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      • I called Life-flo directly because I followed a magnesium oil recipe I saw on Pinterest which called for 1/2 cup magnesium flakes and 1/2 cup water. The concentration was so much I ended up in the e.r with heart palpitations, anxiety and extremely salty mouth. I called the company and they told me the flakes are highly concentrated and you should only use 1/10 of a cup per 8 ounces of water. (This is the amount they use on their 8 ounce spray bottle) Should spray about 4 sprays per day. Just a heads up for those wanting to make oil. Please be careful.

      • A friend of mine referred me to this page because I suffer from severe migraines on a daily basis. How would I use the Magnesium oil Spray for my migraines? Where would I spray it? How often during the day do I need to spray it? When would I see a difference in my migraines after using the Magnesium oil, if it works for me?

        • You may not receive a reply to your questions because it’s against the law to give medical advice unless you’re a physician. That being said any of us can give referrals. I’d recommend searching for an “Upper Cervical” Chiropractor. I use to get 6-8 migraines a month, I’d gone to a lot of different practitioners, but when I found Dr Crusade in Sac, CA my life changed forever! No more migraines!!!!!! Over the years I’ve had a few, but not more than 10 over a 10 yr period. I no longer carry medication for “just in case”. I’m free to live my life without migraines and I give the credit to Upper Cervical Chiropractic. I hope you find the relief you seek and deserve, best to you!

          • Anywhere you spray the magnesium oil on your body will help with whatever is troubling you. Since it’s absorbed into the body through our largest organ, the skin, it helps all systems in the body. If you do a GOOGLE search, you will come up with lots of good articles on this subject.

          • Here, here on the chiropractor!

            I suffered from really bad migraines for years, having an attack every other month or so. The symptoms included photosensitivity, sensitivity to sound and nausea and they seemed to last forever. The longest lasted over a month! It wasn’t until i started working at a chiro’s office that I actually got treatment. This was over 15 years ago and while i have had headaches and even migraines, these are few and far between. I can’t say enough good things about it!
            Good luck!

      • I bought 10 grams of DHEA and I am going to mix magnesium chloride 1/2 h20 and 1/2 Mag, to 16oz spray bottle. I am figuring about a gram of DHEA to 16oz. bottle of mix should give approx. 25 to 50mg per 4 to 6 sprays from bottle. I’m 66, obese fat and can’t find important things on my body anymore. Can not drop pounds. sleep apnea, turning into mean old fart. Help

        • Hi Carter,
          Still young at 66! We are in our 60’s and have changed our eating pattern over the last year. Started by giving it ago for 3months and never looked back. Never too late. Just google and have a look at Pete Evans Paleo Way and read all the testimonials. Give it ago and good luck.
          Cheers Karen

          • Yes I’m 81 and now two years following high fat low carb ( I’d recommend Pete Evans book Going Paleo) or his Paleo Way program ($149 for the Ten Week Program). I walk, ski and kayak. I also use magnesium spray and came on here looking for a recipe as buying ready made is expensive. Good luck.

  1. I just started using magnesium oil 3 weeks ago to improve my quality of sleep at night. It works absolute wonders! Not only do I sleep all the way through the night now with out waking up, I wake up before my alarm feeling refreshed! I’ve been telling all my friends and family to go get this stuff, it’s so amazing. I have noticed that my finger joints feel really stiff lately and some what achy, but I don’t think that it’s the mag oil. Probably just the wonderful PNW weather 😉

  2. I use a mixture of Magnesium Sulfate ( Epsom salt ) + mineral salt in hot water: as a good muscle relaxant for my patients coming with complaint of muscular pains. Can Epsom Salt be added to Magnesium Chloride flakes while preparing Magnesium Oil?
    I also practice Pinda Swedanam as an additional pain relief therapy. In this, I wrap a ball of medicated (cooked) rice in thin cotton cloth – put it in hot water with Epsom salt+mineral salt – allow it to get uniformly hot – then roll this ball to foment the pain zone. The hot ball rolls smoothly over the muscle contours of my patient, relaxing him fully.

    • I don’t recommend using Epsom salt for magnesium oil and I’m not familiar with any other people who would recommend this. The Ancient Minerals magnesium flakes is pretty much the go-to for DIY Magnesium salt. Although I do think epsom salt baths are fantastic!

      I’m not familiar with Pinda Swedanam, but what an interesting concept! Thank you for sharing about it.

      • I was told not to use magnesium chloride that Epsom salts was much safer, no chloride!! I use it in cream form and have had great results. It is much much less expensive.

