Paleo Cornbread Muffins (or Coconut Flour Muffins)

Paleo Cornbread Muffins (or simply coconut flour muffins)

Paleo Cornbread (a.ka. Coconut Flour Muffins)

Yes, Paleo Cornbread is an unabashedly explicit oxymoron.

But if you call this cheese, then this deserves the title cornbread. Plus, these taste uncannily like cornbread to me (I’m sure I can’t say as much for that cheese). I find the cornbread similarity shocking, these muffins are completely devoid of corn and grains.

I must offer a disclaimer, though… it’s been a long time since I’ve had real cornbread, so my perception is a bit skewed.

“Cornbread muffins” for simplicity’s sake

I’ve had numerous readers tell me they simply call these “coconut flour muffins” to avoid questions from family members like, “why are you calling these corn-free muffins cornbread?”

So call them what you will– Paleo Cornbread or Coconut Flour Muffins. Either way, these grain-free muffins are simple and ridiculously tasty.

Paleo Cornbread Muffins (or simply coconut flour muffins)

 Coconut flour muffins always brighten a blue day!

I did not have a great day yesterday. My bedroom sprung two leaks in the ceiling and now my floor is covered with soggy bath towels and half the pots in the kitchen. I had to spend the night in the freezing downstairs office and didn’t sleep at all. Then, Mom and I got in a huge fight over something I can’t even remember and on top of that I lost my favorite piano book and started sobbing on the couch.  

Anyway, I needed something to cheer me up this morning. So I whipped up a batch of these Coconut Flour Muffins. Worked like a charm. After all, nothing is more comforting than jamming your face with warm muffins smothered with copious gobs of honey and melting butter.

Are you having a blue day? Try these easy coconut flour muffins, you’ll feel better immediately!

Paleo Cornbread Muffins (or simply coconut flour muffins)

Paleo Cornbread Muffins

Yield: 6-8 muffins


  • (Double recipe if desired)
  • 1/4 cup coconut flour
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil, butter or real lard, liquified
  • 2 eggs, at room temperature
  • 1 Tbs. unsweetened applesauce or, and this is really yummy, 100% pure apple butter
  • 1 Tbs. raw honey
  • 1/4 tsp. baking soda
  • 1 tsp. apple cider vinegar


  1. Preheat the oven to 350. Line 6 muffin cups with unbleached liners. Mix together the coconut flour and oil until smooth, then beat in the eggs until smooth. Add the remaining ingredients and stir well.
  2. Divide between the prepared cups and bake about 20 minutes, until a toothpick comes out clean and the top springs back when lightly pressed.

Light and fluffy coconut flour muffins,

Do you think it is ethical to call these corn-free muffins “cornbread” or congealed almond milk “cheese”? Do you have a favorite recipe with a similarly oxymoronic name?

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      • Elizabeth cedeno says

        Thank you so much for this recipe. I have been using the almond flour on everything transitioning from regular flours. But notice that Im not loosing anymore weight so I was told that I may be baking too much and also using almond flour could prevent me from loosing any more weight. So thank you dearly they are very good and satisfying.

    • says

      Melissa, I’m so sorry but flax/chia eggs don’t work with 100% coconut flour recipes. I have been working on a 100% coconut flour cookie using gelatin as an egg replacement and I will post it as soon as it is perfected.

      • Heather says

        I an curious if you’ve posted the coconut flour cookie recipe using gelatin? I am egg allergic, and am awaiting a celiac test…so am starting to research gluten free egg free recipes…

        • Joyus says

          In regards to individuals with egg issues.
          I have been raising chickens for over 25 years
          and I think the problem with egg allergies is
          actually more of an issue of diet and not the eggs.
          The preferred diet of chickens and most fowl are
          insects (which make their yolks bright yellow) greens
          and seeds. Most farmers use grain based feeds as it
          is cheaper. My chickens graze about our place and
          in winter I give them greens on a daily basis. I sell
          my eggs locally and have a loyal following because
          everyone says the eggs are the best ever.
          Goes to show you, when we eat what we were designed
          to every body IS healthier!!

          • Lori says


            Thank you SO much for pointing out that chickens are NOT vegetarians, they are omnivores. The new advertising gimmick with eggs is ‘vegetarian fed’ and, quite frankly, I’m tired of hearing it.

