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Reveal radiant skin without harsh, toxic, and expensive products with the recipes that cleared my acne naturally.

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  1. Lauren, you are SO right! Over the last two years I have slowly been switching out my regular beauty products for homemade products and wow! What a difference! I have super sensitive, red, acne prone skin and now my skin is clear and my tone has evened up. It’s amazing what natural products can do! I’ve only been using oil based cleaning for about a month and I’ve seen great results. I started off with coconut oil, but now I’m but using a blend of jojoba, almond oil and avocado oil which I think works better for my combination skin. Then I use an aloe based moisturizer in the morning, plus a honey mask once a week. It’s been working great for me! If you want to see some of my posts, I’d love your input. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m an esthetician and I BLESS YOU for writing this! Especially the point on exfoliation. I clearly remember a (former) client telling me off for refusing to do a weekly microdermabrasion on her. WEEKLY! Ugh. Makes me cringe the things women do to their skin.

      • What is your best suggestion for what I could use as a daytime cleanser aside from honey? I’m a vegan for spiritual reasons and health… I have definitely noticed my skin getting very dry since using a lot of oils and doing exfoliating… I’ve even noticed with dryer skin it looks more aged… So I’ve been looking into other options… And I’m glad I found someone who’s experienced the same thing, cause everyone raves about exfoliating and using natural products… and even though I’ve used plant based, organic, non toxic products my skin has gotten so dry… Even been using organic almost 100% pure aloe Vera and some fit oils and blends… and I was thinking my body must be thinking I need to stop making oils and get tough on the surface do endure the harsh treatment of exfoliating… If a body could use words… Do you have any good insight on cleansing without honey… Btw I love hauschka too but tis pricey and not sure it’s vegan, so, stopped using it…

  3. What do you use for removing makeup (including mascara)? I’ve heard that coconut oil is great for moisturizing as well as removing makeup, but what do you suggest? Love reading your blog!

  4. I don’t think I can go without moisture especially at night! My skin heals better, I think, with a little tamanu and 100%shea butter. It heals my acne better than going dry. What do you think about this? I am using 302 skin care which Liz Wolfe said was ok to use while I am transitioning to all natural cleansing. My skin is breaking out badly with cystic acne since dropping my chemical laden products. I also dropped grains and sugar and already don’t ingest dairy (occasional cheese). Just wondering how long my skin will revolt against this natural process! Been trying since April and I can’t leave the house without makeup it’s so bad. Doing things to cleanse my liver too. This is a pretty painful process, both physically and emotionally!!

    • I can commiserate with the cystic acne problems! I feel like the only real treatment for cystic acne is balancing hormones, not topical treatments, so I would recommend my book Quit PMS for more info. And I really don’t think it is the end of the world to use a nighttime moisturizer, but perhaps you could slowly wean your skin off of it? Like skip the moisturizer once every 4 nights for a week, then once every 3 nights for a week, etc. But it sounds like you are on the right track with your diet, although I don’t think it is necessary for everyone to eliminate raw dairy for skin problems… I think raw dairy is healing inside and out.

      • I had cystic acne for several years and it was definitely caused by hormonal imbalance as opposed to anything I was doing or using. Try using some natural hormone balancing therapies first and then go to your GYN if you aren’t seeing results.

  5. I agree. We mostly quit dairy because my son has multiple food sensitivities. We do grass fed butter and coc oil. For my skin I was trying to use coc oil to remove makeup but Liz Wolfe said it might be better to use jojoba and keep using my other skin care line until I balance out. I am looking into a saliva test for hormone imbalance. I’m taking a product now that I took after #2 was born, an herbal supplement called Acnease. It really helped before but seems to be taking longer this time. Liz said its a good product. I am also taking CDG Estrodim to lower my bad estrogen which I suspect is a problem but need to confirm with a saliva test. My last two babies were girls and I feel like my hormones have been a total mess. Do you have any science to back that up? My first two pregnancies were boys and I didn’t have as hard of a time. I also did the HCG diet for about a year after #4 and Liz said it can cause some wacky imbalances. Lost of info. Sorry! Just trying lots of things because I’m not sure why my skin is doing so bad and why it’s taking so long to heal and improve!!! I never had acne in my youth. Thanks for “listening!!”

  6. Yikes about scrub! I feel like my skin gets flaky sometimes and I have to scrub dead skin off… I use baking soda and water or baking soda and honey, never commercial scrubs. But from what this article said its not the ingredients, but scrubbing at hurts it, I’ve done this for about 7 years!! About after wearing sunscreen (badger or 3rd rock) its icky and I need something more than honey to cut that. Any tips?

  7. I would love some help with the OCM. I tried it for 2 weeks the first time using castor oil & grapes bc I have oily skin that is acne prone. I got cystic acne that got worse. So I went back to regular cleansers & they healed. Then a few weeks later I tried again with a blend of 1/3 castor, 1/3 grapeseed & 1/3 jojoba with a bit of tea tree oil. Again, about the 2 week mark, got bad cystic acne. I toughed it out for 2-3 more weeks giving OCM a good month or so a try. I feel other than the cystic acne issues, my skin was great. I’m still trying to get my cystic acne from the last bout of OCM healed up. It’s been 2 weeks since I stopped.
    Any suggestions?!

