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Want radiant skin, healthy joints, and improved digestion? Glow from the inside-out with paleo recipes featuring collagen.

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  1. Everyone is using coconut oil, but through many tests and of course my own GI tract, I just can not use it, and even on my skin I develop a redness. So clarified butter and olive oil are my go to oil, even though they say not to heat up the olive oil, any other suggestions?


  2. Can these be made using cabbage leaves instead of grape leaves? If so, how should they be prepped? Thank you, this looks like a recipe I would like to prepare and enjoy eating! ~ I, too, have improved my health by changing the way I eat. Thank you for all you do to educate us.

      • I always cut off the stems! Another things I do is make dolmades (what we call them) tender is freeze them in a tray, well covered w/foil. After a good freeze, thaw and then bake them in preheated 350 degree oven. Usually takes about an hour. Yes, bake them. You can rest easier that they won’t burn. Have been doing it this way for a decade, and. Any believe I didn’t do it sooner.

    • Hi Judy,

      This recipe is low carb with meat, veggies, and cauliflower instead of rice. The currants, i.e. dried fruit, are high sugar, so either make sure they contain no added sugar, decrease the amount, or omit entirely. However, the amount of currants is negligible for the recipe.

      I’m willing to bet that everything Lauren posts on this site is great for diabetics. She follows the paleo AIP which is low carb/sugar.

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