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    • There is a slight sweet coconut flavor which I find pleasant here. However, I used a sausage that was quite heavy in garlic so that made it plenty savory. If desired, you can add more spices (ground paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, pepper, etc.) to up the savory factor. If you do dairy, you could use half and half instead of the coconut milk.

  1. That’s not a big breakfast! That’s a regular breakfast.
    Anyways. I have a question about farm-raised, pastured and all those labels for meats…
    I am very well aware that grain-fed is nothing to boast about and I know that the alternative is grass-fed beef, for example…but what about for chicken…is there such thing as grass-fed chicken or is it called pasture-raised chicken. In short…what’s the healthy alternative to grain-fed chicken?

  2. I loved this!!! I made this for dinner instead and put a side of sauteed zucchini & onions with it. My husband loved it too! I ate leftovers for breakfast, which was great, but my husband thought squash for breakfast was weird. 🙂

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