            Thank you for raising your chickens the proper way and providing nutritious food for those in your community!


    • says

      Yeah, coconut flour can be finicky and can produce dry, crumbly results. The eggs, honey, and applesauce work together to create a moist, sturdy muffin in this recipe! I hope you enjoy!

  1. eema.gray says

    You may have just save my Thanksgiving, LOL! Do you think these would work as a substitute for cornbread in stuffing? I’ve been tasked with making Thanksgiving dinner for my in laws and the only thing I’ve not yet figured out a suitable paleo-ized recipe for is the cornbread stuffing.

    • says

      I’ve just been asked about using this in stuffing on Facebook. I believe it would work, but I would HIGHLY recommend trying a small sample batch before making this for Thanksgiving.

  2. says

    I have paleo “oatmeal” all the time! It is so incredibly delicious and waay more satisfying than regular oatmeal. Its made of eggs and obviously contains no eggs but really what else are you supposed to call it? Egg custard? No, that’s been taken. Egg porridge? I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound terribly appetizing to me. The point of naming things the same is to emphasize that they elicit the appearance and even taste of regular favorites while still being healthy.

    • says

      LOL about the “egg porridge”! I think Paleo Oatmeal is a much more attractive title :) I’m glad you see my point about naming something so people have an idea of what to expect.

  3. Rachel says

    These just came out of the oven… I made 6, and 3 are already gone :) They are similar to corn bread for sure, but I wouldn’t say they’re that close. Either way, they are fantastic! I smeared them with apple butter, and I’m debating if I’ll go back for a 4th one.

    • says

      Well, maybe it’s been so long since I’ve eaten cornbread that my perspective is slightly skewed :) I’m glad you see the similarity, though! Mmmm… apple butter on top sounds yummy!

      • Rachel says

        I might also be overly spoiled… I can tolerate corn as a treat, and I live in Texas…

        On a side note, I want to give you props on the creativity of your recipes. I just found your site the other day (through your post on Civilized Caveman) and I’ve been really impressed so far. Keep ’em coming!! :)

        • says

          Well, as long as you can eat corn occasionally you had better be enjoying real Texas cornbread! I will be the first one to admit that these coconut flour muffins don’t compare to that :) And thank you for your kind words! That is so encouraging to hear, and I’m so glad you enjoy the recipes!

    • says

      You could substitute with an equal amount of mashed banana, pumpkin puree or squash puree. But it does need that tablespoon of something for moisture.

      • AshleyL says

        What about just adding a tablespoon of almond milk for moistness? Have all of the other ingredients and don’t really want to go to the store just for 1T.

  4. says

    This is super creative! Thanks for sharing Lauren. And I LOVE the Triple D. I watch it often as I get little tips for how to make awesome food. :)

    • says

      Thanks! And I love the tips on Triple D, too! I don’t know why it is so entertaining to watch Guy eat those huge burgers and sandwiches, but it is!

  5. says

    You poor thing!! What a terrible day! I’m glad these muffins made you feel better. They would make ANYONE feel better, the recipe is gorgeous. I thought for sure I was going to see some almond flour in there (as my husband always comments that my almond flour muffins taste so much like cornbread). But over the last 4 months I haven’t been eating ANY nut flour (I just can’t digest it). So these will be our muffins/bread rolls this thanksgiving. Excellent recipe! Thank you, thank you! :-)

    Hope things are looking up for you.


    • says

      Thanks, Amber! I’m having a much better day, thanks for asking! I can’t digest nut flour right now, either, so coconut flour baked goods are a life saver. I’m excited to hear that these have reserved a spot on your Thanksgiving table! Have a great weekend!

  6. says

    Lauren! These look AMAZING! Well done for creating such a wonderful healthy muffin! Cornbread isn’t something we eat in the UK anyway so I guess its quite OK to call them “cornbread! Why not if the texture’s the same!!!

    So sorry to hear you had a rotten day! Hope everything’s much better now.


