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  1. Thank you!! I can’t wait to try these. I really needed something like this that I can freeze (two little squirts at home so no time). Do you think it would be weird to add gelatin to these? I just got some (thanks to you) and wondering if it would be good to add in. If not, no big deal…you have lots of gelatin recipes I can’t wait to try. Keep up your great work….your helping so many of us 🙂

    Also, I just made your ginger banana bars and cupcakes. Yum!`

  2. I find recipes that list the gram/ounce weight of coconut work better than cups, because you can never know if it’s packed or not…
    Could you then please tell me how many grams/ounces of coconut flour are needed for this recipe?

    Thank you!

  3. I just made these today…awesome!! I am hoping this will help me stay eating grain free (tired of the stomach aches). Sometimes I just run out of stuff to eat that is quick. I made your other flatbreads with sweet potato and those were quite good although I like the way I don’t event have to take the time to steam anything with these. Thanks again!

  4. I just made these today…awesome!! I am hoping this will help me stay eating grain free (tired of the stomach aches). Sometimes I just run out of stuff to eat that is quick. I made your other flatbreads with sweet potato and those were quite good although I like the way I don’t event have to take the time to steam anything with these. Thanks

  5. I’ve made these a bunch of times but today I didn’t have any milk on hand and didn’t want to use water so I used a deliciously rich chicken bone broth in place and it turned out AMAZING!!!! I also used some Bragg Organic Sprinkle Seasoning. Yum yum!! My kids are inhaling them.

  6. Love these! I regularly make the butternut flatbreads with gelatin but these are so easy and I have made them with carrot and with butternut squash. Both were great. Sometimes I add garam masala or tandoori spices. Keep up the good work!

    • I made these today and they were decent. Would’ve been better if I’d had parchment paper – they stuck super bad! I did attempt to make a grilled cheese out of them and it didn’t work out so well. It seemed like they were too moist and didn’t really want to toast, they kinda just broke apart, but it could’ve been that I didn’t bake them long enough. They were so easy to make tho and tasted good so I will definitely keep making these til I get it right!

  7. Lauren, I love your informative posts, your heavy use of coconut flour, and the beautiful food images that you post! Thanks for another great recipe! May I ask what app you use for your “pinnable” pictures with the fancy fonts? Thank you!

  8. These are straight up amazing!!! Finally a paleo bread I can enjoy. I had 2 with my hamburger for dinner and then for dessert I topped one with almond butter and sliced strawberries. Yum! I think next time I might increase the recipe by half so I can make them a little larger. Thanks so much, you’ve really helped us.

  9. Update…. So I made them bigger and they just weren’t as good. Making them larger and thicker made the texture less awesome. I think next time I’ll make the same amount (1 1/2 the recipe) but the regular size so I can make a dozen at a pop on two medium trays.

  10. Thanks for this recipe, great to find bread without almond flour in it. I notice a flare in eczema after too much almond flour, I wonder if anyone else has experienced something similar? I did read your post about reasons to avoid almond, I’ll have to revisit it.

  11. I’m enjoying browsing your site. I’m also excited to try these. Most coconut flour products use too many eggs (I understand the reasoning) and end up tasting too eggy for me. I don’t think these will be eggy at all.

  12. I recently switched my whole family (4 kids and hubby) over to my diet (SCD) and these have saved me! Packing lunch to go for my 4 kids without alot of prep was a nightmare, but these hv made the process so much easier. They love eating an “old-fashioned” nut-butter and jelly sandwhich! And when they hv friends over, I can easily make an extra sandwhich! This makes my kids feel less “wierd”, because we now hv “bread” that holds up to PB and J. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe, Lauren. Sometimes its the little things that can make such a big difference.

  13. Hi Lauren,
    I love your blog! Thank you for providing so many super cool information!!

    I have tried this bread recipe a few times, the taste is awesome 🙂 but for some reason my sandwiches don’t hold together…I have tried replacing eggs with Chia seeds and with the Egg replacement….I don’t know what I am doing wrong…

    Is anyone having the same issue?

    Thank you!

  14. Still in awe of how good these are. I used water and followed the recipe. I ended up with 7 instead of 8 and they are just so good and held together even with a juicy burger on them. Such a fantastic recipe. Thanks so much.

  15. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ve just made these and had an amazing tuna sandwich for the first time in ages. I’m going to sprinkle my next batch with seeds. The sandwich is reborn!

  16. Hi, thank you sooo much for this. My husband has UC and is complaining that he has nothing to eat… I was wondering though…I read on another of your pagesthat you’re not allowed eggs, of any sort/form….?? Is it ok to bake with?

  17. Yes! What a great recipe! My daughter is back home and I don’t want to have to buy bread for her so hopefully she will try this. I am eager to hear any more about bread substitutes so keep up the good work.

  18. These were absolutely delicious! I substituted about a little less than half of the flour with arrowroot flour and they came out very well and really hold together well. I also made crackers! Just roll small marble sized balls in your hands, then flatten on a greased silmat or parchment paper till they are very very thin rounds about the size of a silver dollar. Spray lightly with spray oil and sprinkle with sea salt or other seasonings if you wish. Bake at about 250 degrees until they begin to brown at the edges. Flip once, then bake until they begin to turn up at the edges and are nicely browned but not burned. Cool and then eat these thin crunchy delights with your favorite paleo topping!

  19. I needed something simple for dinner, so I used this recipe and made open faced tuna melts. They were totally yum! I agree with the previous comment about weight for the coconut flour. As written (dip and sweep) I ended up with more of a batter. I added another tablespoon of coconut flour and it was firm enough to drop by spoonfuls and spread with wet fingers. I baked them for 19 minutes. They were set but the bottoms never browned. Who cares, they were tasty.

    Mine were bright orange, how’d you get that beautiful golden color with orange specks??

  20. Mnm! These are so great!! The first time I made them I used aluminum foil instead of the parchment paper, but now I baked a new batch with parchment paper and they come off so much easier! A really great recipe I love 🙂

  21. Thanks for this recipe! They were a bit too eggy for my taste (welcome to paleo everything, right…), but this was my first foray into grain-free “bread” so I’m very pleased it turned out at all! I added about a tbsp of tapioca flour because they seemed very liquidy and they browned/crisped up really nicely. Can’t wait to toast them 🙂

  22. Hey there! My mom is changing our family’s diet to deal with Candida issues and to generally eat healthier, and I had a question for you. 🙂

    How do you get used to the coconut flavor and texture in baking? With things such as bread, the younger kids refuse to eat them. XD Is it just an acquired taste, or are we doing something wrong? Thanks so much!

  23. How well do these store once the sandwiches are made? I am wondering about making them the night before going somewhere, or in the morning and then taking them to go for lunch? Well they get soggy or anything? I’m excited to try them!

  24. I used cauliflower 14 grams and used water. These came out awesome. 8 total almost the size of a hamburger. I put 3 mushrooms on mine with pepper jack cheese and warmed it for 30sec in micro then added ham and put the top on. So good. I am amazed. I’m tired of high carb food.

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