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  1. Thanks for the great website, and it’s a life saver to have these gorgeous AIP recipes. I’ve enjoyed several so far. I can’t access coconut butter where I live. Is there anything I could substitute for in this recipe? I’d love to try it.

  2. Was excited when I saw this recipe, even more so since I had all the ingredients. They unfortunately do not rise, most likely due to the lack of a real egg. The flavor is different due to the gelatin. However, it’s better than no cookie, if you are AIP and desperately need one!!

    • I tried these two ways, batch with egg then batch with gelatin hoping they’d turn out better. You’re correct, the egg batch rose. I didn’t care for the taste of either. Maybe the flavor the arrowroot adds is an acquired taste? I used Bob’s Red Mill.

  3. My mom made these for my birthday! They’re great – they have a savory side, too (didn’t make the glaze). Only thing is there is no instruction for adding the turmeric. It was easy to figure out, but just for completeness you might want to add it.

  4. What could I use instead of applesauce? I cannot have soy,dairy, gluten, sugar, and I follow the FODMAP diet. Since I can’t have apples, honey, or fake sweeteners, nor sugar..I am stumped! I cannot have pears or peaches to use as sweeteners either. . Sigh..

  5. These cookies are fantastic!!! Sadly the applesauce and honey did not work with the candida I am working on. I’ll try green leaf stevia for the honey. Can I substitute more coconut oil and butter for the apple sauce? Thank you so much for your input!!!! Kim Love your recipes… they have made eating fun again 🙂

  6. These have a fresh lemon tase that’s very pleasant. The texture is certainly more cakey than even a soft traditional cookie. They are pretty fragile.(they would not hold up in a ziplock bag.Tupperware would be a must if traveling with them.) If you had a taste for a cruncy lemon cookie, this will not do it for you but if you had a taste for a lemony baked good in general, this should do it.

  7. Hello Lauren. My name is Dan and I am a founder of Easy Fast Recipes website. Many thanks for this lovely Paleo Lemon Cookies Recipe recipe! Natural, simple and affordable ingredients, easy to follow step by step instructions. I am a Paleo diet follower myself. This is yummy easy fast recipe and I think it’s going into my bookmark list.
    Keep up the good work. I am looking forward for more Paleo easy food recipes on your great site in the nearest future.
    You are welcome to visit my website >> Easy Fast Recipes for Healthy Lifestyle & Fitness. Cheers and do have a great day!

  8. so, the picture is beautiful, but if you closely you will see just how flat they are. I had to fold them in half (yes, they are foldable) or stack three on top of each other to feel like I was eating a cookie. They definitely weren’t *terrible* and might make good ice cream sandwiches…but I was pretty disappointed and wouldn’t recommend anyone make these. Sorry to leave a negative review–I feel bad doing that, but don’t want other Pintrest-ers to waste a lot of time/ingredients on this recipe.

    • I agree. The effort was not worth the return. They were time consuming to make and I just wasn’t pleased with the final product. They have potential though. I just can’t figure out what needs tweaking to make them more to my liking.

  9. These are fantastic! I didn’t have any coconut butter, so I used the same amount of coconut oil and added 1/3 cup more coconut flour. I also didn’t flatten them – just left each little cookie in a pile. Yum yum. I’ve been eating the Autoimmune Protocol for 6 weeks now and these were just what I needed.

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