coupon codeAs someone who has studied vibrational medicine for a couple of years, the Q-Link made perfect sense to me. To those of you who are unfamiliar with vibrational medicine (which is how acupuncture works, by the way), the Q-Link may sound like a weird concept. But the Q-Link is not snake oil.

As I discussed in my Q-Link discussion and review, the Q-Link is proven not to be merely a placebo effect.  The efficacy of the Q-Link is backed by two decades of research and numerous studies, including  peer reviewed, published, blind and double-blind studies. You can see these studies summarized here. This is a science-backed product for improved well-being, performance and quality of life.

3. No more tinnitus with my Q-Link!

I used to experience occasional but regular tinnitus. As I addressed my autoimmune disease with diet over the past few years, it significantly reduced. But I was still occasionally struck with bouts of annoying ear ringing. Since wearing my Q-Link, however, I remember only one time in the last 8 months that I’ve had ear ringing. I’m not alone, since many other Q-Link wearers report an end to their tinnitus. (This is just my experience and the experience of some other Q-Link wearers who have shared their testimonials here. The makers of Q-Link do not make medical/health claims for the Q-Link.)

4. My Q-Link gives me better balance and turns in dance

One of my beloved hobbies is dancing ballet. I do not wear my Q-Link pendant during class time because any type of necklace is impractical to dance with, but I am currently saving for the Q-Link bracelet which I will be able to wear during dance class.

When I am practicing ballet outside of class, I notice a significant improvement in my balance and turns when I wear my Q-Link. This makes me very grateful, since both balance and turns are particularly challenging for me because of my history of adrenal fatigue which impairs balance by impeding healthy blood pressure fluctuations. When I’m wearing my Q-Link, It feels like my body “clicks” into place… I am more stable and centered.

When I discussed this experience with my friend and representative at Q-Link, he gave some interesting input which makes a lot of sense:

Even if you take off your Q-Link for dance, but you’ve been wearing it consistently prior, you are still benefitting, because the Q-Link assists your body in achieving ongoing/increasing balance at different levels.  So, even though you may remove your Q-Link for a short period of time, when you take your Q-Link off, you still have the benefit of a body, mind and spirit that has been working better and more efficiently over time. One analogy would be, you take a vacation at the beach.  You walk along the shore and relax each day for a week, restoring your vitality, mental outlook and spirit. Although you will return to your every day life once your vacation ends, your system is still experiencing having been recharged, so you’ll “coast” on this a bit before “life” starts to creep back in.

Many pro-athletes (golfers, basketball players, baseball players, marathon runners, and more) use the Q-Link because they agree that it improves their performance. While I recommend a Q-Link to everyone, because we can all benefit by amplifying our resistance to stress and improving performance, I particularly recommend Q-Link to performers/athletes and those with chronic health conditions.

5. My Q-Link helps reduce the impact of electropollution

Every cell, organ, and tissue in your body has a natural and constantly fluctuating vibration.  This vibration is energy, and that energy is electrical. Electropollution, also called electromagnetic fields or EMFs,  are the potentially chaotic electrical frequencies that surround us from wireless technology and electronic devices. Electropollution clouds up the electrical communication in the human body and opens the door to a host of health problems.

While we shouldn’t panic, we do need to be educated and proactive about this, and so I would highly recommend you read my post Electropollution: Why and How You Should Protect Yourself. Electropollution is real and the consequences are scary. By strengthening and balancing the healthy vibration of your cells, the Q-Link is a powerful tool to help protect yourself against the negative effects of electropollution.

One important concept to understand is that the Q-Link does not shield you from electropollution, nor does it neutralize electropollution. Instead, it makes your body more resilient to the harmful electromagnetic frequencies. The stronger and clearer your own vibration, the better your cells can communicate even in the presence of harmful frequencies. 

6. With an autoimmune disease, I’ll take all the help I can get from my Q-Link

Do you have an autoimmune disease or chronic illness? Then perhaps you’ll identify with my mindset, “I’ll take any help I can get!” I was certainly thinking that when I invested in my Q-Link Acrylic Pendant. Although I knew the Q-Link wasn’t a medical product, I was certainly eager to improve my overall wellbeing in any way possible.

Did you know that the amplitude of one’s vibration reflects one’s physical health? Researcher Bruce Tainio found that a drop in the frequency of the body goes hand-in-hand with the appearance of health issues (read more). Those of use with severe health challenges greatly benefit by supporting our vibration from both the outside-in (with the Q-Link) as well as the inside-out (with a healthy diet and practices like guided imagery for healing).