    • I’ve been using the OCM for several years with great results, but I don’t use castor oil in my blend. My skin is normal/dry but I did struggle with cystic acne issues for several months after giving up the pill and I do still have acne each month. I know that castor oil is used commonly in the OCM, and especially recommended for oily skin types, but I found it very drying and it also broke me out. I now oil cleanse with macadamia oil (I sometimes mix in other oils – such as sweet almond oil or apricot kernel oil) but for the most part its straight cold pressed macadamia oil. My skin loves it. With the OCM I think its just about finding the oil(s) that your skin gets on well with, even if they aren’t commonly used by others. I’d encourage you to keep at it though, it completely changed my skin from being extremely oily and acne prone to more normal/dry and relatively blemish free.

      Hope this helps………..

      Kristy 🙂

      • Yes, I second the idea of using straight cold-pressed organic macadamia oil for cleansing. I have very sensitive skin, prone to dryness. Macadamia oil seems to be the perfect balance of cleansing and moisturizing. By the way, I found a really wonderful makeup based on organic coconut oil: RMS Beauty ( I can’t say enough good about it. My skin has never looked better, and I’m postmenopausal! Thanks, Lauren, for your work; I appreciate your thoughtful approach and generosity in sharing.

      • Hi, Kristy

        Thank you for sharing your experience. I have combination to oily skin but in the winter it is combination to dry. I had been using creams prescribed by my dermatologist and some creams from beauty houses. this worked once and my skin cleared. In the last 12 months all hell has broken loose and the creams that are supposed to sap up extra oil tend to make my skin oilier and full of blemish that flare when it is that time of the month.

        I decided to try the OCM and for the first 5 days used Castor oil in my oil mix, but the break outs are ridiculous now. Last night I made a castor oil free mix so I am hoping it will settle my skin.

        Natural oils are not so easily accessible or affordable here in Zimbabwe (Africa) but I managed to get my hands on Olive, Avocado and Jojoba oils. I hope these will work well with my skin.

    • Hi there! The ocm just doesn’t work for every one. Upon Lauren’s blog post i tried it and it caused dark spots and cystic acne. After a bit of research i found this is Known to happen to a handful of folks. I use coconut to remove eye makeup but honey as a cleanser (i add a tad bit of baking soda to remove face makeup). Basically i dont let a lot if oils sit on my face, it just doesnt like it but honey is good for my acne and i dont need a moisturizer. Hope this helped

  8. Hi!! Thanks for this helpful info! I have been doing your exact face cleansing routine for a couple of months now and I love it!! I found the info from Crunchy Betty as well! Well, the info on oil cleansing. My face can handle anything, so I have no real issues honeslty. I was just looking for a natural way to take care of my body and a way to even my skin tone, and I love these to methods. My question though is what should I do for sunblock??? I am at a lost with this one. I also use just a simple moisturizer on my face (almond oil) which I love, so I am not sure how to protect my face from the sun. Especially now that it’s summer and I love being outdoors.

    • I’ve had good success with Badger Daily Sunblock – Aloe – SPF 30. Don’t be afraid of a little Vitamin D, though – you need it! And you can’t get it with sunblock slathered on. The active ingredient in Badger is “Uncoated, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide 12%.” Most of the inactive ingredients are organic, but I’m not sure if anything in there is bad for the skin. Lauren, what do you think?

    • Jojoba oil is naturally SPF 15, and some stores carry it in bulk. Of course, if you don’t want to put straight oil all over yourself, cut it with aloe vera, which heals three layers of skin and also will reduce sunscreen to SPF 8. Reapply every hour.

      Make sure to get 15-20 minutes of sun without any sunblock every day. Only after absorbing your sunshine vitamin, use your big floppy hat, your long-sleeved linen shirts, or sunscreens. There is new evidence (who knows, the info changes so frequently with each study…) saying the skin cancer thing from too much sun was way overblown and that sun is safer than we thought. I still go for the 20 minutes or so and cover up afterward. Vitamin D is very important, and sun is the best way to synthesize it. No matter how much sun I get, I aim to not get burned.

  9. I’ve been using this technique for only a week. I have severe dry, itchy skin and my doctor had prescribed hydrocortizone, which had some nasty side effects. I started using your techniques and my face has never felt better! My blackheads and acne (which I had mostly gotten from the hydrocortizone) are basically all cleared up. Not only do I look good on the outside, but I definitely feel better on the inside as well. So thank you for sharing your story and your technique. Keep it up!

  10. So you’re saying that the coconut oil as a moisturizer is too much oil. I’m postmenopausal with pretty dry skin. Also, would your Quit PMS book help me balance my hormones as well.

  11. Just found your blog thanks to my mom. I am slowly in the process of overhauling my families body care products, mostly because my son was born with congenital skin birth I defect called a melanocytic nevus. Long story short, this has made me more aware about what we are putting on our skin and in our bodies. So, though we are relatively healthy and active I’m putting our lifestyle under a lot of scrutiny and eliminating as many toxins as possible. I still have a lot of exploring to do on your blog, I’m sure it will be exceptionally helpful.

