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  1. Hi Lauren. I love reading your posts. Your blog is wonderful. I would really love to find some more Paleo recipes that are egg free. I am severely intolerant to eggs, and I find it rather difficult to find recipes without eggs. Thank you.

  2. I love salmon cakes! I sometimes make them with just egg as a binder and they turn out fine. And I am in love with the Primal Kitchen Mayo. Tastes better than anything else I have tried! I know I’ll be making salmon cakes later this week…haven’t made them in awhile!

  3. You know what would be super helpful? A post on seafood. There’s isn’t quite as much available out there on clean seafood as there is with other meats. Plus it comes from abroad and domestic, farmed and wild and then if it’s wild it can’t come from a highly polluted area. IT’S SO CONFUSING. It’s totally stressing me out. Could you keep this in mind for a future post? That would be great.

  4. Cool, can these be made without the coconut aminos? I don’t have any and don’t plan on buying any just for this. If so, should I substitute something else for it or can I just leave it out?

  5. I’ve been looking for an answer on this all over the internet, maybe someone here can help me. Since mustard comes from a seed, wouldn’t it contain phytic acid? Does it depend on how it’s made, or vary by brand? I just want to be sure that it’s safe for paleo, especially since I’m transitioning from the Autoimmune Protocol (succesfully, woohoo!).

  6. Lauren, I have followed your posts for quite awhile now, but don’t think I have ever commented due to huge stresses and fatigue. Spring has helped as there is more fresh air and sunlight to increase healing.
    First, Your new site is STUNNING! Just Stunning! So colorful and happy. So useful and much easier to navigate. The clear easy access and beauty make me want to come back often and explore more and more.
    Additionally, Salmon patties are something that I have not prepared for a long time….well, with your good help these will be on my menu and hopefully they freeze well.
    Congratulations, You have done a splendid job.

  7. Looks like a great recipe, looking forward to trying it, even though I’m not strict paleo. Since I don’t generally use coconut flour (and would prefer not to buy it just for this) do you think all-purpose flour could be substituted for those of us who aren’t strict paleo? Or whole what flour or almond flour? Thanks so much!

  8. Loved these. Sprinkled a little Old Bay seasoning in because I’m trying to use up a big can of it. Will definitely make these again. Would also be good between two gluten free buns.

  9. I make these salmon cakes with canned pumpkin instead of butternut squash and I quadruple the recipe so I can freeze them (between wax paper.) I also add Dill (at least 4 tsp when I quadruple) to the recipe which enhances the flavor. Serve these with guacamole instead of mayonnaise and you can savor the flavor without heartburn or reflux.

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