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  1. You missed the best one! If judging by name only, certainly “Meat Bagel” would win. It’s basically a reversed hamburger with all your fixings in-between the meat. Saw it on Pinterest!

  2. I have gotten used to no buns and no bun substitute. It leaves me room to really enjoy what is inside the bun, whether it is a burger, a chicken filet or uncured lunch meat like all natural turkey. Without the “bun”, I can load up on other nutrient dense items that add more flavor and interest than any wheat or alternative bun can. Piles of sprouts, fresh tomato, avocado slices (my favorite!!), thinly sliced onion, lettuces or spinach, etc. I never have to worry about my loaded “sandwich” squirting out all over the place when bite into it – I eat with a knife and fork, in smaller bites, allowing me to savor everything in a way that can’t seem to be done with a piled high thing in a bun of any kind.

  3. Dear Lauren
    We are Hamburger Lovers and enjoy our burgers usually without bun substitute. We eat lots of guacamole, bacon and veggies with the hamburger meat. This is one of our favorite version
    Thanks for all the information you provide us
    Greetings and happy 2015 from Switzerland

  4. I have made mine with the ground beef, tomato, avocado slices and bacon wrapped in a large Romaine lettuce leaf or two. The meat and all the ingredients are usually too much for one “burger” so I’ll cut the meat into slices and make several smaller burgers.

    Coupled with baked sweet potato wedges sprinkled with cinnamon, this is a favorite!

  5. Tapioca and Sweet Potato aren’t exactly paleo. They’re starchy tubers. Tapioca – actually derived from cassava root. Anyway, both are a listed by Dr.Cordain as being on the “don’t eat” list. Just pointing that out.

  6. I usually do lettuce as the buns, more like a burger wrap I guess. I’ve also used bell pepper halves, but really depends on the size of your patty and bell peppers. The bell pepper added a crunchiness that I was missing. 🙂

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