  7. says

    these look terrific! I’m picking up two dozen grassfed organic eggs on Friday and I’ll give them a whip after that! And I looked at the ingredients in that “cheese” if there is milk protein in it, why not just eat the real deal anyway? I never understood rice cheese and soy cheese. Now… if you’ve ever had Dr. Cow Tree Nut cheeses that’s a different story. They age it to perfection and ooooooh my oh my! I cannot tolerate dairy at all, and that “cheese” is a real treat.

    • says

      I had the exact same thought about the milk protein in the cheese!! I’ve never tried the tree nut cheese you recommended… it sounds interesting and I’m going to try to find it!

      • says

        That’s ok, I just have almond flour so I thought I’d ask. Would you know where can I buy coconut flour for a good price? Thanks for the recipe, cant wait to try it!

        • says

          That I do know :) has a few brands of coconut flour at discounted prices (plus free shipping over $50 and huge discounts on natural living things… I love that store!). I think the Edward and Sons brand is the cheapest, and I always get that one. I love it! I just ordered 5 bags of it the other day.

  8. Summer says

    Just in time for my GAPS-curious mom’s visit! As far as ethics go, corn is actually called maize everywhere else in the world. Corn actually used to refer to wheat, or any grain used to make bread. Corn also refers to the salt grains used in “corned” beef. So actually, the term corn is almost appropriate here. You are such a creative cook!

    • says

      I’m happy to hear that you are interested in learning more about GAPS! And thank you for the history lesson in corn terminology… very interesting!

    • says

      I certainly don’t agree that honey is toxic when cooked–is just looses some of the enzyme action from the raw honey. Plus, it is the only sweetener allowed on GAPS/SCD. I think coconut sugar is a great option if you aren’t following those diets. If you make the substitute in this recipe, you’ll have to compensate for the loss of liquid. Try adding a few more teaspoons of applesauce.

  9. says

    I was curious would this recipe be capable of a loaf? I’d love to use this in my Paleo Stuffing for thanksgiving. But wasn’t sure if this is enough for a loaf or if you think i’d need to double the recipe for that? Since you’ve seen how much batter it makes figured it’s safe to ask before i use these expensive (at least for my family) ingredients to find out lol

    • says

      If you are just going to cube it for stuffing, I’d suggest at least doubling the recipe and just baking it in muffin tins, then cubing the muffins. I’m sure it would work in a loaf pan, I just don’t know how long it would cook. If you do bake it in a regular loaf pan, I would actually triple the recipe.

      I just want to put the disclaimer out there that I haven’t tried this in stuffing… so no guarantees. I know coconut flour is expensive, so it is a bummer when an experiment with it flops. Maybe you could try making a mini trial run before the big day?

      • says

        ahh okay thanks for your response. I’m not sure i could afford to use this for stuffing than, but thanks for sharing, it’ll be a nice weeknight treat with some pork chops and greens to bring back those memories of being a lil girl in Louisiana.

  10. Mary Lethbridge says

    I have a lovely, nourishing grass fed beef stew on for dinner, and I thought these would be a great companion to pair with it. I just finished making them, and I had to try one straight out of the oven. I am in heaven! They are so good. I’ve always had a weakness for cornbread, and now I’ve found my healthy substitute. Thank you so much for this recipe, and everything you offer.

  11. Lisa Glennie says

    Just made two batches of these. One with butter and one with coconut oil. Hubby says (and I agree), the butter one tastes like cornbread the coconut oil one tastes more like regular muffins. Either way, we enjoyed them all, thanks for the recipe.

  12. Danielle says

    Made these today and my family devoured them. Bad news since they were meant for thanksgiving, TOMORROW! Oh well!
    * Note: I added cold eggs into the mixture and it solidified my coconut oil. :-( Don’t make my mistake, add room temp eggs! Either way, they were still delish!

  13. Belenda says

    Lisa – you said the one with butter tasted more like cornbread. Do you remember if you used salted or unsalted butter?

    • says

      Hi Melissa! I don’t think the gelatin egg will work in this recipe. Are you talking about the gelatin egg substitute I use in Chewy Ginger Cookies? I specifically designed that recipe to work with the gelatin. I’m sorry if you were planning to use the gelatin instead of the eggs here :( 100% coconut flour recipes are very picky and almost always require real eggs.

