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Fill your holiday table with a feast free of grains, dairy, and refined sugar.

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  1. I use this recipe a lot. I’ve used it using pureed pumpkin, bananas, zucchini, carrots, etc. What I’ve discovered is that if you lower the amount of eggs just a bit (3 instead of 4) and up the amount of flour, it makes a lighter product. Not that this recipe isn’t good, but if you want a less dense result, you may want to try this out. I usually use about 1/3 C. of coconut flour, and 2/3 C of arrowroot. If you like a lighter result, with some texture, you could substitute some of each of these two flours with some Tiger nut flour. Also lightens things up a bit but it does add texture…not as smooth. I love your recipes and I’m always stimulated to try new things. I was a chef in my past life (retired) with my own natural food restaurant. I did not, however, BAKE. So you’ve been helping me with baking, with the added difficulty of paleo! So thanks for that. Ellen

  2. Could you take a picture of the particular sweet potato- we have a few varieties available but don’t necessarily call thing by the same names in Australia and I’d like to make these for our Paleo grandchildren for Christmas!

  3. Hi Lauren, I just wanted to say that I love all the information you share with us. I just have a question about weight loss and all the delicious desserts you post. Im trying to lose about 25 lbs and I know I can do it eating the paleo way. My question is, will all these delicious desserts put weight on me, even if it is paleo? Is there a lot of carbs involved?

  4. For those who are wondering what a “Japanese Sweet Potatoe” is. I just use “google”. Took me 1 second to find out. Yes, they do sell them in Australia – purple skin, white flesh.

  5. These look great, Lauren, I think I might make them next weekend!
    My stepdaughter has a sensitivity to coconut, do you think I could just leave out the coconut flour and replace the coconut sugar with unrefined, brown sugar?



  6. Thanks Lauren!
    This recipe was easy, tasty, and it only really took a few pieces to be satisfied, so I actually had leftovers! The texture is somewhere in between a soft cookie and a pudding, and it’s just sweet enough to satisfy, especially with a cup of black tea. This morning I popped the last piece into the toaster to reheat.

    I will say that my Vitamix wasn’t very happy blending it all up, the batter was very thick, so next time (and there will be a next time!) I’ll use the food processor instead.

    Thanks again for all you do!

  7. This recipe rocks. You are right; there won’t be leftovers. I made it with white sweet potatoes (what I had on hand), and it was perfect (texture and flavor). I did cut the coconut sugar in half for the cinnamon layer, and it was still pretty sweet to me, but to anyone not accustomed to a little-to-no sugar diet, it might be best to keep the amount as stated. This is a recipe that will bring compliments.

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