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  1. Do you have to use the arrow root flour? I cannot find it in any of our local grocery stores and we do not have any whole food or organic stores in my area. Could I just use extra coconut flour, that I can find 🙂

  2. Just tried making these and I didn’t even bother to put them in the oven. The batter was so crumbly and it wouldn’t even come together. Seemed like it needed,more moisture? I bake with coconut flour and arrowroot all the time and have never had this happen. Bummed, cause they looked so yummy!

    • My mix was also extrememly crumbly. I decided to go ahead and back it anyway (patting it together as well as I could). The flavor is awesome. But it is like eating Cinnamon powder…extremely dry and hard to swallow. I am not sure if that is normal for the recipe. I do not know what to add to make that better. help anyone??

        • Ditto. And I doubled the recipe but didn’t get enough cookies to cover a single baking sheet (plus I had to make the cookies tiny because they were so dry, thus the only way they’d hold a shape was by squishing them into a log-shape in my hand).

          To be fair though, I’ve yet to have a single good experience with coconut flour, even though I’ve tried plenty of coconut flour recipes. It just seems to make everything so very dry and unpleasant, so I’m sure it’s not specific to this recipe. I’d rather just use regular flour and call it a “special treat” to be honest, because buying expensive coconut flour so I can make a mediocre knock-off just doesn’t seem worth it for me. Hope others have a better experience though. .

    • I’m sorry you didn’t have a good experience with the recipe! It’s important not to pack the coconut flour into the measuring cup, and to first melt the coconut oil completely. I had previously noted that you should store these in the freezer, but I’ve also updated the recipe saying you can freeze them right after cooling. Freezing them (and eating them straight from the freezer) makes them much more crunchy and helps them hold together.

  3. I made these and my husband and I tried them. We each took a bite and made startled faces at each other – it’s like the cookies sucked all the moisture out of our mouths, not pleasant! Very weird consistency. I followed the recipe to a T. Unfortunately I’m going to toss them!

  4. I imagine that when melting the coconut oil (which one has to do here in winter), the sugar could be thrown in to melt. Certainly the attempt is worth not having to pull out the blender, at least in my book.

  5. Hey Lauren! I absolutely adore all of your recipes and blog! I recently went GRAIN free due to psoriasis and other immune disorders. Also, my dream school is Bastyr!! I want to go there for nutrition and culinary. I would love to hear more about your experience there so far. Your awesome girl!

  6. Tis a great company called Azure Standard. It is located in Oregon, but they deliver all over the U.S.. You can order Arrowroot powder and Tapioca and just about anything your heart desires.. Azure , to browse their catalog.

  7. Lauren
    I really would like to try these, but I do not want to waste my ingredients if this recipe is a flop. I am not an amateur when it comes to baking, but for some reason there seems to be an ingredient missing in this recipe. Coconut flour is like a sponge and 1/4c of coconut oil is not enuf moisture to keep the cookies together. Please advise!

  8. wish I read some of the comments before I made these. I kept adding melted coconut oil to the mix. I like the idea of melting it in a pan, then adding the ingredients to the hot pan to keep the oil in liquid form. Taste is good, just needs something to not make it so crumbly. Hope another corrected recipe can come out.

  9. Well… Like the last post, I wish I would have read before making as mine are in the oven as we speak. However, the consistency was like cookie dough when mixing so I don’t have the same experience as everyone else with dry mix… Will let them cool completely… Off to take them out the oven!

  10. I fixed my shortbread cookies as best as I could by adding an egg and approximately 4-6 tablespoons of almond milk. That gave the dough enough moisture to slightly stick together and form balls. I also added some cinnamon, and the flavor of the cookie ended up being very subtle and rich.

  11. I found these cookies very good. I had one out of the oven, and it was super delicate, so I put them in the freezer and they were really yummy that way. I melted the coconut oil. When they went on the baking sheet they were 6 wet blobs that spread out a bit on their own. I will double the recipe next time and maybe add a little cinnamon. Thanks so much, Lauren! Enjoy Bastyr! It is my alma mater!

  12. Hi Lauren, would these be alright to eat if one has SIBO? I’m really craving some form of carbs, even if coconut flour is low-carb, and this recipe looks delicious. I wanted to get your opinion, thanks!

