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Fill your holiday table with a feast free of grains, dairy, and refined sugar.

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  1. Hi Lauren!

    I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this post, thinking of all the nice ingredients going into these cookies, with all the fuzzy feelings that come with the season… But then, it occurred to me: “Wait a minute, where’s the pumpkin?!” I triple-checked the ingredient list and still couldn’t find it. Either I’m missing something or you are

  2. These look great! Any tips for digestive problems with coconut? I’ve found that I have a really hard time digesting anything with coconut flour or coconut butter (which sucks, because they’re great ingredients and fantastic healthwise, not to mention delicious). Coconut oil is fine, so I assume it’s the coconut fiber that bugs my tummy. Thanks!

  3. My doctor wants me to abstain from grains, dairy, and sugar. This recipe fits bill except for the sugar. Could you suggest an acceptable substitute for the honey/maple syrup? I’m thinking liquid stevia, but not sure how many drops.

    • You may want to look into xylitol or erythritol if your doctor approves (xylitol sometimes has a laxative effect). They are sugar alcohols that should not affect your blood sugar. Xylitol has a small amount of calories while erythritol has 0- however, you’ll need to use more erythritol in a substitution as it is only 80% the sweetness of sugar. Or you can supplement the remaining 20% with stevia (recommend Nunaturals for a less bitter taste). The problem with stevia is that it has a rather bitter aftertaste that takes some getting used to. I find that when I make something for someone who is unused to healthy desserts, they almost always detect the stevia. Another- and more easily obtained- option is to use Truvia, which is basically erythritol with some stevia and monk fruit (fruit similar to stevia). You should be able to find it at your local Walmart. Good luck!

    • I love the xyla brand xylitol! It bakes like a dream and taste excellent in pu’er tea with coconut oil! I also recommend agave in a pinch. Same measurements for both. Happy baking!

    • My husband is diabetic and I’ve been using agave syrup for years. It doesn’t affect his blood sugars and we all love the way it tastes! I use in place of any recipe that calls for honey or syrups. If you use it in a recipe with a granular sugar, just substitute it while removing some of the liquid called for. Otherwise your recipe will be too moist.

  4. I tried these last night! They were a hit. I only wish I had found Coconut butter locally; I bought some coconuts and tried making my own but my Magic Bullet isn’t powerful enough to make it into butter, I think. It would have really made the cookie, though. However, we definitely enjoyed them sans frosting. The only adjustment I had to make was by adding more coconut flour. I’m not sure if there was a typing mistake or if it’s the kind of flour I used but I had to add an extra cup of flour. So in the end it was 1 and 2/3 cups coconut flour. I also used Pumpkin Pie Spice but I added just a pinch of fresh clove to the second batch to give them that real holiday feel. Sooping out tablespoon balls of dough, we got 27 cookies. All-in-all, delicious! Thanks for posting!

  5. I just made these with pumpkin puree and they are sooooo good! No taste of coconut or pumpkin. I think the pumpkin made them a bit runny but it allowed the batter to be spread more evenly. Mine made two small ones and two large ones. I ate them with ghee and honey. This recipes totally helps with that bread craving!

  6. Hi,
    can I use Chickpeas flour instead of coconut flour in all your recipes? Coconut flour is almost impossible to find here in Italy. Can I use ghee butter instead of coconut butter?

  7. I’m wondering about substituting coconut sugar, along with some liquid, for the honey since honey still spikes blood sugar & my mom is diabetic. I do not like stevia, xylitol, or erythritol either. Any idea how much liquid I need to add?

  8. Yum, yum!! this is a quick and easy recipe. I really love the sweetness of the raisins! I can’t find coconut butter where I live but they were tasty enough on their own. I will def be making these again.

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