  14. says

    Hi Lauren,

    My Sister has Ulcerative Colitis, so we’re trying the GAPS diet to get her off the meds. I’m looking forward to having these “cornbread” muffins… they look so tasty! I thought we were only going to be able to eat meat and juice! Thanks for the recipe!

    • says

      I am sure GAPS will make a difference for your sister… After 2 weeks on the diet, my ulcerative colitis symptoms were gone! And I’m so glad this recipe will make the diet a bit more delicious for you both! Blessings and prayers for your sister’s healing :)

  15. rachel says

    I just made the batter and the batter is VERY dry and not moist at all…I’m not sure if I ought to add more sauce or milk to it….or bake it dry as is…I’m afriad if I bake it so dry it will come out very dry…hmm.

    • says

      Hi Rachel! Yes, the batter is rather stiff and will be even more stiff if the ingredients were cold. If you followed the recipe exactly, then they should work out. I wouldn’t recommend adding more liquid because it can make the muffins dense. Hope this helps!

  16. Sascha says

    I am baking these right now to go along with my non- paleo chilli and if the batter is any indication, these will be delish! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Carrie says

    Thank you for the recipe! I subbed the applesauce for organic jarred sweet potato purée (baby food) because it was what I had. I also just tossed all the ingredients in my Vitamix – I’ve found coconut flour recipes do well in blenders. The house smells great!

  18. says

    Making these tonight! I’m planning to sub out the applesauce due to an apple allergy. Thinking I need to sub out the apple cider vinegar as well due to the same reason. Any thoughts on substitutions? I have rice wine vinegar, red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, and regular white vinegar. I didn’t realize we had so much vinegar in the house until I just wrote it all out!

    • says

      The texture changes after adding the eggs, but they will still be delicious when baked! Also, if the eggs are cold, they will make the fat in the batter seize up. I’ll add in the directions for the eggs to be room temp. But it’s fine if that happens, they will still bake well.

  19. Sherri says

    OMG!!!!! I just made these this afternoon to go along with my homemade chili. These are the best!!! I can’t say enough good things about these muffins!!! I had to cut the recipe in half since I only had one egg left after baking all week!!!
    So I made 2 nice size muffins. My hubby loves these!!!! What a huge compliment they were to my chili!!! Next time I will be making a full batch…maybe even double it! We will be enjoying these scrumptious little muffins a lot in the future! Thank you soooo much for sharing!!!!! By the way….the other half of my muffin somehow founds it’s way into my hubby’s mouth!! LOL!!!

  20. April says

    I made this recipe and while it sort of came out okay…my oil and 1/4 cup conconut flower did not make a “paste.” I just wanted to verify the 1/4 cup on the coconut flower is correct.


    • says

      Yeah, the 1/4 cup is right. I’m sorry you weren’t wowed by these :( Were the eggs and fat at room temp? Also, the way the coconut flour is measured makes a difference. It’s the “dip and sweep” method, not packed into the measuring cup.

  21. says

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  22. says

    I have made these a couple times and really liked them. My husband and three year old daughter enjoyed them too. We are new to this style of eating, and with the little one’s birthday today, I wanted to stick as closely as possible to what we have been doing. I made her a “carrot cake” at her request by doubling this recipe and adding carrot and raisins to the batter. I made a cream cheese frosting at home, and everyone really liked the cake. I was really happy that I could give her what she wanted and still have it be reasonably healthy as well as easy to make. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  23. Sarah says

    These are the fluffiest coconut muffins I’ve made & I’ve tried so many recipes! My 4 year old loved them, she dipped them in honey :). I added a little cinnamon. Delish!

  24. says

    FYI, these make really good blueberry muffins!! I’ve made these several times without, but this last time I added a cup of frozen berries to a double batch, and they turned out awesome!! I don’t know how long they baked, I’m sure it was longer than suggested. I just pulled them out when they were a nice golden brown on top. My one-year-old and I polished off a dozen in just 2 or 3 days… yikes…

    Thanks for the recipe!

    • Leila says

      I added frozen berries and the muffins didn’t come together at all. The berries turned the batter crumbly, and baked, it’s still crumbly. Did you add more eggs?

  25. says

    Wow! These are phenomenal. I made them for my young daughter who is on the GAPS diet but had to sample one. So good! I am planning on serving them alongside her soups & as “bread” for sliders! Think they would be great for breakfast sliders as well, with fried egg or homemade sausage. Yum!