  12. I recently had 2 microdermabrasion treatments and I think that definitely dried my skin out and aged it 🙁 It just hasnt been the same… Hoping that it will improve with my clean diet and using natural products!

  13. So true about the night cream! Nighttime is when our skin regenerates its acid mantle and rebalances its PH. The natural oils that get produced at night are way more beneficial than anything in any cream!

    Love cleansing with oil and honey, but have you ever tried the caveman regimen? It has worked pretty well for my acne prone skin and it’s just so nice not being a slave to my skincare routine.

  14. Lauren:
    The link for carrot seed oil sold by Amazon is really canola oil plus some other ingredients as per comments from customers. Would you please recommend a source for pure essential oils at an affordable pricel? Thanks!

  15. I’ve just started buying my oils from Ananda Apothecary and have been very pleased! And their customer service and responses to my many questions have been fabulous. I’ve been doing OCM about a month and sooo love the way my 50 yr old skin feels. Am going to slowly get my tween daughter using this system to help her develop good habits early. By the way, I use Devita Solar spf 30+ during the day, in response to a previous post.

  16. i’ve been using the oil cleansing method (night) since November and honey cleansing (every other morning) since this past June, and it’s done wonders for my skin! I use Olive Oil for the oil cleansing, though… is jojoba better to use, and if so, why?

  17. I would challenge you to try Seacret which is all natural and made from the salts and minerals of the Dead Sea along with herbal extracts and vitamins. The salts and minerals have been used for thousands of years for their healing properties.

    • I would recommend getting a brush on a stick, so you can clean and exfoliate back there. Test the brush before you buy it. You want one that does not hurt when you use it.

      I have a friend with this problem and it cleared it up without using any products. The brushing alone did it.

    • The most effective way to address body acne is internally through your endocrine system. At least in all of my experience. Cut back on the salt for starters and I would stringly suggest seeing a TCM practitioner who has years and years of experience treating conditions like this. What is triggering outbreaks for some may not be the problem for others.
      Until this is being taken care of, I found nothing ‘cured’ my body acne. Some things prevent it from getting worst of course, like not using really hot water (just warm) in the shower, wearing natural breathable fabrics like cotton, bamboo etc and avoiding acrylic, same goes for bed sheets (no microfiber, rather use cotton etc), avoiding scents in soap and laundry detergent and NO scrubbing – it damages open pimples and will scar if you do this which includes with a brush (plus the brush is just spreading the bacteria over your body). I found saponfied oil based glycerin bar soaps best (grapeseed oil is great), but everyone like different things here. Just make sure it’s unscented and absent of the common foaming agents like sulfates. I know some folks who did well on charcoal soap used once weekly. I found it a bit too messy myself.

  18. You and I have the almost exact same skin are routine! I also do the honey mask in the AM (using manuka for extra acne fighting right now), and I clean with a mix (about 50/50) of honey and jojoba oil at night. Thinking of switching to 100% jojoba for normal oil cleansing though. Then I also use a homemade toner that is similar except it is 3 parts green tea, one part ACV (got the recipe from Elizabeth at the Nourished Life). I also have been putting pure aloe Vera gel on my skin before bed as a night treatment, but it is interesting that maybe we do better with clean faces at night for the skin to rebalance. I may try skipping this step. I also want to try crunchy Betty’s facial oil! I also love the blog The Love Vitamin for natural acne treatment info – that’s how I developed my skin are routine. Im glad we share many similar ingredients!

  19. Hey Lauren!
    Do you have any ideas on blackhead removal? I did consider exfoliating but the section on exfoliation freaked me out a little. Ive had blackheads since… I actually don’t remember a time I didn’t have them. Thanks!!

  20. Question here… so, I am 19 years old and have been dealing with somewhat severe acne since I was 11. I have been on prescriptions since I first went to the dermatologist when I was barely-twelve and have done other treatments as well. Lasers, accutane, microdermabraision… you name it, I’ve probably done it. Anyway, long story short, I try to live and eat extremely naturally and one day I suddenly realized that, although I was taking no prescriptions orally, the topical prescriptions I would apply to my face a couple times a day probably were not doing good for my body, so I stopped my facial regimen altogether and am now doing the oil cleansing method (with castor oil and jojoba oil) at night and the honey scrub in the morning. Gotta be honest… my face has never looked worse. In fact, every morning when I wake up, it looks worse than it did the day before. I haven’t read any reviews saying the oil cleansing method DOESN’T work, so I am feeling kind of frazzled and lost. I am waiting to see if it hopefully is in the “detox” phase, but I am getting kind of concerned that I will continue to have terrible acne for a long time unless I fight it with topical prescriptions 🙁 any suggestions?

      • I tried coconut oil as a moisturizer a few months back and it made me break out like crazy! I have very irritable skin… haha. Lucky me. I will DEFINITELY try the lavender essential oil with my mixture as you suggested. I actually just-so-happened to buy some on my most recent visit to amazon! Thanks so much!

  21. I hate to ask a dumb question, I’m completely new to all of this. On your homemade toner, is that 1/3 tsp and 2/3 tsp of those ingredients? It just says 1/3 and 2/3, lol. I just didn’t want to mix it wrong.