          • Hi
            I tried to make it with epsom salts, but after a short time the salts would solidify in the bottle and not pump.
            A better way to use epsom salts is to add a cup to some hot water and put your feet in it for 30 mins.
            I will look at Ancient minerals to make magnesium oil next time.

        • Magnesium chloride is a salt. It’s not actually easy to break up a salt into its metal and nonmetal components outside of a lab. And the chloride will be used by your body, for example to make hydrochloric acid in your stomach. If it were me, let’s say I had digestive issues and for whatever reason I didn’t want to up my table-salt intake, I’d totally go for this stuff. It’s not going to hurt me.

  3. Hi Lauren,

    My question is only minimally related to magnesium (as I know that magnesium is part of a bone-healthy diet). I’m 27 and just learned that I have osteopenia. I also haven’t menstruated in over two years. (So I know that the reason is largely due to there not being enough estrogen in my bones for protection).

    Is it true that saltleaches calcium from the bones? (I consume A LOT of salt…healthy salt of course – Himalayan, Celtic…NOT table salt)….What about caffeine? I don’t drink coffee, but I do enjoy the odd black cup of tea or green…

    How can I reverse osteopenia? I’m at a loss.

    Please…any help.

    Thanks so much…

    • dear monika saw your plight regarding osteopenia.. i highly recommend you check out Perfect health diet by Paul Jaminet .. the osteoporosis section.on his site… . how to reverse it.. Gwyneth paltrow got osteopenia and her vit d blood levels were WAY too low helping cause it..
      one person on Jaminets site reversed it merely by K2 supplementation, an alkaline diet and from memory vit d3 levels being raised. need it about 30 to 45 ng/mL range in your blood levels.. .
      you need K2 supplementation ( the animal based one builds bones whereas the plant one doesnt )
      i just am hopefully pointing you to where you will be building your bones not reducing them.. !! boron can increase bone density also i think 3 mg a day .

      • and last comment hope you dont mind lauren i just see monika is SO young.. getting some healthy saturated fat in your life coconut oil ( butter or cream – is much less allergenic than milk proteins if you cant do dairy and contains K2 amongst many other very healthy things) supports bone integrity , ( whereas wheat can actually induce rickets the research shows!!) and eating some healthy grass fed meat ..helps hormones no end ..

        • First of all…you replying made me cry because I’m just so grateful for any help.
          Thank you for your advice. I will look into that book. I have indeed started supplementing with K2 (the one from natto, MK-7) – is that the correct one? Although it’s not from animals – I’ve read that this form is better in supplements. I have also been consuming coconut oil, but not enough.
          Oddly enough, my vitamin D levels are in the normal range, but perhaps I should supplement regardless.
          The big problem is that I haven’t menstruated in over two years, which means the estrogen (lack thereof) isn’t protecting my bones… I don’t want to start taking birth control or bioidentical hormone therapy…but I know that is what my doctor is going to say….
          Anyways…thank you again Jay <3

          • Monika,
            I just had to respond in case anything i did might help you as I also stopped menstruating from the age of 23-28. There were so many factors that helped me get my whole system back in alignment that it is hard to pinpoint one or two things, however I know it was a long, slow process. The main things were a traditional diet with regular bone broth, TONS of fat and grass-fed protein, lacto-fermented foods, only cooked veggies, supplementing with magnesium oil, l-glutamine, vit C, fermented cod liver oil. I also saw a naturopath for herbs to help my hypo-thyroid issue (may not be your problem, but certainly an issue for me) Interestingly when I took a deep look at my life and started making emotional, energetic, healing changes my cycle started again. In fact I needed to leave a partner and it started the next day after 5 years! so emotional, spiritual healing was key for me. I was so scared that i wouldnt be able to have a baby……. we are about to celebrate my precious daughter’s first birthday in 3 weeks. You will heal!!!!!!

            • Thank you for your response, Meg.
              I hope that I will heal. I have incorporated into my diet grass-fed beef gelatin, bone marrow broth, l-glutamine, but need to add more saturated fat…
              I have high anxiety about certain foods…so this is difficult, but I really want to avoid Fosamax or any other drug they’re going to prescribe…

          • Hi…had to chime in with comments on the osteopenia. I am subject to it with many risk factors, so have done some studying. YOUR situation obviously does involve your hormones, so that’s another matter to resolve, but in addition to diet, the right kind of exercise has proven very helpful. Specifically….jumping. Do a search and read up on the 5-year study done by OSU (Oregon State University) . Sorry, I don’t have the name of the study at hand and it was done several years ago, but many post-menopausal women enrolled actually GAINED bone density just from following the program. In fact, after the study ended, most of them continued on with the program. Some went from actual osteoporosis (worse than osteopenia) to normal bone density!! It’s a bit challenging to find all the details online, but they are there, and one could also likely call the college to get more info. Something to consider adding to your diet and any hormones.