  26. Edna says

    Hey love your sight! I am from Texas grew up on cornbread from scratch but NEVER had sugar in it! First time I had sugar cornbread was in Washington State, it shocked me! Anyway no sugar is good thing! I am also very allergic to corn so haven”t had any for yrs.
    Would love to have some fluffy muffins not sweet. Any ideas?

    Thanks for sharing so much with us!

    • says

      You could try substituting the applesauce with mashed pumpkin or mashed butternut/acorn squash. Replace the honey with an equal amount of yogurt or coconut milk. I grew up in Washington, so that’s probably why I make sweet cornbread :) I don’t know if this fake cornbread will measure up to your Texan standards, but I hope you enjoy it all the same!

  27. Ginger says


    I need a little help. New at grain free cooking. I made the muffins and mix was very dry. I know coconut flour is very absorbent. What type of liquid do I need to add to get less thick batter?


    • Mary R. says

      I tried these today, and I did not get a good result – I had little balls that cooked up like hush puppies, not muffins. I think I packed the coconut flour so there was too much. I will try again just scooping the coconut flour out of the package instead of packing the cup. I was not happy! Have you had any better luck?

  28. Renee says

    Lauren, I just tried these for the first time tonight as the recipe I had been using for faux cornbread muffins using coconut flour could not be found and I LOVE THEM!! I’ve been reading things in your emails and on you website for several months now and have used your recipe for crockpot whole chicken and broth as well as others! Thank you so much for your efforts in making great tasting, healthy and healing recipes!! I didn’t have applesauce so used a little great lakes gelatin in its place, they turned out great!

  29. HP says

    I made this recipe TWICE in 2 days for only me and my husband…it is THAT GOOD! I add chia seeds to include more omega 3, on some, i top with almond flakes, on others, dried raisins… YUMMY!

    Thank you so much for sharing… will be using more of your other recipes!

  30. Melinda says

    My three picky children loved these. I have one obsessed with cornbread, and she raved about them. My grain-eating mother was visiting, and she loved them. These are an all-around hit.

  31. Elizabeth says

    I made these last week. Turned out pretty good, but a little dry. My daughter ate them though. Wondering if I should add a little more applesauce or cook them a little less time next time?

    Thanks! Loving all your recipes!

  32. Tonja Pizzo says

    I was going through some of my REALLY old, pre-paleo recipes over the weekend, cleaning out and getting rid of recipes I would never consider making. I got rid of my favorite Paula Deen cornbread recipe, thinking to myself, “I did used to really love cornbread….” as I tossed the recipe into the recycling bin. How great to stumble upon this recipe!! Can’t wait to try it!

  33. says

    Yum! I cannot wait to try these! They look amazing…
    One semi-oxymoronic recipe that I recently made was a paleo potato salad. I used a combination of turnips and sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes and it turned out pretty well. The recipe will be up on my own blog soon.

  34. Q says

    I like that you call it cornbread. That way it came up when I googled paleo cornbread! Because you have to have paleo cornbread with paleo chili! Thanks!

  35. Courtney says

    Holy smokes, these are delicious! I just pulled my batch out of the oven and I’m having to hold back on helping myself to a third. I didn’t have any honey on hand, so I subbed some coconut sugar and a 1/2 Tbs of water. I also added a pinch of salt, nutritional yeast and rosemary. They’re perfect! I’m so excited that I found this recipe. I’m from Texas and I know good cornbread, but I haven’t been able to eat it for years. These are a perfect substitution. Thank you!

  36. Saundra says

    Lauren, I just made these for the first time today and they are really good. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been trying quite a few recipes lately that I can make ahead and take with us on vacation. These will definitely go with us.

  37. Karen says

    Thankyou for this recipe!!!! They Are so good!! I subbed mashed banana for the applesauce, and they are so darn good, I just poked down 3! And easy to make!

  38. says

    I loved this recipe! I am doing no grains right now and the other night when we did chili I wanted something to eat while the rest of my family had cornbread (one of my favorites of course!). I was so pleased with these – and as someone who HAS had cornbread in the past month, these were remarkably close in flavor! So interesting seeing as they don’t have corn! :) They tasted especially delicious warm with raw honey spread on them. My entire family loved them. Thanks for sharing this great recipe!

