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Vibrant health means you can live life to the fullest. Empower yourself with the steps I used to free my life of chronic disease and medications.

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  1. Thanks for the article Lauren, very interesting,I have struggled with chronic anxiety and can switch from being quite manic to being exhausted and would like too try this,I’m am seeing a nutritionist atm so will discuss this with her.
    Look for to further news.

  2. Thanks for the interesting information! I have low cortisol related to adrenal fatigue. I do supplement with licorice, ashwagandha, and schisandra. Would phosphatidylserine be beneficial for low cortisol as well?

  3. Thank you for sharing about this supplement. Like others who have posted, I suffer from chronic low anxiety and have suffered from adrenal fatigue. I still get extremely tired in the afternoon. I’m interested in researching if this supplement will help with this!

      • Hi, Wendy.

        I’m not sure as I only use WP Thyroid, liothyronine, LDN, estriol, and progesterone.

        I was taking more than the RDA for B6 for 11 years, and then started the P5P form (of B6). The problem is I believed, as so many, including doctors, that all B vitamins are water soluble–when that is wrong since B6 stores in muscle. Grrrr.

        I was never tested despite complaining of numb feet for four years…. neuros, doctors, plus one rheumatologist. I finally had the wherewithal to ask for the B6 lab October 2015; results early 11/2015. Classic symptom! I should have been tested.

        Anyway, how are you now? When did you find out & how?

        • Wendy,
          I failed to mention I was diagnosed with MS in 1990, so that might be why they never tested B6. They assumed it was the MS, though I never had a symptom last longer than three months.

  4. I was very thankful for Phosphatidyserine last April when I found myself in what seemed like a constant state of “fight or flight”. I started taking several supplements, but without a full understanding of the “serine”, I just knew that it was helping me immensely. I stopped all supplements after a couple months except for this one. I started taking it 3 times a day and then only at night and now I no longer need it. I would joke with folks that it saved my life…but I think it really did because no doubt this one supplement was a big factor in my ability to calm & focus. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Appreciate your blog and this information in particular. My mother is 97 – alert and still fairly active – never forgets anything. Sleeps like a baby. She has taken phosphatidylserine for years. This supplement improved my memory for number sequences such as telephone numbers. Have better focus, feel more alert and sleep better in addition.

  6. The one you prefer and use is in a sunflower form. I am very allergic to anything sunflower. Is there anything else I may use besides a sunflower form? I am very interested in this product!

    • Check out Andrew Lessman…He sells on HSN My husband and I take only his vitamins, they are pure and no fillers. The one that got me was the Healthy Hair Skin and Nails. What a difference that made for me. I think he will be on again in October. You can also check out HSN or his company is Pro Caps Lab out of Henderson Nevada. I have been using his products for at least 10 years. All of his products are almost 5 star. Good luck.

  7. Thank you Lauren for this wonderful information. I love reading your posts about supplements and also love your recipes, your blog had been really helpful to me while trying to heal my daughter’s body after we identified her gluten intolerance. Do you know if phosphatidylserine could be given to a child of 4 years old ? I did not find any mention of this when I clicked on the supplements link and the pediatricians here in France probably would not have heard of this supplement.

    I am looking forward to whatever it is you are working on now!

    • Europeans are MUCH further ahead with the latest health trends.
      Allopathic doctors are also a lot less “allopathic” than in North America; even regular drug stores are stocked with homeopathic remedies…especially FRANCE.

  8. Hi Lauren,
    First off, I love your blog and what you write; however, I have a question re. the following comment:

    “Phosphatidylserine is a supplement that changed how I live in my body. I credit it for helping me reduce personality patterns that did not serve me.”

    How can you be SURE that it was the supplement that did this and not the absence of the mood-altering drug that you were taking prior?