  22. Hi there!
    I have sensitive, acne-prone skin and I’ve been using Manuka honey for both morning and evening cleansing, is this too harsh for my skin? Manuka honey is quite expensive so would raw honey work just as well? and I’ve been breaking out in weird places ever since i switched to natural homemade products, I’ve been using it for bout a week n half now…what are your thoughts?

  23. I’ve been using the OCM a very long time now. I only use EVOO on my face and nothing else, and it’s great, really; it makes my skin soft and supple but I have an oily T and it seems like I’m doing something wrong. I always get these tiny pimples just below my lip and just between my eyebrows. I’ve also got little black and white heads in these area that I’ve squished out. Nothing seems to help much.

    I’ve been thinking to change up my routine a bit by adding a toner but I’m a bit unsure.

    I have the following ingredients:

    Aloe Vera juice
    Apple cider vinegar (store bought kind)
    Coconut oil
    lavender, lemon, mint, neroli essential oil
    Raw honey
    Steel cut oats
    Green tea

    So I use only olive oil once a day in the shower and wipe with a cloth (I use the lazy method).
    On weekends when I have more time I use a honey, olive oil and cinnamon mask.
    That is it.

    I was thinking of trying a toner with ACV, Aloe juice and green tea, lemon juice, and then adding honey to my olive oil for better results.
    Also switching up my mask with an oatmeal, honey and tomato mask.

    Just a few questions though…

    Do I use the toner first then? Or after the OCM?
    If I make a mask with oats, is it steel cut raw oats or does it need soaking?

    Do you think these changes will work? Please give me a few suggestions.

  24. SUPER dry, sensitive, red, red, skin–actually patches of red, dry skin on my cheeks and chin–due to a couple of microdermabrasions, long time use of P50(contained Phenol, good lawd), and the usual chemical laden skin care products that are touted as being healthful for acne, sensitivity, dryness, oily skin, etc., etc. My skin was hurtin’! I wouldn’t even go out because of it. Ugh! June of 2013, I started gently wiping my sunblock/dirt/make-up off of my face with a wet microfiber cloth(100% polyester), followed by a honey cleanse(raw/unpasteurized), then while my face was still damp from rinsing the honey off, I either used the alcohol-free/rose water witch hazel or my own refrigerated green tea/acv mixture as a toner, theeen, when my face was still damp from the toner, I pour a tiny bit of grapeseed oil or macadamia nut oil onto my wet hands and pat it on my face. Voila!! My face is so much happier–dry spots are non-existent, redness is greatly reduced and on some areas where I had congested/clogged pores, they are opening up and releasing the sebum. Not opening up like an irritated pimple, but when my face is warmed up from yoga, I barely have to put pressure next to the congestion with ONE clean finger(clean face too!) and the stuff comes out.(gross, but so cool at the same time!) I usually don’t put any oil on my face in the evening–at first my skin felt tight and uncomfortable–but two weeks later I didn’t have that problem. I’ll occasionally do an OCM treatment with only grapeseed oil or macadamia nut oil and that makes my face feel like buttah. In the past, I did the whole castor oil/jojoba oil/olive oil regime and it didn’t work that well for me. Neither did coconut oil…actually made my skin worse and I stuck with it for six months.

  25. Forgot something–the microfiber towel is key for me. I don’t scrub, just gently wipe my face with that and tepid/warmish water. My Ma always used a cloth and she has amazing skin at 75. When I did exfoliate, I used sugar over a thick layer of honey, and only on my cheeks, nose, forehead. I whisper-rubbed with wet finger tip( barely rubbing, and more like a patting motion) massaging the sugar over my face. Did this once a month and now I don’t think I need it anymore as my skin has…*gasp*…normalized!

  26. Is there a reason you wash with honey in the morning and coconut oil in the evenings – meaning does it need to be this way round; could it be honey both ends of the day, or oil likewise? Currently I am doing the same and love it, but was just wondering why!

  27. Thanks for this post! I tried all of these a while ago (including OCM and facial oils) but I found that if I was lazy and skipped washing my face for a day, my facial oil would cause some serious problems. My skin got very dry even though I was careful to follow the method. Maybe I’ll try it again in the future, but for now I’m using super natural skincare that is water-based and literally consists of essential oils and natural extracts. I did love the honey wash though! My goal is to go natural eventually, but I’m starting small this time so I don’t get overwhelmed 🙂 Love the blog.

  28. I have also switched to Crunchy Betty’s facial oil recipe since this summer, and have loved it ever since! I used to wake up in the morning with an oily face, but ever since I used the facial oil (i use it in both mornings and nights), my face is NOT oily when I wake up in the morning, which I attribute to my body being able to regulate its own oil production in the absence of all the synthetic moisturizer I have been using. I am now interested in trying the toner recipe in this post to see how it works for my skin. 🙂

  29. I just started to change my whole skin care routine to totally natural products. I have had acne for many years and I am desperate for it to go away! For the ocm I use argan oil and I was wondering if that was a good idea? Also, I have back acne and I was wondering what I should do to get rid of it? One last question, make sure I get this right, you use the honey cleansing method, then the toner and then your personal oil blend all in the morning? I would really appreciate your feedback because I am desperate to get healthy, clear skin!

