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  1. Love this idea! Here’s what I do to avoid rice when going out for sushi…I order a hand roll without rice. Most places accommodate me, especially once they get to know me. And I’m actually fine eating a little bit of white rice, but to me it’s such a nothing food I pretty much try to avoid it.

  2. With all the espct in the world. I say this as a sociobiological anthropologist with a specialism in human ecology through evolution…i am wondering a) how this is paleo and how anyone would think a Paleolithic diet is one that would include cow’s milk unless it came from animals that were cared of in a roaming nomadic way…which is how any animals would have been used at the time of the Paleolithic through wild animal herding practices. A few traditional indigenous cultures may have used the milk from these animals but there is little evidence of it other than through cultures that currently do so and may give us a window to the past such as the Lap people and other Siberian cultures that herd reindeer and may use their milk or for example desert nomads who use Camel milk etc. To say this automatically means that we should drink raw milk as you suggest in other posts…is confusing to me…and if you then seem to promote a Paleo diet, yet this excludes dairy products, it is further confusing to me. As much as I agree that food should be non processed and clean, and agree that alot of vegetarian and vegan options including some milks are over processed and contain additives, I do not see it as a reason to promote drinking of another mammals milk, which humans would have only done under extreme sustenance need circumstances and for ease…homo sapiens are contradictive, lazy as a species, finding the path of least resistance always. Much of what you say makes sense but some does not. Using super ethical dairy cow and meat animal raising methods is not possible in order to feed ALL the population of Earth sustainably…in fact we cannot do it without intensive animal farming which is not ethical even if youre not vegan. How do you balance that from a consciousness perspective? Having a healthy body is very important but also a healthy mind and very much so a healthy spirit. I can no longer do this as an omnivore. I cannot afford even if i wanted to free range,organic,grass fed animals, I cannot kill and butcher an animal. So I do not feel i should eat it. In a zombie apocalypse or if my very life depended on it…yes I could. Necessity would force me to, as it has our ancestors in the past. But having cruelty free options, I choose those. I know this is not a vegan site nor is this a vegan comment. I just dont like seeing people use human evolution to defend their dietary choices and believe that the whole Paleo craze does this and i have issue with it from an evolutionary scientist perspective of course not as a vegan…. I’ve been all sorts in the past , omni,blood type, pescatarian,macrobiotic,ovolactovegetarian,ovovegetarian and now vegan so I speak from experience as far as having tried different diets. Blood type diet of all was the one that made me feel the best but like the vegan was a bit hard to balance everything. Omni was the easiest to do all round except ethically and spiritually. So I can see why people choose omni. It is much easier to sacrifice ethics and spirituality,lol.
    I have looked into the GAPS diet though as was quite curious as I struggle with Candida, less so since being vegan perhaps. And it seems an impossible diet to follow if vegan! Shame 🙁
    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I made the Paleo sushi with parsnip rice and it was absolutely delicious. I really didn’t know what to expect but the parsnip rice had a very pleasing sweet taste, similar to the sticky white rice that is normally used for sushi. I added some seared tuna and simply used low sodium soy sauce to dip. So now I am thinking what other vegetables can I used as a rice substitute? Of course cauliflower comes to mind but may be too tender unless not cooked as much. Have you experimented with any other “vegetable rice” ideas? Thank you so much. Anxious to try another of your recipes!

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