    • I may be way off, but when I read that you avoid table salt I thought I might chime in just in case. Your symptoms sound a lot like those associated with a low iodine diet. It was lack of menstruation that really caught my eye but osteopenia can also be a side effect.. Iodine deficiency can also cause things like hair loss, really dry skin, fatigue, weird menstrual cycles or none at all, fertility problems, mood swings, there’s a lot.. Basically it’s like having a thyroid problem but your thyroid tests, if you have them, can come back looking fine.

      If the salt you eat currently is not iodized, I would really consider adding something to your diet that is. Most people get the majority of their iodine through table salt and pre-salted foods so if you’re avoiding those you may want to look into a supplement. Just a thought from someone who has been through similar issues, and it doesn’t hurt to try.

      • I would not recommend ordinary table salt as a source of iodine. I recommend kelp as it contains the other minerals and amino acids to allow the body to assimilate them all properly. I think isolating one key mineral without the other chelating factors is relatively useless. Especially if you are vitamin and mineral deficient in other areas.

    • Salt is a precursor to most minerals. Without salt the body is not able to make Calcium….example: Crayfish use the sodium in seawater to build their strong shell….fresh water yabbies on the other hand have a very soft shell as there is very little sodium in fresh water….also Coral can only develop in the ocean as it uses the sodium to make the calcium….coral is mostly Calcium Carbonate. Calcium supplements are not easily absorbed and can lead to an imbalance b/w Mg and Ca .and also constipation …..

      • Oh, my, no. Salt is NOT AT ALL a “precursor” to any minerals. Mineral are elements. there are no precursors to them. Yes, you do need salt in the diet, but this is not remotely how it works.

  4. I started taking a daily calcium and magnesium supplement for bone health a week ago. I have heard that magnesium is relaxing, but I didn’t expect an overall sense of calm and peace. I am definitely noticing a difference, though. The magnesium oil seems to be especially beneficial. Is this because it is more readily absorbed than in pill form? About Epsom salts, is magnesium the reason why it’s so widely recommended for sore muscles? There are different kinds of magnesium. I’m not clear on the difference.

    Thanks once again for your great posts. I’d love to someday see a post on a typical day of all these different therapies and supplements you use. Do you do all of this every day?

    • Carla in FB, I belong to a Magnesium’ll find lots of answers there!! About which ones to take and when in the daytime or nighttime! Hope you can check it out!

      • I saw a product for magnesium oil that includes aloe vera. This is supposed to help with the itching that can happen when using magnesium oil. If I wanted to add the aloe to your recipe,how much should I use?

  5. After being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Adrenal Fatigue, suffering from terrible sleep became the norm for me. It was miserable! I generally couldn’t sleep, and I was also suffering from major body aches. After some research, I started supplementing magnesium and taking epsom salt baths before bed which improved my sleep and aches significantly! Although I don’t have near the sleep troubles that I used to, I cannot wait to make and try this magnesium oil! Thanks for the recipe!

  6. Hi Lauren, it seems the magnesium flakes are not as pure as the oil (more by-products in the flakes), so Ancient Minerals does not recommend making your own magnesium oil.

    “… we do not recommend that our bath flakes be utilized to “create” an oil, as that would significantly increase the concentration of those by-products, and therefore increase your direct exposure to them.”

    More on their blog:

    • since they sell the oil for $29 / 8oz, I might question their motivation. When I make mine I mix it with cool water and shake it daily for several days until it dissolves. I also use food grade magnesium chloride (nigari). I’ve never had the discoloration they describe.

      • Hi there!

        I noticed that you said that you used nigari for your Magnesium oil, would you mind telling me where it is that your purchase yours? The only suppliers I have located myself so far are those that do not ship outside of the U.S. and I am in Canada, heh. Any suggestions would be appreciated!