    • I would suggest using castor oil blended with olive oil for oil cleansing. Argan oil can be applied after the cleansing. And yep, after using the honey cleansing then do the toner and oil blend. I’m doing a detailed post on honey cleansing tomorrow 🙂

  30. I am 27 and I’ve had acne ever since I hit puberty. I had a nice remission if you will in college while using proactiv, but that eventually stopped working, I was tired of paying so much money, and I was sick of putting chemicals on my face. I discovered OCM and gave it a try, but the castor oil and olive oil mix was a little too much for my skin. I read about jojoba oil and switched to just that, using it in the mornings. I’ve been doing the jojoba for about 4 months now and my face seems to like it. I still have acne, but the pimples come to a head quickly and go away quickly. I just started doing a sugar scrub with green tea, honey, and lemon, and it seems to help my pores, which get clogged easily. I also read your post and decided to try the witch hazel and apple cider vinegar toner. It’s only been a week on that, so I don’t know how it’s doing just yet. I am hopeful that one day I can have clear skin! Question though: I have a lot of scarring and was wondering if you knew of anything natural that can fade the scars. If you looked at my face right now, you’d only see a few real pimples- the rest is all my uneven tone (redness) and scars. Thanks for your helpful info!

  31. I just started the OCM. I wear makeup to work during the day and really feel like I need to wash my face in the morning before applying makeup. I use cleansers from OneLoveOrganics that are toxin-free, etc. Sometimes I use the AM/PM Acne Lotion from Arcona which is also toxin-free. Do you have to stop cleansing in the morning for the OCM to be effective? Currently, in the morning, I cleanse with one of my OneLoveOrganics cleansers, follow with toner, and then a oil as a moisturizer or some of the Arcona moisturizer. In the evenings I do the OCM (1/2 castor, 1/2 grape seed, a few drops of tea tree and tamanu oil). I follow with toner. Does this sound like a good regimen? I don’t want to counteract the benefits of the OCM with other parts of my routine. Thanks for the help!

  32. I’m just starting the all natural skin care treatment and I was wondering what kind of a difference it makes when using which hazel with alcohol compared to the stuff without alcohol?

  33. Hi Lauren,

    May I ask what type of skin you have? I am dry and can’t imagine not using a night cream. I do OCM every other night and African black soap on the other nights. However, I think African black soap is too drying for me, especially without following it up with a night cream. What would you recommend for dry skin on nights I don’t do OCM? Should I just do OCM every night? Also, how do I do without a night when I’m so dry, especially in the winter months?
    Thanks 🙂

  34. I am so happy I’ve happened upon this blog. I was researching the Enessa clove acne control and it pulled this site up in the search. I’m 45 and my skin thinks I’m a teenager again… joy. However, What I’m curious about is anti-aging properites. Do the honey cleansing and oil cleansing have anti-aging properties in conjunction with cleaning? I want to continue my anti-aging regime but I want it to be cohesive with trying these new daily routines out. Like I said, I’m 45, but you can’t tell by looking at me and I want to keep it that way! Oh and stop the lovely acne, to include a nice cyst, from happening.

    • I believe the oil-cleansing has anti-aging properties due to the moisturizing castor oil. I don’t know about the honey cleansing, but it is very gentle and will not pull or damage skin. I’m glad that you are liking the blog!

  35. Hi Lauren,

    I began your regimen, to the T, just to see how my skin would do and I’m having some dryness, especially on my chin and the toner plus ACV caused some redness on my face that would calm down after about 30 minutes or so. What do you think could be the culprit of this sudden dryness? I’ve been doing OCM for a month now and use OCM every night with a blend of mostly avocado oil and then a little sweet almond and a little jojoba, along with a few drops of lavendar and geranium oil since I have dry skin. I’ve eliminated the toner plus ACV for now. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  36. I just came across your bog today and I have a few questions. I have been doing oil cleansing for about a year now. So far it’s been good. Then results are better than when I was using various OTC products. But I have always had issues with hyper pigmentation, also my skin is dry. (I have eczema ) I am African American and this is very commen within my family in general. I use caster oil daily to combat the scars. However I starting to think that I may need to use some type of bleaching cream short term ,in order to get my skin tone even again. What are your thoughts.

  37. A beauty blogger once said in youtube that using ACV as a toner may make your skin dehydrated after a time. Is this true because i have been using ACV as a toner with a portion of ACV and 5 portion of distilled water. It has made a huge improvement on my skin and this is the only toner my skin loves. However, after softening and balancing my skin from combination to normal, now i do feel like my skin a bit dry or dehydrated in winter (which it never been before).

  38. thanks a lot 4 all dese, ma face issue has tired me o, even wen I notice changes bt d oil n small pimples will nt leave, this bothers me so much, plz wot can I do and I dnt really get d oil cleansing, I mean d type of oil dat can be used

  39. I notice you said that jojoba oil is naturally SPF 15. Could I add zinc oxide to the daytime lotion to get more SPF? I have had 3 skin cancers on my face and would not feel good about being outside with just SPF 15.

