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      • I first acquired propolis tincture (solution of 75% grain alcohol and 25% propolis) from a local bee farmer at a farmer’s market. The label said it was antiviral, antifungal and antibiotic. I get occasional herpes on my lip from practicing dental hygiene in the 70s and 80s before we used masks and gloves and splatter came up on my face from using an aerosol water scaler.

        These sores always came up and were embarrassing and very painful for 10 days. When I saw the antiviral statement on the bottle I decided to buy it (for a mere $16 and it lasts forever) and applied it to my lip at the next itchy, burny situation. I zapped it several times that first day and the second, to be sure. It retreated, and didn’t come back. A year later, I felt the characteristic itch late at night and was too lazy to go grab the tincture. The next day it had come out a little and I zapped it several times a day for 2-3 days and it produced a VERY mild lesion that created no pain and was hardly noticeable.

        I’ve since shared this info with a dental hygienists board I am on on Facebook and regularly sell this product at cost ($16) plus shipping (about $4.00) This is something I do to spread the word about this excellent natural product. BTW, this is a 2-oz. bottle instead of the 1-oz. bottle I’ve seen on Amazon and their product called it a tincture (which is, by definition a grain alcohol solution so it is safe to take internally) but it arrived in a nasty oily solution that I can’t stand to put in my mouth.

        If anyone is interested, I’ll bee (!) happy to send it to you. You have no reason to trust me, but you can check out my 2 fb pages (Jan Bee and Fairmont Handi-Van) and friend me.

      • So i’ve suffered from embarrassing toe fungus for years, and I never found a product that fully cleared it. Some products/supplements would “lessen” it but there were none that made it disappear. I tried propolis in an oral tincture form. I’d take about 10 drops a day and hold it under my tongue for 2 minutes and then swallow. After 3 weeks I noticed visible clearing of the fungus. 5 weeks later the fungus was gone and hasn’t come back. Not sure if these results are typical as I have not seen anyone talking about propolis taken in oral form to clear toenail fungus but all I can say is that it seemed to work for me. I also have noticed an increase in energy….again may not be typical for all but it works for me.

    • My aunt who lives in Argentina suggested me taking propolis that may help with a cyst i suprisingly got. Unfortunately the last time i took it i put maybey 10 drops into my drink. Not sure if i over did it but after taking it i went for a nap and i woke up wit heart palpitations. It freaked me out because i felt terrible along with a bad headache. Iv’e read that if you take too much especially if your body is not used to it and can cause these side effects. Being that I am very sensitive to almost everything in my case I would need to start off slow. Overall i started back again today with less deops and hopefully it will not make me feel bad in any type of way!

    • For pregnant women, the most helpful beehive product is royal jelly. That’s what separates the queen bee (the only female out of tens of thousands who is not only fertile but has the only mature reproductive system) from all the worker bees who are also female. She was the only one who ate more royal jelly from birth and continues to eat it throughout life (and she lives about two years, compared to worker bees who live only six weeks.)

      For human consumption, though, because the bees don’t store any royal jelly (they feed it straight to the queen as soon as it’s produced), any time you see a jar of frozen royal jelly, it’s probably no good. The best is freeze-dried royal jelly (powdered, usually in capsules). Coincidentally, it’s most effective when taken together with pollen and propolis.

      If you’ve already given birth, royal jelly may still be useful to balance out and replenish hormones, especially if you’re breastfeeding or you’ve had any complications at birth, or both. But Lauren is right, don’t go overboard on the RJ (whether pregnant or not) just because there have been good endorsements.

  1. So interesting! Can’t wait to try it! Do you think it is safe for older kids (ages 8 & 11)? I am relatively new to your site…stumbled upon it back in October and since then have been on a crusade to learn all I can about making my home and personal care chemical free. Thank you so much for all the information you share!!!