  7. I first heard about magnesium oil several years ago from a friend who said doctors in her area were prescribing it for their patients because oral magnesium is hard to “dose” (too much gives you diarrhea, too little and you cramp). I had also read that the “orthomolecular” dudes said that most people are deficient, that the 2:1 ratio with calcium supplement isn’t nearly enough; and that the minimum daily requirement cited in most supplement lists is too low. Wow, what an excuse to try magnesium oil, which I did. It’s a whole new world, even for those of us who like the benefits of epsom salt baths. I do use it for occasional leg, toe, plantar cramps and it’s instant relief. Especially if long time sedentary at computer tasks, I slather it on and put on long white athletic sox if adding other cream or oil later. About leg cramps, they sometimes come from changing heel heights: if you wear a wedge or a boot with lift and then change to flat slippers the “biomechanics” is that the lift shortens your Achilles tendon (the one from heel running past ankle bone).. Massage people do what they call the Achilles stretch: when you change to flatter heel or barefoot, and several times when you think about it, you take index finger and thumb and run ’em up the Achilles tendon on both sides of ankle, giving it a manual stretch…you can feel the difference, wiggle rest of foot and toes at the same time. That plus slap some mag oil on and even ballet students are fixed!! Love the mag flake recipe plus all you do.

    • Whenever I take magnesium on it’s own my muscles become so weak and floppy and I become tired. Like I’ve just had a hot hot bath or something. Cal mag seems to be ok and I take one every now and then, very rarely, is that a sign that I am getting enough or too much do you reckon, maybe te balance with potassium is not right, I have been craving bananas recently too.

  8. I’ve been using magnesium oil for a while now, and some of these tips are really great. I did notice that dry brushing before shower and magnesium oil after creates quite the stinging effect. I’ve started mixing the magnesium oil with coconut oil (a bit more coconut than magnesium) and applying to the less sensitive areas. That has decreased the “tingling” effect, as you call it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Magnesium Chloride is the ingredient used in tofu to make it firm. You can make MUCH less expensive magnesium oil by buying food grade magnesium chloride or Nigari. Just mix equal amounts of the flakes and good quality water in a spray bottle, give it a shake a few times a day and in several days it will completely dissolve without boiling. I used to have severe leg cramps, waking me several times every night. Potassium/bananas, water, etc. were no help at all. I use the magnesium oil on my legs after every shower and my legs cramps have almost disappeared.

  10. Been experimenting with this recipe using Ancient Minerals mag flakes. When I spray it on my inner arms and legs, hardly any sensation and all is fine. I sprayed some on my chest though, and completely broke out in a blotchy red rash! I have somewhat sensitive skin, but have never dealt with rashes or other allergic breakouts before.
    Ever come across this? It’s strange to me that other areas of my body are fine. Wondering if you have any insight. Thanks!

  11. Random comment – if I follow one of your affiliate links to Amazon and save the item to my wish list, will it still register to you when I eventually check out?

    Thanks. I really appreciate your blog and information.

    • Amazon works with a 24 hour cookie, so if you click through any of my Amazon links and make a purchase within 24 hours, it will credit my blog. If you click on another blogger’s link in those 24 hours and then make a purchase, it will credit the last blogger’s link… I hope that makes sense. Thank you so much for your support, I really appreciate it!

  12. My son also is one that does not sleep. He can go four or five days without sleep. He has seen many doctors and they can not find why he is like this. He does not like taking sleeping pills, because he can’t wake up if he takes them. Most likely because his body is so tired. His body is always hurting all over. How and where would he spray the oil?

    • Dear Jackie says: I, too, was one of those people who could NEVER sleep. I would sometimes be awake for 4 – 5 days. I took many head med prescriptions for many years. 2 years ago, I stopped taking prescriptions and went natural. I know the following worked for me and many people I have recommended it to. I take 5 – HTP and eat a banana at night before bed. the banana , because of the magnesium and the 5 – HTP to normalize the seratonin in the brain. Works like a charm. I am excited to read about magnesium oil. I will be trying this ASAP in addition to the other things I do to sleep and reduce pain and inflammation in my body. I’m excited to have found this article. I had never heard of magnesium oil before but it makes perfect sense to me.

  13. Thank you Lauren, I had bought a bottle of magnesium oil but it was pricey this is a very affordable alternative and I wouldn’t have had a clue how to do without your clear instructions. I also appreciate your own experience of the “tingling” feeling as I have had it and wasn’t thrilled about it so didn’t use it as often as I should. I will persevere and hope I have the same response as my body is saturated with the appropriate magnesium levels.

  14. I started using magnesium oil spray several months ago in an effort to curb severe migraines. Not only have my migraines basically disappeared (used to suffer with them 5-10 days/month), but I no longer have any menstrual cramps which were previously severe, nor do I experience any pms mood swings or bloating. I also began dry brushing and using doterra essential oils at this time. I have taken OTC pain meds only once in several months and am off my prescription migraine medications altogether. I would urge anyone who is considering magnesium oil to give it a try!