  40. Hi lauren, im a 19 year old who wants to stop using chemicals on my face but dont know how. I found your posts very insightful. Just that i have combination skin(really diff to take care esp when seasons change) i try using products oriflame neutrogena etc right now a korean brand innisfree. Whenever i try a new product i either get small rashes o my cheeks or nothing. I want that supple glow in my skin.i drink atleast 2l water a day. Sometimes i make papaya honey milk mix at home. Il be so glad if you could recommend a basic skin care routine for my type which i could. follow.

  41. Hi Just wanted to reply to Bonnie if not too late as I felt concerned about the skin cancer comment. My mother has also had skin cancer three times. Jojoba oil is only 4=8 SPF and I am not sure it covers UVA and UVB..
    I think raspberry oil is the only high SPF with UVA and UBB protection. one source:

    I make my own day cream for my mother, sister and myself. I add raspberry essential oil, non nano zinc oxide (12%) and unrefined red palm oil ( from ethical sources) for the SPF. There is also coconut oil and shea butter but it is the first two ingredients that I rely on for sun protection.. Also the zinc oxide would make you look pale but the red palm oil helps fix this. This is certainly good enough for the UK on most days lol.

    I make most of my own products now but without sites likes this I would never have even thought about it. Thank you for your help and motivation.

  42. Can you PLEASE help D: I tried honey to cleanse for just over a week, which was making my skin worse, which I had switched to from proactiv. Because that wasn’t working I tried the oil cleansing method, I have been using about 10% castor oil with EVOO I’ve now been getting lots of little bumps.
    I have combination skin and have problems with acne, could you recommend any other oils?

    Thanks!!!!! I NEED HELP D;

  43. I love what you write and support your approach. However, I disagree with not being able to exfoliate daily.

    I exfoliate daily with gentle, homemade scrub (baking soda, olive oil, honey and lemon) that I made myself. My skin feels amazing. Absorbs moisturized very well and my skin is extra soft and glowing, I highly recommend gentle exfoliation.

    What makes you think this is not a good idea? Just curious. 🙂


  44. Our bodies and skin are amazing. One thing that makes it some amazing is that everyone’s skin is a little different so what works for one may not work for someone else.
    We can share some very effective strategies, but in the end it is important to really get to know your own skin. And this may take a bit of trial and error to get it right.

  45. I started using the honey cleanse in the morning and the oil cleanse in the evening last week, and my skin looks and feels great! I’m working my way toward creating my own daily moisturizer – have used SPF moisturizer for years bc of my fair skin – but am using an organic simple ingredient moisturizer in the meantime. Thanks so much for these tips, and I love that I’m not giving my skin anything I wouldn’t eat now! 🙂 Your site is wonderful!!!!! 🙂 Thank you!

  46. Hey there! Many thanks for sharing those valuable and most appreciated advices! Your website is brilliant!

    Just commenting to see if you have considered using baking soda as a facial cleanser and/or body scrub. Like raw honey, it has (perhaps a bit harsher) granules which facilitate cleansing.

    I use baking soda all the time, and it is actually very mild to the skin if you apply it gently – removes any grease, balances skin’s natural Ph and has antibacterial effects. Only thing is, beware not to overscrub, because the resulting abrasions are not only painful, but take time to disappear completely.

    Greetings from The Hague,

  47. Janitorial Supplies at Janilink. U.S. and International source for cleaning supplies, industrial cleaning equipment, janitorial supplies and cleaning equipment. Now anybody can buy products at wholesale prices from our huge inventory Microfiber Rags.

  48. Hi Lauren

    Love your blog! It is great!!

    I have made the oil cleanse and toner (also using the raw honey wash in the mornings) to deal with the acne I am getting now in my mid-20’s (how annoying)
    The toner smells very vinegary (for obvious reasons). Is there anything I can add to the toner to try and subdue the smell a bit?

    Thank you for the help and inspiration!

  49. Hi Lauren.

    I have a question about using natural honey as a daily face cleanser.

    I’ve always had really good skin, never had any breakouts, all and all a good complexion. Over the past year though I’ve been breaking out. Usually a few pimples on my forehead or chin. I was originally using Cetaphil as a cleanser until I discovered your website and I decided to switch to natural products. I’ve been using unpasteurized honey as a daily cleanser for the past 3 months and I noticed a big change in my skin, all my breakouts cleared up. However within the past month the breakouts started back up again. Like I said it’s only a few maybe 4-5 pimples but it really irks me as I’ve NEVER had problem skin.

    Am I doing something wrong? What would you recommend for my skin? Should I maybe switch to a different product? I have normal skin and I’ve been using unpasteurized organic honey two times a day, morning and night. If you could help me out I’d really REALLY appreciate it.

    Thanks! 🙂

  50. I was very surprised to find my dermatologist advising me to simply use a microfibre cloth and lukewarm water for cleaning my face, even for make-up-removal I don’t use any soapish stuff or make-up-remover of any kind.
    I am a big fan of Weleda cosmetics but like Dr. Hauschka it is expensive luxury I can’t afford too often (even though I live in both companies’ home country).

    • You can easily use simple stuff that you can easily find in grocery stores or some natural/organic stores. Depending on your skin type, also trial and error, you can create an oil blend yourself. I don’t know if you’ll find it in Germany, but Miaroma Energy Massage & Body Oil is a good one. Holland & Barrett has the knock-off, same price for twice the amount. I use the latter mixed with coconut oil in 3:1 ratio. In the past, I’ve had success with sunflower oil and hempseed oil.

