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Want radiant skin, healthy joints, and improved digestion? Glow from the inside-out with paleo recipes featuring collagen.

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  1. I can’t have avocado. What can I substitute for it?

    Kidding! Although I do have a pretty severe allergy to avocado, so I’ll just have to be content to stare at these delicious-looking things.

  2. This is the third recipe I’ve pinned today with grass-fed gelatin to make something uniquely cool, so I guess I’m adding that to the grocery list for the week so we can experiment a little. I have almost all the other ingredients already and I’m picking up some avos tomorrow…. If I can find this nifty gelatin locally I can have these bars made before the week is out (and yay for not having to turn on the oven in this summer heat)

  3. How long can you store these in the fridge (i.e. I want to make them before I leave on a week long business trip so they are waiting for me when i come back and am too tired to even mix these up! 🙂 )?

  4. Ok Lauren, you’ve convinced me to try these. I’m always afraid of avocado desserts, but the ingredients are so amazing that I’m going to make these. I mostly use Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, but was planning to order the gelatin to have on hand so this gives me an excuse. For now I’ll skip the tigernut flour, although that is something I’ve been meaning to try too.

    • I wouldn’t eat the gluten free all purpose flour raw. It contains a mix of flours and starches that work for baking. Stick with the flour suggested in the recipe. Tigernut flour is sweet and full of resistant starch. Good investment. 🙂

  5. Wow!! You’ve done it again, Lauren! I just made the recipe, and of course I had to taste the filling before slathering it on top of the crust. Oh my! I am looking so forward to enjoying this delightful treat tomorrow. Thank you! 😀

  6. Thanks for the recipe Lauren, this looks so good, I love avocado, however, I don’t really know how to include it in my cooking much. This recipe is great. Also, I recently got a bottle of hydrolyzed collagen from wecarenaturals after hearing so much good thing about it. I wonder if I can substitute the gelatin to collagen, because it is hydrolyzed, I would not feel the texture that much, look forward to getting your answer.Thanks.

  7. I’ve made these twice, very, very good! however, I’m wondering if there is a slight mistake in the either the amount of coconut oil, or the nut butter for the crust. You said “crumbly texture”, and I didn’t get crumbly at all, seemed way too wet. I’m going to try again now, using slightly less of both the oil and nut butter. By the way, in case anyone was wondering, he first time I made them, all I had was almond butter and that was not very good, I use sunflower now.

  8. I made these once already and they were pretty great. I used coconut mana. I bought all the ingredients to make it again, this time I’m going to add a little bit of coconut sugar to the crust. The crust just seemed like it needed to be a tad bit sweet to me to be a dessert.

  9. I made these bars yesterday and they were the perfect contrast to all the heavy treats we usually have around Christmas time. The whole family loved them kids included! I am excited to make them again! I used both coconut butter and cashew butter (mine was raw and unsalted) 1 tablespoon of each. The only change I made ro the crust per another reviews comments was that I added a tablespoon of coconut sugar. Tigernut flour has this unique ability to take on this flakeyness that can make it feel dry. I think when I make them again for Christmas dinner I will experiment with another flour.
    Thank you so much for this fantastic recipe! I would eat the custard everyday if I could!

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