  39. verena says

    hi Lauren, I just made your cornbread, it was so good! I was so pleased I posted on my page! Thank you so much, I will be making more of your recipes, Verena

  40. Arlene Howard says

    Hi Lauren,

    Both my husband and I are following the Paleo diet, but we cannot have honey or maple syrup. It is too high on the glycemic index and we are follow a no grain, no dairy, no sugar diet – including tropical fruits.
    Apple sauce and Stevia is fine, so what do we substitute for the honey in all these amazing recipes?

    Many thanks,

  41. cyn says

    Made these today; didn’t have applesauce and not a fan of that or bananas, so puréed a plum and used 1T. Worked great–delish, moist muffins. I grew up on cornbread–I’m from the south–and would not think of this as a substitute. They are delish in their own right and deserve their own name. Cocomuffins??

  42. Stacey says

    Is there anything you can substitute instead of the applesauce? I never eat it so I never have it on hand, and it seems like a waste to buy/make applesauce if I’m only using 2 tbsp for a double batch of muffins. Would a puree of cooked squash work instead?

  43. Jessica says

    Really nice little recipe! Basic enough that you could make all sorts of variations (I’m thinking adding some bacon and scallions would be nice). I doubled it and got 10 muffins. Good crumb, not too dry, hold together well, very easy. Thank you!

  44. Rachel says

    I think its wonderful they are called “corn” bread! I was specifically looking for paleo corn bread, if they hadn’t been called that I wouldn’t have found them! Any paleo person knows they don’t have corn.. Or they wouldn’t be called paleo! Thanks so much for this recipe! I love them! Very comparable to corn bread especially for a paleoian!

  45. Amy says

    I was skeptical making these, however, as soon as I saw the batter I KNEW it was going to be amazing. I used a round pan to make the corn bread and doubled the recipe. I used unsalted butter, I feel as though I’ve overdosed on coconut oil lately. He ate half the pan, and kept telling me how delicious! I loved it, from the man that doesn’t eat Paleo!! I served it with a pot of hearty chili. I’m linking your recipe for my friends to enjoy! Thank you so very much!

  46. Shannon Tinoisamoa says

    Hi! Wanted to find out if you have an alternative for the apple cider vinegar used in this recipe? I am supposed to steer clear of vinegar, but really wanted to try out this recipe! Thanks!

  47. Kyra says

    Just made these! Eating one fresh out of the oven as we speak. SPEECHLESS. So delicious!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful recipe! Will be on my table for thanksgiving tomorrow :)

  48. Erika Schofield says

    Loving this recipe, I doubled it and put it in a round spring form tin…….it’s baking……we will see how it goes, it’s for a morning tea catch up. Also I didn’t make enough applesauce so I used some of my babies apple puree, lol. Either way it will taste delish!

  49. Jill says

    Just made these to go with our stew as it’s 12 degrees outside! These are really easy to make and quick to throw together. I made mine with butter and they were delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  50. says

    These look really great. This is a great blog. I read your story… my daughter and I cured bipolar illness through diet (eliminating artificial ingrediets, especially MSG) and our family is diving even more into eating healthy by trying the Paleo diet lifestyle… thank you for sharing all of this.

  51. Shelley says

    I made these this morning, using butter instead of coconut oil. They are delicious and I may or may not have eaten all 6…
    I don’t feel they’re very “cornbready” in my book, but still an extremely good basic muffin recipe that one could spice up according to their own tastes. Will definitely be remaking these!!

  52. Azgirl says

    Hi – I made them today and followed the recipe but they shribled up as soon as I took them out of the oven, and they have an eggy consistency almost like a flan. Any idea as to what I did wrong?:-/

  53. Heather says

    Hi there! I was excited to try your recipe and I just pulled mine out if the oven. They smell amazing, but I haven’t tried one yet. :)
    One concern I have is about the batter, it was really thick. I think I could have rolled the batter into balls if I wanted. So I scooped the batter into the muffin papers and baked them. The tops did not come out smooth like your picture.
    I just ate one, and they taste good. :). But I’m still wondering if you have any thoughts.