      For light moisturizer, try Fenjal Sensitive Body Lotion. I’m pretty sure you can find it there. It’s “natural” enough for me, lightweight and effective.

      Good luck! 🙂

  51. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. Been reading lots of your insights and learning a great deal. Im just wondering if know much or have written on fluride free toothpaste. Like on the benifits and any misunderstandings.

  52. Thanks for the information ,I am really glad by reading this ,it is awesome ,I think it really helps me a lot ,Because I have a 14 yr daughter, who has a skin problem and there are small eczema spot on her bodies ,some friend are referring me for kidskin , But I think I should try this .

  53. Thanks for your advise. Especially tip number one is a good one. Lot’s of ‘natural products’ claim to be natural but in reality they are not. They still use a lot of unnatural chemicals in their products. Make sure you buy real natural skincare products which only contain natural ingredients.

  54. Hi Lauren! I have very very dry skin and I *need* a moisturizer after cleansing, whether I use the oil cleansing method, just water, or some nasty chemical-filled cleanser.
    What do you recommend? I can’t use an oil because it breaks up my makeup. I tried making a natural moisturizer that I found on Wellness Mama but it wasn’t strong enough and was also too oily.
    Any thoughts?

    Thanks 🙂

  55. Excellent suggest!
    It is need for all.Natural skin care is develop our skin freshness.Reading this article has been a enjoyable experience that you make.
    Thanks for sharing this article .
    Munmun Nishi 🙂

  56. Please help. I noticed my pores get larger with honey cleansing. . Has anyone had that happen? It is good quality,raw, local honey. I read about all the benefits of applying honey to skin but I don’t see any improvement just enlarged pores.

  57. I never realized that I’ve been following Dr. Hauschka’s great skincare advice for years. I wholeheartedly agree to almost all of the points you wrote.
    Almost, because I did have my phase of all natural skincare, but I took it to the extreme and it wreaked havoc on my skin SO BAD. So now, I eased up with the “chemicals” but still keeping things simple.

    Vinegar toner stung my skin. OCM was horrendous. The castor oil irritated my skin beyond belief (it was so dry, scaly and bumpy, I don’t know how I could even go out of my bedroom) and the steaming broke my capillaries on my cheeks. My just oily skin, turned to sensitive dry-oily combo.
    I then turned to “oil cleansing” with oil or oil-blend that works for my skin, emulsify it and wipe it off with lukewarm, not hot, washcloth.
    I emulsify with a “soapy” wash. It’s actually a feminine hygiene wash that is really gentle, has natural oils and pH 4.5. In the winter, I use micellar water (Bioderma Sensibio H2O) to emulsify instead, also cleansing in the morning.

    To moisturize my skin, I just use my body lotion (which is really gentle and quite “natural”), sometimes adding thin layer of Vaseline on dry patches (fall here is flu season). At night, I still use Retin-A 0.025% Cream alternating with Skinoren 20% Cream for anti-aging, hyperpigmentation eradication and keratolytic purposes, taking a break 1-2 nights per week.

    I also still use Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% on any zit that still sometimes comes out around TTOM.

    My skin has been the best in years. I barely have any whiteheads and sebaceous filaments or any form of clogged pores. Despite the blue undereyes and faded post-breakout hyperpigmentation I get from occasional hives breakout, my face is pretty clear. To the point that I don’t wear base makeup daily and going out only requires me to put on tinted moisturizer or just concealer.

    I wish people believe me when I tell them that. They usually just laugh and think that I’m some mad natural scientist or something!

  58. Hi Lauren!

    I just stumbled across your blog while doing some natural hair care research – btw I am definitely going to try some of the Morrocco Method products! I just wanted some clarification on your skincare routine. In the post you say that after reading Dr.Hauschka’s post on night creams you’ve “dropped my Homemade Facial Oil (recipe below) my evening skincare routine.” But then you later say that you do an oil cleansing method in the evening. I’m a little confused, maybe I’m reading it wrong but can you clarify this for me? Thank you!

  59. I have been switching from one toning product to another and I’m having a dark shade on my face different from that on my body! Am thinking of making the shift to plain honey for face wash, lime for toning,

  60. I have been switching from one toning product to another and I’m having a dark shade on my face different from that on my body! Am thinking of making the shift to plain honey for face wash, lime for toning, and olive oil as body moisturiser and a make me white face cream and a magic potion with kojic acid as body wash! Is that OK?

  61. Hi Lauren. Just want to say i love your blog. So many wonderful information presented in a wat that everyone can understand. Question on your Witch Hazel/ ACV toner. Does a perservative need to be added to prevent growth of bacteria?

  62. Hi, I’ve just started using oils on my skin (instead of moisturizing creams) a couple months ago and noticed that ALL of them dry my skin out to the point it starts to flake. Has anyone else experienced this or heard of such a thing? O.o OCM seems to be fine with grape seed oil and very little castor oil thrown in.