  15. Is there such thing as too much magnesium? I was having eye twitches for a few weeks. I stopped the magnesium oil spray and it went away. When I tried it again, the eye twitches came back. Am I just crazy? Or is there an explanation for this?

    • I used to get them alot when I first started the Magnesium Oil myself! After a while they went away fully and I still use it. I think when you use Magensium and are deficient your muscles will twitch more as they are absorbing the Magnesium or so I heard (Or read but I can’t remember where). I have a feeling if you kept using it those would go away. I used to get them in my right eye and in my right leg ALOT when I first started taking the Magnesium oil, nowadays I hardly get them at all.


      • Interesting… Potassium governs the right side of the body so perhaps you were low in potassium. Magnesium governs potassium so that would eventually help. Potassium may have been quicker in this situation. Regardless, I find just about everybody is low in Magnesium when I test them.
        (Sodium governs the left side of the body – use sodium foods like celery, etc.)

        • Finally someone mentioning twitching! I’ve started getting body twitches in various areas, knee, shoulder (left side). Which is one of many reasons I tried it. I had full malabsorption rny gastric bypass surgery 7 yrs ago. After removal of 3 pounds of skin & adipose, plus a medication I have problems with appetite. Any ideas on other nutritional deficiencies I could be having would be greatly appreciated. I’ve had to do most of the leg work with my doctors since surgery, it’s so involved that I truly can’t expect them to catch every little road block along the way. PS, I’ve been very successful & will not take any opinions as medical advice!

    • She mentions in the post that it’s easy to overdose when taking internal supplements but that when taken topically your skin absorbs only what your body needs. If you’re taking a supplement I’d assume that you’re already getting what you need and that applying it topically wouldn’t have much of an effect as your body wouldn’t need to absorb more.

  16. For the past year or so, my body has gone a bit crazy. I’ve been dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, migraines, horrible body aches, back pain, bad eating habits and more. I dove into a healthy lifestyle going on nine years ago now, and I was pretty much the definition of good health and out of no where it seemed that all flew out the window. Obviously, I was getting extremely frustrated and upset, but I’ve been determined to change things around. One of my biggest changes has been switching from a vegan diet to a paleo one. So far so good. One thing my doctor and my holistic nutritionist friend has suggested numerous times is that I need magnesium, but I didn’t want to just run out to the store and buy any bottle of magnesium supplement. That began my research, but there are so much information and opinions out there. I eventually found your blog and was glad to find someone who really does their research and sites it. I had seen ancient minerals before at the store and after reading your post decided to give it a try…. all I have to say is HOLY MOLY this stuff is amazing! I do not have a problem falling asleep at night. My problem is that I could sleep 10 hours every night and still feel like I only slept 2 hours. I applied the oil last night and when I woke up this morning I felt refreshed and energized, which I have not felt in so many months. I’m looking forward to seeing if it helps with my migraines and body aches. SO happy with this product thus far!

  17. Been spraying my feet every other night with the magnesium oil you recommend in this blog post. I feel cleaned out and no long have the stubborn belly blot I have been living with sense going gluten free. My problem is that now I have a constant hungry feeling and have been getting the hunger shakes. Does magnesium effect the metabolism?

  18. Hi! Can this oil be used whilst pregnant? I suffered from migraines before and i have had two horrible episodes during my first trimestre. I know it is because i go to bed late and get up early (i still get 7 or 8 hours of sleep, but it is not enough…). It is even more horrible because the only thing i can take is paracetamol, which doesn’t work on me. Been trying out lots of natural remedies, from bananas to ginger infusion, with little effects… thanks!

  19. As a woman with PCOS I suffer from a lack of regular menstrual cycles (amenorrhea) so I tried a local artisan’s mag oil deoderant spray. That same month I had a period! But I also noticed that my underarms were starting to break out. Is that a common reaction? I don’t have any allergies to speak of. Should I change the areas on my body that I spray? Only use it right before my expected period? Thanks for this great article! A valuable resource.

    • Yes it’s common to get a rash, especially where the skin is thinner and more sensitive. The instructions I had said to spray it on 30 min before a shower, so then there is relief.

  20. Is there a difference between Magnesium Chloride (Nigari) Powder, Food Grade and Magnesium Citrate Powder?? And can I use either one of these to make the oil?? Or is it just the flakes that can be used??

