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  1. I’ve tried sunflower oil from a company in my country. I did not like it because it made me break out. I wanted to like it because it was organic and there were a lot of good reviews about it. Since then, I’ve been sticking to serums and facial massages with my expressions beauty bar. It’s been working great for me but your article makes me want to try out macadamia oil 🙂

  2. Thanks for your recommendation, Lauren! I have been experimenting with a slew of oils to use as facial moisturizers–and it’s been a rocky road at times for this lady who’s struggled with break-outs for now more than 20 years. I also have terribly, sometimes painfully, dry skin. Am looking forward to giving this one a shot. 🙂

  3. Great! I would love to try this! I have started using olive oil and castor oil for now and its too soon to tell if its working. If not, I think I will take your suggestion on Macadamia Oil.

    About a couple months ago I stopped using all face cleaners because it was making my face red and it started burning. I realize this wasn’t what I want my face to feel like, all dry, rash and more breakouts. I started with using only water, it worked great for a while but my face started having black heads and it had scars that didn’t go away. I am always jealous of how my boyfriend can put on all kinds of stuff on his face and he gets no breakouts 🙁 Recently I started the honey face wash and it works great!! I do need some kind of oil balancing though and I think this will work for me.

    Right now I do it in this order–

    1) Honey face wash
    2) Oil cleaning method (put oil on, wipe off gently)
    3) alcohol free which hazel/raw apple cider vinegar toner

    Do you think I need to add in a moisturizer or will the oil do its job? Also do you know if oil helps with sun protections or do I need to add in something for that?

  4. I’ve been trying to find my oil balancing cleanser and I haven’t found what works for me yet. All the oils make my skin nice and smooth super soft but in a week or so I have so many black and whitehead break outs and or strange dry eczema looking burn patches, like chemical peel burns that peel in a few days raw pink skin underneath. These spots heal super quick and the skin is so soft and supple. I’m not sure if anyone else has had these issues but I do. I know coconut oil, well coconut anything and I no longer get along so that is a miracle oil for everyone but me. I can’t wait to try the jojoba and macnut oil and see what happens. I’m willing to stick to this just have to find my correct blend. Great info here 🙂

  5. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve used coconut oil on my face and during oil pullings, and jojoba oil on my hair to promote scalp health and hair growth. I’ll give macadamia a try after I finish my coconut oil jar.

  6. I’ve been using straight jojoba oil for a while and I love it. I’ve tried apricot kernel oil, and it’s okay, but I’m not crazy about it. This post definitely has me interested in trying macadamia oil though. I think I’ll try it once I’m out of jojoba.

    • My hair was brittle, dry,
      and breaking constantly, I tried the MAc Oil and it is amazing, My hair stopped breaking and is now beautfu and full after one week use of the Mac Oil, I now get back my compliments of having beautifil hair. Love this product.

  7. I’ve recently discovered sea buckthornseed oil. Its extremely moisturizing and healing. It’s for all skin type but suits extremely well to people who has eczema, rosacea and acne. I just to break out on my chin due to hormones. But it has stopped thanks to this wonderful oil.

  8. Hi Lauren

    Your skin care regime has worked for you because you had oily skin. My skin is a little dry and needs moisturizing. If I moisturise with oil does that then make my skin think it’s producing too much oil so it will reduce its oil production and then in effect remain dry?

    I have tried olive oil on my face and a beauty balm that contains Ingredients: Shea Butter, X-Factor Butter Oil, Coconut Oil, Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Cranberry Oil, Organic Orange Oil and Lavender Oil. I notice a couple breakouts on my temples and forehead when I use the beauty balm. Is this due to the coconut oil which I’ve read can clog pores? It’s not a huge issue but my skin doesn’t normally break out and I’m trying to understand what’s causing what. If you can help that’ll be great. The beauty balm does make my cheeks feel soft and dewy, by the way.


  9. Hi Lauren!
    I’ve never tried macadamia oil, but now I want to! Then again, I don’t want to fix something that isn’t broken… and raw hemp oil has been working for me for years. Have you ever tried raw hemp? It has a comedogenic rating of 0 so there’s no chance of it clogging pores! I actually have a post about it on my own blog. Anyway, thanks for sharing – I always love learning about new uses for nature’s gifts! 🙂
    xx Desi

  10. I came across this post while researching conditions related to sulfation issues due to the CBS gene mutation. This makes me think a CBS mutation, too. Possibly/probably MTHFR. Have you done 23andme? I am so glad I have my genetic raw data. It’s been so useful in connecting dots, I think you’d enjoy it.