 7. My Q-Link has improved my sleep (I think)

Q-Link wearers all have unique reactions to the Q-Link. For me, the most noticeable was the urge to wear it constantly. While some wearers report an immediate and undeniable improvement in sleep, I did not. With that said, it does seem like my sleep quality has improved in the last 8 months.

q-link acrylic pendant

This is the Q-Link Acrylic Pendant (I have it in white)

Although I purchased my Acrylic Pendant months ago, I was recently gifted the Silver Q-Link Pebble Pendant with the Brushed Finish (it’s this one), which I use on a silver necklace chain. I sleep in my acrylic pendant (the SRT-3 pendant – this one) because it is most comfortable with the soft cord, but I wear my Silver Pendant during the day because it is a beautiful piece of jewelry. 

With that said, any of the pendants are comfortable enough to sleep in. My friend has the bracelet, and she leaves it on 24/7.

q-link silver pebble pendant

 8. My Q-Link is an elegant addition to my wardrobe

As I just mentioned, I now wear my Silver Pebble Pendant during the daytime. It seems like not a week goes by that I do not get a compliment on my “necklace.” (Of course, I always explain that it is not just a necklace… it’s a Q-Link!) It is elegant, understated and very tastefully designed. I don’t normally wear jewelry, but my silver pendant matches anything I wear and is a permanent piece of my wardrobe.  

My friend recently got the Q-Link bracelet after hearing me rave about my own Q-Link, so having seen the bracelet in person, I can say that it is another beautiful piece of jewelry.

9. The Q-link makes me more resilient to a range of stressors

The Sympathetic Resonance Technology in Q-Link products contain more than 100 natural, subtle frequencies that resonate with and amplify the body’s own healthy energy states. This helps to increase the body’s natural immunity to a variety of stressors to support the whole person – mind, body and spirit.

Physical stressors include electropollution and illnesses, both chronic illness and things like the common cold. Emotional stressors are exactly that – situations that cause emotional stress, everything from being late to a meeting to fighting with your spouse. And in this world, we can all benefit by reducing emotional stress! Also, I’m not telling you that the Q-Link will prevent you from catching the flu (remember, it’s not a medical product – it’s a wellbeing “booster”), but many people believe the Q-Link significantly supports their immune system.

10. The Q-Link reduces the “energy-zapping” of computers

Since my work is almost completely online, I’m using my laptop for a solid 5-6 hours each day. My Q-Link helps reduce the physiological stress of my time at a computer. Not only are computers a source of electropollution, but the artificial light from the screen and reading the screen can really zap one’s energy.

A helpful solution to reduce the problematic EMFs and physiological stress of computers, tablets and cell phones is the Q-Link Clear, which is a small round tab that you stick on to the device. You can use these in conjunction with wearing a Q-Link or alone. The benefit of wearing a Q-Link pendant/bracelet is that your vibration is bolstered 24/7, not only when you are using a device.

Are my 10 reasons common with other Q-Link users?

The vast majority of individuals experience some type of noticeable change when wearing the Q-Link, but it truly depends on the person. I’ve shared how my body responds. Here’s another example from a reader who wrote to me after trying the Q-Link:

Just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU! I bought the Q-Link 10 days ago and I have seen amazing changes in my body. I was extremely skeptical and was ready to return within 30 days if I didn’t see any changes. My skin has improved, I have had no migraines and my resting heart rate has gone down from the 90s to 70s. I love it! Thank you for telling us about it.

“I don’t feel a difference wearing my Q-Link. Is it working?” This is a less common but still normal response. The short answer is YES! There are still highly beneficial, physiological changes taking place when you wear the Q-Link, even if you don’t notice anything. 

Q-Link pendants, Q-Link Clear and Q-Link bracelets

Here are just a few options for Q-Link Products, although there are many different styles and colors of Q-Links:

  • I have have the Acrylic SRT-3 Pendant here and this is the most popular option. It comes with a comfortable silk cord and like I mentioned, this is the one I wear while sleeping.
  • I love my gorgeous Q-Link Silver Pebble (in the brushed finish). It doesn’t come with a chain but it does come with a silk cord. As you can see from my picture of it above, I paired my pendant with a silver chain that I had from an old necklace. You can adjust the height of the pendant by choosing a longer or shorter chain. Scroll through this page to see the Q-Link pendants in different colors and different finishes (acrylic, silver, gold, etc.).
  • The SRT-2 Pendant here is not as robust but still gives great results for a smaller budget.
  • My friend ended up getting this Q-Link Bracelet instead of a pendant. It is beautiful! And also easy for sleeping.
  • The Q-Link Clear, found here, is a little button that you stick onto your phone, tablet or computer. By strengthening your biofield when you use the device, it supports your body’s natural defenses to the EMFs of the device. It works alone or in conjunction with a Q-Link pendant/bracelet. I highly recommend using a wearing the Q-Link in a pendant/bracelet for 24 hour protection, however the Q-Link Clear is suitable for a much smaller budget.