  21. I bought the Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil & have been applying it for several weeks for benign fasiculations in my legs. I have used it according to the directions.

    i have not experienced any of the skin sensitivity noted by so many users. Sadly, nor have I had any improvement to my muscle twitches. Maybe I need to use it for several months. Any suggestions?

  22. Hi. I followed the link to purchase the flakes but the Lowe quantities are out of stock. I can’t afford to spend $150 on this and what would I do with all that? Can you recommend another brand or another way to make this?
    Can’t wait to try this!! 🙂

  23. I am really into essential oils right now and trying to figure out a good lotion and/or spray for arthritis and pain relief…any thoughts on whether or not I could I make this magnesium oil and add it to my concoction for added health benefits and pain relief??

  24. Leigh,

    I’ve tried the aforementioned ones as well, however there is one called Magnum Solace “Dead Sea Oil”. Though it only seems to be sold on amazon by Magnum Solace for $15. As the name suggests, it’s from the Dead Sea, but looks like it goes through higher purification standards, maybe that helps for less itchiness?

    There are also some from the Great Salt Lake but they seem to have an odor. Good luck

  25. Hi, great post! I’ve been using and making my own Mg Chloride oil from flakes that I order from Robyn at
    These flakes are pure and from the Dead Sea. I don’t tend to have the stinging I had with Ancient Minerals and was told thete is less sodium content in the Dead Sea flakes. I’ve been treating transdermally fir 3-4 years and my doctor was impressed with my Mg levels. I’m imressed with the relief of Lyme symptoms ith having increased my Mg levels. Check out Robyn at the above site. She also sells and consults regarding the use of Living Streams probiotics . I also have been using Living Streams probiotics for years. Thanks again for the post.

  26. I just purchased 3-8oz containers of Miraculous Magnesium. This product is a magnesium citrate in a powder form. The day after I ordered this product I learned about magnesium oil. I’m very interested in the oil because It sounds great for treating some skin conditions of my teenage daughters. Since I now have this mass amount of magnesium citrate, I’m wondering if it can be used the same as magnesium chloride to make the spritzer oil.
    Your website is very interesting and informative. Thank you for your help.

  27. I am not a fan of GNC, etc – but can an oil be purchased from a local “vit shoppe” not that I believe that their products actually have correct amount or any vitamin at all! Thanks – Give this info to my friend whom is only 40 with graves …………..
    This was very informative – very………

  28. I just wanted to say thanks for you’re updates an information on this subject. I use to have what Doctors call palpuations an said everyone in the world have them. I also went to a few heart doctors because each one had came to my bedside while in the hospitals. They each had their thoughts on it, from not normal to being put on heart meds. Then to be dropped because of insurance issues. I then decided to take things into my own hands.
    I began my search online an also whilst being told I was a Hypocondrack {sp} by my own family. I then read about how low magnesium levels could be a cause. I noticed every time I would go to the ER they would give me magnesium. Soooo I smiled at myself for reliezing I figured this out an went straight to each doctor an each hospital an asked for my blood work results. I love redemption. I sawthat on each one I was low in magnesium. So I read on more an more. Found out what was good an not good. Tried them by testing even. After all that I can say that my heart beat went back to normal after 2 long years. But also found that my hormones were out of wsack because of my going threw menopause. I then had a break down,but it isn’t call that anymore’ . after being seen by a Phycologists I was told I was suffering from PTSD. With my childhood that is a result. But that is wondering off the path here. Just wanted to say that this will be my next mythod. Not yet having what feels like heart skipping beats as of yet. But trust me when I say… You do NOT want to Esperance them. So scary. But magnesium is such a great thing. It gave me my life back. I stopped taking the pill form an will be trying this mythos now. Thank you solo much.

    Also if only use it on my feet? When would be the best time? Meaning after I shower? Or would having dry feet an place it on the sole work? Or not?

  29. Hi again. I just took a look at the flakes I have had. It is not the same as the one you talk about. Mine was bought about 2 years ago. It is called Pure Magnesium Flakes by Life Flo. Will it be fine to use? Need to know before bedtime,please if you could. I get scared to just jump straight I to somthing before I know.

  30. One thing not mentioned here is that you can put magnesium oil in water and drink it. You add from 1/4 tps to 1/2 tsp to 16 oz of water and sip it slowly over a few hours. Do this twice a day for about 300 mg oral magnesium. Carolyn Dean sells her own concoction for quite a bit of money, But no reason you can’t do it yourself for much, much less. If you find the water a little bitter, you can add a little lemon or other juice to the water. Because the magnesium is so diluted in the water and you slip it slowly, much will be absorbed through the mouth and esophagus before it even hit’s your GI tract, so very hard to get diarrhea by taking it this way.