  54. Robyn says

    I love this recipe, they always turn out perfect. I made these as our ‘bread’ for Christmas dinner, and my grain-eating family and friends really enjoyed them too. Thanks Lauren, I really enjoy your recipes and blog.

  55. Valerie says

    I love these and am making them again. Tonight we’re having them with chicken stew.

    I was out of applesauce, so I substituted some peach “jam” I made this last summer that didn’t jell. They are going to be awesome. :)

  56. Molly says

    I made these with coconut oil and added about a tablespoon of almond butter to the batter…mmmmmm…. :)

    I’m going to try to make this as a “bun” for burgers and sandwiches too!

    Thanks for the recipe!

  57. Suzanne says

    I’m wondering if you think I could sub pear sauce for the apple sauce? I have some I made and canned. It’s just pear and nothing else. I’m not really good with baking substitutions yet. Thanks!

  58. Najaya says

    I just started the candida diet (for the 3rd time) and I’m really trying to stay on track this time around. Is it possible to sub almond milk for applesauce?? If so, how much milk should I use? I saw you say that its purpose is to keep the muffins moist but I can’t eat applesauce )=

  59. Ami Hansson Cooper says

    I just started to follow you and tried these corn muffins the other day. I live in Sweden and have never had corn muffins. An I don’t really care to try either because these faux corn muffins where the best muffins I’ve ever had all flours, flavors and toppings included. Beautiful, yummie, moist, tasty. I love them! Thanks for sharing all those beautiful recipes.

  60. Erin says

    Just came out of the oven, I used mashed banana instead of applesauce and coconut oil. So yummy! I will be making these again! Thanks! FYI: They are approx. 138 calories each.

  61. says

    They LOOK like corn muffins. I probably shouldn’t bake them right now, as it’s 1:15 in the morning (and I’m not the only one who lives here!) but I’m looking forward to trying them. They look less “eggy” than lots of coconut flour-based baked goods. (And Lord knows, I could use some food that tastes like FOOD again. Browsing your recipes is giving me hope!)

  62. Amanda says

    I’m fructose intolerant & can’t have applesauce or honey. Can you tell me what I can substitute them with in your cornbread muffins. Thanks

  63. Debbie says

    Hi Lauren, thanks for posting these. Just made these, doubled the recipe and added 6 dates and used banana instead of applesauce. My fan forced oven only needed to be 160 degrees Celsius and still needed to be turned down to 140 for the last 5 mins. I’ll be making them again!

  64. Abby says


    these look amazing! I am a huge fan of cornbread and was hoping these would satisfy those cravings. I just was wondering if you had the nutrition info for these baked bits of goodness?



  65. MamaToMany says

    Quick question- has anyone frozen these lil guys? As a mom of 7 kids (from 3-11yrs) who is always adjusting our supplements & foods that we’re “allowed” to eat (I’m not sure how many other parents in my kids’ school have “artificial food coloring” on the list of allergies on file in the office to make sure my kids aren’t given any lol)… & I’m positive that my kiddies will adore these!! I just like to be able to make a bunch of things & freeze them for quick snacks before/after school… so pretty please, if anyone can lend a Paleohand & let me know if these freeze ok I’d be ever so grateful.
    Thank you!!!! 3 cheers to corn(ish)bread!

  66. Tara says

    Yes. I have frozen them and they were great. I find that most baked goods (almond flour or coconut flour) freeze very well. It really helps to have these baked treats on hand. I choose a “baking day” and then eat the frozen food (thawed of course) on a daily basis. :)

  67. GiGi says

    These just came out the oven, and they are very light, no “eggy” texture, just delicious! The recipe is very easy. I didn’t have raw honey, so I used sugar free honey, couldn’t wait to get the real deal. Will definitely be making more of these!

  68. Sharon says

    I’ve made these a few times before and always liked them. Today I tried making them into sandwich rounds and they came out delightfully! I doubled the recipe and used 1/3 cup to measure them out. Baked for 13-15 minutes at 350F. It made 9 rounds.

  69. Elisabeth says

    Oooh, these look tasty and pretty easy! My favorite combination.

    I was wondering, do you think these would work or taste okay if I added different extras? I was thinking either almond extract, chocolate chips, or blueberries. I’m just worried they wouldn’t hold up with mix-ins.