  13. I made these yesterday and followed the recipe to a T. They are absolutely delish!!! I didn’t have any problems with them at all. They are really tastey from the freezer. Thank you!!!

  14. I just made these following the instructions exactly except: I subbed in almond flour cause I didn’t have arrowroot flour, and I added a tablespoon of ghee. They’re delicious! It made about 7 tablespoon cookie at about 8.7 carbs each (if count carbs like I do). If you’re doing a low carb paleo, I think you could easily reduce the sugar, they were very sweet! 🙂

    Thanks for the great recipe!

  15. Lauren, I made a batch of these cookies today. Only problem, I could not wait for them to cool all the way before biting into one. Nonetheless, they were not crumbly at all, even tasted better than they look in the picture. And mine are not dry, as some have experienced. Perhaps my flour-to-oil ratio was spot-on. Those who are dismissing this recipe are missing out on one of the finer treats in the Paleo world. They should try again, making sure the flour is not compacted or, alternatively, use a little more oil. Where else can you get such a delicious, grain-free shortbread cookie? Thank you.

  16. Made these after the kids went to bed tonight. Spectacular!!

    To address some comments above:
    I used corn starch. It worked. (Not paleo, but I have no sensitivity there.)

    I melted my coconut oil in a pan, and stirred in all the ingredients. The resulting mixture was crumbly, but I could easily pick up a bit and squeeze it into a ball, like a Seattle slush ball. 😉

    Halfway through, I realized these would make awesome thumbprint cookies. So I made my balls a little larger, formed a small crater, and put in cherry preserves. I was right. They are amazing!

    The final product IS dry, but that is what herbal tea is for. They are shortbread, after all! These are perfect, and hit the spot! I made 16 tiny cookies and baked them for 5 minutes. I was testing these out, to see if I could make paleo pineapple tarts for Chinese new year. Probably not the right recipe for that, but still delicious. Maybe in tiny tart pans or a mini muffin tin……oooh, that could work!


    Sorry for writing in caps, just wanted to get attention 🙂 I followed this to a tee, and when I finished with the mixture it was extremely crumbly. Needless to say I was incredibly doubtful this was going to work (I may have even complained to my other half, a very talented cook, and put it down to my own abilities). He encouraged me to keep going.

    I did, although I put in two extra tablespoons of coconut oil to be safe.

    They turned out *amazing*. I have non-paleo eaters who really approve of them (one offered to buy a batch if I made more), and it’s great with my herbal tea.

    My advice: trust the recipe, and just keep going to the end.

    To the lovely Lauren, thank you 🙂 Also, there’s a small typo where it tells you to “cook” the biscuits for 15mins (after the initial 6 – 8mins), where I’m assuming it should be “cool”. For people that shouldn’t be in the kitchen (like myself), this can affect the outcome haha.

    Thanks again!

  18. Hi, I just came across your blog, and I am reading your book about nutrition and PMS with curiosity.
    I am wondering if you have a similar book about insomnia and energy? I understand that the principles are somewhat the same, when it comes to nutrition and lifestyle choices, but I would love to know if there is something to add when it comes to sleep.
    I started sleeping poorly after working overnight shifts, and it never returned to my “normal” pattern of regular sleep. I functioned many years with little sleep, but after about 8 years with lots of work etc, I had no energy left. And, even though I use meds now that help me sleep, I am still totally out of energy, 3 years after I started sleeping. When I read about how an overactive adrenal glad may have caused adrenal fatigue, that totally makes sense. So, I will do what I can to make it better. Any other tips on my way?

  19. Well, I tried these. Unlike everyone else, my cookies spread out waaaay wide and were super oily. They came out more like “lace” (very thin with lots of holes, almost burnt they’re so thin) cookies, or almost like the top of crème brule’e. The flavor was good, but my texture’s interesting. I don’t like to throw food away so I didn’t, maybe I can figure where to use them bc it seemed really sweet, tho I did do them in the morning and they were pretty much my breakfast until I felt weird and had some carrots and hummus. I used homemade coconut oil, which is always not enough to absorb the moisture, but have yet to figure out the commercial flour to homemade flour ratio sub. Interesting recipe, though.