  31. For the past three years, I have been using purchased magnesium oil, at 18-25 dollars a bottle depending on sale prices, for my peripheral neuropathy condition in my feet and legs. Thanks for the recipe.

  32. A friend of mine referred me to this page because I suffer from severe migraines on a daily basis. How would I use the Magnesium oil Spray for my migraines? Where would I spray it? How often during the day do I need to spray it? When would I see a difference in my migraines after using the Magnesium oil, if it works for me?

    • Trisha and Dayna
      I have used mag oil for migraines for a few months with great relief. I use about 3 -4 sprays on my fingertips then massage into temple and forehead. Also use a few sprays on the back of your neck as alot of migraines are triggered by stress that is held in the neck/shoulder areas. Getting someone to massage your neck and shoulder areas with the oil is also a great relief. Hope this helps?

  33. I’ve been using magnesium oil for a few months now and have been sleeping like a baby! But I find that the palms of my hands are now really dry and rough. Any thoughts on this? Thanks!

    • I have noticed the same thing Laurie, especially when I wash the dishes! My palms are so wrinkled and almost flaking! I have started to wash my hands after applying the oil – hopefully that will help.

  34. I found the food grade magnesium chloride but store only had powder, not flakes. I figured since it would be denser than flakes, I only used half the amount in relation to the water so it wasn’t over concentrated. Does that sound about right?

  35. I am magnesium deficient. I cannot take magnesium supplements by mouth. They all have a very laxative effect on me. Using your recipe with the Ancient Moon bath crystals, how many sprays do I need to make 400 mg magnesium?
    Thank you for your help with this.

  36. I made this recipe tonight for the first time (exact brand, amounts, etc) and there was absolutely no tingling, stinging, etc. I would find it hard to believe that I am not deficient in magnesium. Should I up the magnesium to water ratio?

  37. I learned about magnesium deficiency from a book, Amazing magnesium (or something like that) I had terrible leg cramps, vertigo & imbalance. I fell & cracked my head open, Dr wanted to do MRI that’s when I found the book. Life changing! I take 3 different magnesium supplements & use the oil, also have a B vitamin deficiency, I read they kind go together. Suffering from a migraine today so found this site. Thank goodness I started with more magnesium oil & feel a bit better quickly. Thanks for the information! Karen A

  38. Wow, just stumbled on this article while researching magnesium deficiency. I have many of the symptoms, the most recent of which is leg twitching (mostly at night). After numerous blood tests to figure my infertility & unexplained weight loss (thyroid and hormone level testing came back normal) I’m wondering if it’s linked to low magnesium and adrenal fatigue! Since I don’t have magnesium flakes, I’m wondering if using trace mineral drops, which have 250 mg magnesium per half teaspoon, would help?

  39. Hi!

    Is there a problem if I use regular bottled water? It’s one with minerals and I’m not sure if that would be a problem or not. I can’t find distilled water anywhere I live and I don’t own a water filter either. Thanks!

  40. I didn’t read all the questions, so I don’t know if this has been addressed already. I have been taking liquid magnesium. Can I use this to make the oil in place of the flakes? How much would the ratio to water be.?

  41. Hi. I would like to ask for advice. Let me explain, first, my situation. I have suffered for four years in a form of permanent muscular stiffness (spasmophilia). As known, the problem is often lack of magnesium. But I didn’t know it, so, after great suffering, I found by chance the first, extraordinary relief with oral supplementation of magnesium. After a few months, however, the improvements dwindled. Over the years I continued to take magnesium orally but without solving the problem. I made further improvements using other methods: elimination of gluten, dental abatement, kefir and probiotic, Multivitamin-Mineral and vitamin C mega doses. After years in which I was resigned to staying ALMOST well, a month ago I try applying transdermal magnesium oil. I spread it everywhere, except the head and intime parts, and firmly massaged, it itches and burns but it’s okay, I resist to pain. Every day, twice a day, for a week. Since the first application, the results were EXTRAORDINARY, as much as the first oral supplements of many years ago. I finally found a way to bring magnesium back to the right levels. I feel like I’m going to heal. Here the actual problem begin. On which I’m asking for advice. After a week of application I started to have itching all over the body, and not only when applying but throughout the day. It is not very strong, but it is annoying. I interrupted applications but after three weeks I still have itching. What should I do? Should I wait longer? I read here and there online that this could be a beneficial detox reaction. So what am I supposed to do: start to apply and wait it out over time? Or do not apply until it passes the itching? Definitely I have to dilute the solution with water, and maybe mix it with coconut oil or almond oil. But should I start again or wait? Thanks for answers and sorry for my english.


