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  1. Looks interesting, I’ll have to try it soon! A possible variation to explore: My grandmother used to make *the best* eggplant parmesan ever. She also sliced and salted the eggplant, but layered the slices, stacked between paper towels, and placed telephone books on top for weight, to compress the eggplant and remove even more moisture (and bitterness). She let that stand overnight, but a shorter time frame might work just as well. The removal of the moisture makes the eggplant “hungry” to absorb any flavors you top it with, the eggs, spices, etc. I don’t know how that will affect this French toast recipe, but theoretically it should be great. I’ll have to experiment with it myself!

  2. these were a miss for us. I haven’t eaten sugar or grains for three years now, but they were overwhelmingly eggplanty. I love eggplant, but maybe a large club zucchini would be a better choice. We had to throw the whole batch away. And yes i salted and rinsed and dried them. Sorry to post a negative review, but it was a lot of work for such a dismal outcome. Btw, ive tried many other of your recipes with great success and I do not want to discourage you from your valuable contribution to society.

  3. These were delightfully strange, but delicious! I was wary of eggplant, so I salted and pressed them overnight, just to be sure to get all the eggplant out of them. I used quite a bit of cinnamon and vanilla and salt in the batter. Then I liberally topped them with coconut butter and straepwberries. Probably not low-cal, but tasty! And no weird itching that I get with bread. Not a daily treat, but it’s definitely going into rotation! I never would have thought to use an eggplant, you are very creative!

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