  11. I have very long colored hair that gets dry at the ends. I rub the Shielo Restoration Oil into wet or dry hair and the ends of the hair are just as supple as the hair at the roots. Plus, I am very, very tender headed and this Shielo Oil makes comb out easy-peasy.

  12. I used to have moderate acne – I stopped letting my hair touch my face!!

    I followed this regimen: for the most part) I wash gently now with the Citrus Clear Face Wash and then use a Benzoyl Peroxide spot treatment. I do also use the Citrus Clear moisturizer, but it does not have SPF protection – which is OK, because my skin is too sensitive for SPF.

    I use Baking soda to get my makeup off at night.

    This is what worked for me. I have begun to clear up and stay clear.

  13. Hai Lauren, can i know when do you use oil as moisturiser. Do you use it every morning and every night before bed, or only at night. And if you use this only at night, what moisturiser do you use in the morning. Thank you very much.

  14. Hi Lauren,
    We’ve recently launched Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion. This lotion has very high levels of macadamia oil. It’s been used in Australia with great success for the last 7 or so years. I’d love to send you a sample for you to try. Enjoy your blog. Thanks and let me know if interested.

  15. My favorites are macadamia, coconut, and argan oil. I can’t live without them. I have tried all of the oils I can think off. But I have my favs. Another great choice will be avocado and sweet almod oil but I rather stick to my favs. I love your post and the way you explained everything. I learned a lot. Thank you!

  16. I started ocm a couple of weeks ago and now my face has hundreds of tiny hard white bumps/clogged pores all over and I’m getting cystic acne which I’ve never gotten before. Either of them. I’m using 70% macadamia nut oil and 30% castor oil.. after seeing how hard it was to wash the castor oil off my bottle, it terrified me to even put it on my face anymore. So now I’m washing with just macadamia nut oil but still have hundreds of clogged pores and acne. What am I doing wrong?

  17. I have tried so many oils on my face and have had no success. I’m in my mid 30’s have suffered from acne for the better part of the past 10 years. I get breakouts mostly before “that time of the month” so I have concluded that I have hormonal acne. On the other hand, I also have dry skin…so finding a balance has been a challenge. (I also have to deal with acne scars, and fine lines/wrinkles.) Over the past 4 months I have tried many different combinations of the following: jojoba oil, grapeseed, sweet almond, apricot kernel, avocado, rosehip, and lately macadamia oil. (I have added a few drops of Lavender essential oil to some of these potions that I have created as well.) The grapeseed oil really dried out my skin and Rosehip seems to really break me out, even if it’s a small amount. (Could it be an allergy maybe? Any product with rosehip in it seems to cause some sort of reaction of small red bumps, clogged pores.) So finally I tried Macadamia oil. It sounded like it would be the safest option… The first week was GLORIOUS! Firstly, it smells amazing and secondly it made my skin sooooo soft and smooth. But then, I started getting small bumps all over my chin, whiteheads and generally clogged pores. I was SO disappointed! Does anyone have suggestions on anything else to try? I’m feeling so defeated by this whole process… 🙁

  18. hi
    I have 2weeks using macadamia oil and I cant wait to see the results even thou I have more and more acne coming out since I started to use the oil am still giving the oil a chance , am just tired of trying things ,should I continue to use macadamia oil or not please help

  19. Hi Macadamia Oil is one of the best regarding its properties and the extent of health benefits to the skin, it improves the skin tone, it easily absorbs in the skin, and repairs the brakage, improves hair follicles by strengthening its elasticity, protects tour scalp from damage, it is a skin moisturizer, I have new product from macadamia Oil, for skin and hair. NORA is the name of the new product being introduced in the market. I highly recommend Macadamia Oil, it is saturated with palmitoic acid a monosaturated fat that promotes the production of sebum in the sculp, which help to produce protein and keratin which help in growth of your hair and nails, and strengthening your hair roots.

  20. I started using macadamia oil awhile back after trying a slew of other oils and products that didn’t work. This article describes all the benefits I’ve seen from using it. No more yo-yo skin problems (oily with breakouts to super dry, itchy, scaly then oily again). Love that it doesn’t leave a suffocating oily feeling on my skin and my skin finally feels happy and healthy. I would recommend it to anyone.
    As far as cleansing goes I use homemade olive oil soap bar for my face and Yardley London bar soap for my body and coffee grounds for exfoliation.

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