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I want to empower your health with the steps that freed my life of chronic pain and medications.

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  1. That’s it! This may be the one way I might enjoy squash outside of a baked good. (Sensory issues…maybe it’s the skin.) Let me know when you are back in my neck of the woods, and we’ll arrange a day-long canning tutorial at my house. Your healing kitchen needs home canned, shelf stable items!

  2. I’m not putting my name while admitting to being a laundry-procrastination sympathizer. But for me, the issue is nursing bras. I get away with pushing my steamed cauliflower through my juicer so I don’t have to clean an extra towel, but I don’t think that would work for the spaghetti squash. :/

    • I’m glad somebody can sympathize with my laundry procrastination! That is very interesting about using a juicer to remove moisture from steamed cauliflower–I don’t have a juicer yet, but when I get one, I’ll try that technique for my cauliflower wraps!

  3. Haha! I totally understand the underwear scenario. It is time to do laundry when I’m left with my ugly pink undies! This recipe caught my eye, not ever really been a fan of spaghetti squash. You usually only see spaghetti squash with sauce and no mater how hard I wring it out, it still waters down the sauce. This looks great, gonna give it a try. Thanks!

  4. Just wanted to add my two cents here. Had an annoying amount of spaghetti squash leftover from a previous evening’s dinner, and I was looking for something new to do with it. This was perfect! We really enjoyed these. My family actually didn’t realize they weren’t potato hashbrowns until I mentioned it. Haha! Thanks.

  5. I always salt and drain my spiralized zucchini before using it or cucumbers before making salads, … and I’m wondering if this wouldn’t also work for the squash in this instance.. will have to give that a try… thanks for the recipe…

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I’m Lauren Geertsen, an author and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. When doctors told me that surgery and medication were the only answers to my chronic health issues, I decided to use the power of nutrition and a natural lifestyle instead.
My mission at Empowered Sustenance? To show you the simple steps on your path to vibrant health.

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