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  1. Great list, I haven’t heard of a couple of those! I have found that Pure Anada products (skin care AND makeup), work fantastically well for me! Have you heard of them? I also love Bubble and Bee Pit Putty deodorant, Red Pearl deodorant powder, Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques eyeshadows, and Wild Willow lip balm. I buy them all from (one stop shopping is great!) So nice that we now have organic and natural skin care & makeup options that really work. I enjoy your posts on Facebook and Pinterest. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Thank you for posting this. It´s always good to learn about more natural makeup brands, since I do love make up. I currently live in Mexico and my go-to brand is Ere Perez makeup. Their make up is paraben, mineral oil, nanoparticles, SLS, yellow n.5, propylene glycol, DEA, paraffin and fragance free, among other things. And it has yielded very good results. =)

  3. Thanks for posting this! I live in Canada so many of these brands are not available here unless ordering online which I don’t like to do with makeup before seeing the actual colour! Could you comment on Dr. Hauschka’s products? how do they rank? I used their “Translucent Makeup” , eyeliner and volumizing mascara.

  4. Hi Lauren,
    Thanks for your info! Can you explain the concerns around Bismuth? I’ve been using it for years and it’s the highest it can be on my Hair analysis but several NDs say it’s not a concern to the body. what are your thoughts? 😉

  5. As always Lauren, thanks for this awesome write-up!

    I went the extreme of ditching pretty much all make-up, but been adding it back because HELLO, make-up isn’t evil 🙂

    I am currently using a mineral powder that I don’t like and excited to ditch it to try out W3LL, lipstick and blush combo by RMS Beauty (lip2cheek) that I enjoy using, and sometimes an eyeliner by Vapour Organics Mesmerize Eyeliner that seems to work okay.

    Looking forward to trying out your other suggestions. <3

  6. Does anyone have any suggestions for liquid/cream foundation and concealer? I have environmental eye allergies & can’t use the mineral powders because there is no way to keep them completely out of my eyes. Now I use Arbonne cc cream, but would like to go cleaner.
    I’ve tried 100% Pure concealer with the stick & it did not have enough coverage for my allergy dark circles.
    I do use 100% Pure cream eyeshadow (light colors only, so I don’t know about creasing with dark colors) & their cream blush, and they last a long time. The ones I purchased have a sparkle to them, but I’m not sure about their whole line. I’m in my 50’s & the sparkle isn’t too much at all.

    • I have been using Arbonne for years and really like their face cleansing products, moisturizers and primer. But, for makeup, I’ve switched to the Jane Iredale BB Cream. LOVE it! Also, really like their concealer for under eyes.and their mascara.

    • There are many good liquid/cream foundations to consider trying! Pure anada (samples from Jane Iredale bb cream,(full coverage) fitglow beauty, (samples from Au Naturale stick, and W3ll people stick. Kjaer Weis is amazing, but a very expensive luxury product. They do have refills you can purchase for much cheaper though. You can get samples from Integrity Botanicals.

      Concealer can be tricky. I’ve tried the one from 100% pure and completely agree about the coverage. W3ll people just came out with a new one that I’m really interested in and hear good things about. You can sample W3ll people products at Another one to try is Hynt Beauty’s it just recently won an award, it’s super super full coverage. You can get samples from their website. I also like the one by Studio 78, but they don’t have my shade. You can sample that one from as well.

  7. I highly recommend the Alima Pure Satin Matte foundation. I have tried so many high end foundations and always was left dissatisfied with the results. This particular mineral makeup has been amazing, and that is coming from someone who refused to wear powder and stuck with liquid only. Definitely give it a try. I like their blushes too. Ilia lip conditioners are great as well as Bite Beauty lipsticks (my personal favs)

  8. I always question recommendations by bloggers who make money on their recommendations. Google zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, and other ingredients found in the recommended make-ups. I have yet to find any that are completely free of dangerous chemicals.

    • I agree. I think that no matter what is recommended, one still needs to look into the product to see if it meets your needs or standards. A book I’ve learned about that seems to be a must read is “Don’t Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me.” by Paula Begoun. From what I understand she provides information on many make up products and brands.

  9. Thank you Lauren, I have found two products that work Great before I put my makeup on, and they are both non toxic, Asea and Renu 28. but it has been challenging to find non toxic makeup. Thank you so much for this info! if you get a chance, check out to look into Asea and Renu 28. Please email me with any feedback at Thanks for this Great information.,

  10. I have very sensitive skin I struggled to find the right stuff for long time. And I tried younique makeup they are chemicall free and most of it is gluten free as well, and the 3Dfiber lash mascara is water proof and just amazing give it a shot and you will love it . if you have sensitive skin you should try it you get 14 days satisfaction guaranteed. You order online and it will come to your door step at

  11. I just discovered a makeup company called pacifica. Has anyone here used this? If so, is it safe for people with sensitive skin to use? I’ve been trying to find a makeup that works for me, but have had VERY little success. I have been using clinique for two years, but I’m noticing some NOT NICE side effects from the makeup i bought from them. If anyone has any makeup brands they can refer me to, I’d appreciate the help. Thanks.

    • I went from clinique to pacifica and josie maran. Had allergic reactions to both. My friend told me Pacifica puts fragrance in their cosmetics and I looked at Josie Maran’s matchmaker and there is fragrance. I just ordered lipstick from VMV Hypoallergenics and am planning to buy a bunch of samples from Alima Pure. I’m hoping these companies work for me cos I have super sensitive skin.

  12. Red 7 CI15850, Red 28 CI45410, Yellow 5 CI19140

    Don’t these ingredients make you a bit nervous? Especially since women inadvertently end up consuming a lot of their lip colors inadvertently? I’ve found some great natural makeup alternatives but am still on the lookout for good lip color alternatives and I would love to try this brand but I can’t get over the synthetic dyes.

    I would love to hear what you have to say about it.

  13. I don’t currently wear makeup as I lost interest in my appearance when my younger son died four years ago. If I ever do get interested in it again I’d probably go for Rejuva Minerals, Coastal Classic Creations, Crush Groove Cosmetics, Epic Mineral Beauty, Zosimos Botanicals, Red Apple Lipstick, and Primal Life Organics as I found my best foundation color matches at them and I like the ingredients.

  14. Lol, I see you’re fond of 100% Pure products. I am, too. (especially their lipsticks) Except for their foundation, I haven’t tried that before because I apparently have mica sensitive skin which is like torture finding a good foundation for. I might give their cream foundation a go, though, my skin tends to fair a little better with the liquid stuff.

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