My Interview on GAPS Diet Journey

Yesterday, Starlene from GAPS Diet Journey and I discussed my GAPS experience for her blog talk radio show.

In the discussion, Starlene and I talk about:

  • How and why I combine different aspects of GAPS and SCD

  • Why I started GAPS and the changes I’m experiencing

  • The most difficult and the easiest thing for me about GAPS

  • Why I love blogging, and what Empowered Sustenance offers

  • My advice to anyone considering GAPS

Want to hear it? Click here to listen to my chat with Starlene!

Here are some great quotes which, I feel, relate to my own GAPS Diet journey:

Eat well and heal!™

photos from SXC and I added the text

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  1. Jessica says

    I’m so inspired by your blog and your story. Thank you so much for being vulnerable enough to share. Your creative recipes are wonderful and I’m learning a lot from you about going natural with body care and cleaning products. Just wanted to let you know that you’re awesome and just keep doing what you’re doing! :)

  2. says

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