  2. Very interesting post! I’ve not seen anyone in the Paleo world talk about this, so I appreciate your raising the topic. How does Bee Glue compare to Bee Pollen? I’ve been including BP in my smoothie each morning – 1 tsp packs a whopping 22 g of protein, helps with immunity/allergies & energy.

    • Bee pollen is wonderful but it does have different properties. Both support the immune system, but the propolis unique anti-microbial properties (working on the immune system in a different way, I believe) and lacks the amino acids of pollen.

      • I don’t know about the 22 grams of protein but the best bee pollen I have found is at It is pricey but totally worth it. Also, watch for their sales, when you hit it at the right time you can get a great price on this stuff.

        Hope this helps 😉

      • Good luck with finding that, however it would be near imposable, since a teaspoon holds on average of 5 grams.
        given that it holds 5 grams, 1 gram of protein would equate to a 20% by weight, not bad.
        maybe they have super compressed nuked pollen, that might fit you 22 grams on a teaspoon 🙂

  3. Great post. But, as it seems to have very strong anti-microbial properties, are you sure it is not going to kill the good bacteria? How can it distinguish between good and bad bacteria? It is a general concern I have about all kind of natural antibiotics, ie oregano oil, garlic, colloidal silver, etc.

  4. Lauren-
    This is really interesting. Do you think it would help with SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) and/or with leaky gut? If the bees coat the interior of a tree, maybe it would coat the interior of my gut?!!

  5. I’ve been taking propolis for years for colds and flus. It’s the only thing that works for me aside from elderberry. I take a dropperful of tincture directly in my mouth (past the teeth) as soon as I have any symptoms.

  6. One of my chickens came down with a viral infection and she had bloody diaria and fatigue. she was also loosing her feathers in late spring. I put her on bee propolis and a higher protien diet and the bloody diaria went away her feathers grew back and she gained her strength back.

    It also works great for my dental pain in my mouth.

    As far Annas blog rather it wipes out other cultures I would think not. Usually things that are common to nature work with nature with the exception of diotamacious earth. Some people take that and it destroys both good and bad bacteria.

  7. I really enjoy your blog, and the time you put into all the info you research, saving me time and confusion on what I can and cannot consume since I suffer from 3 different auto-immune diseases.

    Anyhoo, I have been taking bee pollen for about a year and half and this is stuff is fantastic! But my question is I bought some super enriched honey, which has bee pollen, bee propolis and royal jelly in it, can I take this instead of the bee propolis you talked about in your post? Also, if I can take this instead, should I stop taking the bee pollen? Any suggestions will help.

    Also, do you have any other blogs you can recommend or ones that you follow? I am trying to get as much as info as I can since my main auto-immune disease is endometriosis and it has really wrecked my world. I have had to quit working because the pain is so bad. I did get your book “Quit PMS”, so I am reading that and working on how to work that into my daily routine.

    Now, that I have taken up your time, thank you, again!

  8. I have recently discovered your blog in my desire to “go natural” and I love it! Thanks for sharing. I’ve tried your honey mask and seen improvements with my skin/acne. Could I mix the bee pollen into the honey or do you think I should apply it topically by itsefl? Thanks!!

  9. Hi Lauren. How important do you think it is to take propolis separate from food? I already take proteolytic enzymes 3x a day away from food and it is hard to fit it all in! Thanks!

  10. Nice, simple article on this little miracle. I’ve been taking a propolis capsule on and off for a couple months now. I do feel generally better when taking it. I started taking it for overall immune support (I was getting sick a lot). Now, I’ve found that it actually is helpful with fatigue. I’m almost certain it was the extra boost I needed today.

  11. I have personally been taking propolis for aprox six years now. Its benefits are so numerous to count. I have used it for burns and toe fungus, as well as orally. Bees are truly a wonder of nature.
    Thanks for having this post


  12. I take local honey to help with allergies, but I’m not sure how I feel about taking propolis, pollen, or royal jelly from the hives. I wonder if it would lead to more problems for the bee population?