My acrylic Q-Link pendant           The  Q-Link Bracelet          My Brushed Silver Q-Link Pendant

bk_lg        exec_womens_bra_lg                sil_pol_lg

Q-Link coupon

UPDATE: Everyone appreciated the last Q-Link coupon I offered in April. I’m happy to be able to share a new limited-time coupon!

Get a free Q-Link CLEAR, a $25 value, with any product purchase of $99.95 or greater! Be sure to order though THIS LINK so your CLEAR can be automatically included with your order (although it will not show in your cart), and please specify your color preference in the comments section.  This special offer expires Wednesday, June 25th.

Have you tried Q-Link before? Do you want to? 

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  1. Jessica says

    Thank you for putting together this list! I have been a bit skeptical about the Q-Link, but would like to try it when I am able to save up some money from my summer job (ah, the life of a poor student).. I have actually been experiencing some abnormal levels of stress this year…and I have a persistent rash on my hands which I have always just thought was natural eczema and left over detox from corticosteroid withdrawal…However, Now I wonder if delayed healing could be a result of constantly having my smartphone in my hand to browse the web, text, etc. Definitely would love to try Q-link to see if it would make a difference along with a technology detox!

    • Alison says

      You can use the coupon code SPRING14 and get 40% off until April 15th, I just made sure to mention that I found out about it on Empowered Sustenance. I just ordered mine. Thanks for the post Lauren!

  2. karen says

    i bought my q-link a few months ago when you first mentioned it. i have to say i haven’t noticed anything really different. i do remember when i first wore it, i did feel a bit ‘off’…for a very short time. I have NEVER taken it off since i got it…i wear it because like you said “With an autoimmune disease, I’ll take all the help I can get from my Q-Link”! your silver one is a beauty!

  3. Natalie says

    I also bought one a month ago or so. I read your review of it and sat on it for a while. I haven’t noticed any differences, really, but I’ll try anything. The only thing I’ve noticed is that while I don’t feel the need to have it on all the time, when I do have it on, I’m very reluctant to take it off. I do have a question though – I have the plastic pendant in black — is the side with the copper circle and white Q-link supposed to face out or in?

  4. Lark says

    Thank you for this new Q-Link post. I was very intrigued by your initial post back in November and have been considering it since — the coupon + free shipping may convince me to finally give it a try. I am glad to learn about your additional and more specific benefits from using it. I am hoping it can help me handle stress better and stay in a parasympathetic state more often. It seems as though I have been living in a sympathetic state most of the time, which has negatively affected my already damaged digestion. The Vibrant Blue Oils post was another must-read and I am so grateful to have learned about those oils from your blog. Thank you so much for all your research and willingness to share your healing journey with us. I have learned so much from your work. :)

  5. Kelly says

    My friend who used to have terrible migraines brought me bracelets that seem similar to qlink. I have an autoimmune disease and got terrible headaches aswell. While mine were virtually free I havent had a real headache in 6 months (after having them every day for years) and I also get what you mean with when its off. I always sense it no matter where it is and always have the urge to put it on. Even though my autoimmune disease makes it that my skin cant bear anything on it. I have to have it on for some reason. The bracelets are beautiful and look very similar to qlink. Did you try other (non-expensive) brands aswell? I think that if a $5 bracelet might work the same its a waste to spend that extra $100 for the brand name, but maybe that’s just me with a very tight budget :)

    Thanks for always posting interesting articles! I have followed a lot of your advice in the past weeks and I do feel changes in my moods and energy level. Does your disease stay under control or do you still have regular setbacks? Im your age with an autoimmune disease and unfortunately I feel that I have these good periods where I can do a lot to my standard, and suddenly Im on complete bedrest again with a lot of pain and fatique. I know that everyone reacts differently but I wonder if it is possible with diet to balance a disease so that there will be less of a rollercoaster experience? The constant readjusting is the most mentally draining I feel.

    • says

      I’m not familiar with any other product that is similar to the Q-Link, and I do think the Q-Link is the only one backed with the extensive research and numerous studies. It’s definitely not a question of brand name vs. generic, because the Q-Link is a “one and only”… there isn’t a generic version.

      I’m glad to hear that my site is helpful to you as you deal with your autoimmune disease! I definitely do have setbacks, it can be very discouraging, but I concentrate on the progress that I’ve made and take each setback as a learning experience. Also, it helps to look at it as the “hills and valleys” of healing – healing isn’t a straight line :)

  6. sera says

    thank u for getting a new coupon code! i was wondering tho, the 10% discount is coming off, but the shipping is not showing up as $0.. does is come off at the end after i put my card info in?

  7. Nancy says

    Can you tell me what chain you are using with your brushed silver Q-link? There are two different kinds on there website. And by looking at yours I can’t tell which one you ordered.