  42. Thankyou so much Lauren. I bought my magnesium flakes at a health shop and gave your recipe to a girlfriend . I made double strength and had some left over for my next spray bottle I sprayed it on my thighs,,arms and stomach and feet and i haven’t got any itching at all. Irubbed it in like you said and I’m going to use it tonight before bedtime.
    You have helped a lot of women with your recipe. I’m 64yrs. Young and looking after my body more so now .I live in S.Australia and we’ve been through a lot of heatwaves here the past weeks in the30°-38°- and i feel the oil is cooling my body!
    Thankyou once again and please keep up the self help recipes!

  43. Where can I purchase magnesium oil. I had a total knee replacement 8 weeks ago. I cannot walk, joints are so unbelievably stiff and aches, also L4 L5 nerve injury that affects my right legs, toes, and foot. Omg, the pain is awful. Please respond to me at Thanks a lot.

  44. Thank you so much for this Lauren. I can’t believe the change I have experienced since using the magnesium oil. I have suffered from insomnia for 10 years and was in a constant mental fog, moody, and high strung all the time. I also have had the most horrible leg and foot cramps imaginable at least once or twice a week for many years. The cramps were so bad and lasted 30 minutes or more at times. Just the thought of moving my foot awkwardly would make me cringe. I have been using this recipe for 3 weeks and NO MORE CRAMPS, not even one little one! I am also sleeping much better, which is huge. I am not nearly as anxious. Lastly, I almost feel like it’s helped with my ADD symptoms. Thank you again!! I’m sharing this blog post with everyone I know who suffer from sleep issues to migraines!

  45. Hello, I followed the recipe and used the same brand of magnesium crystals. I sprayed it on my forearm, but did not experience any sensitivity at all. Do you know if that means
    A) I have less sensitive skin?
    B) I don’t have a magnesium deficiency? OR
    C) Magnesium is not really being absorbed by my skin?
    I’d really appreciate your input. Thank you for sharing this valuable recipe!

    • hi! i also did not feel any tingling at all so am wondering the same things you are. or perhaps i did something wong when making the oil? would you please let me know if you find an answer, thanks!

  46. I recently had surgery for breast cancer and now take a drug to block estrogen as that is what fueled my type of cancer. I am in menopause and wonder if this will affect how my prescription works or prevent it from working since you say it balances hormones.
    I really could stand to relax and sleep better along with curb some muscle soreness.

  47. I recently had surgery and radiation for breast cancer and now take a drug to block estrogen. I’m also in menopause and wonder if this will affect how my prescription works because you say it balances hormones? Or will it cause me to have even more estrogen?

  48. Hi!

    My name is Peter from Hungary.
    I’m masseur, and i would like to use magnesium oil for massage. What do you think? It is a good idea?
    Can i mix the coconut oil, and the magnesium salt? It will effective too?

    Best regards:

  49. I am interested in the magnesium oil to help with depression and sleep issues. Years ago I was prescribed Fluoxtien and it worked! I find myself slipping back. Before I go back on meds I would like to try this, but am wondering how effective it is, and how quickly I will notice change? Thank you

  50. I’d like to know if it’s essential to use cobalt glass for the mag oil, or would it be just as good to use any glass bottle if it’s kept away from light. Would it be a problem to use a plastic spray bottle?

  51. Hi Lauren

    Just made my second batch using your recipe, but something is not quite right. I used equal quantities of flakes and water by volume as you said. However, when It cools down there is a thick layer of undissolved salt at the bottom of the pan. Warm it up, it goes away. Cool it down, it comes back.

  52. I am very interested in adding magnesium oil into my diet (and did so for a while) but I have been hearing that it does no good whatsoever and that the body has enough chlorides in it already. Another concern is that I feel I should leave it on my skin for a long time to get the most benefit from it but it feels so sticky that it’s uncomfortable. Maybe this is why my skin got so dry and peely. There is so much contradictory info out there that I’ve stopped using it altogether and I don’t know what to do anymore.

  53. I just made this again and have been using it for months with great results. I’m just noticing now you said to store in a cobalt bottle. I’ve been using a plastic squirt bottle. Is that not a good choice?

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