    Another question: Due to its apparent calming effects, will it make me more fatigued than usual? (I have CFS and Lyme)

    Thank you,

    • That’s a good question, and I should clarify the timeline between getting off my meds and starting this supplement. I was off my meds for a few years before starting phosphatidylserine. Being medication-free certainly changed how I lived in my body, but so did this supplement when I began taking it.

      I recommend trying it and tailoring the dose to how you feel. As I mentioned, taking it in the afternoon did make me feel fatigued so I take it at night. But many people find it only offers a calming effect, without any fatigue.

      • so 300mg in divided doses of 300mg at once is typical?

        Due to the fact that there was a quite a gap b/w you stopping meds and starting this supplement…I wonder if it’s not BOTH that made the REAL difference…

  9. Thanks for the info, Lauren. I have a 17 yr old son with severe LD & ADHD and anxiety. I have purposely kept him off of pharma drugs for this condition and am very interested to see if this could help him.

  10. The product that I “take” is AdrenaCalm-SE by Apex Energetics and is a herbal and multivitamin cream. One of its ingredients is Phosphatidylserine. I can’t say if it is a single ingredient or if it is the combination of ingredients, but this supplement is awesome and has improved my life as well. And I too use it every night to help me turn my brain off so that I can go to sleep. (I used to have panic attacks at bedtime.) I feel calmer in 5 minutes. Also, I figured out how to use less, by “cutting” it with Balance essential oil, which, when I need it, is as strong as anti-anxiety medicine.

    One of the benefits that Lauren forgot is that the adrenal gland regulates more hormones than just cortisol, therefore bringing my adrenal gland back into balance brought my testosterone levels back into balance!

  11. Hello Lauren thanks again for a great post! I’ve spoken with my naturopath and am going to give these a try! Please may I ask what you mean by mood altering drugs? Do you mean anti – depressants or other medications that alter your mood by way of a side effect? Many thanks L

    • I hope phosphatidylserine works well for you and I’m glad you have the support of your naturopath in this process! I meant any pharmaceutical drugs that alter mood – either by indented function (anti-depressants) or by way of side effect.

  12. Hi Lauren, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis about 10 years ago. I enjoy your literature very much and thanks for all you do. Has anyone here experienced heart burn while taking Phosphatidylserine ? I have, and was wondering what to do about it.
    Thanks, L

  13. every now and then u say sumpin rather deep or the beginning of sumpin deep. these r da posts i enjoy reading the mindful ones. anyways the quote in
    this post that points to sumpin deep is “I have never been more distanced from my soul.”

    the proximity to one’s soul is another north to south proposition. One way and maybe the only way we communicate to our higher realm/soul (higher is north) is through prayer, prayer in this sense is both a nutrient and what nourishes our souls…When this communication is disturbed or blocked, the more divorced we become to our souls, and spiritual malnourishment and dysregulation is the result. Food for thought if you want to pick up the threads my dear Lauren.

    • I’m glad this post resonated with you, John. My journey of physical healing was also one of spiritual healing, and I would like to gradually expand that dialogue here. So thank you for initiating the conversation in the comments! “Spiritual malnourishment” is a poignant and articulate phrase.

  14. Thank you, Lauren. God has used your transparency and expertise in my life. I met with my NMD and started 150 mg once a day at 8 pm of Phosphatidyl Serine to help with energy, sleep and cortisol levels.
    Blessings, Kim F.

  15. I’ve never heard of phosphatidylserine before, but I think I need it. (I had to copy and paste the name; it’s a tough one to spell!) I’ve dealt with adrenal fatigue and difficulty losing weight off and on for years. I’ve also taken melatonin to fall asleep at night for YEARS. I really want to get away from it because I know it’s not ideal and I think this supplement will help. I often get more energy in the evenings, so this would be a great way to help me wind down. Thanks so much!