  70. says

    Hi Lauren
    I just made these muffins and chose to use my mini muffin pan. I adjusted the time in the oven to 12 minutes and the results are amazing. They rose beautifully and taste incredible, I even sprinkled some diced almonds on top and when hot, smeared some grass fed butter, These were truly incredible and something I know even my non-Paleo friends and family will enjoy. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful recipe. I’m off to get two more. Nom nom nom

  71. Debbie says

    I have just made a batch of these and thought I would share what I did, as they turned out perfectly! I substituted 1 tbsp of Greek yoghurt for the honey and used unsalted butter. As with all muffin recipes, I always preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius and then put the muffin tray in and immediately turn the temperature down to 150 degrees Celsius. They cooked perfectly in 15 minutes. Absolutely perfect straight out of the oven with some butter.

  72. Jim Manclark says

    Hi, I am in Scotland, europe, when you say heat the oven to 350. what temperature scale is that. I am new to baking and I have an electric fan assisted oven and the settings don’t go as high as 350. Any help with this would be great, thanks.

  73. says

    I am so happy that I found this recipe. My husband and six children insist on having cornbread with their chili and I have been looking for a yummy Paleo alternative. I tried this recipe today and must say the search is over. It was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! Do you mind if I share this on my site.

  74. kassie lashua says

    Thank you SOOOO much for this wonderful recipe..i doubled it and tried smashed bananas since i didnt have applesauce and they were perfect! Just what i needed after feeling so daunted with this journey to cut out dairy and sugar due to my horrible chronic cystic acne at it’s peak of being worst lately. I may read your book…just discovered your blog last night. I’m overwhelmed since nothing works, except Bactrim has in the past been my savior, but I’m ready to get to the root and stop taking things that may be hurting my body. I just wish I knew what I was doing would work, it would be motivating! To try something for months without results is so so draining. I’v done this 15 years. Anyway, you are inspiring. Thank you for all you’ve done to encourage!

  75. nia says

    Thank you. I thought these were great. They have the best texture for a coconut flour recipe that I’ve ever had and I’ve been cooking with coconut flour for nearly a decade. So thanks again.

  76. Rachel says

    I don’t keep honey due to sugar issues, but I found this recipe was great with 1 tbsp granular stevia for baking plus 1 tbsp unsweetened nut milk to replace the honey. I also used pureed carrots instead of applesauce, which tastes good and gave it a really nice color. It surprised me how much it resembled corn bread. Thank you for the recipe!

  77. Cher says

    The article on almond flour was informative. The enzyme issue would be remedied if the almonds are soaked, sprouted and dehydrated. However it does not solve the other points you made. Also heating raw honey in the Paleo ‘corn’ muffins is also a hazard. Honey was created to be eaten raw and when heated has negative results.

  78. Chairettie says

    I love this recipe. I used agave instead of honey & added 1 T unsweetened cocoa powder for a chocolate version. My favorite treat.

  79. Debby Ruffin says

    Does anyone know approx. how many carbs are in these muffins? I have a husband that is very strict on his carb intake…me I just want to eat healthier, lol

  80. Carolyn says

    what egg substitute would you recommend for your recipes? I’m looking for a natural (chia seeds, flax seed, etc) option, no processed food, my children have an egg allergy(also gluten and milk allergy).
    Your recipes look great and would love try some of them out.
    I usually substitute eggs with chia seed in other recipes, but it’s hit and miss.
    would love to hear your recommendation!
    Thank you!

  81. Lauren says

    Wow these were so good, and tasted cheesy to me somehow. I used 3 egg whites instead of two eggs, and it worked great. Don’t know how you came up with this- genius recipe- thanks!!!

  82. Bridget Keener says

    These are absolutely amazing!!!
    Followed recipe to a tee and they turned out perfect!

    Making paleo sloppy joes tonight and wanted these as a side.

    So excited!

  83. Rose says

    These were such a treat! I sub’d the honey for 1/2 the amount of maple. They turned out great, nice, fluffy and so good! Thanks for sharing!

  84. Beverly says

    I like these but I had a problem. I lost a good bit of the muffin because they stuck to the paper liners. How can I get around that?

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