    • Taking propolis and pollen from the beehive does put some Added stress on the bees but overall it is not going to affect the bee population if it is done consciously. I am a bee keeper and bee venom therapist. It is the mite problem which spreads disease to the bees which is affecting the bee population. If a bee keeper wants to keep her bees alive she is going to collect pollen and propolis in as low impact a way as possible. If you like the way bee products make you feel you might want to check out my website and read more about bee venom therapy. Imagine that sense of energy and vitality you get from pollen or propolis and. Multiply it by about 20 and that’s how bee venom therapy feels. It is doing amazing things for lyles, MS, chronic pain and other inflammatory conditions.

  13. This is great information ! I am really intrigued right now . I’m going to order some online right now haha. I will post back later with some results . I have a good feeling about it 😉

  14. Thanks a lot! 🙂
    Do you think Propolis would help on diarrhoea (irritable colon)? 🙁
    I had a gastroscopy and a colonoscopy without any results. Everything was alright up until a tiny little red spot in the stomach. No doctor knows what to do. No lactose intolerance, no gluten intolerance or anything. I can’t think any further myself. Hope to find a help in Propolis.

    Thanks again to you for your article! ♥

  15. I have two hives, and I just scrape the propolis off the frames and boxes. I collect it into a pile and then just hand press it basically into pills. You definitely don’t want to chew this, unless you want a new filling in your tooth!

  16. I often recommend using propolis tincture directly on plantar warts on feet. Let the area dry and then place duct tape on top of the area. You can swim and shower with the duct tape protecting the site. Repeat the process every 2-3 days until the wart softens and can be removed or comes off when you take the duct tape off. Very effective!

  17. I wonder if propolis kills the beneficial bacteria in the gut (which might cause digestive problems) and if one should take probiotics?

    I’ve been using propolis tincture instead of deodorant for about a year now and it works really well. First it only lasted a couple of hours but after using it for awhile it lasts the entire day. Good stuff!

    • I’ve been taking it for the last few days in hopes of it kicking a cold (seems like it’s working). My gut is very sensitive, and I always feel really sick to my stomach and get digestive problems when I take antibiotics. I have had no stomach or digestive problems from propolis.

      Anticdotal evidence from just 1 person isn’t a clear answer, but thought I’d share.

  18. When my wife gave me the concentrated propolis I was very skeptical … But I decided to give it a try. I started taking a few drops of propolis mixed with water every morning .I can confirm that I definitely feel boost in my immune system and my overall daily condition !I’m catching colds very often but now it’s been a while since I’ve been feeling that way (cold , fever, snivel) I hope it’ll keeps me in this condition for the rest of my life ))
    Try it !

  19. I have 4 bee hives and have my own source of propolis. I seem to have a natural high immunity but a friend of mine with his own bee hives takes it regularly. He swears by it. By the way if you have arthritis or an autoimmune disease, bee stings have been known to help.

  20. Hi. I have been searching for information about taking propolis internally for eczema. My daughter has had a flare up in the recent weeks. Mainly behind the knees. Very itchy. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
    She us 10 and going through hormonal changes and development….
    I know there is aloe/propolis cream but, am weary of trying it as it has made the wounds burn in the past!!
    Thank you.

  21. I think honey is better than bee glue. Honey contains flavonoids, antioxidants which help reduce the risk of some cancers and heart disease. Honey is so good we have included it in our list of powerfoods that should be in your kitchen right now.

  22. I boil milk and add propolis in it. Then i add a lot of good sices to take away the strong taste ( ginger, cinnamoun nutmeg, etc and some cocoa and some licouric root. I boil it for a while to make the propolis and spices go into the milk. After this i add a great amount of honey, and store it in the refridgerator. Every now and then i go and have a sip. Just started for a while ago. Do you think boiling kill any of the benefits of propolis?

  23. A friend of mine gave me Pure chewable Propolis two years ago. They are in cube form and chewable. I have never opened the jar until now, as I have not been sick with a cold in quite some time. Do you think that they will have expired? There is no expiry date on the jar.

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