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    • I’m so sorry about that! I’ve just updated the recipe with the correct number. There was a weird conversion when I copied and pasted the recipe into the recipe formatting plugin. “1/3” turned into “?” It should be 1/3 cup of sesame seeds and coconut oil.

    • so I just made these last night and think I know how to make sure they stay together.
      1) use parchment paper. I oiled with coconut oil and it just wasn’t enough- I had to work hard to get them to lift off the pan and that ended up causing some breakage/falling apart
      2) let them completely cool before cutting. I tried to cut mine an hour after they were out of the oven and the first piece looked very fragile so I popped the pan in the fridge overnight and was able to cut them easily in the morning

      They’re really delicious! I made some minor changes due to ingredients I had on hand- coconut shreds instead of flakes, raisins instead of cherries, no banana chips- and they’re really good.

    • The 2 tablespoons of oil is listed right after the chocolate, so I would assume that the 1/3 cup goes with the main ingredients, and the 2 TBS goes with the chocolate.(and those amounts do make sense by the way) 🙂

      I plan to try these as soon as I get the ingredients that I don’t have (and fix my oven! LOL)

  1. I make these all the time! I usually use a combo of raisins and cranberries because they are so much cheaper. And I add a handul of enjoy life chocolate chips in the mix instead of on top. The recipe is really forgiving and easy to tweak. I even sneak in flax seeds and my husband has never noticed. This is my go to “granola bar” recipe. Sometimes I push the mixture in mini muffin tins…they bake much faster, you don’t have to cut them, and are perfectly portioned. Thank you so much!

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