  16. I saw your post when you first sent out an email and it piqued my interest. I haven’t yet tried it. However, today my doctor told me she is starting a clinical trial using this for CFS. I’m excited to see what happens 😊

  17. Wow, Lauren, thank you for sharing this. I am not one to take many supplements. I feel great on my whole foods diet…pretty much paleo/primal. After being a vegetarian for over 30 years, and raw vegan towards the end, I was surprised by how my anxiety cleared up when I introduced more animal fats (and more fat in general). In my late 40’s (I am 50 now) I realized that I have ADD…inattentive type. I was never hyper as a child, but my mind wandered constantly. Since I did well in school no one was really aware. In many ways I consider it a gift (my creative juices are always flowing, which is wonderful for my blogging) but at times it is difficult to quiet my mind. I am going to try this and see how it works out for me!

  18. Brand new to your site and love it! I take non-gmo sunflower lecithin which is of course the source of phosphatidylserine. I noticed it helped me focus during the day and sleep better at night and now I know why! For those who can’t swallow pills, they can take it in granules.

  19. How would you dose this for an 11 year old? We are meeting in 2 weeks to discuss medication for ADD and anxiety issues that have increased greatly in the past 2 months. I would like to possibly try this before we meet with the doctor to discuss other medications that I am not thrilled with.

  20. Does PS work for a certain period of time and then wear off, like say an Advil? Or does it continue to work over the span of 24 hours, regardless of how often you dose? My son recently started taking it 3x a day for anxiety that affects his focus, especially at school and then afterward during his homework, so we need it to be active during those times. He has mentioned feeling tired at times though (not sure if it is related), so we are trying to figure out the best dosing schedule.

  21. Is this supplement safe to take while pregnant? I have always struggled with anxiety and I am afraid it is hindering my ability to conceive. I recently started a meditation practice, but even with guided versions am overwhelmed with my monkey brain.

  22. Hi Lauren…… I too was using AdrenaCalm (KR-16) cream like Sarah….it was given to me by a Neurologist Naturopath. I finished my first bottle a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been miserably struggling with panic disorders for 10 years…..tried everything under the sun (traditional and alternative). At one point, I had to go see a psychiatrist because I could no longer function.
    After years of “refusing” drugs (antidepressants, benzos) I had to surrender to them. So I was on klonopin and wellbutrin first, then I switched from klonopin to valium because I was building tolerance and I felt I needed more. I’ve been on valium for 3 years (5 mg morning and 5 mg at night) which did not really help (more of a crutch than anything else I guess) so I went to see another naturopath and I’m now weaning off both meds. I ran out of AdrenaCalm that the NP gave me and looking to buy a new bottle online. I checked the ingredients and found this phosphatidylserine and found your site. I don’t know if it’s because I have not used the cream in a couple of weeks, but my adrenal rushes are through the roof, absolutely unbearable as I wake up in the morning and my anxiety/irritability during the day is back to being just as bad as it can be….it gets a little better when I go home from work. do you think supplementing with phosphatidylserine (starting at a low dose because I am so sensitive to everything!) could help with this debilitating anxiety and also reduce the adrenal rushes? I’m at the end of the rope and I’ve been looking for the light at the end of the tunnel for too many years now. I really hope this could give me my life back. I’m 53 and “survived” – not lived – every day since my first anxiety attack in 2007. Thank you!!

  23. I have been misdiagnosed with sleep apnea for nearly six years. Two sleep specialist disregarded me and I finally went to the third doctor. She was an excellent doctor and did the home study which indicated that I stop breathing every 4 minutes. She does not believe in sleeping pills as it causes more problems. For the last six years, I have high anxiety, depression and just cannot get a good night sleep.

    Recently went to a naturopathic doctor, who recommended Cortisol Manager at night HPA ADAPT in the morning. Been doing this a week and cannot tolerate Cortisol Manager, it literally keeps me up and cannot fall asleep. I already have anxiety from the sleep apnea and I am desperate for help. I also have chronic pain from EDS and does not help.

    How do I get relief from all this. What would suggest. I only went to this naturopathic once (very expensive).

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