Paleo Pizza Crusts – 15 No Bread Pizza Solutions!


Paleo pizza crusts - 15 great ideas for "no bread" pizzas!

Paleo pizza crusts – “No bread” pizzas!

A grain free diet, although utterly rewarding in terms of health benefits, poses some particular challenges in the form of replicating old favorites into No Bread versions. That’s why I wrote my 15 No Bread Sandwich Solutions and I though I would follow it up with a No Bread Pizza Solutions version.

I call these “Paleo Pizza Crusts” but some of them are not strictly Paleo because they contain cheese. But if you’re going to make a pizza, cheese – be it raw milk cheese or some soft goat cheese – is an important part of the equation. I’ve noted which options contain cheese, however, so you can pick according to your dietary restrictions.

1. Individual Butternut Squash Paleo Pizza Crusts

(Fig. 3) The stem end of a butternut squash makes perfectly-portioned, individual grain free pizza crusts. This is my favorite option, because the sweetness of the squash compliments almost any topping. Use tomato sauce and grated cheese as shown in the picture or mix things up a bit. My friend tops these butternut squash crusts with crumbled goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes and olives. Yum!

2. Individual Eggplant Paleo Pizza Crusts

Eggplant Pizzas 500w 1366These Eggplant Pizza Crusts from Closet Cooking are a similar concept to the butternut squash crusts. Slice an eggplant to create individual-sized pizza crusts, grill/bake and top with your choice of toppings. It doesn’t get more simple than that.

3. Spaghetti Squash Pizza Crust (with cheese)

(Fig. 4) This spaghetti squash pizza crust from Delighted Momma use spaghetti squash bound with mozzarella cheese, egg and a bit of ground flax. I bet you could use a few tablespoons of coconut flour in place of the flax meal. She uses some garlic salt for flavor but feel free to use your favorite herbs and spices in the crust.

4. Paleo Portobello Pizzas

(Fig. 6) Dense, meaty and sturdy, portobello mushroom caps stand up to heavy pizza toppings. These individual Portobello Mushroom Pizzas, from Life as a Strawberry are roasted in the oven and then topped with cheese and cherry tomatoes. She uses rings of foil to prop the roasting mushrooms up, so the bottoms don’t get soggy – what a fabulous idea! I prefer not to have aluminum foil touch my food, however (because it’s aluminum foil…) so I did the same thing but propped up the mushrooms with some stainless steel cookie cutters.

Another variation are these Rustic Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms from Willow Bird Baking, with anchovies, olives and sausage.

5. Cauliflower Pizza Crust (with cheese)

cauliflower paleo pizza crustThe Cauliflower Pizza Crust is one of the most well-known options when it comes to grain free pizza crusts. I love this Perfect Cauliflower Pizza Crust from The Detoxinista, which uses soft goat cheese instead of mozzarella cheese. The key to the recipe is squeezing the excess water out of the cauliflower “rice.” This is the same step I use in my Cauliflower Wraps to ensure the idea texture.

6. Egg Paleo Pizza Crust

You won’t get a sturdy pizza base like you will with some of the other options here, but an egg-crust pizza is profoundly easy and healthy. Try this Egg-Crust Breakfast Pizza from Kayln’s Kitchen. I don’t dig her recommendations for Hormel pepperoni, Teflon-coated pans or light cheese in the recipe but you get the idea.

7. Paleo Meatza

meatzaMeatza Pizza is almost as much fun to say as it is to eat! This is a true Meat Lover’s Pizza: ground beef provides a hearty base for pizza toppings. Try this Mexican Meatza from The Clothes Make the Girl. This strictly-Paleo recipe doesn’t include any cheese, but feel free to add your choice of cheese as a topping.


8. Sweet Potato Paleo Pizza Crust (contains cheese)

Sweet Potato Paleo Pizza Crust from Carrots n Cake uses mashed sweet potato, almond flour, eggs and cheese to create a sturdy pizza crust. It’s mildly sweet, which I think compliments many pizza toppings. She uses a combination of herbs and spices but you can add whatever you heart desires to flavor the crust. I think a curry-flavored Sweet Potato Crust, for example, would be delicious!

9. Plantain Paleo Pizza Crust (autoimmune paleo friendly!)

With green plantains, olive oil, garlic and a pinch of salt you can create a Plantain Paleo Pizza Crust from Simple and Merry that is also egg free. For a pizza that fits the autoimmune paleo protocol, skip the cheese and tomatoes and use vegetables and sausage as a topping.

