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  1. The cupcakes look amazing (and simple!!)! I can’t wait to try them soon!!!
    Question (or perhaps request…): I have a problem. I’m afraid of carbs. I don’t know how to eat them. I feel like when I do, I gain in a week. How do I overcome this? I have been paleo only a few short months, but adding carbs (although good ones) seems to leave me with weight being gained.

  2. I made them this morning! yum yum yum! I added a pinch of real salt, used only 3 tbs of raw honey plus 3 tbs of organic maple syrup, used full fat Greek yogurt and added some chopped walnuts and cranberries 😉

  3. My fave frosting is to put one avocado, 5 TB of melted unsweetened carob, a banana, sea salt, and a few drops of vanilla stevia all together in the food processor. Its smooth and creamy and completely sugar free. Delicious. I went to a specialized kinesiologist and double checked my body for stevia and how it reacted to stevia, and it loves it! Does not impact blood sugar in the slightest.

  4. Hey,

    Can’t wait to make these! I’ve been sending out your link to so many people so they too can heal while indulging in truly delicious foods!! Had a quick question too…if you don’t mind me asking, what website did you start your blog through? There are so many out there to choose from.

    Also, I want to thank you, from he bottom of my heart, for your post about your story. Our lives have been very similar and I am so encouraged by you to endure and press on toward the goal, knowing the truth of what we eat and (how we think) effects our body’s so much more than we’re even aware of AND that God has a time for everything and purposes that are more glorious than our afflictions in Christ Jesus. Keep up the good work, sister! 🙂

  5. I just took these out of the oven and I am so excited and so grateful. My seven year old daughter is battling bacterial overgrowth due to repairs of an omphalocele at birth. I’m so hopeful that shifting her diet will finally make a difference. We are headed to a birthday party tonight and I really needed an alternative treat for her there. Guess this will be a “BYOC” – bring your own cupcake. Thank you for what you’re doing. I just found your website, and already can’t tell you how much you’ve helped my family.

  6. I don’t eat eggs and of course all the recipes that use coconut flour call for lots of eggs. If you know, can you share what’s the egg replacer for this recipe?


  7. Lauren, the lemon mousse is amazing! I used it as frosting for my daughter’s birthday cupcakes – the toddlers devoured it and the adults (paleo or not) raved about the flavor.

    I’m so glad you shared the list of frostings. We also like Elana’s chocolate frosting recipe; instead of using chocolate chips I follow Wellness Mama’s homemade chocolate recipe (cocoa butter, honey, and cocoa powder – really easy!) to keep it dairy and soy free. Yum!

    • I’d throw it in the microwave for about 25-30 seconds, but not mix in if it’s piping hot – to avoid curdling the eggs. Heat for an additional 10 seconds at a time if needed. 🙂

  8. Hello,
    I am new to the Paleo/GAPS diet and the recipes on your website seem so simple yet mouth-watering. As I am painstakingly discovering that I have developed gluten insensitivity and leaky-gut like issues after my pregnancy, I am still figuring out what doesn’t work for me anymore. Already, a big list of foods is off the table for me (Gluten, Caffeine, grains). Being an Asian, I continue to regularly consume coconut in most all forms (Coconut water, meat [fresh and dried], milk, oil), and these has never given me any issues. In addition, I have no problem eating eggs or dairy. However, coconut flour is new to me, and when I tried this recipe, although the cupcakes were YUMM, it did give me too much acidity, head ache, and stomach ache all the three days I ate it. My husband, who doesn’t have food allergies like me, also ate it and he was fine with no complaints. So, I am pondering if it is the coconut flour that perhaps did not suit me. You use coconut flour is most of your recipes, and would like to know if you or anyone you know experienced such sensitivity to Coconut flour? Any insight will be helpful.
    P.S. I love coconuts, and really want to try out all the nice recipes from your book. Just not sure if coconut flour likes me.

  9. These is a decent recipe. However:
    1, I’d up the vanilla to a tablespoon, otherwise all you taste is egg and coconut.
    2. I like these cold only – makes the coconut oil solidify and the cupcake not feel so greasy.
    3. Needs a really delicious frosting because the cake isn’t anything to write home about, though I haven’t found a vanilla gluten free cake recipe yet that is.

    The pros: They looked good, held together, were simple to make and had a decent cakey texture. Not too sweet.

  10. Mine are in the oven right now. We’ll see how they turn out, because I didn’t have coconut milk or yogurt on hand, so I used almond milk 😛 I added some lemon zest to them, too, because I’ve only baked a few things with coconut flour, and like someone mentioned previously, usually there is mostly an egg and coconut taste. I think I’m going to end up topping them with some whipped yogurt and fruit. Thanks for posting this recipe!

  11. Lauren, thank you for this recipe! I made these cupcakes (followed the recipe exactly). They are dairy-free, grain free, and delicious. I have never been a big honey fan, but that is apparently because I wasn’t using raw honey. What a game changer! These cupcakes were just out of this world. I made them for my birthday so we could celebrate and I wouldn’t have to get a migraine after for eating wheat or dairy. What a great recipe! I have made coconut flour recipes before (not from your site, though) that I’ve thrown away because they were absolutely gross. These are fantastic. And lucky for me, I doubled the recipe and have a dozen in the freezer! Yay!

  12. I was wondering if you could sub something for the honey? I am trying this for a low carb dieter the carb ratio was a bit too high for her. Do you think Stevia could be used? Any suggestions or should we just forget about cupcakes 🙂

  13. I made these and followed the recipe exactly, including using the room temperature eggs and coconut milk, but in the oven the egg part sunk to the bottom and the coconut flour rose. So, while they had a nice flavor, they were quite rubbery /eggy on the bottom and coconuty only on top. Did anyone else have this issue? Any hints?

  14. I tried this recipe and absolutely love it!! Boyfriend loves it and shared some with my coworkers and they loved it!! It’s moist and just sweet enough but not too much. Will definitely be making more!

  15. These were the most beautiful looking paleo cupcakes I’ve ever made, however the texture/flavor was off. They’re too eggy tasting and spongy, they even make a weird sound when you bite into them.

  16. Lauren – a big thank you all the way from Tasmania for sharing this recipe.
    I made them this morning to take to a Paleo get together. No frosting, just topped with slices of fresh strawberries. I didn’t have quite enough coconut flour left and added 2Tb almond meal.
    In short: they were very well received, and the first plate on the table to be emptied.
    Everyone asked about the recipe so I directed them to your page.
    Well done and thanks again

  17. Good day, I am going to try this recipe tomorrow and I know it will be delicious.
    Thank you for sharing this recipe with all of us.
    Val Meyer from Cape Town South Africa.

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