  20. Oh my gosh first, the recipe only made enough for 12 teeny cookies. I’m talking like quarter size? So I was thinking it needed to be quadrupled next time. But there will be no next time. it’s like getting a mouthful of dust. These cookies were awful. I’ve had coconut flour items before but I had to down a glass of water with each nibble!

  21. JUST made these. I subbed ghee for coconut oil (to me that buttery goodness is what makes shortbread shortbread) and they are delicious! I waited 5 minutes after they came out the oven before eating one and yes they are dry and crumbly (but delish!!) Putting them in the freezer now for them to firm up.. The flavour of these are so good! Definitely making them again but will probably reduce the sugar.

  22. I came to this recipe because I made the cookie dough crumble the other day. I read through the comments before making these and so when I made the dough and it seemed dry I just kept adding more coconut oil. And then I added a splash of nut milk. When I went to try and make cookies I realised it was crumbling so I decided to make a tray of crumble and it’s turned out beautifully! Such a nice flavour, It’s the easiest crumble ever! I am having it straight from the oven on Greek yoghurt and it’s perfect because I found this recipe a little too sweet. Thanks!

  23. I just made these this afternoon. THEY ARE WONDERFUL!! Thanks Lauren! Though i did do a bit of tweaking:P… i substituted the coconut sugar for {half HONEY, half MAPLE SYRUP}, for the arrowroot flour i used RICE FLOUR, and well i actually did use BUTTER instead of coconut oil (only because i don’t have coconut oil)…two extra tablespoons of that made it not crumbly! YUM:D Instead of making small cookies…I simply patted it all together on the baking sheet, flattened it too! How easy it was!! My family LOVES them…Keeper recipe;P

  24. I’m not sure why so many people had issues with this recipe. They turned out great and were delicious! Next time Iogjy add lemon instead of vanilla for lemon shortbread! Mmmm

  25. Hi, Lauren!
    Thanks so much for this recipe. I dont understand the issues others had about this ccokies been dry. For my they were perfect! 😀 My only issue was they were burnt on the edges! lol (I got them out of the oven 20min ago and they were baking for 7 min. Next time Im going to bake them for 5 min. since my oven was preheated 10 min to 350ºF ;).
    They peel very easy from the parchment paper after 10min cooling. I didnt add vanilla nor other flavor and they were incredible! Next time I will probably divide the dough to make some vanilla flavored and the other half cinnamon to see how they taste.
    Oh, I had another issue! lol I drop tablespoon on my digital scale to have cookies the same weight (they were 33gr) and I just got 5 🙂 but, anyways! They were simple, delicious, the texture was super nice and what I love the most about them is that they are nut free and egg free!
    Thanks again!

  26. If you follow the recipe, the cookies should turn out just fine (I’ve made them a LOT and every batch was perfect). I’ve also made them substituting honey for the coconut sugar (about 1 tablespoon) and they’ve turned out great. I think it really is best to pop them in the freezer and enjoy from there (texture is the best that way). This is a drier cookie than most cookies, but that’s what makes it shortbread-like. Thanks, Lauren!

  27. I wish I had read the comments. I just tried this and the result was extremely disappointing: dry and crumbly, like eating coconut flour. save your expensive ingredients and look somewhere else.

  28. I think I might have the solution to the dry-cookie-crisis. I made two batches, with the first one I heated the coconut oil on low and didn’t really watch it, with the second I just let the surface of the stove (while it was preheating) melt the oil. The second batch turned out perfectly. I think the heat from the oil could be the problem. It shouldn’t be hot, or even warm really, just melted so that it can be combined. My guess is that the heated oil might have started cooking the batter before it even got into the oven.

  29. I tried making these (I made up the recipe off the top of my head). They were awful. It was too dry to stick together in a dough form like normal shortbread should do, therefore I had to squash it in a small dish to try and make it stick together a little bit. then when I took it out, it was very crumbly and tasted disgusting. We to resurrect it with some sweet strawberries but nothing could save it. Wasted my whole afternoon on a horrible snack with expensive ingredients which I had to put in the bin anyway. NOT HAPPY!

  30. I followed the recipe as written. I bake a lot and found these were way to dry. Maybe you meant 2 teaspoons of the arrowroot flour. I did like the texture, but the dryness was terrible. They were hard to swallow. They made my mouth pucker. I would not waste my time making these again as the stated recipe.

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