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    • Nicole, I just had a mini heart attack reading your comment! I didn’t look up parsnips before preparing them, I just assumed they were similar to carrots. I’ve looked it up in my SCD and GAPS book and you are very correct! I’ve updated the recipe with an apology and made sure to emphasize that these are not GAPS or SCD safe. I’m so sorry for my mistake, and thank you so much for bringing this to my attention so I could correct it!

      • Hey Lauren,
        i Really appreciate what you said in your updated post – remembering that GAPS is a journey. I have made mistakes too, especially when friends have tried to make me something and then I try a bite before I learn the rest, or homemade yoghurt made with a yoghurt culture that contains milk powder, or the fact that I share a house with five other grain-loving folks, and it is hard to always clean cast iron pans well and counter tops when everyone cuts there bread on it like a butcher block. Or, when a pan has a little bit of residual rice starch? Yeah. Living with grain-loving people when you’re on the gaps diet is difficult. So, I experience this a lot, and feel like I’ll truely never be “pure” until I have a sterile kitchen that I share with no one – HAH! Anyways I wanted to share my woahs, and thank you for sharing yours. Lets be gentle with our selves, because there is only so much you can do sometimes.


        • Thanks Nicole for your kind words and for sharing your own experience with GAPS. I’m in the same bind because the rest of my family eats grains and it seems like crumbs get into everything and everywhere. I just remind myself that freaking out will just do more harm to my health 🙂 A sterile kitchen is a nice dream… but I guess it is only a dream. So glad that we can all learn from each other with blogs and the internet!

  1. This was my second Thanksgiving on GAPS. Everything was GAPS legal. The only problem is I munched and tasted all day long so when it was all finally done I wasn’t really very hungry! It was all very delicious though and there were leftovers that I could munch on yesterday. Leftovers are really my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner. 🙂

  2. I am a neophyte, but would baking this achieve an even healthier end….vs. boiling ? I’ve been under the understanding that boiling – “boils” out all the nutrients. Yes ? No?

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