10. Oopsie Bread Pizza Crust (contains cheese)

(Fig. 2) Oopsie bread, made with cream cheese and eggs, is a popular grain free bread alternative. It creates puffy, delicate rounds that compliment light pizza toppings like pesto and goat cheese. For best results, make individual-sized crusts. Try this Oopsie Bread Pizza from I’m Bored Let’s Go. Although I’ve not tried it, I bet you could use soft goat cheese in place of the cream cheese in the recipe.

Paleo pizza crusts - 15 great ideas for "no bread" pizzas!11. Zucchini Pizza Crust (contains cheese)

(Fig. 5) Like the Cauliflower Pizza Crust, the Zucchini Pizza Crust is a popular veggie-based pizza base. Egg and cheese are necessary to bind the zucchini and create a sturdy crust. Try this Zucchini Pizza Crust from Food and New York City (less cheese option) or this Zucchini Pizza Crust from The Kitchen Creative (more cheese option).

12. Cauliflower and Zucchini Pizza Crust (contains cheese)

(Fig. 1) Combine cauliflower and zucchini in a pizza crust for the best of both worlds! Simply Gourmet shares the recipe for this gorgeous Cauliflower and Zucchini Pizza Crust.

13. Broccoli Paleo Pizza Crust

Another method to enjoy an extra dose of veggies in your pizza crust? This Broccoli Pizza Crust from A Tasty Love Story. Eggs and a little bit of psyllium husk act as the binder for this dairy-free crust.

14. Coconut Flour Paleo Pizza Crust

We’ve covered everything from squash, eggplant, zucchini, cauliflower, mushroom and broccoli crusts. While these are delicious and healthy twists on pizza crusts, you may want something that more closely resembles a traditional pizza crust. In that case, pull out your coconut flour and try this Coconut Flour Pizza Crust from Gutsy. For version that contains cheese, try this Coconut Flour Pizza Crust from This Chick Cooks.

15. Tapioca Flour Paleo Pizza Crust

Tapioca flour  (also called tapioca starch – they are the same thing) is another grain free flour that will replicate a traditional wheat-flour pizza crust. Try this crunchy Paleo Pizza Crust from A Girl Worth Saving .

Do you have a favorite among these paleo pizza crusts? Do you have any other suggestions for no bread pizza solutions? 

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  1. Natalie says

    Dear lovely Lauren!

    I’ve been diagnosed with hashimoto’s disease. Do you have some recommendation regarding diet, books to read etc.?

    Feeling kinda helpless at the moment.



  2. says

    My favorite primal pizza crust recipe is this one

    It makes a crispy crust. I like that it doesn’t use stuff like tapioca flour which I am not able to get here.

    . I have make Imam Bayildi all the time as an appetizer, basically eggplant slices fried in olive oil and then topped with tomatoes and other interesting things. If you changed the spices it would pass for pizza. The trick to frying eggplant is to salt it heavily after slicing, and let it drain at least overnight. You get these ugly looking things but once patted dry and fried, they are great.


  3. ellen says

    Hi….Old restaurant owner/chef here. I tried making the cauliflower “bread” and pizza crust and I can tell you that it works better if you take out your juicer and juice the cauliflower. You wind up with a very dry product to which you can add egg or cheese or ground flax seed and/or chia as binder. Then you add onion powder, garlic powder, salt, etc. and bake. You can always add some of the juice back if it’s too dry. Keep all the byproducts of your juicing (carrots make great “flour”) and you don’t have to rely on squeezing the liquid out. Also, if you want to keep hand squeezing the riced cauliflower, add some coconut flour and it soaks up the extra liquid just fine.

    • Suziiibee says

      The juicer sounds like a great idea, but my Hamilton Beach juicer didn’t do the trick. I ended up with a mixture of mashed potato consistency and little chunks. The actual juice emitted equaled about 1 T. I transferred it to my vita mix and pureed it then squeezed out the juice. I got less than 2 cups mashed cauliflower from a medium sized head. I figured that it would have measured 4 cups if it was riced, so I used the amounts given for the rest of the ingredients. The “dough” tasted good raw. It’s in the oven now on a pizza stone. I’ll let you know how it turns out. :)

  4. says

    Hmm it seems like your site ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.
    I as well am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to everything.

    Do you have any tips for inexperienced blog writers?
    I’d certainly appreciate it.

  5. ChefMomB says

    I will sometimes make pizza using grilled bell peppers as the base (no crust). (Grill a “block” of pepper, then add toppings and heat on grill or in toaster oven.). Tomatoes work too, although very messy! (That’s more of a eat-with-a-fork pizza.)

  6. Paris Golec says

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