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  1. Thank you so much for this article!! I think that fostering a healthy eating relationship is crucial in kids, to prevent the terrible, shameful, joyless yo-yo dieting mentality that often corresponds with eating disorders. Food is a celebration, a gift, a privilege, a cultural tie, and a bonding experience. It shouldn’t have to be forbidden or associated with so much guilt! Enjoy your food people!!!!

  2. I think this is a great post! Love any encouragement to instill nutrition values in my son! I do have a concern about #4 though. Are you saying that there is no relationship between muscle strengthening/building (through exercise) and our metabolism? How can it be a bad idea to encourage our kids to exercise and thereby maintain their metabolism? I don’t think teaching the importance of weight management needs to be a bad thing, just as long as it’s about health and avoiding chronic illness and not our appearance. And if we teach our kids to “walk for exercise”, why can’t we then also teach them not to do it so they can eat more?

  3. Great article, thank you! Just wondering how I combine point 1 with point 3 – I know I do food shaming (for example that’s not real food! Or we avoid seed oils they are bad for you) in order to help my son make healthy choices. How do you handle this? Should I accept his choices while pointing out a ‘better quality choice’?

  4. This is the MOST brilliant article on food I have read in ages!!! All the “diet sites” Myfitnesspal, Fitday, all of them have people whine and carp and moan about their ABILITY to buy and eat nourishing food…. anytime they want.! No limits or shortages, a protected food supply.

    There is NO HONORING of the fact you are able, in this country, to nourish yourself 24/7 from any of a hundred stores, with food extremely cheap! We do not appreciate clean water, AVAILABLE safe water, ability to cook, and store and enjoy it without contamination (bugs, rats). or spoilage.

    I read an article decades ago about adult women who approach the table with boredom and disdain; to be seen actually eating and ENJOYING their food was shocking. Like Scarlett O’hara in Gone with the Wind…..all the other girls ate like birds, and she insisted Ashley liked a girl with an appetite! what a concept.

    Here is the REAL tragedy. at 18-25 you want to party and wear the tiny dresses, at 25-30 you want to be an unnatural size 2 in your wedding dress..and at 33 you cry because you are infertile, and can’t carry a healthy baby to term.. Fertility is down 25% in young, supposedly healthy, but not, women. How sad, and stupid,

    Ive had a roommate who drank NO WATER, only 6-10 diet pepsi a day..and she was a runner…collapsed with total kidney failure at 26… she was lucky they saved her kidneys.

    I wish all moms, and fathers, and adults in general, could appreciate the abundance we have, and pass that thankfulness onto the children, and teens.

    We have no memory of depravation in the USA, but we are nutritionally starving ourselves everyday, especially those under 30. With bigfodcorp pushing eating of their cheap processed junk foods, how do vegetables and common sense stand a chance?

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Thank you Lauren! I’ve made peace with food with those same steps that you’ve outlined. I was a competitive runner since I was 7 years old and highly perfectionistic. After I had to stop running because of my medical issues, I realized how unhealthy my relationship with food was.

    Now I enjoy quality food, walking in nature and yoga. And I enjoy my activities in the moment rather than thinking about weight loss.

  6. Hi Laureen =)

    I have read some of your articles and you seem to know a lot about food. So I ask you, are you vegan? I don’t think so since I read that you use raw liver in homemade supplements.
    I wanted to say something about it because meat and animal products are so unhealthy for the human body. Filled with stress since the animals live and die in terrible circumstances. Plus, full of hormones, GMOs and other stuff, it aint good for you. And that is just on the physical level without talking about all the other aspects like the terrible animal conditions or environmental issues.
    As you probably have guessed by now, I am vegan and I wonder how you can make peace with food that has not had a peacefull life?
    Other than that I think your articles are great and interesting and I have got some food issues myself and want to make peace with food too. I am not afraid in gaining weight. Actually it is the opposite, I struggle to get enough food in my system. I enjoy food but I think too much, where it comes from, if it’s organic. If the farmer war aware in every actions… and so on.
    Anyway, just wanted to know your opinion on veganism and how come you’re not vegan?

    • To Anna
      I think you need to read some more of her articles to better understand her view points on that subject. There are sources of of meat from humane animal raising practices, it takes research to find farmers who support this, and if you only eat meat from these sources then I don’t think that doing our part in the food chain is so bad. Our bodies are meant to eat meat, if you look at the amino acid level of dietary need. I’m not trying to argue with you as everyone is entitled to their own belief and lifestyle, but it just felt like you had to get a point across of your beliefs, which really isn’t respecting other peoples beliefs on here.

  7. Lauren, I resonated with this in so many ways. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and being open about your own struggles.
    It’s so sad when I look back and realize what a twisted view of health and nutrition I used to have…some of those same thoughts you mention in this article. I want everyone to find peace with food, and be able to eat and move to enjoy life and be a good steward of the body they’ve been gifted with.
    Thank you for sharing!

  8. I agree with you on most part ! But what do you think about the fact that calories restricted diet has been linked to better health and increased longevity all over the world ? Sardinians, Ikarians, Okinawans, Seventh Day Adventists, Nicoyans, have all a great percentage of centenaries studied by Dan Buettner (blue zones) and many other studies show the many benefits of calories restricted diet (see the longevity diet book). So one must include only whole nutritious foods, but also watch out for calories. Apparently between 1200-1900 per day is ok if you maintain physical activities all throughout the day.

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