  8. Carol says

    Lauren, do we need to be concerned about BPA in the plastic pendants? I’m a little unsure about that. Thanks.

  9. Shlomi says

    I bought the classic qlink (SRT2) 10 years ago and wore it for 3 years , I didn’t fell it change anything in my energy or total well being. But the main reason I took it off is because it made a red circle on the skin of my chest and when I went to a skin Doctor He told me that in 30 years He is practicing skin medicine He never saw such a side effect . After I took it off it , it took almost 1 year for the red circle to fade away from my chest , The red circle was in the exact same diameter of the qlink copper coil inside the qlink . SInce I don’t know exactly how this pendant work I decided to get rid of it since no one actually tell what are the side effect of wearing it …and if it doesn’t help anyway why risk it

    • says

      I do appreciate you sharing your experience here and I’m sorry you had such an odd reaction! The thing to remember is that we are all unique beings. Your reaction is so extremely rare – my representative has never heard of anyone having a similar reaction. Just because the Q-Link isn’t for you, doesn’t mean that it isn’t for me. I’m not risking anything and I know that the Q-Link is helping me.

  10. K0izo says

    I believe the power of our mind is limitless, and that is why placebos result. I hope its not another Powerbalance bracelets fraud.

  11. Cass says

    Thank you for posting this. I didn’t see your first post and I’ve never heard of Q-link. Of course, I’m somewhat skeptical as with most things. I’m interested to try it though as I’ve been dealing with constant nausea for over a year and the doctors haven’t been able to help our figure out what’s wrong. I tried acupuncture and Chinese herbs and those didn’t do anything for me but I did feel more relaxed. I carry tons of tension in my neck & shoulders and the acupuncture helped to relax those muscles – better than muscle relaxers even! I know Q-Link makes no medical claims but do they offer some kind of return policy if you’re not happy with it? The Silver Pebble pendant is gorgeous but very much out of my price range. Really the only thing within my price range are the Q-Link Clear products. Do you think one of those would work if you put it on a pre-existing pendant? I think I like the idea of the bracelet most but I’m trying to figure out a less expensive alternative. Also, out of curiosity, is the Pebble pendant engravable? Do both sides look the same or does one side have the copper ring visible? Sorry for all the questions but I’m very curious about this product. Do you get any kind of commission or any compensation or free gifts for posting this information? I’m not saying your results aren’t legitimate to you, I’m just curious. Thank you so much for your posts and your reply, as I’m sure you will as soon as you’re able.

  12. Naomi says

    I am currently getting my degree in Radiology. I was wondering if there are any other things you would recommend for me? Thank you!

  13. Rebekah says

    Hi there, I was wondering if it would be an option to put the little Clear link one into a silver locket and wear it, instead of sticking it onto a device. Would the silver block the ‘signal’? or would it pass through the metal? You mentioned that the pebble one can face either direction when being worn, even though the front side is metal, so I was just wondering :) I’m saving up for a bracelet, but in the meantime I still wanted to be able to wear some form of the Q link.

  14. Ania says

    Hi Lauren!

    I was wondering if it was safe to use during pregnancy? There is not so much info on the internet.. Thanks a lot !

  15. John says

    Hi, I got my qlink acrylic few days ago, and I think it’s working so far! I get no emf fatigue,and I can feel that my blood is not congealed like it does after watching a movie on my laptop.
    I have a few questions if you can answer them. Does your silver tarnish and how do you keep it polished? Do you wear it in the shower? Also, do you know if offers extra protection if you wear the bracelet along with the bracelet? If I keep having the same experience now, I’m going to fall in love with this technology and soon get a nicer looking one….. maybe the stainless steel if silver tarnishes too often.

  16. Gretchen says

    Hello Lauren,

    I’ve tried googling the answer and looking on the Q-link FAQ page and cannot find it: do you know if a used/pre-owned Q-link will work as well as a new one? Are there any problems with there being a previous user?

    Thank you!

  17. Fred says

    Oh no! I had enjoyed reading some other articles on your website, but this endorsement of q-link has made me question how important science-based knowledge is to the advice you give in other more responsibility heavy areas, like nutrition. Please tell me that your nutrition advice is more founded in science than this. I have no problem with people holding individual faith based beliefs (like faith healing etc.) alongside more rational ones, but they should be kept seperate, so i do hope that you approach nutrition with a more critical/peer reviewed mindset than you did this.

    Please read ben goldacre’s article about q-link on the badscience website. He even takes a q link apart to see what’s inside. The answer is not much.

    Sorry for the negative note, nice website otherwise.

    • Gretchen says

      Both “The Paleo Approach” and “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” books list their peer reviewed scientific resources at the back, and they are extensive. These are the two nutrition protocols that she said she follows/blends together. I hope that helps!

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