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  1. I made this tonight and it was scrumptious!
    For some reason I bought parsnips the other day. When i saw this recipe i knew this was why!
    I added mushrooms and scallions. It was so yummy. Thank you!

  2. I love it!
    But I can’t eat them,- too much sugar/carbs, high glycemic goodness ;(

    I’m looking for good travel food, no nuts/seeds/grains…that doesn’t require refrigerating, any ideas, please?

  3. OOh!!! I’m so excited! I love parsnips and I don’to well with brassicas! I havn’t been able to eat risotto for 7 years (food sensitivities) so I’m so excited forthis recipe!!! I also wanted to thank you for the collagen recipe book in my email! I am so excited to try some of those products and recipes! I didn’t see a way for me to send a thank you about that (couldn’t reply to the email and I didn’t know where on the blog to put comments on that), so I wanted to say a very big thank you. It was beautifully put together and the recipes look very appealing. I love getting your emails!!!

  4. Did you ever have one of those moments???? Without thinking I used turnips instead of the parsnips and was so put off by the flavor. Way too bitter. Ugh. Now off to see if I can find some parsnips 🙂 Otherwise this sounds fantastic and I think I’ll try adding the mushrooms and scallions mentioned above. Thank you for this wonderful recipe! I am sure I will like this MUCH better with the parsnips 🙂

    • I think you will find the recipe delicious with parsnips, and I’m sorry your turnip batch didn’t work out. Turnips do lack the starchy sweetness of parsnips, which I think makes this recipe special. Thanks for sharing your results here!

      • Lauren,

        I just wanted to update on my above post about the turnips (noooooo just DON’T make that mistake!) I finally found some parsnips, and remade the recipe……I heard angelic voices in my kitchen and it took on this heavenly glow as I trepidatiously (is that a word?) tasted the first bite! WOW!!!! These are amazing! I actually had just picked up some fresh portabella mushrooms which I immediately chopped up and sauteed before tossing them in with the risotto and it was AMAZING!!!!! I might try adding a bit of fresh parmesan next time but this was to die for! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for giving me a side dish that actually tastes almost sinful! lol I usually LOVE your recipes, but my brain disconnect played a very dirty trick on me above but I won’t be making that mistake again! BTW, I had never had parsnips before this recipe and now I am looking for excuses to buy them and try other recipes besides a nice roast with carrots, parsnips and onions….. Wonder how these would be as a replacement for potatoes in my mother’s old Swedish recipe for rutabagas and potatoes mashed……it was always one of my favorite recipes and simple – make it just like you were making regular mashed potatoes but replace 1-2 potatoes for a rutabaga :), milk, butter and you’re good to go!

  5. This was really good! I actually over processed the parsnips in the food processor, so it came out more like a mash/paste, but the flavor was still great. Next time, I will use my Vitamix, as that gives me perfect “rice” bits. This recipe is super easy and fairly fast. I will definitely make this over and over.

    I halved the recipe, and it will give me two servings total.

    Since mine came out more like a mash, I served it on homemade beetroot “tortillas” sprinkled with fresh rosemary. The combination of flavors was absolutely excellent. I am having the leftovers for dinner tonight and can’t wait. I may make this as a mash in the future as it is such a good “spread”.

    Thanks, Lauren!

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