    • Hi! Castor oil dehydrates the skin by u
      drawing out water. For most people it wouldn’t have any effect unless you were using loads but if you’ve already got dry skin try using sweet almond oil instead, you can just use sweet almond oil for the OCM as it’s cleansing as well as moisturising. Or you could try sweet almond oil mixed with apricot kerneltmgj or rosehip oil for some real moisturising care x x good luck!

  63. Very good article! I still believe however that exfoliation is absolutely essential to maintain healthy skin. This is because with age, the rate of skin cell turnover decreases. A weekly exfoliation treatment naturally assists the skin with its natural exfoliation process. In my personal opinion, Lactic Acid peels are the most effective treatment, as lactic acid is a natural component of the skin and is also super moisturising. I tend to agree that harsh scrubs with things like walnut shell are definitely not great for the skin, mainly because the shells are so sharp, and don’t get me started on cheap synthetic micro beads which are just so bad for the environment. The best scrub I have used like this however contained amber micro crystals which are rounded and left my face feeling really clean and smooth.

  64. Hello Lauren. Thank you for your brilliant idea on using honey as a cleanser and apple cider vinegar as a toner. i have been having acne for about a year now. I have been using it for about a week now. and my face seems to look better. I recently purchased a moisterizer called Aromatica- rose absolute vital cream. is that a light weight for my skin? would you recommend that? thank you so much and i hope to talk to you soon.

  65. Hey
    I’m just so tired of my skin I had eczema since my chilhood .
    Now I only have eczema on my neck and upper lips plus I have small pimples and white Heads on my cheeks and nose have red patches.i feel my skin is combination. I also have acne scars
    What should I use on face??please recommended cleanser and toner
    And what can I use For glowing skin

  66. Until I read your article it had never occurred to me to try and make my own homemade skin care products. I have struggled for many years with dry skin and have never been able to find a product that has truly made a difference. I have always used intensive moisturizers and this may be the reason why my skin has remained dry all this time. I never would have thought that using creams that contained oils would have actually caused my skin to become even drier. I don’t like to think about all the money that I have spent on various products over the years, most of which never did what I hoped they would. I am excited to try some of the homemade products that are on your blog, especially those for dry skin, and I am feeling confident that this could be the answer that I have been looking for. It will also be a much cheaper option in the long run which is an added bonus.

  67. Hello! I just wanted to say that I’m like you and I love honey so much! I’m obsessed!
    ..but anyways I have another question that’s maybe kinda random… I read about the oil cleansing method and I know you have to wipe it off with a fresh towel but doesn’t that waste slot of towels? Can you just rinse off with water and then pat dry? It’s just I’m a college student and I don’t think I can afford constantly washing all my face towels every week.

  68. I am a week into the OCM. I am using a combo of Castor oil and EVOO, ratio 3:1 (castor oil to EVOO) for oily and acne prone skin. While it feels great overall for my face, I am horribly breaking out with tiny white heads that are pussy and then just the “regular” bumpy acne (neither cystic or blackheads). Any feedback? As I am not wanting to whip out my Retin-A but I also don’t want this to get worst. Please help!

  69. I really loved your blog and will be following it from very much today. But can you please suggest me how to totally get rid of acne and scars abit quickly as I recently found out that I have been suffering from PCOS and plus have an oily skin. I have committed 1 huge mistake that is I had opted for laser treatment and still their were no progress so I was asked to go for long pulse which I had only gone for once due to alot of facial hair as well. Ma’am please help me out, I really will be very much obliged.

    • Hi Lauren, thank you so much for sharing this valuable 6 steps. This 6 steps could change how we treat our skin these days. My friends share this article on Facebook, no wonder why there are so many friends share your article on FB because it’s truly valuable tips.

      For Yobbie, I would like to answer your question. I believe 101% that you can use Lauren steps for Afro black skin types and I am pretty sure that this will work for All-Skin-Type because it is indeed natural. Hope it helps.



  70. Hi.

    I’ve always had very oily skin ful of acne and my skin never really likd any product, even light ones. It took a drastic turn when I started using 100%pure moisturiser, they are fantastic. But I took it one step further about two years ago and started making myown facial oil. Similar to yours I use jojoba, E vit., myown mix of essential oils, but I add about same amount of aloe vera gel. My skin has never been happier. I used to apply aloe vera first and oil after to help it sink in, but now I just mix them together. I keep most of the mixture in the fridge and only about 10ml in bathroom, but that lasts me forever. I found my skin doesn’t like emulsifiers even in home made creams, so this gel oil mixture is fantastic. I can use this oil in summer with no problem, maybe need more aloe vera and less oil to make it sink in easier, but I find it a little light in the winter, when I get patches of dry skin around my mouth and nose. I will be trying honey masks to add more moisture for those dry winters, but for now I use enzyme ppeeling folowed by natural butters like shea and cocoa with a bit of lavender or helicrysum EO to remedy those dry patches.

    Great blog BTW 🙂

  71. Hello, this is a very good article! Thank you so much for sharing your routine with us!
    I’ve been doing the honey cleansing method every morning for a week now, and the oil cleansing method for a couple of months and I have noticed visible improvement in my combination skin. But I usually use a glycerin soap before applying honey to my face, would you recommend that? Is glycerin good for the skin?

    God bless!

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